Khalid Yasin – Purpose and Empowerment – A Message for 911 20 Years Later

Khalid Yasin
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this is handle Elsa.

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From the law, they will send them this is First Avenue and 11th Street on the east side of New York City that's Manhattan for the people who are in a different country. This Masjid not to build them but the masjid was established about 35 years ago. This is called Masjid Medina, one of the most well known messages, mashallah here in New York City. They're

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very good. Yeah. So

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for 35 years, they have maintained the legacy of five President

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Joomla, to Joomla. And to their age and aroma bonds, and servicing the Muslims and providing them with inspiration and guidance, based upon the Quran and Sunnah. And it's typical on a Friday,

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they might have to do much, it's typical for them to have five or 600 people, each congregation,

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which is a great legacy for 35 years, and may Allah bless all of those people who were the pioneers in establishing this masjid, and ask the Lord to give me the benefit of their lives and what they contributed. Being a colleague of that era. But today, I want to talk a little bit about

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the reason why I'm in New York City right now. I'm in New York, right now, for the purpose of meeting and greeting

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Muslims or non Muslims and talking about the sentiment,

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just simply, and you know, we're not going to talk about September 11 20 years later, we're going to talk about the sentiment. And in addition to talking about that sentiment, we're going to talk a little bit, in addition to talking about that, mentioning that sentiment,

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we want to talk also about the issues of social responsibility as it applies to the Muslims. And, you know, I want to point out a couple of things. One, is that there are 1 million Muslims in this 1 million, that's what Bloomberg says, are reliable, you know, like, media source, this is 1 million Muslims in the city. So with 1 million Muslims in the city, let's put this in women context.

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Those Muslims should have a reasonable amount of leverage, clarity, leadership,

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combination of resources, but unfortunately, we don't, we have over 400 in the sashes, close to 400, massages, some extensive schools in the city. But unfortunately, our influence our,

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our our presence is, is not much appreciated, or well understood.

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Because this resource that we have, has not been brought together.

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From a religious point of view, it might be difficult to bring it together, you know, persuasions in schools and Manhattan leaders and countries and cultures and so forth. But it's okay.

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But at the same token,

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business and technology, there's a way that we can have some type of reasonable solidarity, a coalition to provide services, and a higher quality of life, and higher quality of life for not just for Muslims, but for our neighbors and our family members, or other New Yorkers, and for that matter, for the people in this country who need to have that kind of understanding and appreciation of what it is to be a Muslim, and what actually is the Islamic belief. So we're here to discuss the premises of a purpose, Community Coalition. But on the way we're discussing the sentiments of 911 underway. We're discussing the responsibility of Muslims, on the way we're meeting and greeting

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people and hearing what they have to say and their impressions. And it's about each one teach one and give us something back and forward and having something to have you something to give back

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to this country who gave us so much. Brothers here for a minute you don't mind. I think it'd be good for me to interact with these brothers.

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Did you go cut that late on labor?

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I keep going.

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Just shot

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you brothers doing

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my West African brothers right excellent so many

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brothers look on Medina deli shop there so this shop here belong to one of the brothers over there

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just to meet me on chain

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10 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, and you don't have to do no talking just be there just make dua, I'm just gonna be making a statement on behalf of myself, my family, Islam, the Muslims of the city, Muslims of the country and make sure that people who down there understand that we didn't have nothing to do with what happened 20 years ago.

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And next thing is that we are here to give something back to the country that gift to us. That's what all I'm talking about. Whoever like to be defeated, you can't be there. I'll be online. If you can't be online, I'd be there.

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everybody got one? Yeah. Okay, good, good. Good. So, my friends call me sky. Some people say Sheikh Khalid UFC, but, you know, my friends is like, Chicago. Sky. So my kids granddaughter, they call me Scott. Okay, you know, because sometimes people will say Sheikh Khalid, people get all messed up, you don't say but if you just look at the sky, you know, everybody, you know, we all benefit from that. So brothers if I know your brothers is getting money, one thing I know about the African brothers, wherever they are, they beget money. Other people don't but they do get money. Just joining us I'm not asked for no money, just join us. We'll miss no money because people don't be

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gathered. They don't want to eat right? They want to eat I'll give you a number DoorDash or however your Uber eat or whatever it is. So we keep our money flowing.

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We support I don't know how many Africans or Asians or Arabs or Muslims in the city that's willing to go down to the World Trade Center, just like Obama with a red beard and give a message to the country I don't know who can do that. But I can so if y'all can show up that will be beautiful because at the end of the day, a general here got an army he will be well respected because he got a uniform right

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polisi when he tried to bring a lot of enforcement and an area where he don't get no backup after a while.

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That's good, right?

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I appreciate your brother named me

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I've been there

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because that's where my roots West Africa I got a white from East Africa, Somalia and

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Ethiopia. So I took care of East Africans that way but my my people, but we for West Africa ECOWAS

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that you are going to scan that scan that QR code. So you can just go read online and be right there. And may Allah bless you I just make dua for those with OG you know

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you know the OG right? Make dua for the OG and try to be me on Saturday.

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Hey, listen, y'all want to take a picture together? But one of y'all might get Richards and I'm gonna say that's the one he was right there. Come on.

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Come on I

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want to do something like that. I don't wanna get to trap me I'm gonna

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they were looking for me since I was in the cradle.

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You know, when I was in the cradle, they was looking for me. So I would

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say like Musa

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they were looking for him when he was wearing in the cradle.

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My West African brothers that's my grandpa oh

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what's your name? Is Muhammad

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MashAllah Adam Masha? What's your name Brother Mohammed Mohammed say to Muhammad

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nothing Mohammed Look at that.

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One of the best days

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it was It wasn't

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May Allah, masha Allah You know what I hate was my oh yeah, I hate these brothers is gonna buy lunch for us. I already know that. Come on.

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You catch it.

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your male officer, y'all

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y'all try to show up on Saturday.

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Next time,

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Walter center 10 times 1200 22. Then after that we go into Yankee Stadium.

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That way, Grand Concourse is the

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Brooklyn Bridge. Then we go on Buckley center, you know, Barclays Center, downtown Brooklyn, we're gonna be there at six o'clock. That's where it's gonna jump off. And you don't say, y'all, y'all come down

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this whole good.

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You want to now

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real love bless you.

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Come down it.

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Just come down. And we do business. Because they just got no lectures about walking, talking, meet and greet. Exchanging talking about business and how you feel when you look at what you're selling. That's we know that's got to be Brotherhood's leadership, community. Empowerment, get money.

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You can't pray and go back home say Home is where you are. Right or wrong. Once you get to a market, I tell people this would America do it? No other country do. When people get here? They'd be thinking back back home, right? But after about three years, what are they thinking about? Right here that's

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the Muslims, Muslims

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to finally say, like you just said,

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outside, alright.

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Well, your sisters just by the way,

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Meet us on Saturday.

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You know, we're gonna start our program off at 10 o'clock in the morning at the World Trade Center. We're gonna be in that area from like seven o'clock, having coffee breakfast, and after break rules and plan for what we have to do, putting out logistics yourself together. But we'll meet in the World Trade Center area just to talk about the sentiment and deliver a message to the muscles about responsibility. We're moving on from that point and we're going to Times Square two o'clock. No, no.

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You're going to Times Square at 12 o'clock.

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Go postal information up. Oh, you're just QR QR code. And you get all your information will be there. Saturday morning, all day Saturday where we ended up with the box that even at six o'clock.

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Be there. Get the information. scan that you are a coach and I will see you there in sha Allah, somebody

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