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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's teachings and how it relates to oppression. They mention the Day of Day of Jury and how animals and humans can recover from the loss of their day. The speaker also talks about the importance of the Islam-ived act of oppression and how it can lead to peace of heart and mind.
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Well hello you already listed underneath and a collection of Muslim writers by boiler the theme is still anti oppression. I'm gonna be talking about this for the next maybe two weeks or so.

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So a lot of Hadith to go through when I think they're very important and this is a basic basic, basic Islamic value and is it really worth your while worth your time to learn it and to take time to think about it and where you stand regarding it and how you dealt with it within your life as someone who maybe was oppressed or someone who maybe

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practiced at some point oppression and what that means to you internally is salatu salam ala to Adana Allahu ala Ali ha yo melty Matty had your card, the shirt ill gel happy to Karna Denali is awesome by Allah, I swear that rates will be returned or the other day of judgment to their rightful owners rights but which was always yours, what was always yours will be returned to you. On the Day of Judgment, Allah the Prophet Allah was swears by Allah that it will be returned to the rightful owner, whatever it was, that was taken away from you, whether it was materialistic, whether it was

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figurative or there's metaphorical, whether it was spiritual, psychological, whether it was verbal, whatever it was, that was taken away from you that was rightfully yours will be returned to you your milk Yama, the prophet Allah is on a swears by ALLAH SubhanA emphasizes it within with with all the linguistic power he has. And then he says to the degree that a hornless sheep will take its right back from a sheep that had horns that one day

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struck it.

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The sheep that had horns, use its horns, to run into a sheep that didn't have horns, the sheep that didn't have horns, it never had a way to take back. It's right didn't have a way to defend yourself, your milk piano that will be taken care of even down to the degree of animals down to the degree of creation that we don't even pay attention to, they will be they will be they will be given their justice, it will they will they will have their day of retribution. Even animals will have their day of retribution. Imagine that. Think about that. Think if animals are going to get it, imagine the animals and imagine the creations that we have harmed and mistreated and oppressed. Imagine them

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coming to milk Iam and demanding that which is there is from the human race and the greed of the human race and the recklessness of the human race and the negligence of the human race. Then imagine the simplest act of oppression that may be occurred from one of us being you stand there and you don't move until it's until it's retribution.

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The headquarters will be returned to their rightful owners. It may take a long time but Allah subhanaw taala said he ordered ASAP is fast with his judgment. It won't take that long. But we will all stand on the day of judgment if you're oppressed this hadith will grant you some degree of peace of heart and mind and if you have all pressed then this hadith should scare you. And it should push you to the point where you need to go and take care of it now before a day comes where it's too late and it's no longer

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mandatory it's you have no choice anymore.

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It's something worthy of thinking about Yoda remember Muslim with us so he wrote about the Allahu Anhu called Colin abusive Allahu Allah you early will send them to and then he'll poopoo yo Malkia yo Mel Pia Matthew Hatha Yoga that is SHA to Jehovah in a corner. So the closer Allah has Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah. So Allah was telling him about I have a

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course right after sunnah, so it asked people to pray their sunnah swiftly and if they want to attend they're welcome to otherwise

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