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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of standing at the mount or plane of alpha in the Islamic scheme of things to achieve the fourth pillar of Hajj, which is to hold a position at the mountain. They also discuss the importance of praying for the Day of War and focusing on the importance of praying for the mother to be fired. The speakers also recommend staying at the mountain for a good time to make preparations for the upcoming Day of War.
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Up to now we've spoken about the essential pillars of how gender ombre we said that there is the intention which is the intention of entering into her arm and entering into her arm. Secondly, there is a bow off the circulation around the house, there is the sign the walking between Safa and Marwan and the fourth pillar of Hajj. Specifically not for overall is to stand at the mount or the plane of alpha. Because the prophets I simply said that 100 Alpha indicating that a large part of Hajj is standing at the alpha and alpha is a known site, it's a it's a plane, which is a very, it's like barren land really, and has a small mountain within the middle of it called the mountain the mount

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of manageable. Now, that is part of head so person has to stand there now. Because standing there can you know, it's a very big term. If even if a person just goes there attends out of even if it's just for a moment, then he or she has done the minimal requirement of that pillar. So just going to arafat standing there for a moment is will suffice now I'd offer starts from the night preceding it. So it starts from the mother over time, which precedes the actual day because the day usually precedes the night. Sorry, the night precedes the day in the Islamic

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scheme of things. So the night preceding the actual day of after the ninth of the picture, that is when the night of alpha starts, and then extend all the way not to the mothership of the day of alpha by extends to the federal of the 10th of the picture. So it's the only day if you like which has two nights from a football perspective. So

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if you stand any time between that those that essentially is some somewhere between 30 hours, so it's not there, 24 hours more than that, then you would have achieved that pillar. Now that is the basic obligation to do that. But obviously, a person's going to hatch. They're going they're seeking a loss of hand or dollars, you can do the law. And the alpha is that great opportunity to stand at that plane which allows paradigma is focused on

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looking at people that day, looking and showing off those people who have come in the office showing them off to His angels. And so look at my slaves, they have come here and look at their state, you know, they're dusty, they're disheveled, then you know they're they're unkempt, hair is unkempt, and so on, it's a great time to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala for asking Allah wherever you want. So a person is not going to just go there for a moment and try stay there as long as possible, preferably to combine between day and night. So to stay some of the night as well as most of the day. They're in alpha need to try to make use of this opportunity, which is very much a lot of people say there's

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a similar reminder of how people will stand on the Day of Judgment, it's an open land, everybody there is gathered, and they're all turning to Allah subhanaw taala people are praying people are making people are the vicar and so on and to be engaged in remembrance of Allah thinking about reality pondering, reflecting and turning to our last panel data is what person should be doing as much as possible. That was recommended to pray a war and also combined at the earlier time, so more towards time of war, so that you are then freed to engage in drama and even a lot of time enters don't pray Muslim and Asia just then wait until you reach the next station which is more steady. And

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that's when you are praying motherlove and Asia delay so it's really about focusing that time on as much a bad as much drama as much focus on Vicar and remembering Allah subhanaw taala as possible. If you are able you have the strength to stand in the sun a little bit is also recommended if you're able to go to the Mount of our reima which is known as also the Sahara to the rocks and to stand there also recommended something in the prophets Allah lies lm did if you can pray that of water and acid administered nemea our other sometimes known as messed up brought him to go there and to listen to the hotbar is also recommended if you wish to do so. So a lot of things there for a person to

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engage on the day of arafah like I say to spend as much of the day as possible and then once marvelous time is entered. That's when you will be making the preparations to go and leave to the next nation. on finishing the standing of elephant you would have finished the fall.

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pillar of Hajj and then only remains for you is one further pillar, but there are other things which are obligatory that a person should do for their Hajj to be counted.