The communication between the non believer and the gate Keeper of the Hellfire

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The first switch would be rejected. They will have another wish and the switch will be as through the gatekeepers of Hellfire they will tell them well enough.

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You have

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they would call the gatekeepers of fire they would say

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or you can fire us or you

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angels gatekeeper gatekeepers of empire volume Lord info as to diminish to reduce the pain for only a one day, one day off asking for one day of janma

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just one day, one day one day Oh, you have to pay for the one day that which would also be rejections.

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Then they would have a third wish. And this third wish they would ask him for the people option.

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they were called the people who had fire they were calling

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those people they used to make fun of those people.

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They would call them and they will say please us kilo, could you please give us some water, you will ask for

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a cola or anything.

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They will say

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upon the non believers, even that third wish would be rejected.