Hamza Yusuf – Vision Of Islam CD7 #01

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The light of God is in the realm of reality and impossible to be seen or felt without it. The use of "will" and "will tree" in the context of culture is discussed, as well as the concept of "the tree of harvest." The speakers explore the concept of "harvest" and its relation to "The tree of harvest," as well as the concept of "the tree of harvest" and its relation to "The tree of harvest." The importance of seeing in blind people and the use of technology to remove bad things from the eyes is emphasized, along with the use of technology to bring people back to the good.
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And so the absence of light is darkness It's nothing. And that's why other than God is nothing and this is what the prophet SAW lies in him said the truest things or poet ever said was what lobbied the poet lobbied said Allah collusion mahalo la partido. everything other than God is unreal. And so what is real in the world is the light of God. That's the only thing that gives the world any substance at all. And that is why the Prophet Mohammed Salah, and him said, A dunya meluna tune will melatonin mafia Illa de como la wamalwa, Allah, this world is cursed, and everything in it is cursed, except what reminds you of God, and the remembrance of God. So the world, if it is not

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fulfilling its function, which is to remind you of God, then it becomes a curse for you. It's not benefiting you, it's actually harming you to be in it.

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Because the whole purpose of the world is to remind you of God. So if when you look out there, you're seeing God. In other words, the light of God in the world, which are these is the signs, then you have

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you have responded to the world appropriately, and you will be requested appropriately, hedges that will accent a lesson. But if you don't see God and are not reminded of God in the world, then you become an ingrate. And that's why the verses here about light are the blind in the seeing, man equal or are the darkness is in the light, equal. And always darkness is when it's related to light is in plural, and light is singular. It is he who sends down upon His servants signs, clear expectations that he may bring you forth from darkness into light. Why is he who was dead and we gave him life and appointed for him a light to walk amongst people, as one who is in the darkness and comes not

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forth from them. It is he who performs the prayer over you and his angels that he may bring you forth from the darkness into light.

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So angelic luminosity is a light that's in the world, which is the light of angels. And angels, according to the Islamic tradition are creatures made of light. Now the difference between the demons which are made of fire and demons are very interesting, because according to the Islamic cosmology, they're made of fire. If you look at fire, its nature is chaotic. Fire is not like light, light, if you watch a light beam, even the sun or laser, we can control light in that it follows very exact laws, whereas fire is chaos theory. And that's why in chaos theory, they study smoke and light, because fire by its nature is chaos. It's unpredictable, you don't know what it's gonna do.

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And it can rebel very easily. You can have a controlled fire, but it can get out of hand. Whereas light, it's not like that it doesn't do that. So the angels are in a state of total obedience to Allah. And then the other thing about fire is that it exists by consuming others, fire exists by consuming wood. And demons exist by consuming men. I mean, this is their they thrive, this is what they thrive on. And that's why what is the Hadees about the skinny devil and the fat devil.

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Right, the Prophet, peace be upon him said there were two devils that met and one of them was about ready to die. And the other one was really looking good. The fat one says his skinny one, what's the matter with you? He said, I've got a terrible assignment. Every time he eats, he says in the name of God. He gets up in the morning and prays. He's always remembering god, I'm not getting any nourishment. You see, like fire burning wood. He's dying. And then the other one said, oh, I've got a great assignment. He never remembers God. When he when he eats, He never says in the name of God, and I eat with him. And then when he goes to sleep, he doesn't say in the name of God, and I get a

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great night's rest. So the point there is that that is the nature of the demonic realm that it thrives and that's why consumer in Old English means the devil. That's what it means you can look it up in old dictionary consumer means the devil because the devil consumes souls. And and modern consumers are devils because the Quran says in embedded in a kind of a one a shell thing that probably get people are brethren of the demons.

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So all this gratuitous consumption all of this empty, that's what it is. consumption is a disease, I think I might have it and then he talks and she talks about spirits and the nature of the spirits and then the jinn and the jinn are important in that they exist alongside human beings. There

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Created of fire their fathers Iblees. I mean, that's the dominant opinion like add them as a synonym as our father. It pleases their father. And some of them are good and some of them are mischievous. And some of them they don't disbelieve in Allah. their disobedience is different from the creatures Benny Adam, children of Adam, in that they don't disbelieve in Allah. They know Allah exists, but their disbelief is a disbelief corporal sGn it's the disbelief of disobedience, which for the children of Adam is not a disbelief, but it's partly because they're in the unseen realm, and they have a lot more information than we do. So their reckoning is, they know too much in that way.

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Because he believes he knows a lot. So I'm gonna stop here.

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Anyway, think about shade today. Any questions? Anybody have any questions? by her means? A parent or outwardly manifest

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the, in the Quran, it says, who would overdo it out here one law, what about and he's the first with no beginning, the last would know, and the outward the manifest and the inwardly concealed.

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So the meaning is that he's apparent to those who can see, if you have this inner eye, then you can see the appearance of God. And that's why for the Gnostics for somebody that knows God, to deny the existence of God, it's it's like the, I think, is the HG Wells story where the man goes into the valley. And it's a valley filled with blind people. They say the world's just darkness. He said, No, it's incredible. There's light and there's all these colors, and there's flowers and, and look at these mountains in the sky, and you people just you don't have any eyes, and they say this man's insane. So they go and they start feeling them. And they say, Oh, that's why he's got pressure in

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his brain because of these bulging. And so they poke his eyes out.

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This is the idea of of, for the Gnostic, you know, he's like that man who can see in the midst of blind people that are denying sight, because they can't see. And that's the way the prophets are when they come into the world, everything perfectly clear to them. And that's why the way they speak is with such intensity. I mean, prophets are intense. If you if you look at their messages, they're intense, because it's so clear to them. And they want other people to see what they are is they're healers because they can remove the cataract, right? They can remove that veiling that's on the eyes, and they won't remove it, they only remove what's necessary because you don't want to have a

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total unveiling. You can't handle it. You'll go insane. And that's why some peoples end up seeing too much. And then they go mad, and there's all this religious psychosis the worlds filled with religious psychotics, people that have just seen too much, that's why it's dangerous and that's why Islam is a middle way you don't want to go to this extreme of a religious psychosis.

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There's two possibilities with blessings. One of them is for people that show gratitude and their increased in their blessings, and the other people that are ingrates and they're increased by what the Quran calls is the the Raj and it's the Raj is according to the Quran, so I'm Lila home son has to do home and Hazel a little home in Acadia Mateen. That I continue to give them blessings despite their disobedience and I take them by degrees. And my strategy or my plan is vast. And then the other is is like that. The same is true with when calamities befall calamities befall different for different reasons. There are different possibilities, with with profits when calamities befall.

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There's two reasons one is called Tesla, which is that other people that follow them, the fact that their profits have been through so much, they're willing to endure much more if the prophets never endured any hardship than the people that follow them. When they endure hardship, they'll lose hope. They'll think I'm so terrible. I'm so horrible. This is why God's doing it to me. And so they'll go into a wrath, only seeing wrath. Whereas when prophets suffer immensely, they suffer for us not for them, they don't need it. So they're suffering is actually for the people that believe in them in order for them to be able to get through the world in one piece. So the prophets Eliza lost all of

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his children, he buried all of them except Fatima. So if you have five children and you lose one, and you remember, oh, my God, my prophet buried six of his seven children. I mean, that certainly makes it easier for you to bear that hardship. And then you also won't fall into the trap of saying God hates me. That's why he took away my child because we know that God loves the process.

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Mohammed and yet he took all six of his seven children in his lifetime. So it makes you bear the hardships of the world. And also, it's for what's called tech fear of the noob that when hardships befall people that believe in God, it's a way of purifying previous wrongs. But you can also remove them by Toba. That's why it's good to make Toba. Somebody said when grace meets karma, you don't want to just have all this, this stuff of the past that you have to deal with, it's better to try to atone for that. And give sadaqa give charity and do things to remove those wrong, but it can remove wrongs. And then also out of that data set, you get raised in degrees, because one of the things

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about calamities is you always come out in rich by them. It's always hard to see that at the beginning. But there's never a calamity that happens in your life, that when it's over. You have a whole different perspective on the world that had you not been through that tribulation, you wouldn't have had that perspective on the world. And there's people that walk through life sleepwalking, never appreciating anything they have and then they lose everything and the first time in their entire life, they feel grateful for what they had. So the fact that they lost it all if that's what it took to put them into a state of realizing that they were in blessings. It's a

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blessing. You know, there are many possibilities there when things happen, and it's always best to just see the good in it because the prophets allies in them in Sahih Muslim said I'd given the Ameren moment for in Idaho kulula. Ohio. How wondrous is the affair of one who believes in God because the affair of that one is all good enough to allow who Allah Saba when appa who shocker. If God gives him calamities, he's patient and is rewarded for his patience. And if he gives him blessings, he's grateful and is rewarded for his gratitude. So it's all good. Like they say, in

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this amazing book, there's a lot in there. It's a good book. I mean, these people have thought a lot about it, they're drawing from a tradition. I mean, a lot of the insights in this book are from our tradition, they're just, what they're doing is they're pulling it out and they're, they're presenting it to us in a very palatable way. Once you get into the old books, this is what they talk about. They were just in another world. You know, and then you get these modern books, you know, Islam Made Simple

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is What a tragedy because it's a de you just have to watch out for what they call the bends. You know, the bends when you go deep sea diving, you have to come up slow, because you'll get this bends thing and that's why you have to go with Islamic tradition. When you go deep sea diving you have to resurface slowly need to go into the decompression chamber.

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