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The host discusses the origins of the holiday and the manners of Muslims, including the importance of reconciling Christmas withirdlists and discussing manners of the holiday. They also discuss the holy grail and its markings on the second day of the month, the holy scripture, honoring the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam, and reciting the holy scripture. The use of Sgrams in Islam is discussed, including reciting the holy spirit and honoring the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam. The importance of not allowing one's eyes to fall on the faults of people and not letting their words be used in negative ways is emphasized, along with the importance of not letting one's eyes be used in negative ways and not letting their words be used in negative ways.

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and bearing witness that man has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessing path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah, I mean,

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your brothers and sisters, obviously, as *house of Regis had mentioned, you know, a few weeks ago when we did the Wednesday conversations, as the environment around us is an environment of a holiday.

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That obviously explains the large number of kids in the President today at Hamdulillah. But I mean, that it's an opportunity for us to have discussions. And obviously, when it's Christmas season, there are multiple layers of that discussion. One layer of that discussion is to look at the origins of a holiday, right? And to see where it actually rises from another layer of that discussion, is how do Muslims reconcile not celebrating Christmas with their professed love for reciting Islam for Jesus peace be upon him. And then, of course, the discussions about how Muslims can maintain their identity while still being friendly and good and kind to their neighbors, while still preserving

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their own religion and their own identity. And the conversations that start to arise about what what does ESRD has set up mean to you, you don't celebrate Christmas? You can explain that historically, logically, you can sort of, you know, go through the different reasons, but what is your version of Christ? What is your love of Jesus peace be upon him? And how do you reconcile your belief in Him and not attribute certain things to him? And so, in the spirit of these conversations that we have with our co workers and our friends, and our neighbors, it's important for us to talk about who are esigning Saddam is to us, and who are you sorry, Islam, in fact, was, in his own words, and what the

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miracles of a Saudi salaam are that getting through the holiday, the commercialization of a holiday and everything in between, to the man himself, and to what his mission actually was. Now, for this clip, I want to focus on something very specific, which is His miracles, and then his manners with some emphasis on the second one, especially for Muslims, because neither of those two things are random. His miracles are not random. And he has a Prophet alayhi salaam with many miracles, a prophet who Allah speaks about his miracles in great detail, some miracles found in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, slice Allah, that are not even found in Christian literature, right, or

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at least in the Bible. And as it exists today, the interpretations and extrapolations of the Bible, right these miracles that are upheld, but then the second part of that his manners, and some of the ways that the prophets lie, some conveyed that to us and what that means for us. And so in that spirit, obviously, Islam does not see that the existence of such incredible miracles is a sign of a man who was divine himself. So his miracles are not a proof of divinity, but they are proof of divine mission and his manners, just like the other prophets, when Allah gives us a window into the manners and into the character of the prophets that came before. They're not merely to be admired,

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but to be absorbed, to be lived in our own lives so that we can draw from the wisdom of Isa Alayhis Salam, this noble and mighty Prophet, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no person who is closer to Jesus, the son of Mary and he has Salam because there is no prophet between he and I, a prophet who is mentioned in the Quran over 25 times, a prophet that some of you are named after. And subhanAllah if we look around the Muslim world, you find the name or ISA presence throughout the Muslim world out of love and out of reverence for this man it has set up and it starts with the miracle of his birth. And obviously ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada explains that, while we

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uphold the miracle of a Saudi son being born to his pure mother, a Virgin Mary, it has set up who has mentioned her own right has an entire sutra, named after her, that the very first words that came out of the mouth of this man, when he was a baby in the cradle, we're in near Abdullah, I am the servant of Allah. And there's of course in that a testimony of Tawheed of monotheism and upholding monotheism but also honoring his mother and immediately clearing his mother's name from the accusations that will come towards her and he has said on May peace be upon her when people accuse

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have different things that Allah subhanaw taala allows the baby to speak immediately from the cradle and say in the Abdullah and that is actually a form of honoring Him. That is actually a form of upholding his honor as Allah subhanaw taala says Linnaeus then Kiefel Musyoka and the Hakuna Abdullah when he gets when Makara Boone that Hasani Salam is not too proud to be asked of Allah to be a servant of Allah, and not even the closest of the angels to Allah. They see it as a form of honor and it is indeed a form of honor to be Abdullah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, of course taught us to say what to say to Ana Muhammad Abdullah,

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who are Sulu, do not just say he is the messenger of Allah, but rather say about me as head to anna Muhammad Abdul who what are Sulu testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the servants and the Messenger of Allah because when Allah takes you as an ad, and you have a rub, and you have a lord and a sustainer, that is who he is, then that is a form of honoring and elevating the person. And so reciting a Salam immediately says, in the Abdullah, hence his first miracle is documented in the Quran as such, and then you find the verse and sort of earlier and run what are Sulan Isla Bani Israel and the project to combine it and the Rabi come and the ark lokala Camino clinic Hey at your

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play at the unfruitful fee for your Kunal played on the evening, Allah and a messenger to the Children of Israel, indeed, I will have come to you with a sign from your Lord, that I designed for you from clay, that which is like the form of a bird and then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird by the permission of Allah. Know, by the way, that in mainstream Christianity, the as it exists today, the first miracle of birth, and speaking from the cradle, as well as this fashioning of a bird from clay is not something that's actually upheld, which Subhanallah shows you another form of honoring reciting his setup. And then Allah subhanaw taala continues with the words of Sid his

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Salaam in this regard, and he says will overrule ACMA, how will abrazo he and melta be isn't Allah and he said that I have I cure the blind and the leper and I give life to the dead by the permission of Allah wetland. abital can be monitored Kudo no matter if you don't want people to come and inform you about that what you eat and you store in your homes and in that is a sign from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada so that you may believe, so are you sorry, Islam mentions these miracles and every single time by the permission of Allah by the permission of Allah by the permission of Allah. Now, these miracles are not random. And there's something special about each and every single one of them that

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I want to go into for a moment. Number one, the rhythm I mentioned, the scholars mentioned that Eastern Islam is the last prophet to Benny Islam.

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And hence, the mortgages that the the, the miracles that were given to him, were plentiful, and comprehensive and so undeniable, as this is a proof for or against the people, as their prophet highlights things for them. And so Eastside Islam has given all of these different types of miracles, miracles that are not necessarily unique to him. But in fact, with Benny slide, you find prophets of the past that had similar miracles. So for example, the prophet Elijah, in the Bible raised hundreds from the dead, He raised entire nations of people from the dead, He healed the blind, he called for rain and it came he stopped it all by the permission of Allah brings fire from

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the sky. These are things that we find from the prophets of Bani Saeed in regards to their miracles. And so it's not a sign of His divinity but rather it's actually something that you find with the prophets of Bani Israel, that Allah gave them great miracles. Because Bani Israel was a nation of agile they were a nation in which things appeared before them in certain ways. And the Prophet slice Allah mentioned some of those things to us. Now why a bird from clay you start from that some of the scholars mentioned that, of course is reciting his Salam is coming to these people.

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His main audiences bunny is slightly but at that time, you also have the Roman presence in Jerusalem. And as the Roman presence is now prominent in Jerusalem, you start to have sculptures that are prominent and Roman sculptures that are placed strategically by Herod around the city of El Cortes.

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And of course, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala would challenge such people to say create on the day of judgment and they would not be able to create and so Allah azza wa jal gives a miracle to all of the people in that sense that a bird is given life only by the permission of Allah subhanho to Allah. And then, over the hill ACMA I cure, and ACMA had the blind

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Now the more common word for the blind is actually someone who has atma. Irma. Irma is someone who went blind later on in life.

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Okay, here you're talking about a person who is actually born blind, and knowing their entire lives to not be able to see why is that important because there was a lot of trickery, that was carried out by those who claim to be healers and the time of ESRD set up, right, it was, it was commonplace that someone would pretend that he was blind, he'd walk up to the person, and this person would heal his eyesight in front of the people. And then people would throw money at him so that he could do the same for them, they'd go and they'd bring their blind so that he could do the same for them. So Subhanallah as a hedge as a proof against the people, nobody will achma the one who was born blind

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and not known as anything but blind, Allah subhanaw taala made it so that a Saturday is salaam would rub their eyes and they would suddenly be able to see, well abrasca And the leper, and leprosy was very common in the time of very sadly, Islam also a form of healing. And these people that would pretend to heal, always had immediately after their fake healing a demand for money.

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We he'll do now pay up, throw us your gold, throw us your silver. And so the problem is, their attachment to dunya. Their attachment to this world is causing them to cheat. And this was another way in which religion had become a product by which you could exploit the people similar to coration Maccha. They didn't care about these idols, they cared about the money that the idols gave them, and the power and the authority that the idols gave them. So you had these people claiming to be able to heal, and they immediately consumed the money from the people well heal motor give life to the dead. And this is perhaps where it becomes very interesting that a Saudi has Salam, just like other

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prophets from Bani Israel,

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a few of them was given this ability to raise someone who had passed away. Now what they would do is, of course, they had a scheme here to the scam was that someone would pretend to be dead, and that at their funeral, the healer would come and he touched this person that suddenly died, right or that died yesterday. And the person rises. That's a heavier price. Look at the menu board, curing leprosy, blindness, cure the person who died, bring them back to life. So Isa and his Salam o Allah gave him a miracle that was more decisive than that.

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Where he could raise people that had died some time ago. And they even said to him, they said indica to him and Kanemoto Kareem, you only bring life to those that died recently, because that was their scam. They knew their con. They knew how they were scamming the people. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah makes it so that esigning salaam could go to the grave of a person who died hundreds of years ago and say Bismillah

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and raise that person from the debt, an amazing miracle. Subhan Allah similar to when you say Musa it has set up the miracle Allah gave Musa Islam against the sorcerers of Pharaoh. The first people to recognize that this was truth was those who used to work the sorcery that this is different. This is not the same, just like the poet's of Arabia were the first to recognize the miracle of the Quran. The healers at the time of Isa Islam were the first to recognize the miracle that was given to Isa and his salam after all of this, what did they say to him? Ha ha they say don't move in.

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Those healers, they said no, no, this is just sorcery. He's just playing with people's eyes at this point. They still insisted on their disbelief. And the last miracle was gonna be Oh can be my top Khurana one that a duck you don't want to see beauty come this was scary to have any slide.

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I tell you what you store in your homes.

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This is scary to them, because of the corruption that exists in the midst of them. Right. And you think about what that means for a Saudi Sudan when a bill can be met. coluna Amata definitely gonna people usually come that I inform you about that what you eat, and that what you store in your homes. And so the miracles of Esaias Salam, each one of them fit a particular goal, and a particular particular proof. And all of them speak to the power of the one that sent him and sent the prophets before and sent the Prophet slice and I'm after him and even his return it his Salam, the return of a Saturday, his salah, all of it. Every miracle that he comes with is one that Allah Subhana Allah

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to Allah unlocks great proofs and great blessings for the people through his return. May Allah subhanaw taala send His peace and blessings upon him. Now when it comes to his manners, and this is something that's not as well known in terms of Hadith literature from the Prophet

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Twice I'm describing the manners of Saudi Islam. Recently Saddam was an anti duniya prophet. He was a zealot he was an ascetic. That is the description of a sights on one NARRATION The Prophets lie some called uploadable the Allahu Anhu ship he suddenly Mariam the one who resembles or Sid has set up, because ASA is an ascetic. So when you read about his wisdom, when you read his beautiful words, however, they come to us whether it's a Hadith of the Prophet sly some or narrations from the pious predecessors or narrations that made their way into the book that do not undermine, right, the thrust of his mission, they're all about the preference of the akhira to this dunya the preference

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of the Hereafter to this world. Why? Because isa Islam said to those who had manipulated the text gentlemen, dunya Felker, OC can will ask you not to attack the academical. You place the world over your head and you've placed the hereafter under your feet. Your addict addiction to dunya to the material world has caused you to abandon even the most sacred of Revelation, and to use it to hurt and to harm and to exploit.

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And so whether isa already has salah, you find this to be a common theme in his descriptions, as he teaches the people's zoom asceticism, and not to attach themselves to this dunya too much. Now when it comes to his manners, remember one of the miracles that Allah mentioned that he was able to tell people what they had in their homes, the prophets lie some says in a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari Nobuhiro the Allahu Taala Animoca literally his Salatu was Salam. or ISA Nadia Murad Jhulan. Yes, lip, Raisa Islam saw a man in front of him stealing for call Allahu Asaka. So he said to him, did you steal? And the man said, kalau Allah He said No, by Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa. Who I swear

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by Allah by the one, and by whom there is no God, but him. I did not steal. Really sorry, Islam, was given the ability to know what people were storing in their homes at times. What did the prophets lie? Some say that a Saudi slam said? Pilar, Isa, man to Billa wicked up to me,

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said I believe in Allah and I will consider my vision, my eyesight,

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to not be truthful in this regard.

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What is this a lesson of his personal one? The good assumptions that he had of people, you know, imagine the miracle that has been given to him. And in this regard, a Saudi Salaam is teaching what do not let your eyes fall on the tube on the faults of people because if you let it constantly navigate the faults and the flaws of people, your heart will harden, you'll become ignorant of yourself, and arrogant as well. The fact that even this prophet of Allah is teaching us this before world of social media. Do not let your eye wander towards the faults and the flaws of people, whether it's virtually or in front of you. Instead, purify your heart and look to the world with a

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different type of vision. That's one of the manners that we learned from a Saudi Saddam and another authentic hadith. reciting his Saddam was walking and he saw a pig. Ocado unfold, we Salam said Go in peace. So someone said to him, do you say to the pig, Go in peace.

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So what did he respond? Carla in the a half an hour with the sunny and not covered Sue?

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Said I'm afraid to make my tongue or accustom my tongue to speaking ill to speaking bad words. This prophet of Allah is trying to protect his eyes and protect his tongue. Two major lessons that we can learn from him. I like his salaam that are conveyed to us by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this regard, and it tells us something about him. And it tells us something about not letting a superiority or a perceived superiority cause you to belittle and to harm and to use the faculties that Allah gave you, this man who Allah subhanaw taala gave power to raise a dead person to life and to heal is worried about how he's using his tongue in his eyes. So what about us?

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What about us, with our vision, and with our speech, and ensuring that we use it only in ways that are righteous? And there are multiple narrations Subhanallah and I'll end with this one. This is not a hadith of the prophets lie Selim to be clear. It's one of the things that comes to us and as the prophet spice I mentioned that when we come across the narrations of Bani Israel, we affirm what is agreeable, but without a sense of certainty. We take the benefit of it and we deny what undermines the very essence of the mission of monotheism and prophethood that Sid salaam was once asked How are you able to

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walk on water, you know, all these miracles that you do, how are you able to do all of these things?

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And Sid Sudan responded, Carla, Billy Akin, he said with the opinion with certainty.

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And the how are you and the disciples responded and said, We also have it and he said to them, are stone clay and gold equal in your eyes?

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Do you see stone gold and clay in the same way? And they said, No. He said, They are in mind

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of the dunya the love of this world right so clearly Coppelia is the root cause of every disobedience and every distraction and every delusion. He certainly has Saddam is teaching us manners and he's teaching us as well. That while these miracles are given as a gift from Allah subhana, which Allah there is a righteous vessel that encompasses those miracles. And that when it came to this dunya dunya in the eyes are very sorry, his salaam, the material world in the eyes of SRT, his Salam was not anything that could possibly change or corrupt. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to send his peace and blessings upon all of the messengers and prophets of Allah. We ask Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah to allow us to follow in the footsteps of the prophets and the messengers, and the martyrs and the truthful ones and the righteous ones and we ask Allah to allow them to be our companions. In the highest level of generative for the dose Allah Amin, Aquila Kalia, that was stuffing la de la comunidad the mystery infested flow in the hood of affordable housing.

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was the woman Hala Lama Fremont Nina Wilmont me not all Muslim. You know what a Muslim out here in March in Nicosia, Mia on Caribbean Mooji with therewas Allahumma Freeland, our Hamner wa for Anna whether to as Dibner OpenNebula info sent our Atlanta for Linotype Hamner Lana co Nana middle Holocene Allah Mina CAFO and Karima to hibel alpha for Allah. Allah hemophilia YT Dena obrah, Hamama Kamara, bonus Ihara, Obinna, habla and as well as you know the reality now Kurata ion or Jana Linwood Sakina Imam llaman sort of one of our Athena female shout out because I'll do my Barbie lochmaddy kid by the minute with Lolly meanwhile,

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I was one and the beanie him so they mean about the law and the law here a little bit I do understand what each quarter Bowie inherent in fashion when when Carrie will belly you're either coming to Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has Kuru comb wash Kuru. Vadhana Rama is it welcome. All of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Jana wanna toss