Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #31 The Character of Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The upcoming weekend in transcription is discussed, including the upcoming election, social media crisis, and Chinese New Year. The success of Islamists in the United States is driven by listening to parents' messages and using their sweat to make their faces soft. A former warns of a woman who hit a worker and killed them, as well as a former president who used his power to force people to do harm to him and his followers.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi overcut.

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Loud hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah number 11. A main file now on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna was an Ironman.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what he told us and increase his knowledge. I mean,

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lama vertikalen If you had the gym and robotiq in sha Allah, ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering in sha Allah

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and make us at the end of the gathering from the people who will be told como McFaul and let them get up all your sins are forgiven.

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Brother's in the back summary.

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If you want to talk I can talk about St. John.

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Before I start in sha Allah

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as we have heard the Imam saying that there is a genetic tomorrow

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as a reminder of the hadith of Rasulillah Salam

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when he asked in the morning,

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Who amongst you

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is fasting

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who has given a sadaqa

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who has witnessed the gentleman

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who has visited a sick person Subhanallah looking at by that time already done on all of the above.

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So he said whosoever does that, in one day, the huddle agenda. So tomorrow we have a janazah

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and it's one of the three white days tomorrow. The theory they started today, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. If you did not fast today, okay, faster more than a lot so you can get the Azure so we have the Janaza we have the first thing on your way out you could give us other philosophers the easiest Subhanallah and then if you know somebody who's sick, let me know we could go visit him tomorrow in sha Allah. So he could apply the hadith of all four in one day inshallah. So after tomorrow maybe if you know somebody is sick, we could go visit them in sha Allah Subhan Allah

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you know talking about this hadith

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you know for us

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if you ask you what is the easiest one of them? You would say? Sadaqa It's okay, I'll put $5 or $10 I was talking to a brother from Africa. You know, he told me from this for the hardest for us in Africa is the South Africa

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he said this Janessa every day sick people all over fasting mobile hungry all the time.

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Subhan Allah Who would have thought the silica was the hardest?

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And when you ask anybody here, silica as easy okay, you know, if you tell me in advance, I would fast you know to find the Janessa is hard.

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Right? So that's why we take advantage of this release every time we we hit this Janessa

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Can you imagine this brother was complaining that the hardest thing is the sadaqa know why we are so we are so blessed. Like we are so blessed Danny.

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Everywhere you look every every time you think how blessed we are.

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Yesterday, I was

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listening to one of our shields he said

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He knows someone

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that's multimillionaire

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is tons of money

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every time he wanted to urinate to go to the bathroom, he has to go to the hospital

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so one of the students asked me a shifting Why don't he have an operation or fix himself because it can be fixed. He said his blood pressure is so high his diabetes is so high they cannot operate otherwise he will die. So every time he wants to urinate, he has to go to the hospital

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all that money did not help

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Subhan Allah look at this simple Nana

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that we do few times a day

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and we never thought that this is an AMA

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Subhan Allah

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and he everywhere you look Elia one every every time you think

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Subhan Allah we are so blessed May Allah I asked you Allah the best of your names to make us from the Shaqiri Allah we are so behind them being grateful to Allah. So new here Yeah, one

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three white days are here. You know what, we should jump and fast that because of course because of the Azure but because you know what I want to say thank you Allah. I want to be I want to show some gratitude. For what by staying away from food for a few hours Subhanallah but it's a it's a bad that he told us Subhanallah that he loves so much a family why now exhibit so when I hear something like this, you know, it's okay that cup of coffee in the morning that breakfast or that simple? It's okay, let's get out of that comfort zone for a little bit Ramadan is coming. So it's a training at the same time Jonnie.

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So if you can fast tomorrow on Charlotte, Allah do your best in the law. Of course, it's not a followed. If you didn't, first nothing's gonna happen in sha Allah. But Allah if every time you think how can I thank him? Look at this, you know, Subhan Allah, look at the environment that we are in a condition of good company, sitting down peacefully, we're not worried what's happening outside. They're not worried. What's happening to our families. Oh, that is Nam.

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We are moving. We're listening. We're talking we're seeing we're comprehending we are in the company of the angels. Allahu Akbar. So, anytime we have an opportunity to say, Allah, we are so grateful we should jump on it in chapter five.

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We are still discussing the

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Shanna for so Allah so Allah Allah Salam, and today's chapters pertaining to the character of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Coolock Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Subhanallah when you when you hear the clock, the character for Salah Salem remember that you are listening to the best mannered man ever created.

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Learning not that everyone has the ability or the opportunity to hear something like this. Not everybody is people are saying and calling the salsa Salem names. They have no idea what they're missing. Even though he is their prophet to

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raw material al Amin

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Subhan. Allah gave me the opportunity for me to talk and listen and discuss and for you to listen, Allahu Akbar. So we begged Allah to make us from the people who when they hear a HELOC, a character of a source Isilon, they would love to rush and implemented in Java. So, of course, this chapter he took many different characteristics of Christendom, and he mentioned many Hadith. I chose a couple for you just because of the time and Shawn had nothing October katiba been so happy inside kind of a definite shot for Robinson a man of Dubai and 3010 numeric, call them to rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam Ashura, Sunil femoral con le have caught Wellmark corner Lishui in sonata Lima

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Senado whether the CHE interactive limiter Octo Wuchang Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam min as any nursery Hoboken whether an assess to cousin whether hurry urine, whether she and can Eliana mean Kofi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whether Shannon to miss can cut, whether it can mean Araki Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah this hadith is multifocal Ali Bukhari and Muslim Allahu Akbar. You're going to love the idea of translating Sharma and as

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the Alon

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I served Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wasallam for 10 years

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he never once said off

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to me, and he never asked me the reason behind anything I did. Nor did he ever ask me the reason behind anything I left

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I suppose I seldom was the most beautiful people in character. I've never felt my any fabric or any pure silk or anything else softer than his palm

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nor did I smell any Musk or any other fragrance with a sweeter scent. Then the perspiration of Rasulullah sallallahu

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Subhan Allah so yeah, when can you imagine

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someone working for you?

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For 10 years

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never ever? You say why don't you do that?

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Or why did you do that? All used to slow you to complain about them for 10 years.

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This is unbelievable o'clock. Unbelievable.

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Don't maybe some of us say I don't have anybody working for me. Let's go to our children.

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You never say to your children, you never told them why did you do that? Why didn't you do that? You never yelled you never scream Subhanallah and these are our children

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so he never said offered to us in 10 years he worked for him

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and as the Allah and said he was the best man or man have ever seen because you know Subhanallah when he was you know and as I'm sure you know the story that when the salah Salem came to Medina everybody brought them brought him some gifts some honey some days some you know to welcome him

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the mother of * broad

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age and as

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she gets you get

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so the other sort of Allah he is my son and is fitted medic is going to serve you.

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So since he was very, very young, he used to serve Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam so someone that age that young, very young and he definitely will make some mistakes and still for 10 years but once said as a matter of fact to prove that and another Hadith so as narrated that Rasulo Salam told me to go do something and then when I went I saw the kids playing so I started playing with them

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so Suzanne said yeah, oh nice.

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Did you do what I told you to do? So there are so love going

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he said go finish what I told you to do.

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When someone call somebody with their name in an does leave form

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for example

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when you give a nickname to someone that means you are being extremely kind okay

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for example and abroad they say Mohammed yeah moody or they call somebody with a nickname. So he said Yeah, ona is Yanni small and us

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when he said that immediately that means he's not mad. Nobody is mad at somebody I think he called him with a with a nickname or try to be kind to them.

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So the old days when he told me you're gonna see me immediately know that also Salem was not was not upset. So Subhanallah Can you imagine he said, when he touched the hand for some of our Salah Salem. It is I've never seen anything softer any, if you ever touch the hurry the silk it's extremely soft, extremely soft. So he said that never touched any fabric or any hurry or anything that is softer than the hand of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And one time when he was taking a nap, and he woke up and he saw the Sahaba

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a companion she hadn't get a bottle and she's collecting his sweat says What are you doing?

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This was I said I said what are you doing? So the hara Soon Allah, we take your sweat and we use it as other

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liquid. And similarly this Hadith also confirmed that that Yanni Rasulillah Salam, of course he was so blessed at his sweat is a muscular when you go and and you buy a real mask

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It is extremely expensive. Remember the story.

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I told you the story of the contrast bottle. So it's very expensive. So at that time, they had real masks, not the one right now mixed with chemicals and alcohol and this and that. And still, he said, I've never smelled something like this and they had the original stuff at that time. Everything was from nature, organic.

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So he said that there was so much sweat is

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sweeter and, and smells much better than any fragrance he has ever, ever smelled. The softness of his hands and pleasant scent of his body indicates the perfect character and features of Rasulullah Salem, for the pleasant scent he possessed was due to his interactions with the angels This is what the even harsher last Kalyani Rahimullah said

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I'll take one more Hadith insha Allah

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definitely how to remember is how can Hamadani call the Hadith and he shall be in Ottawa Avianna Aisha, call it Mao dadada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ba de che

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Illa Yuja hit a few Sabine Allah, what are the Haldeman one umbra.

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Aisha Radi Allahu Allah narrated that are soulless, I seldom never hit anything, or anyone with his hand, unless he was fighting for Usabilla unless he was in jihad, and he did not hit a servant, or a woman Subhanallah

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this hadith indicates that it is recommended for the rulers and the scholars not to avenge themselves. By doing so they follow the example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he keep in mind,

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that our Salah Salem was the head of

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what you call him, the head of the country, the President, if you want to call of all the Muslims all over what we call right now he's in charge of all the Muslims, and he has the authority to do whatever he wants, at a salatu salam.

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And compare to this one to what our rulers are doing to their people and, and he Schatten what a huge difference, not even 0.1%, of the akhlaq of Rasulullah. Salem, being implemented with with the public.

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The volume, Allah May Allah guide them, the oppression that they are doing to their people, Subhan Allah, as if they are living forever, they don't see that others have been killed them died in the garden, and they didn't take anything with them, and they're still oppressing their people, and they still want to be in the seats, and they will still want to rule longer and longer.

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Now when, when one of those presidents or one of those rules that we have, when he orders the people to go and hit the people on the street, or do any harm to them, as if he's doing it, he will be accountable to so. So as I said, I've never ever harmed anybody, no servant, nor woman know, anyone he harmed with his hand or he beat anybody.

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So this shows you that he wouldn't when someone has that there's a huge difference when somebody cannot do it, because he's weak, and somebody has full authority to do whatever you want. And he's still not doing it. And he had the power. And he had many people who have harmed him and said evil things about them. He could have easily

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asked any of the Sahaba and they would have done anything he wants. As a matter of fact, he used to come down the Sahaba we all know Ahmadi Allah and immediately he takes us on the other soul should I cut his head off? This was I said, No, no, no, no Yama Subhanallah A man came and held their solos I said I'm from here and he pushed him so hard.

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He said Be just give me what from what Allah has given you.

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So immediately the Sahaba when they see somebody touched as soon as I saw them, they boil

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but what did he tell them? Come down he's asking for his right. You know, he know that he's a Bedouin he doesn't know how to talk Subhanallah

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Yeah, when where are we from this o'clock we're only from this o'clock with our families with our with each other in the masjid. So when someone when you hear that somebody resistor comes to me and complain that her husband is beating her What if when and it's very shameful control yourself if you get angry any muscle Assam told us say out of alignment shaytaan regime, leave the room. Sit down, lie down. Make will do do

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anything to but don't ever don't ever beat a woman yaki.

00:20:06 --> 00:20:11

Very simple and would you like anybody to beat your daughter? Allah, He will not

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ever accept that.

00:20:15 --> 00:20:21

Would you like anybody to beat your sister, but this woman, that you are beating someone's daughter, someone's sister,

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be extremely careful. What goes around comes around. Be very careful control your anger. That's why Allah subhanaw taala had a huge reward for alcohol remain alive. They want to control their anger.

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And they can do something Subhan Allah. So from this one, we see that Rasulillah Salam never, never ever had anybody accepted twice for jihad. And when it came when it was for Jihad Subhanallah I remember another Hadith that says that the man was so strong that nobody beat him. Nobody. And wrestlers came and beat him how many times?

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I mean, it was 33 times, excellent. Three times, and this guy, nobody can beat him. First time so let's try again. You know, somebody got beaten. Give me another chance. Okay, both, in other words, three times in a row. But so as I said them, he beat the guy SubhanAllah. So, when, when, when courage and and might and bravery is needed resource Asalaam was the man

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but when it comes to leniency with the people with his followers, he was the kindest and most gentleman ever. May Allah make us from the people who follow his o'clock and sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who would meet him on the day of judgment. Zakon Lochhead Baraka la freecom Subhan Allah, masha Allah in our in South Africa on a toilet

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