Major Difference Between West And Islam

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Panel I've just had a huge, opening my understanding of how to live life as a Muslim and it actually made me really tearful. So we're here in Ramadan hamdulillah Iskandar. And as you may know, I converted 11 years ago, so 11 years, I've been a Muslim. And that means that for 44 years, I was living in the solar calendar. Okay, so that means night follows day. So you start your day, when you get up, which used to be at dawn time, and now can be, you know, seven 8am in the morning for for for most families, right. So I was really I've always really struggled with what day of Ramadan is I've even done a series right three years of series, where I'm presenting every day in Ramadan, and

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saying, What day of fasting is it? People can understand why do you not know what their bulking is? I'll tell you why. Because I didn't get fully until this right this moment Here in Turkey in Oscoda, on the 27th day of Ramadan, that in Islam, we follow the lunar calendar. And that means that our day starts with the rising of what? The rising of the moon, okay, you got to let me off here. I'm a creative person, I don't think in a linear way. I can't fill in boxes. So things sometimes take a little while to land. So I know it might be really like a dull moment for you. But for me, this is really good. So so basically last night, praying to Norway and hamdulillah the beautiful 27th night

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which may or may not have been a little cooler, but we still another night in the last 10 days and full of blessings right? Mashallah. And then you wake up in the morning and you're like, This is the 28th day? No, it's the 27th day that follows the 27th night. Allah Akbar. I'm a Muslim. I've arrived. The days now make sense. I hope you've had some really big realizations to this Ramadan and I hope you enjoy this one right in Islam just to be clear. day follows night night does not follow day.