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My heart is beating so hard. I can't wait to see her reaction because the baby's beds.

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Nice isn't it? Isn't it

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today we're starting a new project gold DIY life changes. Please tell you that we also have sister Lauren booth on board with us, officially as Ambassador

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ceremony comes so Sarah and I met in Zero Hedge and I came into her home. And it reminded me of, frankly, places in refugee camps. But here we are, in the capital city of turkey here in Istanbul, every every nation has its poor, but we as Muslims, we are indicted by Allah to Allah to help the poor. So when I saw this situation, and I saw Senator is living as a single mother, with six beautiful children, I thought of myself as a mother. And I thought, I need to get out of this. She looks so depressed and so beaten down and she was doing her best. So by the Grace of Allah, the ekra team have arranged for days away at a beautiful apartment by the sea for this family since she had

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children. None of them have been on any single break. Just think about that for a second. Think about parenting. Think about these conditions. We couldn't bear it. I couldn't bear it as a mother. So it could be by the Grace of Allah donated money, she's going away. But that's not all. What sifter doesn't know is that we're doing a full makeover on this home for her for when she gets back. Let's see her off. And I'll tell you all about it in Sharla. They're going on holiday their first break ever as this family and we want to see them on the beach, we want to see them having some fun in shallow water, see some joy, and re energizing our sister Sevda.

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susceptor is enroute with her children to yellow for a lovely beach holiday. It's time to get going with the real work. The builders have arrived. So

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they have got four days to turn this around. They look like the right kind of proof

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doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo. Okay, so this is day one, everybody's on on site at the moment, we've got the guys downstairs working on the front door. And there's so much more to do with only 72 hours. What are we going to do today? Okay, so today, the plan is that they've started on the doors already, they've taken the main door out, there was a problem the mice were getting in. So inshallah that's going to be a nice, strong solid door. Again, there's another two at the top changing that all the doors, and the windows are going to be taken out and replaced and sharp. So the windows are going to be taken out. Why is that? Such a big job? Why would that take a

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day? So a lot of work? Because if you look at the old windows, the old the old windows? That looks like they haven't been changed for years. A Sunday, which is the floor, the floor? The putting in those in those horrible stairs? Yeah, we're gonna sort of the flute stairs as well and level them out. I need to stand for this test. The kitchen feels terrible. It's not even smoking level. So that bold one I don't know how that's happened. Yeah, but yeah, but the rest of the room over there. And this area here, it's all going to be vinyl with thick vinyl that they use in hospitals and clinics. So they'll be nice and easy to maintain. Right? Yes. And you can see all of the issues that we're

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having here. We're doing this with a tight team. And we need your help. So are you in Istanbul? If you're a specialist? Or maybe you do lighting and electrics? Or are you a kitchen specialist? Or do you know about flooring? Or are you just somebody who wants to lend a hand? Let's get a team together, put in the comments below what you can add maybe some thoughts about colors, maybe some thoughts about where we can buy things and let's change the world for the better together inshallah. So let's not forget this is going to be the first of many cases that we're going to be helping. So if you have got the expertise, that knowledge, anything that you want to contribute, be that young

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with your own hands, you want to get involved during the decorating, helping us with the build, get in touch, like to salons or get in touch and inshallah it'd be Pleasure to meet you guys.

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Day two of dry law changes we're back at a party. solid metal door.

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a couple of stairs again number solid metal door

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again that will help with with the grease and mice getting them

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enough to windows all metal glass panels double glazing in C Sharp that will be more insulation in the winter and the kitchen is will be repairable

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which I will make a nice customized kitchen with more units storage more storage space for and shall be free

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see a lot has gone do

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you see

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third yes it was

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heart is beating so hard I can't wait to see her reaction I mean first is Look guys, this is what you did by the Grace of Allah. Actually we have to remember Allah did this and he allowed us to be a part of his beautiful plan this is what are being answered in real time

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all right, two minutes she's going to be here inshallah.

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How are you?

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to babies beds

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tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu

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tu tu tu

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tu tu tu tu tu

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doo doo

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doo doo doo

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doo doo

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you know what the team did this but this was my idea

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could we do

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this we thought of especially for you as a mom you need a place to be quiet and to sit with your baby when the children are asleep I just have a chai right and

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this is for the children. This this is for you

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to do doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

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doo 222222

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The best of all

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