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AI: Summary © Mr. Doodle, a Muslim man, talks about his new job as a Muslim man who wants to use technology to save money and emphasizes the importance of unity, empowerment, community leadership, and social responsibility. He discusses the need for work for drivers and the importance of better access to work, as well as upcoming events and roadshows. The speakers emphasize the importance of Muslims empowerment and community responsibility, as well as the need for work for drivers and better access to work.
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guess I'm

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still managing 14,000

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housing so just $10 is driving to the union is me he got a place to eat and drink and relax. union hall when he wanted to any problems can use Uber don't do nothing for you.

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But give you the jobs where you can save a little compassion calm.

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So we need to switch from Uber to something else.

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Did they just got technology we got to technology? One brother.

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But come talk to me. Because I'm an old guy 75 right below so when you go on down the hill, sometimes you just fall in that's it.

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So just come on here, okay.

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Check your move.

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Get up.

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I remember this building. When this building was established about 35 years ago.

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It has served the legacy of three generations, just last year for people that pray.

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But 35 years ago,

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the neighborhood

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they didn't it did not enable a change. But to build it didn't change.

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The neighborhood changed, the city changed. But the building didn't change. They just added some drugs. And it's a beautiful set of brothers May Allah bless all of them. We'll give them my daughter passed away, give them Jana for their sacrifices and globulus mostly for their worship. But for the number of Muslims that we have in this city

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was the guy who used to be the mayor. And he got his own magazine was called Bloomberg Bloomberg. Yeah, according to Bloomberg, there's 1 million Muslims in this city. Now Bloomberg, he got no reason to be gassing it up. He said, There's 1 million Muslims in this city. And I asked myself, where are they?

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There's 114,000 drivers in this city, Muslim drivers 114,000.

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But they all gave $10 a day.

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To their own union, they would control most of the cars, but they don't they all drive an Uber DoorDash or somebody else's dash. Because we're not using the resources property. The city has 400 masjids, maybe not this big 400.

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And do you know,

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but go to the community, but they're living. That's what we want out right now. Go into neighborhoods, you see that the buildings never change, except for some drugs. But outside it change. And we're not aware. So that's why I'm here today. Because my city, I'm born in this city, in Harlem Hospital. I was here when this message was established. So I got a right to say what I'm saying. I'm a Muslim who love all the brothers here, and all that there. But I'm walking from World Trade Center up to Yankee Stadium, walking in Drive, you know, walking the unit ride, because I'm 75 you know, saying he could walk there, I can't. But we're gonna walk and talk and meet and greet and

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talk about what September 11 that we have nothing to do with that.

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But we do have a responsibility outside the society. So when people say we something, and we don't say we not that? Well, we got no voice. So I'm just walking in to say that Muslims need to have a voice, a Muslim need to be responsible, not just praying for themselves. And 1 million Muslims who live in the city of 100,000 of them gave $10 a day. How much of that?

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That's the median, right? We wouldn't have to be begging for nothing. So that's my message unity, empowerment, respect, brotherhood, community leadership, and social responsibility. That's the message I'm talking to the young to the old to the Africans and Asians to the Arab yield to the homeboys, all I'm saying this, what we're doing now, it's okay. But on a scale of one to 10. It's not even a three. It's not acceptable to me, as a Muslim, as an American, as the person who used to be a Christian, and who knows the churches. I'm saying this is not acceptable. I am saying this mostly, we're saying our status as most of you feel

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it's my

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You must

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keep me

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from what you and he saw. Y'all come walk with

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you ain't gotta be

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working with so

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I'm doing this right? Come to reveries with us. Walk with us. And guess what? Mr. Doodle because of that people pulling up on this and say hey

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y'all gotta cut away and get your get your money dude and come back to where we add stuff up. It's a whole day, right?

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I just didn't have to be working with a couple rows. That's all hey, look, scan this right here and give you the whole program. Again, right? Yeah, all the all the FAQ and all the stuff you need is right there is high tech. So to say if I told everybody listen, I just came in town I got a truckload of money. Just meet me at the World Trade Center we're gonna walk in at the end everybody can get $100 I will get at least 10,000 people

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this is agile.

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Okay, spread spread somebody do you feel

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I'm on it

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good to see you in person.

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But watching blocking government that way.

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You're right, good.

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Blessing, my brothers. This my dad and the ESA and all my brothers from West Africa and all my brothers whoever they are. We standing here by Masjid Medina, on First Avenue and the left Street. I was here when this Masjid was first established around 35 years ago. All my most of my colleagues in the ground right now. So this is really like historical for me. But just to let everybody know brothers and sisters,

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Saturday, September the 11th If you're not intimidated, I'm in New York City. I'll be walking from the World Trade Center up to Yankee Stadium, maybe I'm not walking the whole thing you know, 75 years old, but yo, I'm walking, talking, meeting and greeting and we talking about the sentiment of September 11. And we also talking about the responsibility that Muslims hold. And so we talked about solidarity and empowerment and responsibility and getting money getting wives and husbands we need and having families taking care of business and moving into a different level of Islamic consciousness. Definitely coming May Allah bless symbolically but I

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don't usually I'm not finished I used to give up my envelopes no ha Do you know I do. Because that's how I support the work but today you got that you got the car just come join me inshallah some some Mala whoo Yeah, just join the sea. I got five bucks. Just come join me. And whoever was with us, we're gonna need something to eat da I can just order Jordan. Just your business right now. Right? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I'm talking my man making dua and just praying. No, we pray and we say and we also we make dua and we go get dolled up. That's the deal is all about the book and the book, right and the blessing. Now, I would rather say actually be allowed to keep your blessing.

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Okay, good. Let's share some of that money that we got on each other's backs with each other, work with each other. See, I mean, that's the message I got run. You know, I'm saying other than that, five prayers a day to Ramadan. Joomla Joomla in 18 days. We all want that anyways, just about

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everything moving on. And 14,000 drivers. I mean, this is just mathematics. 114,000 drivers in New York. Muslims.

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Turned out today how much of that is my million?

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Said a million.

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How much is that? 100,000

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a day? Do we need to be thinking like that?

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Think of doing that.

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Chicken Tikka? Yo, somebody is no

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good. The situation will change.

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Is that correct?

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Is that correct? In 21st century in New York City way it is today. Just say no.

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This will do it. I

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use the handles on it. Nobody Don't be doing it like that. Just us. You got to stop down. You got to put ourselves into a different level. You know, I'm saying because we've been here long enough that we supposed to have a downstairs garage, or some kind of work just for bicycles and motorcycles. Pull up a man and pay $50 a month.

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As you

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know that double pocket brothers doing all that now

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just in New York when they go up shoot it just go up

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when everybody else went up we went up

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to do your underground parking and all that all the houses of Washington

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Come on you got her underground parking

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otherwise we become an obstruction for people although we wish somebody could become an obstruction. We don't want to do that. We want to get Stevens benefits

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for him

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we did something right