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No more sadness for iamb and cleanse, no more animosity. Finally the chaos Smith says As Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters in faith in humanity, welcome to a special video in The Tideway series. If you haven't been following so far, where have you guys been welcome, welcome. This is all about ethical living in an easy step by step approach, and I'm going on this journey with you all along the way in sha Allah to Allah. So look back on the other videos, we've got ethical shopping with Ali Dawa, we've got, we've got how to grow vegetables from scraps. And we've got tips on healthy eating too. So take a look at the earlier videos. But this one's really special. Because the

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question that we ask ourselves is, okay, we want to be ethical. But we can't take our ethics into a mainstream space, right? It's a dog eat dog world out there. Have you heard that, of course you have, you got to compete, you've got to meet deadlines, you've got to be aggressive in the workplace. Well, I had the honor and pleasure of going to a very, very important workplace of a hit TV series that is smashing it globally on Netflix. And I saw that there is a different way of doing things SubhanAllah. And I saw people for whom their ethics, our ethics, take them further in their work, they don't hold them back. I'm talking, of course, about the TV series, Ertugrul. And again,

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if you're not addicted, yet, in a positive way into the beauty of its message into its amazing story of heroics, then you better start looking it up on Netflix, because Turkish drama is definitely the way to go. So in this video, we're going to be looking at two specific people in the lateral series who wanted to do the series because it means a lot to them. And they were impacted by it. And also impressed by the ethics on the filming set. Now I come from an acting background and I can tell you, it's a very aggressive thing to be on a film set short deadlines, people are tired.

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People speak in a you know two or three phrases do this get this first grips, it's Quiet on set, there's a lot of shouting. But I by the Grace of Allah visited the set of Ertugrul and that's not what I found. So here for the first time in an interview I did with meten gunay, who's the Director during the set, you get to see behind the scenes and it is as you'd imagine it is flats with stilts on the back and on the front there will be the scene I believe this will probably be from the village scene, all of the actors

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sitting around between takes

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actually on the set

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I can't really describe walking onto the set I wish I had the closer

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so I'm now watching a scene with the director and I said why did he seem that he should go to Canada

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it's very difficult to believe this is actually happening

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well what does it mean to the director professionally and personally to make this will she really shy to be senior happens and careers such as mentioned drums banana magalia

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Chokshi Monica Did you check it was

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actually be signed off the courier it's it's important he said that for the world's after he died the you can say that. The second

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you say see legacy

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of the human Samra. Okay.

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He's saying that

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the human should not hurt animals.

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First of all, first of all, and I mean the smallest animal in the world. As you know the judge one day he's mentioning actually to life after die

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for the next life. Next slide is exactly next life.

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It's up making this because he's getting to prayer actually. He's also taking so many prayers

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keep here,

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the crew, and anyone here

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had to know about history to know about Islam had to know about the sample. Otherwise, it's impossible to create this work.

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There is a concentration and the calmness

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and a sense that that history is not being

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imagined but recreated.

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That is mainstream director talking about his care for ants. And I was really impressed to panela. When I used the word legacy, everybody's about legacy, what is our legacy? Legacy often means pomp and circumstance, how are people going to remember us? How are we going to be important after we die? What statue is there going to be all of us? I was a biller, hopefully, none. But legacy carries, you know, an idea of fame with it right? What are you leaving behind? But when I asked him, let him go now about that, what did he say said and then under this is for our hero. So in other words, he was talking about the type of goodness that we care about in our workplace that is going

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to go beyond and into the next life and that goodness means that I have to be kind to you. I have to watch out for ants. I can't be careless about using Styrofoam cups. Everything has to matter. When I was on that set, by the way, I went into the woods. And for those of you are fans, can you imagine meeting a Mongol horde in the woods? staying in character? I was genuinely scared. I knew it was a TV set. But when they looked up from eating and scowled at me, I was like,

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and then I smelled something in the woods. It was smoky, they were getting the atmosphere going, and I noticed that it was a smell of incense. So I asked the set director

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what what is the smoke machine you're using? Because normally I cough a lot with smoke machines. He said, No, no, no smoke machines are bad for this environment of these woods. And so we're using natural incense, which is much more in line with nature, Allahu Akbar, and it disperses a lot quicker so smoke machines, they leave toxins in the air for hours afterwards. They didn't even do that because they cared about the tree. So then I'm sitting in the tent watching the director do his work and always says Salaam and

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well this is what happened next

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you speak Spanish?

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English? I don't know.

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Fair enough. It's nice to see you.

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You have a very you have a really intensive filming schedule. I don't envy it

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yes it is basically live in this environment that's also very hectic program

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boys work assist days

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I wish for you a break but not for the for us view as a break.

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Thank you

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effect is it having on you as an actor? How have you grown? What does it mean to you to be doing a project like this at this time in your life?

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It's a very big projects.

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So is the first time in Tokyo? Like

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like these big productions? Maybe to tell the Muslim people

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it's very interesting, but

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I was very excited when I saw the first episodes. It was very,

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very good.

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I know my

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old friends. He's he's the best

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I was

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it was a good troll for me because there is a lot of toys, you know? Like

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yeah, it's a hose. Did you? Did you learn to watch right here. Did you train you?

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Did I know? Yeah. I knew when I was child,

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eight years old, nine years old.

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Or you

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know, but my city.

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My grandma's has a farm

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to nearby city. So weekends, we went there. So I knew

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I find it very interesting to hear words like in sha Allah. You know what do you know?

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that people that are Muslims in the UK are being revived because of this sense of what you're doing here. Do you feel the weight of history on you? Yeah, of course, if you're not feel the history, you can

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play like that.

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Because it's you need to feel some something

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we all felt

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Did you?

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Could you expect at the beginning of this to make a faith based film every week in Turkish language? And, you know, not English for it to be such a hit around the world?

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Or did you?

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Didn't Wait, of course.

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For the success, it's very big success. So unit,

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maybe the build has two pages, the news? Not build Metro Metro in, you know, the metro. Yes. They had a two page of news to dish out total. They said if you don't want to wait, Game of Thrones, you can watch.

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That's how I came to it. No, it's amazing.

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My question for you and for myself, in this video today is is it possible to be Muslim in the mainstream? Can we be both creative and worry about the the organic world worry about nature? In other words, not be sucked into capitalist ways of doing things? And the answer is absolutely yes. Our Deen our perfect faith given to us by Allah to Allah has all the answers. To be credible, is not to be seek likeability. But to be true, to be on time to be the best worker, that kindest colleague. I've worked with Sheila Notley I've interviewed her and there's a link below to her work. She's a British Muslim filmmaker. MashAllah sabbatical. And she talked to me about how she made her first

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big movie set. As nice as possible. She said to everybody on the first day, there's going to be no shouting, no sort of, there won't be swearing. And let's all speak to each other nicely. Now, some of the high level professionals from outside the Muslim world came over and said, this is never gonna work without shouting, swearing, we're not going to do things on time. Well, they did. And it was a better atmosphere. There's no need to make things toxic to succeed, brothers and sisters in faith and humanity, and Ertugrul Dirilis success of that, and the follow on series, and the work that Muslims are doing around the world every day, proves that we can bring our ethics to work. They

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are the best for humanity. The Prophet peace be upon him said Allah loves that when you do anything, you do it perfectly. Order, discipline, and goodness. These are things and characteristics of the Muslim that we can bring into the workplace. Don't forget to subscribe to these videos. Leave a comment. What would you like me to look at in the future and I love to hear your thoughts on this series. And some of the topics I can cover in the future. Let me know. Subscribe, Like, Share. Stay blessed.