3 Prophetic Principles to Maximize Productivity

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want to stay number one I still feel when are we gonna be no human should reinforcing our loving say Lina but yesterday he didn't follow up on whether you live in

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Washington one long shot he was shot one number two also have yeah you went to dinner on top of like a hot potato party. What else Um Would you night I went to the moon. Yeah, and you're Latina. I'm going to talk a lot when someone would have some fun dematerializing what type of law in Allah Fabio Lima Tyler, All praise is due to law being exalted. We praise Him, we seek His help his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in along from the evils of our sins and the evils within ourselves, whosoever Allah guides because they sincerely seek guidance, no Canvas guide and whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray, because they do not sincerely seek guidance, none can gun and I

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bear witness that there's no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. And I have a witness that will help us on the long run and he was sitting on peace be upon him is his servants and final messenger.

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Allah the Exalted reminds us in the Noble Quran, what is translated as all of you who believe, be conscious of Allah as he deserves, worship Allah as he deserves and do not die except in a state of worship. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live upon his worship and to die upon it and to be resurrected in good company among

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a young man 11 years old, was racing laps for his school exam. And he had to complete seven laps, one mile, in order to pass this exam was passing alongside his classmates.

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And he completes the sixth lap. And as he's about to complete the seven flat,

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the whistle is blown, and you have to stop exactly where you are. And he's a few feet away from the gym teacher. But he failed. And he started complaining, he said, I'm only seven or eight steps away. He said, Look, seven steps away from you.

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And the teacher told him listen, I'm just gonna give you a small piece of advice. You were very close. But sometimes in life is the minor adjustments that you'll make that have a massive difference, a massive impact on your life. He said, Every time you pass by you and you shout out your number, I noticed you slowed down a lot. And everyone did. All you had to do moving forward. When you run this race again, when you attend to these seven laps. Again, don't slow down for just one step. Don't slow down for just one step each lap. And that small tweak that small difference is the difference between passing and failing.

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Now the point of this story is not about the gym class or the 11 year old. The point here is that often times as human beings and as Muslims, we know that small tweaks and adjustments to your life in terms of our habits in terms of our activities can make a massive difference. And we're living in a times in which many people due to the pandemic and due to their own habits and due to many other things as well. Many other factors are struggling, to be productive, are struggling to make adjustments are struggling to attain some sense of tranquility, some sense of fulfillment. And a lot of people are constantly watching the news, depressed violence, interpreting certain things. Some

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people are constantly discussing what's happening but not taking action in their own life. Some people are maybe complaining about being confined or not actually being productive or adjusting or adapting May Allah subhanaw taala make this easy for all of us, but also allow us to be productive and to adapt with the situation on time. And so what we're discussing today very briefly, are some principles from the Quran and Sunnah some Islamic principles for productivity to maximize productivity. Why? Because as people are so encompassed by and distracted by different types of current news locally and globally, oftentimes it paralyzes people from living their own lives from

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doing something about it from doing something with one purpose and one, the one line that muscle power mentality. And while there are hundreds of principles, hundreds of principles from the Quran and Sunnah and dozens of principles to maximize productivity from the Quran and Sunnah, we're going to focus on just three, again, small adjustments that can make a massive difference in one's life. The first suggestion The first advice is to pursue the morning welcome to pursue the belacan the blessing of the morning time. I like it to be imagine that you have one chance this one opportunity for the Prophet Muhammad SAW a long way

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Masada, Jamaica a job for you. And you found out in a job for you binding you make you made sure in that moment that you were the one that was being addressed. How would you feel if you knew that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam to do it was for you, knowing that it's accepted knowing that this is coming from Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Hi You said it was authentically reported that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, along the ability to motif Hebrew, Korea and another Hadith, there is a Melaka for my ummah, in the morning times. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam made this door, and the one who reported the Hadith, the companion who actually recorded this hottie, he used to buy and

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sell things he was attaching he's been by itself. But when did he buy and sell it was usually later in the day. It wasn't in the morning times when he heard the Prophet saw a Walmart and said, I make this dua, he said, I started doing my business earlier in the morning. And I noticed as a result within a short span of time, my blessings, my provisions, my this increase beyond my imagination. Now, this is not a surprise for people who are used to the morning routine. But it's not enough to say that as Muslims were just simply following the routine, or the job or the studies that you have for the morning times know that there is a particular pursue, were African, a particular thing were

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African. And that is the love of God at that time. What is about them? What do you say May Allah bless you? When we say bountiful long feet is a bountiful long, big, what do we mean when we use the word bountiful all the time, because there are many sources of baraka from Allah subhanaw taala, the word battle country to simplify, imagine someone with a small amount of something that has gone on to enhance the battle for in that thing will increase its use. So for example, if you had a small bottle of water, half a bottle of water, and someone else had, let's say, 10 times the amount of water is easy for you to have done, okay? That water means you're going to get more out of it, it

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will quench your thirst beyond that, let's say one gallon or one liter, and we want for America, that's not something you can buy. That's not something in a store. That's not something you attain to somebody because of your job or your worldly status, or the clothes that you wear. Goloka comes from Allah subhanaw taala. And there are different forms in different times and places we seek it. May Allah subhanaw taala bless all of us with all that we have longer and

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so when we seek the bulk of the morning times, it's not just to fulfill this dua. That ain't short for someone to make this adjustment in life, if you're struggling with it, as many people struggle with morning habits with the binocular vision with even some people are struggling with vision, prayer itself, friends, or heljan, and so on and so forth. There is no doubt whatsoever that something obvious has to be known, which is that you have to sleep earlier. Oftentimes people call and they're messaging and they're emailing. They're saying I'm struggling with vision prayer, I'm struggling with budget prayer, I'm struggling with 200 Watts, how are you sleeping? And then they

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would say, I'm sleeping at two or three, what are you doing till 3am on Netflix, I'm with friends, I'm socializing with family, I'm doing this and we're working until 3am rather than leaving it for the morning time. And the reality is, if we made this one point just for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala if we made this one adjustment for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we will find a bottle thing in the morning time that you cannot attain any other time. And so if you're trying to be productive at night, recognize that the productivity of the federal time will bring you more results than that nighttime.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam used to live by the command of Allah subhana wa Tada only the Slavs and he knew conciencia was somebody lady with Quran invasion in Nepal and fecha de cada Machina, Allah subhanaw taala says, observe the prayer from the decline of the Sun. This is a moment in time to the darkness of night time until the God pray until for an infection, that Dawn prayers that vision prayer but Allah subhanaw taala does not say that virgin prayer, he says for an adventure. He associates the Quran with veggie and prayer, because of the blessing at that time in Nevada and virtually cannot assure that the federal prayer is witnessed the Quran also adds that it

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is witnessed. And what's interesting about this when the last two pilots have assessed the mesh to its witness, which means there's a lot of witnessing happening here. We would assume that at 5am or 6am, when most people in the city are perhaps asleep when most people generally speaking are asleep. That video time is not a time of witnessing. You would assume when someone says something is highly witness. It's in the middle of the day there are crowds it's packed, it's in a stadium. Allah subhanaw taala mentions this time as a time that is machina it is witnessed not by the heatless it's not witnessed by those who are asleep and missing budget prayer. It's not witnessed by those who are

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pursuing worldly things. It's witnessed by the angels witnessed by a Walsall pilots as they report back to him and schedule an awesome time as well in the Quran and veggie kind of a shoe that Allah subhanaw taala reminds us as well and we recite this every Juma was filled a certain amount that you have to know about Mila

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Philosophy of Religion to the end of the I find yourself being patient and persevering with those who are seeking the pleasure of Allah in the morning and the evening times. And don't look beyond look at those who are pursuing worldly things. Don't look beyond them at the Zener the adornments of this life. Don't look at those who are inclining towards the things and they they were paused to be led astray, because they do not sincerely seek guidance, the people you look up to in society, the people you follow on social media, the people whose stories you care about, make sure you're inclining to people that are blessed by a loss of timelines out to people that are actually pursuing

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their purpose. This is a command of Allah subhanaw taala we recite every July Now obviously, this advice of sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, it's one that is common these days, you find that even amongst non Muslims, you find that they're their entire industries, trying to bring people to wake up at 4am, the 4am Club, the 5am Club, why? Because they recognize a certain blessing that time as well, that you'll get more done in that morning time. We already have this in the foot. And so we already know this, that there's a battle at that time. What are we doing about it, it's not enough to say let's wake up and just work or just wake up and pursue whatever it is you have to pursue for

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a duty in order to get by for the sake of Allah. Rather, make sure you're attaining also the blessings of that time in terms of recitation of the Quran in terms of praying 200 Before the amount of budget, especially during these days, especially during this pandemic, especially when families are all together at home especially while while there are many trials and tribulations and risks and dangers and fears in society locally and globally. Increase your Tahajjud prayer during this time, your perfection on the federal prayer on time. There were citation of the Quran at that time, and the RE citation or the supplication above notice leboff In the mornings obligations are the evenings

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obligations later on as well. Again, named Bob aka you cannot attain anywhere else. If you're not already experiencing this and many people more than make this one adjustments. It's worth it to make this one adjustment. You'll find that despite the fact that it's a struggle, and many people sleep late, and they're generally speaking many people contradict the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did not used to engage in socializing, generally speaking, after the shot, rather, it's the sunnah to go back to one's home. It's a sunnah to focus on yourself, and then to sleep early, so you can wake up for a play on Monday, so you can make up with your family so you can wake up and

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make sure you don't miss the bedroom prayer. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent in waking up for the young lady and 200 and veteran prayer to seek the bulk of that time that benefits us throughout the day. And throughout our lives alone, the only one slight adjustments, pursue the morning governor, number two consistency in good deeds, consistency, even these last couple of months. And that reminds us about the characteristics of sort of the bondage of the righteous. And there's one thing that it starts with that entire section sort of embodies Allah Subhanallah describes people of evil and then he says to be the most loving, except those who pray, who are they

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almost upon that it says the Ladino, violence quality.

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They are those who are consistent in their prayers. These are the obligatory prayers. Man wants to promise to keep us consistent, the one who is upon his prayers, the group that is upon the prayers that you want, they're consistent. They don't allow laziness to get in the way. They don't allow their desires and their shadows to get in the way. So it's time for prayer, it's time for prayer. They don't know their work, their occupation, their worldly pursuits, their relationships, their children, or any kind of morally destruction, to get in the way between them and the first thing Allah will ask him about the nutrition and then he doesn't want us on our team, the the most beloved

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D so Allah subhanaw taala are those which are consistent, even if they are little meaning the quantity is little. And obviously this is beyond the obligations I have without money in Allah and Ramona when, when the prophets Allah Watson has given us a methodology here, if you want to maximize your productivity as a human being focused on the the strategy of consistency. And when we look at all the different studies and all the different coaching psychology programs out there, we find that when it comes to consistency, we already have the strategy embedded in the Quran and Sunnah to build people problem, we already have that and oftentimes we don't recognize what we have, what when

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people are talking about books and fads and trends and video series and so on and so forth. We rush to them and we pay a lot of money for it. But we have these strategies already we have this methodology that your entire life can change if you take this methodology, the psychology of the human being from the Quran and Sunnah. So for example, Prophet Mohammed Salah Mohan instead of advising his ummah, when you start to pray play up and then when you start to pray the night prayer, start with two lights a lot. That is why as a human being when you take the first step, and you find yourself succeeding, psychologically, you are more likely to continue, you're more likely to pray

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and others will not because you're more likely to pray again the next night to run errands. But if you start off with too heavy on gas for the very first time, you're going to have a knee your body of units

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might start to make you feel what discourage, you might feel a lack of confidence and hope that this is maybe more difficult than I thought. And the next time you come to pray tranquil might whisper and that was very difficult actually stay in bed. We also kind of have to protect us. Consistency means starting off with knowing why you're doing what you're doing your knee and your sincerity. If you're not sincere, the act of worship will not help. If you're not sincere and motivated, you'll find yourself struggling a month or two or even two weeks into a new habit, your sincerity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is core to the process of success. In addition to that, be realistic

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with your goals, be realistic, when the first step that you take, make sure that you'll have your goals written down. And beyond, obviously, the obligations. When you're building voluntary deeds. When you're building new habits, you have to make sure there's some kind of progress, some kind of assessment, some kind of review, so that you're constantly aware of where you are and where you need to be. And lastly, with regards to consistency, what allows us to stay motivated, it's a reminder, when that give them that the content fairer and more money. A lot of times people don't realize why they listen to reminders. Why do we build on the same school over and over again? Why do we repeat

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the same type of outcome, why there's a lot of repetition in things, why we listen to many Friday join us and hopeless and so on and so forth, the reminder of benefits the true believers, and as human beings, even from a secular lens, when we find ourselves struggling with different matters, the reminder that day, the motivational lecture, let's click that you're a lot. And I think that the person said, on social media, that thing motivated you to continue to try and have not to give up to be relentless not to be lazy. And so we have are constantly surrounded with reminders, if you can't have access to reminders on a daily basis, your motivation will decrease. If you can't have access

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to the Quran in terms of listening and understanding and reflecting, or the lectures that you will listen to online and offline, cutting off access to the reminders without cutting off access to the motivation to stay consistent, we reflect we were reminded and we remind one another may Allah subhanaw taala make us people have reminders, people are persistent people are consistent among it. And then the third. So number two is consistency and habits build consistent habits, that for those who came late. The first point that we mentioned is to pursue the morning, welcome. The third point in terms of adjusting and maximizing our productivity. One that is perhaps a little sensitive to

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discuss it, oftentimes, it's overlooked, is to focus on energy management and health in terms of what we are consuming and the exercise and the lifestyles that we have. Why a lot of the recent data in the last five years, six years, finds that almost 40 to 45% of people here and many places around the world are struggling with this as well. Almost 40 to 45% of adults in the United States of America were obese in 2015, and 2016, struggling with another perspective as well. And yes, this is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah taking care of one's health is a part of Islam, that is the body that you have this one body Allah gave you in this world, that's your only vehicle, you have one

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chance to utilize it, as a soul, you have one chance to utilize this body, to protect it, to maintain it, to care for it. So you can be strong so you can worship Allah subhanaw taala. So you can pass the test of this light, so you can help other people as well. So you can serve this great nation and there are countless benefits of that. But that is a part of Islam. One of the researchers at a famous Cancer Center in this country, he mentioned one of the main reasons that people are becoming obese and severely obese mentioned four things, or three things. In terms of the categories. Number one, people are simply refusing to eat proper portions. So they're overeating.

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They're your portions is very problematic. And we all know this, and we recognize this and recognize the struggle, but it is a problem for many people. The second dimension is eating a lot of unhealthy food, processed foods, this is not healthy for your volume, and as a Muslim, you should stay away from it. And the third is a lack of exercise, especially during this pandemic. And I thought it was relevant to mention this, especially today, as many people are struggling with their choices and their health conditions and so on and so forth during this pandemic. And yet on the other hand, Americans spend over $20 million a year pursuing different diet programs and schemes and pills and

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supplements and plies because of the wrong choices that they are simultaneously making me I'm most proud Montana protect us. What are some of the long term effects in short, in many cases, at least two health conditions and actually many scholars and researchers in this field. He mentioned that most of the problems that people struggle with today in terms of their health is because of the lifestyle when it comes to their eating habits and to their exercise. And these are my words I'm not a medical expert is this for the experts themselves. And as Muslims, we look to experts in different fields we teach the beneficial things we apply the Islamic law school and we say this is what is

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recommended. This is what is required. This is what is prohibited. So for example, it would be prohibited for someone who knows the Basic Law School understand they cannot

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arm your body to then go save. You know, once by choice, I'm going to go and smoke because you know it damages the body because you know, the overwhelming evidence, seek the help is available to you the resources available in every society that has helped millions of people to overcome this addiction. And when you see someone struggling help them to overcome the addiction rather than pushing them away when it comes to overeating. In particular, it's mentioned in many documentaries. And when you hear this today I have eat you should say why is the profit so Walmart is addressing this issue 1400 years ago in Arabia, in which generally speaking, some people and most people did

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not have access to the food and the wealth we have access to today, especially those who are listening why today. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the son of an island does not feel any vessel worse than his stomach. And in the budget writing the law said this hadith is a basic fundamental Hadith when it comes to medicine when it comes to understanding medicine from the Islamic perspective. I shall not in the long run has said Indeed the first fitna, the first trial to take place in our own after the passing of its profits in the long run in the southern was that people began eating to their film. And when people eat, and they fill their stomachs, meaning beyond

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what you need to move on, their bodies become find their hearts become hearty, and they find themselves with their desires under control of meeting their desires. Now they get to control them because they are moved by them. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran, yeah, Bertie. I don't know who knows.

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That will leave us do Kulu kulula shabu 1234. A hula, you're born in your CV, or children on how to dress properly when you're in places of worship or acts of worship, eat and drink. There's nothing wrong to eat and drink. But then Allah subhanaw taala says but do not be accessing water to sleep and do not cross certain lines. You're not trying to rescuing fulfill your desires according to what is permissible. Allah subhanaw taala does not like those who transgress those who are wasteful, those who for example, over eat and they damage their bodies, the damage to their minds, they damage their productivity. One time the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam saw the man with a very large belly.

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And generally speaking during that time, for the people of Polish, someone had a large belly immense, they were overheating for sure they have a lot of money. These were amongst the elites on bush, and that they were not doing anything they were just constantly eating. And of course, an obvious disclaimer, we are not referring here to obesity in terms of somebody having a genuine health condition, someone who's struggling with something in terms of their thyroid or something else. We're talking about over eating habits, though. So the Prophet sallallahu disappointed that his belt and he advised him in a way that's in their culture was understood in a way that was very

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applicable. He said it would have been better for you if you have placed this somewhere else. You know that those of you don't belong. He says that meant it would have been better for you instead of overeating. Eat your food and play some of the extra wealth that you have to feed other people invest in your arsenal rather than over eating for under him. And this will damage your body, your mind this will damage your productivity. I don't want to have ball rolling along while he said yeah, you have a nice hole people. Beware of excessiveness in eating overeating. And he mentioned four things. He said number one, it causes laziness in prayer. It acts of worship you become lazier, we

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all know this. And usually people remember this around the time of Ronald one. It causes laziness and prayer number two, it harms the body. Number three it contracts disease and we know this today's we're proud of well, then number four, Allah subhanaw taala detest the fatness of a cleric, meaning you're supposed to be representing the faith that do not over eat in terms of your desires controlling you, he said rather be moderate in terms of your visit in your provisions for this as closer to them closer to righteousness. It's further from his spa extravagance and his stronger from the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he concluded with an advice he said Indeed, a

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servant a human being is not destroyed until and unless he prefers his shadow what his desires over his religion. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and guide us and help us to implement the proper and most efficient and most healthy and most pleasing lifestyles to him. And may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings alone, but I mean, seek forgiveness from Allah DS the oft forgetting the reversible holding polyhedra are slotted

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Rhonda, you're somebody willing to Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us to guide us to forgive us to relieve us of this pandemic. Along that I mean, the Prophet SAW along writing within himself to not fall upon the best amongst you are those being the best group amongst you are those who feed others feed those who are in need. And it's interesting to see during this pandemic, the different struggles that are arising and exposing of the world

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weaknesses in the system locally and globally, the weaknesses in terms of the economic inequality that is very obvious here in United States around the world, in which many people are struggling from week to week, just to find through many people today are struggling just to be fed. We're not talking here about living with any extra comfort or convenience. May Allah bless us all in once we have and utilize us for His sake, there are people in this community and around Michigan, around the country and around the world who do not have regular access to food. And the fact that many of us do, is there a reason for us to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala showing that gratitude not

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just by giving, but by living healthier lifestyles that don't lie, you know, so much is happening, I won't overeat rather, at every meal, instead of my previous habits of overeating, I'm going to start eating less and for every meal, and once you start building anymore, even if it's one to $5 premium, and we teach our families and our children for every meal, we're going to donate to this cost $5 or $10. there and as we teach them this Walla Fie, we will find the benefit in our mouth, we will find the bulk in our wealth, we will find benefit in our health, we will find value in our time, we're living in a time in which many people are connected in terms of their struggles. People are talking

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about what's happened locally, what's happening in DC, what's happening around the country, what's happening around the world in many places today. And we cannot catch up on what's happening. Rather than becoming paralyzed by what's happening and constantly talking about it. And there are ways and reasons to talk about it. We need to ask ourselves, what are we doing with our time? What are we deal with our lifestyles? How are we maintaining productivity in light of all of the world events, because even if the day of judgment was nearby, a PSA was right there and you're holding that seat in your hand the prophets Allah Larson said that planted, keep moving forward, keep adapting,

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keeping productive, small adjustments can make a massive difference. And those were used to struggle with eating habits. And then they started maintaining healthier lifestyles, smaller portions, smaller plates, quicker meals with their family eating slower, being more mindful and so on and so forth. There are many habits you can find the resources online. In short, we find that this is something that is important religiously, you find yourself more energized, you find yourself more productive, you find yourself maintain better relationships with others, you find your health and improving Inshallah, while all of these require some effort from our end. There are 20 3050

00:27:17--> 00:27:48

different productivity principles. We can take Quran and Sunnah we listed here three so that we can adjust in sha Allah so we can be aware of what's happening locally and globally help other people as well. The more energy you have, the more useful you are for the sake of Allah. The more energy you have, the more beneficial you are in terms of society in terms of working for agenda in terms of your job, terms of your family, your children seeking knowledge and so on and so forth. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us for months, this great group of people who are constantly helping other people living healthier lifestyles, then we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the most

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productive of people who are pleasing to Him in every facet of our lifestyle, every facet of livelihood along by me and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us during these times to have mercy on our loved ones who passed away before us to have mercy on those who are affected by the pandemic and to grab them shenana to reward those who are patient during this time as their families and community struggle. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all Shiva a complete and speedy healing from all of our illnesses. Aloma Amin, Allah knows that the moment you know and will be

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when Muslim you know what a Muslim and the FBI didn't have a lot of affinity Why did you know why do you why did you why did you know a lot of may have opened the movie when I saw that it's putting the alarm on you know what maybe not

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even a teller almost to the watch of hour after hour later along the semester was it was coming along and sort of assuming and I will stomp our feet if he couldn't even come along when someone was thinking and was pulled off enough he couldn't leave I can be equally equally McCann the other journey from a lot more suddenly was suddenly well done. I don't have enough or how many feet but he was really worth it in order to maintain a one more phone

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call to watch out in favor of a young

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cop and it

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was he

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won't be no other than no