Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #12 The sitting of the Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of sallam fees in the Islamic culture and the importance of wearing garments for fear of the return of the volatile Islamist. They stress the need to avoid showing off or being disAPants, as well as the rule of not wearing pants in dressing situations. The transcript describes various hadiths and confidence in people's actions, including the use of "naive" to describe the experience of the escalator, and a scene where a man is sitting on a wall and is being yelled at by people who want to see him.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Loud 100 Allah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my Londoner, was it not in Kenya Morocco? I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us knowledge. I mean, are they I mean

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somebody close the door please read the closet

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May Allah protect

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all your families may Allah subhanaw taala protect your faces from the Hellfire May Allah subhanaw taala gathers in different doses Allah rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean,

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were still discussing the

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description of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we finished his ring last week. And today

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the title is

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the reports pertaining to the izhar two that is are of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam what does this all mean?

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What does the

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specific the lower part the Tsar is the government that is wrapped around

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lower part of the body

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the Hadith first Hadith gone

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unlimited with your hammer Allah had definite

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boom Ania called a deafness my 11 Ebrahim called her definitely YouTube, and homemade Ben Hillel, and Abby Borgia call

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Elena Aisha Radi Allahu anha Kisa and Mola burden, where is Ron rollies on for that COVID La Rue rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fee has been

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removed Salah Shari narrated that I shall have the Elana showed us a patched garment

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that is worn to cover the upper part and the course is our and then she said was almost Salem passed away wearing these two garments. So after a salasar Sanam is death, Aisha Radi Allahu anha. Habib Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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the most beloved wife of a samosa Salam

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May Allah curse whoever curse her.

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She brought his clothes

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after his death, and she showed them the Sahaba and obviously, for the Allah Han has, she kept them for Baraka, because we said that as soon as I sell them, his clothes, his hair all and him alone. All his belongings are Baraka.

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The reason I kept the two garments The chef said, was to seek blessing from his clothing. She also kept his Juba. What is your

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Juba is the one that you know the one on top of the film. Sometimes you see under the View the weather a little bit thick. So what does the word relieve on the izhar? Usually, if you see the izhar that most of our US wear now, whether it's Indians or from Bangladesh or it's very thin, right? It's very light

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cloth here the believer.

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It was thick. So there is Arthur Sasaram died. What he was wearing when it when he died was a little bit thick. That is odd. It was really, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wore those clothes despite the fact Subhanallah despite the fact that he conquered many lands, and he had authority over so many people

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and access for so much money and wealth from the bodies of for and everything but he chose to wear these kinds of clothing. Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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In another Hadith had the third mode been Rayleigh and called her death in Abu Dawood unsure until ash I've been saline call center to Ambati to hit the throw Anamika call Dana um she Bill Medina, either insane on Humphrey call Arafat is Iraq for in no at call whatever you call for either who are Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for called ya rasool Allah, in Nima here bordet on malha call Emma like a fear or schwa fan of Allah to for either is Who is this fee, sir?

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Have a bin Khalid narrated that I was once walking in Medina and I heard the person from behind saying, lift up your izhar higher for that shows more piety at car and makes it makes the exotic last longer aapke at car for Taco from Taco from the car to last longer.

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When I turn to see who that is, like, I want you to imagine for a second you heard the voice coming from behind telling you now lift up your pants or lift up your izhar and then you look how would you feel if the person was giving you that advice was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam so I turned around and it was a civil law some Allah and even Salam I said the man talking you had a suit Allah this is just a blank garment with white patterns, and he's trying to indicate

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he's not wearing it out of

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arrogance or anything.

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I'm replied. Are you not taking me as your example? Am I laka fie Yeah, was what Allah has told us. Look at can Allah comfier, rasool Allah He was what an Asana The best example isn't Rasul Allah. So Susannah was telling him

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and don't you take me as a role model. And of course here we're talking about their izhar. So the man saying I looked at him, of course, he takes us all as I sell him as a role model. He's just a hobby. But here we are specifically talking about the izhar. So he said I looked at him and I found that his is our is up to or halfway of his chins, any halfway between the knee and the ankle, between the knee and the ankle.

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Lifting the garment up above the ankle, the ankle negates the arrogance and showing off the long garment entails. Now, some people say that you know I wear my pants or why I wear my whatever

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long but I have no intention of showing off or being arrogant. Believe it or not, at that time. Keeping one inch or two inch dragging behind you for the men not for the woman because the woman it is a similar to keep it longer for the man is an act of arrogance. And if you want to show off, you let you let your soap or whatever you're wearing. If you if you see it in the past King used to have that whole thing behind them and some people even carrying it as he's walking you there's no more arrogance than this. So as soon as I tell him to

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completely clean us from any form of arrogance he said no. Do not wear your pants in our situation the pants under the

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under the heels. So it has to be above the ankle. It has to be above the ankle. And this is

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the norm it has to be the norm all the time and not only when some people do it only when they pray but this has to be the norm when you are wearing a pants. You can lift it up from the morning but some people lifted only only when they're praying for you leave the house and it you know it happens that your pants as long just lifted up Subhanallah some people say this is looks offensive. I do not like it

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but when there is a the shorts are in fashion everybody was wearing shorts and they look good Mashallah. But when the Sunnah is to have a little bit above the ankle does not look good. Subhanallah so keep always in mind who prescribed that a Salah Salem. As a matter of fact, his was much higher than the ankle, and there are many Hadith

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that indicate that the sober for salsa salon was above, above the ankle. The reason why the companion stated the description of his rap was to say that this kind of clothing cannot be used to show off or make one arrogant even if it reached below the ankle. So this hadith even though some anima and you said the hadith is any subset, it's weak. Some said it's awesome.

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He is saying here that what we exactly indicated that he's telling us which we all say, but I'm not wearing it out of arrogance. This is exactly what the man said. I'm not wearing it out of arrogance. And what was the answer was was excellent. Don't you have me as your as your role model? He did not say anything. Look at this loop. Look at the wave as soon as I sell them. What's wrong with you? Do I have to repeat myself means anything very politely said Am I not your role model? Don't you look up to me, so look up to me in everything, don't pick and choose

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the guidance of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim respect lifting the garment above the ankle applies to all type of clothing. This ruling is only applicable to men because it is recommended for women to let one inch behind them

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okay, I'm gonna finish this this is how we got the idea and the shape under the hood the chapter by saying the ruling on the length of the clothing after considering all the hadith is that the Sunnah is to keep the to keep it to the halfway point of the chin and that is lawful to let it reached to the ankle. It is lawful threaded reach to the ankle, and it is Makrooh to reach below the ankle.

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And more than that, under the heels it is forbidden. Okay mcru under the ankle forbidden because some of our youth teenagers, we see them sometimes with the pants dragging behind them very dirty. How could you pray with it? Because they stepped on it so much. It even has holes in it. So make sure my young brothers when you wear your clothes, if you got a new pants and you have no time to fix it or make an alteration just make sure you roll it to become to the prescribed length. The next higher chapter there are all these chapters by the way are one or two a hadith and she moved on. So the next chapter is reports pertaining to the walking Miss yet Masha AEMC Misha, Misha yet rasool

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Allah says Allah the way that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to walk and make sure because we've been attending this class for a long time. Sometimes you forget that every time I say Rasul Allah who say,

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sha Allah don't be Bakili Aki, and

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get a lot of reward by saying some Allahu alayhi wa sallam had definite cote either been said, Call her death and have no Lehi law here and every Jonas and Ebihara Lacan whether a to say an Asana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can shim surgery if you want to add an extra finish Yeti Mira Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can do to to Allah in LA energy he do unfortunate we're in Hu la Ray euro machteld F.

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So we're right up at the alarm and I want to see who's gonna notice something here. Listen to the Hadith, okay. I will write the Allah narrated, he said, I have not I have not seen anything more handsome than Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, it was as if the brightness of the sun shone from his face. I've not seen anyone walk faster than him. It was as if the Earth would fold up for him. We found out we found it difficult to keep up the pace when he walked with him yet he walked as if it's a normal pace. Yeah, and he the Sahaba is walking and

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the elf panting and

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has no idea what's going on. He's just walking Masha Allah Subhan Allah faith

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there's one thing to see if you're if you notice that here

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what do you notice I'm just had he

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he works fast. But there's something that you know because we tried to derive right to derive lessons from the Hadith. The hadith, Hamza was clear that he used to walk fast, but there's one thing is beautiful.

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How long did Abu Huraira the Allah live with or Salah Salem,

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few years, right for four years, and then also Sustanon passed away, Yanni or Salah Salem was in his 60s and he's beating the Sahaba with his work.

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I just know what I said.

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So I said,

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everybody knows that his Islam was very late, right? And he even though he narrated the most of the Hadith, but his Islam was late, so he's narrating this hadith. So from an assassin either 59 or 60 or 61 or 62 in the 60s, and he was faster than the Sahaba which was we know some of them are

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really young, right? Subhanallah so he was that shows us that our souls I said that this this last

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time any life, he was still very, very healthy. He was very, very healthy. Second Subhanallah when atashi I have never seen anything more beautiful than masala sexism Subhanallah any Can you imagine any we have seen in the chapters before that one of the Sahaba gave the example of a sorcerer seven as the camera as the moon. And now, I've already been saying like the sun Yoni Subhanallah if we see sometimes a brother with some brightness in his face, we say he has no What if someone has the knower of the shrubs, and walking around us and he Allahu Akbar?

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And beside also, can we live? There's another indication here such a beautiful indication, can we live without the chance? Can Earth survive without the sun? Similarly, we could have never survived without a sun allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his guidance Pamela, what a beautiful description from Abu Huraira by the Allahu Allah, so the Hadith, and another thing can walking as if

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the Earth would fold up for him.

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Candle to Allah. What does that remind you?

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If your head airport

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no, no.

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That's great on the airport. You see, some people stand and the escalator moves. And some people walk while they're skaters moving. So the example that was given in the exam and the Hadith, that the Earth as if the earth is moving under him, is how fast he was going. So similarly, when you move and you walk, as if the earth is moving under you. And this is how Russell's hassling us to actually imagine when you are in the escalator at the airport, this is how, and you walk in there, the art of this is moving and folding up and he's walking Subhanallah What a beautiful example, from Rasulullah, from Abu Huraira, the Allahu, and

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the reason that I referred to the face only to explain the beauty of Rasulillah Salam, because the face is the focal point of a person's beauty. And often the body confirms the status of the face. Despite his failure, his fast pace, he walked in a manner that maintained his respect and status. And I don't want anybody to think that there are social selling was running all the time. It was just a fast pace, but also with respect and honor. Some people didn't know any when somebody keeps running, you know, shows that you know, this respect, no, don't let that even cross your mind. As long as I sell them. There's a there's a formula that you have to always keep in mind with soulless

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Isilon that he has moderation in everything

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and if when you look at him you're not gonna say running and you're not gonna say walking slowly. He was moving in a fast pace another Addy Tamara Hadith that described the same thing earlier the Allah Han he said he used to walk as if he's descending descending from a high place as if he is descending from high place

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I'll take one more chapter inshallah

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skipped one and we go to the magic Fe gel city gel city reports pertaining to the setting of Rasulullah Salam Yani.

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In all your life, no matter how old are you?

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Who have you seen that so much description and details have been given to his life, how he said how he walked, how he ate, how he talked? What color was his shoe? How big was his spamela this beard how many hair white hairs, any details only to Rasul Allah Salam, no man on earth ever came and will ever come that you will have so much his whole life is an open book.

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How did he eat balm? How they work? Everything is detailed. How did he laugh? Everything today? We finished with this in sha Allah, His Jelsa his sitting

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at death

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Abdul Hamid cada had definite a fan of no Muslim called definite Abdullah Hypno Hassan and Jed the tea and clay letter, Nettie maha brahma

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and the hara Salas and salam Phil Majid will who will call it will call for God for them the writer of suicide Salam al Motta Hashem Phil Jelsa

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or it to me in Al Faruq, Meenal ferok or eight to middle Ferox Allah. Kala bin Makrana reported I saw Rasulullah Selim in the masjid sitting Alcor facade, we will explain posture in a call fossa posture whilst watching him while she was watching him in that position, I became overwhelmed due to his overwhelming tranquillity. And this caused me to shiver Jani from the humility of a sudden allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she showed her how children when she saw him, this man in this kind of status and sitting in that manner, but doesn't call for salt. Anybody knows.

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Let me see if anybody's sitting

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now let's see.

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Yes, Abdul Halim. This is a cold facade. Okay, maybe we're gonna see him turn around so people can see you.

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Yeah, can you imagine the source or something like this?

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How, how humble is the setting

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the past keep in mind there was no you know, Mashallah. The back always we have walls and we have places to lean. So they used to have the wrap of their head, raft behind them and around the knees. So it will be as if you're listening to something, you understand. You took the you take this head wrapping, and you put it from behind, and you go around your knees. And then it's as if you're leaning back. But most of us now we do this like I said I was sitting

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the, the legs towards the body and the arms. Exactly wrapping each other holding back that any Subhanallah look at any the sitting itself. So you said from his humbleness, i My heart turn but what and what kind of Subhan Allah how humble is this man? How humble is this man? You're so you go inside now and he can go and the prince is 15 years old prince is but just because his father the king is sitting like this and looking down and you will get up and you get up and you do this for me. Subhanallah while the best man ever created his love a sitting in a beautiful posture

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in the masjid with the Sahaba Some people even though this is the definition of the court facade, some people said the court facade like most of you are sitting like you know, you put Yeah, but this the real description which I looked most of the description was that first one was the first time

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he was sitting in a humble state gazing at the floor whilst the body parts were calm and tranquil due to his excessive fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala the sitting posture of Rasulullah Salah manifested His true slavery to Allah the Most High and he said in a hadith I sit like I was slave said, and I eat like a slave eats Subhan Allah, another Hadith, because this is important because sometimes we see somebody doing this in the masjid. And some of us maybe get annoyed or maybe kick them or do something to these people. So one of the Sahaba

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had nothing to say he didn't have the ramen and Max Domi What are you I had called who had definite Soufiane and this hadith by the way, isn't Bukhari, a definite Sofian and so he and Abed bin Tamim and and who run Nabi SallAllahu sallam was still key and Phil Masjid while the the the delay and an okra

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while the originally an okra, Abdullah de sade reported or the Allah Han I saw Summerside Salam lying on his back in the masjid with one leg placed upon the other.

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Of course nothing I don't like them now I could

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probably he was resting or he was you know, I'm sure was not giving a class like this or giving a talk like that obviously. But what I'm saying is if we go inside the masjid and we see somebody lying down with one foot over the other, that don't please curse them or somebody will get upset or kick them or and by the way, this issue about the the feet facing the Qibla has no delille in the Quran and the Sunnah, you know if you want to just out of any maybe respect or don't face your foot to the Qibla even nothing to do with respect really, but there's no Hadith and I'm sure in the time of for soloists and sudden somebody extended their feet

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I'm sure if there was something wrong with it, we would have heard it in a hadith or so. But you know, to come and young uns and scorn the people who are facing their feet to the Qibla one time a brother came here and it was his first visit. And he made the cover of facing the feet of the Qibla Ashoka villa.

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And some people

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without mentioning names, they yelled at him and, and that was his last time coming to the machine.

00:25:30 --> 00:26:05

That was his last time even though I spoke to him so many times he insisted that was very disrespectful. How could you talk to me like that? Well, if I was not a practicing Muslim, any, but if I was my first really you know, I come to the masjid and I'm trying to listen to something or benefit and somebody spoke to me that manner Subhanallah Be very careful especially our kids also, you know, of course, if you want to sit in a polite manner, put your feet together handler band I mean, but even if you feel you feel like you want to speak to somebody about something, you just talk to him in a very respectful way especially if somebody is new to the deanery.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:18

Another indication that this is the right setting is

00:26:19 --> 00:26:31

Kandra salva insulin either agenda Suffield Masjid Istanbul be a day of a sudden Kadri narrated that when Ross was a certain set in the masjid he did Activa he did

00:26:32 --> 00:26:34

it with his hands.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:47

The same way we described in Charlottetown. So this is it for today. Insha Allah. Now we will talk about next week we'll talk about tick Subhanallah how

00:26:48 --> 00:26:48

to reclaim

00:26:49 --> 00:27:09

left or right. Allahu Akbar. So we'll talk about that. If Allah kept us alive the next week in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us see all these things live. Be in the letter Allah may Allah gathers with us Allah says Allah, may Allah make us from the people who follow his sunnah to the best of our ability is a common law here about a couple of freecom Subhan Allah insha Allah

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I have two copies of the book for the people who they wanted to buy the book

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