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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing incident at the Hara National Park in Yemen where a woman named Ab knewlene meru was killed by a group of animals. The Quraysh tribe was eventually led by a member of the clans of Ab definition, but the Hanebs were still strong. The segment discusses the importance of strong evidence and strong arguments in Islam, including issues with clans and issues with clans. The segment also touches on the history of the title of Islam, including the use of the term "Abhar" for the title of Islam and the first person to do things that were delayed forever.
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Bismillah manda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala those who did carry woebot are brothers sisters salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah.

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By the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are gathered here to speak about a person regarding who the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that the sun has not risen upon a man who is better than this individual. This man, Abubakar silica Moran, who was the best man to walk on the face of this earth after the MBR lm Salatu Salam

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abubaker, Amalia, Lauren, who belong to the tribe of Quraysh. Now Quraysh was a tribe which had special status amongst the Arab Why? Firstly, they were the custodians of the Hara. So they were central to the religion of those people who lived in that area. But also they were very powerful military force. So therefore, they were respected because of the fact that they were very powerful. Now, the word courage come from where

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the boss or the Allahumma mentioned, that one day lover, who was one of the forefathers of Quraysh, was on a ship. And whilst he's on this ship, a large fish emerges from the sea never seen this fish before. And this fish is enormous fish, which is you could say the king of the sea.

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Well they managed to do is that they managed to kill it, he takes the head of any brings it back to Macau. Now this fish was Arabic known as kirschen, which is a shark.

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So this is where the name came from. Meaning, like the shark is the king of the ocean. We are the kings of the Hejaz, the aerobed anybody mess around with us, we will eat you up like this shark eats all its enemies up. This is where the name or age comes from. Now, it's very interesting that the surah, which actually proceeds the surah, to Qureshi called surah. To field, what's the background to Soldier Field, there was a Christian king in Yemen, who wanted to make his kinnexa, his Cathedral, the center. Now he knew the only way that he could make this the center of all the Arab was that he destroyed the Kaaba. So he came with an army, this army had a number of elephants in it,

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and they came to destroy the gap. Now Allah us panel recalls this incident in the Quran, and this is also known as our field, the year of the elephant. So the how the Arabs work is a major incident happen, and then that was where their calendar began. So the problem is Allah son was also born on the year of the field. So is anything which happened after that, we'll say, oh, two years after the year of field three years after the year of it until the time of the law in approximately 17, or 18 hijra, he created

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the calendar and it started in 18 years after the hegira but it started from the hedgehog. So in this year abraha comes to destroy the gap. Now when he comes with his army, a mighty army, there was no way that the people of Mecca could fight this army they actually went to the mountains, but Allah subhanho wa Taala sent his army and Allah records in the Quran. Allah Allah gave a further book as high will feed. Let me educate on Vito believe, did you not see you as the knowledge of that which we done to the army of field not come to you?

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Did we not make the treacherous intentions though to zero? What did Allah do? a las panatela wanted to show his power. So Allah subhanaw taala sent upon the above bead, small birds a flock a swarm of small birds in their beak, they will have a pebble in their claws, they will have a pebble they flew over this army the generation mentioned they would drop these pebbles. They would go through the head and come out the other end. little pebbles little bird but alas Pamela Darla, when Allah throws is nothing to stop. And it totally decimated this army to the degree right at the end of the surah Allah subhanaw taala said fudger Allah hunka has been good that we made them like chaps crop, which

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has been eaten up meaning like a livestock eats the crops. It trampled it chews

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It breaks into small pieces that was the outcome. Now this was a little field, the next surah after this is called what?

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Surah tonko Ah, very good. pseudo Croatian, obviously named after Quraysh. Allah pantalla starts this surah off with what Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Li e l f equal h. e l f ahimelech leadership, I was safe. That what we did to the people of the animals, the people of the elephants was actually for the security of the people of courage. And this is why, according to many scholars, both of these sources are actually one sutra, they are actually joined, that we did this to the army of abraha, for the security of the people of grace. Why? Because the people of Quraysh will travel in the summer and the winter, South and North with this army, they could actually no longer go south.

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But then Allah Subhana Allah says, Why do we do we do this so that they worship the rub of this beat the rump of this house, some of them worshiped, some of them didn't. But after this incident, the respect that the corporation had amongst the error went out of the roof, that these were a group of people who are loss and birds to protect them. So this is the tribe of Abubakar this with the tribe of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now the Quraysh broke up into small clans, so the larger clans will things like Benny harsh in which the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam belong to then you had the bunny omiya which Othman or the Eliana will Sophia or the olara who belong to then you had

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the bunny mazuma Auto very strong clan with Holly been bullied bullied him Nemo Leila with a Buddha they belong to now how these clans actually worked,

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is that they were generally competing with each other they were rivalry amongst them. So they will always compete with each other. And this is why once a Buddha Hall said he said we would compete with a buddy Hashem in everything.

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They will rivalry but when they brought a Nabhi we could no longer compete with a meaning we didn't believe in Him because He came from the

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the money. Harsha very interesting, isn't it? Because Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Jews who are in Medina, the Jews in Medina, we're waiting for the final prophet. But when the final prophet came, they didn't believe in him because he was not from the bunny Sala he

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and also many, even from the core, he did not believe in the message of Allah subhanaw taala solely

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because he did not belong to them and Subhanallah You know, this shows just the evil nature of komiya the evil nature of nationalism and tribalism, that that eternal success was stripped away from you Why? Because for you affiliation to your tribe to your nation was greater than the hub.

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So abubaker the alarm to belong to a clan called the bunny Dame money time relatively was weaker than the other one is one of the smaller ones. And this is why when one day Abubakar aldila Ando became the Khalif his father was actually blind at the at that time, he heard that his son is telling somebody off. He said, Who's my son telling all said he's telling Abu Sufyan off.

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Now, who was Abu Sufyan understand Abu sufian was the leader of Quraysh. And every single battle against the prophets, Allah Allah Abu sufian was the general in charge of the Quraysh besides butter, why not bother anybody tell me here.

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Very good, because he was in charge of the caravan which the Muslims were intercepting. So he could not be in charge of that battle. go deal with the caravan. Every other battle he was in charge. So now Abubakar is the Halley's. And he's telling Abu Sufyan off so his father he is this and he abou half and he says, Oh my son, be careful. remain within your realm. That's abuse of your your telling of the walk out of the land to smile, and I will block out the alarm set on my father. In this Dean. Allah gives his to every wish, any a basis wherever he wishes. He belonged to the bunny theme, small clan, but a time came because of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala he became halifa to many the

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money theme they were they had you know every climb had their responsibilities. The money theme had some characteristics which were you know, they were no

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For one was the character they hook their * up, they were known to have good character. So, this is evident for the alarm who the best man to walk on the face of this earth after the Amir la Salatu. Salam also, they women were known to be the best of wife. So from the Quraysh, these people were known to be the best of wives. So, this is also evident from who I shadowed the Ella and her, who was the most beloved wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, just how these clans work, they will definitely be in rivalry with each other. But

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if they had an external enemy, they would all your night they would get together to deal with external enemy. You know, it never mattered if your tribe or your clan was right or wrong, as long as the enemy was external, they would fight against them. And this is where you know they had the DJI released a statement the DJI statement was that they will say also a half our volume and oma the lumen help your brother, may he be a volume of medu may be oppressor or the oppressed person. So this was a statement before Islam meaning any your brother blood brother or anybody from your clan or your tribe or anybody who has an affiliation with your tribe, tribe or clan, you help them

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irrespective right or wrong. One day the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is sitting with the Sahaba the alarm, and he says also a hacker walima with Roman. So the Sahaba quite shocked. Why, because they know that this contravenes the essence of Islam. Islam is just this. So they say all message of Allah we can understand helping a Muslim and oppressed person. But how do you expect this to help our volume? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said stop him from it.

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Stop him from his room. You know, look at this. Amazing how beautiful and the prophets Allah salon took a journalist statement and he gave him Islamic understanding and Islamic paradigm. And truth is that 1400 years ago, the Messenger of Allah dealt with these issues. And today you still see the same problem within the Muslim oma. Your brother comes with a problem with the issue. You okay, if he's right or he's wrong, your sister's got an issue. You okay, if she's right or wrong? Nope. She's my blood. And I am going to say that and this is what you often see. A husband and wife have an issue. All the husband's family are on his side. And all the wife's family are on her side. What

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, he will Idina amanu Kurokawa, minimaliste, Shahada, Allah, He will Allah Allah and forsaken, I will validate Well, a carabin. Allah says, only you who believe. remain firm for justice, remain upright for justice. Be witnesses for the sake of Allah, even if it means giving witness against your very own South La ilaha illa Allah and then Allah says one a crabby and then is an old one today, then your parents and then those who are relative those who are close to you. See, that's what Allah subhanaw taala demands from the believers. And this giant Leah mentality. It's my family. It's my broderie It's my people and I want to defend them

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know, Allah subhanaw taala expects people to speak the truth. Hulu Hakuna, wallow Kira Mora speak the truth, even if people dislike it. So this is how the clans and the tribes worked. And we're back out on the ILA and whose relationship with the Prophet son Lamar, Alexander, his forefathers, me six forefathers up because all the Quraysh worth family

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they're all family. And they're his forefathers met with the forefathers of the province on the lives of six forefathers of abubaker name anybody tell me what the name of the Lord was? Very good. The name of Abubakar Sadiq, not the alarm who was a Abdullah. Some say that his name is Abdullah Kaaba, but the most preferred opinion is that his name was a de la.

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This name was given to him before Islam.

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The Messenger of Allah said in the time of Islam, I have a smile Illa Allah, Abdullah Abdullah, a humble as my Illa Allah of the lower abdomen, the most beloved name for Allah, Abdullah Abdullah. Why?

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Because these names have the meaning of a Buddha servitude that they have served to to our last panel $1 and this is amazing thing. Look, if you are the servant of another person, it's a villa. It's disgrace the Messenger of Allah

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Said destroyed is the up to dinner and the absolute Delhomme destruction to that person who is the slave of the pound and the penny, the dollar or the dime, the rupiah and the Pacer. Why because you are Abood of something else. But if you become the abbot of Allah it's honor Subhana Allah de sala de Leyland, middle machelle haram il Masha, Allah subhanaw taala says regarding the prophets Allah He calls him his appt

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he took him on a mirage so it's an honor to become the amount of Allah subhanaw taala is good Nia was abubaker cornea generally known that is often useful muhabba so you have Abu hurayrah the Allah and who because he loved cats. So even known as Abu hurayrah the Allahu

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Allah, Allah was known as a boon to rob because the profits and losses on one saw him and he was lying down to call him a Buddha Rob sometimes they would name call you abuse because you had a child of that name Abubakar of the law, and that was known as a boubakeur because it says camel as young camel and the strong possibility that reason for this was that camel young camels are very vigorous, you know, the energetic, and this way I will walk out on the land was known as a lubricant. Others have said abubaker was known as Abubakar ikawa book, Cora. Which means quick, early. Why? Because Abubakar was always the first one to do some things. And this is why, you know, sometimes you go to

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the Arab countries and you want something done and they delay forever. You go to the office and they say, kung fu karate, karate Baccarat, and then you come tomorrow morning and then the next morning, this is where it comes from. And also this is also strengthened by the saying of abasa Viola and who, who said regarding Abubakar aldila and who can s above can La ilaha illallah wa, ganas above and we will discuss this later on, said he was always the first person to do actions of good nobody could ever beat Abubakar Allah and who in doing actions of good

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during his life and welcome to the Allah Allah was given different names. So one of the names that Abubakar Allah was given was a take a take me Take me to be freed okay for Abubakar had a specific context with I shall have the Unhand rate. He says I was sitting with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam one day and there's a group of Sahaba the Allah at home sitting with him, and between me and them there was a curtain

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and then a man walked in, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever it pleases that he sees a man who is freed from the fire of jahannam look at this man. It was Abubakar Sadiq. rhodiola and another region the province Allah seldom said directly to Abubakar antibiotic Amina, you are freed from the fire of jahannam. So this was Subhan Allah and his father would often refer to him Abu hanifa would often refer to abubaker as attic. So when he became the Salif when he came to Mecca, he referred to me as attic when he had to go as I mentioned earlier on, so abou Sofia, he called him a tip. So this was one of the names another name that he was also known as his saw hip

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companion, companion of Hudler. Illa Illa. Allah, Companion of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This happened wild, Abubakar, the Allahu anhu and the Messenger of Allah and the Hydra was they were in the cave, the worker the a lot of looks up and he sees the Moshe Keane right at the mouth of the cave. And he says the Messenger of Allah,

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if one of them look down at their feet, they will see us and then Allah reveals the verse and the portion of the verse is is your only saw havila in Allah manner. When he said to his companion, do not grieve for Allah is with us. Now one lie This is amazing for Lila for boubakeur snake. Why? Because he is the only Companion of the Messenger of Allah only Sahaba of the Messenger of Allah who is referred to as Sahabi dakara.

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And this is why some people some scholars have a very strong verdict regarding that person who denies that Abubakar on the two biggest Sahabi because Allah has called him a Sahabi in Dhaka.

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Another name which Abubakar rhodiola and who was given with Siddiq most likely the most honorable name that he was given was Siddiq. When did this happen? This happened after the Mirage the border is on the water and it was sellable goes to Mirage, he comes back next day he goes out. One of the first people he bumps into is no other than

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Abu Jamal. So Abu Jihad will say sarcastically is the mahad Mohammed What's new? So the professor last semester, you know what's new. Last night I went from Makkah to Jerusalem. To buckers. Abu Johanna's astonished, said you did all this in the portion of last night. The rollers, Allison said, Hold on, it doesn't stop there. From there. I went up to the heavens.

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He said you did all this emotional last night. He said, Yes, I did all this in a portion of last night. He said, If

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I gather the people, are you ready to tell the people of America What happened? And Mr. Obama said yes.

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So what happens is that they gather the people of Mecca and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to them, last night, I traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem. And I led the Gambia alayhi salatu. Salam in Salah said you did all that in a portion last night? Is it? Yeah, it isn't finished it is it from there. I went to the heavens.

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The narrations mentioned that some of the began to clap. Some of them place the hands over the head, some of them began to slap their thighs, some who were really weak in the Eman as she turned away from the big.

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So they thought this is the ideal situation. Let's go and convince Abu Bakar even Abu Bakar walked by this one. And abubaker was the right hand man of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if a worker doesn't buy this one, then the Tao of the Messenger of Allah falls apart. So they go to Abubakar Siddique, Rolando who was at that time only Abu Bakar not Siddiq.

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So they go to him. And they said a worker you know what your companion sayings and what he's saying. He's saying that he traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem in a portion of a night.

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And then from Jerusalem, he went to the heavens, Abubakar

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Did he say that? They said yes. all excited. Then he replied, isn't sadhaka and is speaking the truth. So what's amazing about that is that often I am sitting in his company and you but our incomes at descends from the heavens to him. Upon one occasion if Allah tala wanted to call him up to the heavens, what's so amazing about this? It was upon this occasion Abu Bakar of the Allah Anu was given the title Siddiq

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who came in sir and says it's very important. He said I heard Ollie a lot the alarm to say on numerous occasions on the pulpit that this title of Sadiq was given to Abu Bakar from Jabra from the heavens.

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Even earlier the alarm, no one said to Boubacar speaker on the Amara. No. He said oh Boubacar you were a person who Allah gave the title of Sadiq from the heavens. What's the verse in the Quran? Is it will lady Jah be sick or something Kirby

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he said Allah name you said he will love the job. He said the profit and loss of the one who came with the truth was some Dr. v. And the one who believed in it regarding yourself.

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You know, every single day Let me tell you the status of being acidic. Every single day in our Salah. in every regard, we read serrato fattier every day in Surah, Al Fatah we read, then a Serato stuck in Serato Latina and M de la or LA show was the straight path The path of those that you have favorite upon Have you ever thought who those are? Who Allah has favored upon? You know, we say read every ever thought. This verse of the Quran is actually elaborated by another verse, The Tafseer of this call of Isaiah is done by another if we are lost parent Allah says whoever obey Allah Rasool Allah aka levina, and I'm alone la mina in the beginning was to detail was Shahada oilheat Allah

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says whoever obey Allah and Israel school, those are the ones that we have blessed our favor upon.

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Then Allah says from the profits from the Cydia teen, from the martyrs and from the pious people. So Allah is $1 starts with the prophets, those who he has favored upon. Now nobody chooses to be an OB, Allah chooses you to be an MP, you have no choice. Nobody said I want to be an OB. Nobody can choose to be an OB. So that goes out that's chosen my last one second after that last $1 says DT then he says the martyrs and then he says the pious people, the Alomar say that Allah Subhana Allah

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Just a sequence of keep here, according to the virtue of people, the most virtues are the ambia. And then this is the key, and then the Shahada, the martyrs and then the pious people out of all the CDT in Abu Bakar is the greatest city.

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There is no Siddiq, which is greater than Abu Bakar of the Allah and who, one day the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam climbed on the mountain of Assad.

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And all heard began to shake and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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stop shaking or hard for indeed upon you is a newbie, acidic, and to martyrs, referring to Amr and automatic rhodiola Zach mala Hayden for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode at insha Allah when you're GWAS there will be plenty more history series coming very soon vertical Luffy comm salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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