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AI: Summary © The host discusses the crisis in Ukraine and the lack of connection between people living there and those in other countries. They emphasize the need for people to come out and realize that "immaterial of human beings" is part of the "immaterial of human beings." The speakers also remind people of the "horrible event" that happened in Ukraine and emphasize the need for donating to do more work towards the war. They stress the importance of providing aid to girls and children in schools to prevent famine and starvation, and mention a recent gathering in Toronto to encourage people to gather.
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Go ahead and unmute myself somebody's gonna have to lie down over a call to welcome everyone to the Friday night hour from the Islamic Institute of Toronto. My name is Mahmoud Hassan and I am your host today. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're happy. I hope you're healthy and wealthy and I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who's gathered here today together was all in a place that is better than newspaper the dollar value that I called Quadra lake. I am so blessed to be a part of your Friday night and we have Toronto are so happy that you hate us a part of your Friday night.

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Today insha Allah Tala we are going to be talking to shop the law came quick about the whole butter era. The huddle was titled taking advantage of Ramadan but the chef Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala protect him. He has gotten into so many different parts of the topic itself that we're going to go ahead and actually break it down beating the data so you can get the full advantage of it. Jhala so let me go ahead and bring the share.

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Right side of the law when I got Chabela how are you? When it comes down to I read a catalogue?

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Always a pleasure to have you chef May Allah subhanaw taala bless you and give you Jenna Shakuntala

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your hobo today was taking advantage of Ramadan. And let's talk about the motivation behind us. Obviously Ramadan is coming up very soon, but it is not next week. So what led you to want to talk about this topic today. Smilla Rahmanir Rahim hamdulillah Sultan somos su la about Ramadan is fast approaching. And I wanted to connect the closeness of Ramadan with the reality that we are facing today in the world. Many Muslims are being overwhelmed by the news reports coming out about Ukraine. And the meetings of the parliaments and the congresses and the world and as though it is n times. But when you actually look at the numbers of people who are involved in this very sad situation, and

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I say this with all respects to the Ukrainian people because they are suffering. But when you look at the numbers, compared to what has happened in the Muslim world, it is mid as minor it is minuscule. B we're talking about in Afghanistan, we're talking about 5 million children are actually facing starvation. 5 million children. We're talking about Yemen 16 million, you know, people are food insecure to the greatest famines on Earth. I'm not even talking about the Hinga, Kashmir, Palestine, East Africa, so many areas that Muslims suffering in so it's a type of frustration that people you know, are feeling when they hear this. You feel sorry for the people, but at the same

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time you feel like it's a contradiction. So I wanted to bring this out to the people.

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And for those of you who haven't actually hooked by itself, it is on our website and it's on our YouTube it is on our Facebook and also had been streamed live on our Twitter Shambala.

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So many people have talked about

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like even I guess POC cracy that

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We are seeing coming from the way that the incidents are reported. Regarding the Ukraine. First of all, I actually want to like really clarify a couple of positions that we actually have here. Okay. First of all, we are very, very against the invasion of Ukraine. We are absolutely with the people of Ukraine, and standing up to their oppressors. And we feel for them. And we will do, we are actually working with a lot of different organizations as well to that, go ahead, and, and to kind of lift some of that oppression off of them. But we there is, and I think some of the, the media has also been bringing this out, but it was way too late when we talk about why is it that we are

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treating the events that are happening in Ukraine, as if there are events that could not have ever happened in Europe, versus events that have happened in countries where many of us come from, for instance, countries where wars have been happening for many years, as if these countries deserve war, as if these countries are the people who lived in these countries or people who are actually worthy of being oppressed and going in all these kinds of difficulties? What was your message duration Hopper long?

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Yes, I wanted to bring out this concept is reality of people who are viewing the media today are in a sense brain dead.

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The scientists will call it cognitive dissonance. And what this means is that people function with today's events, and maybe five years before or 10 years before. But if you go back in history, even 50 years, even 100 years, people do not connect that to the reality today. And you know, it's such a horrible thing. How can this happen in Europe, but people forget that the the greatest sack of destruction of human beings happened in Europe, in World War One, World War Two, these are the worst confrontations that happened in human history. The bombs dropped by the United States on the Japanese, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this is the worst destruction ever recorded. And so this is

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not something strange to Europe. And people who dig a little deep, you know, we'll see the Ukraine struggle with Russia,

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is something that actually goes back to World War Two. And it is connected, but people don't make this connection. And it's important, especially for Muslims to be able to make that connection. And it's important for the world to come out of this brain dead situation, to to realize that this is part of the global crisis that we are in. And the same way people are suffering in Europe, people are still suffering in Afghanistan. I mean, did the people of Afghanistan did 5 million cheap children just disappear?

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And don't tell me they say, well, we can't give any aid because we're worried about girls going to school? Yes, it's important for girls and women to have education, but how are they going to be educated, if they're starving to death. And to add to that, the Afghan government money, millions of dollars, which could have helped to take away that starvation and famine was actually seized by the Americans, Afghan money, this is not even aid to be given to them, and it is being blocked. So the people can't even get their own money from the back. This is this is a contradiction. And I wanted to bring it out, in a sense, because people will say, Well, why is this happening to us, but I

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wanted to remind people that Muslims represent we are carrying with us the solutions to international problems, we have the solution to the economic problems. It's not capitalism, it's not socialism, it is the Islamic system, which is above over them, it allows private property and does not allow monopoly and is a way for people to naturally give to each other the Islamic movement system, we breed come out of morality problem in the world

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drinking, taking illegal drugs, gambling, so many of these major issues that human beings are facing, wasting their money could be solved by Muslims. So we represent a solution. So therefore, the powers to be really do not want to see any valid you know, solution coming because naturally, the masses of the people would want to change the present order into something that makes sense. So I wanted to remind them,

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you know who we actually are, and instead of just

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feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to take advantage of Ramadan.

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And this is when we went into the solution. And that is because with the coming of Ramadan, as Allah said in search of my universe 35 You know, Oh you who believe have the consciousness of Allah and seek a wasI because a means of coming close to Allah and strive, strive in his path in order that you will be successful. And so Ramadan is not a time we're going back.

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We're coming out of lockdown. Ramadan is opening its door, but we shouldn't go back into lockdown.

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For some people who misunderstand Ramadan, they would come from out of a COVID-19 lockdown, into a Ramadan lockdown. That that's not the essence of Ramadan, we should be coming out of ourselves, our history, everything shows that this is a time we should come out of ourselves have become very active and to try to give and try to do whatever we possibly can.

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And one of the things you talked about Chabela here is that,

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that during each part or during each time, there is a specific need and that each and that need becomes more important than the other ones at other times that you talked about. This year is a time for us where we are need to do more of donating to do more of work towards the other people. Please expand a little bit on Russia.

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Yes, this is a concept that was brought forward by

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Imam Shafi Rahim Allah other Imams also said, but he really consolidated the idea. It's a type of physical walkout. It is it is standing of reality Allah we are that we need priorities. And he used the example of the five pillars of Islam. And that these five pillars we have Tawheed, we have salaat, we have zakat, fasting hudge. And these are duties that we need to do constantly whenever we're able to do it. However, if one of the pillars now becomes more important, if the issues surrounding Muslims make one of the pillars more important than it gets a priority. And use the example that if there's a famine, for instance, the pillar of zakat of charity and sadaqa would

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become more important than Hajj because some people like to make Hodge have made it 10 times already and they want to make Hajj but if people are starving to death,

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that that is not always that's not the priority. That's right. He is to feed the people. That's what fic is. Fifth is having an understanding of reality and applying Islamic solutions.

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Lm Allah subhanaw taala bless you or give you Jen honestly really inspiring and quite interesting for those of you who haven't watched the whole block I'll go ahead and I'll actually let the hook but here for us before we go I do want to let you know all know that Maghrib prayer in Toronto is in a couple of minutes in shallow Dallas so we'll be ending this program early but once we returned an extra turn back to our regular time which is at 630 Shala we'll be able to spend more time shadow like is not gonna head I know you're traveling while soprano dalla keep you in your travels inshallah safe and mellow bring you back safe and sound Salam olika

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when it comes to those

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that was shut up. The law came quick from the Islamic State of Toronto and we talked about his homework today where he took the opportunity to actually tell us about how to take advantage of the actual Ramadan coming up and also talk a little bit about the today's events on what's happening in Ukraine versus what's happening in the rest of the world. Inshallah. This has been Friday night hour from the Islamic State of Toronto My name is Muhammad Hassan once again, I was blessed to be your host and I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to allow you all to be happy to be healthy and to be wealthy and ask Allah subhanaw taala who has got us all in this gathering in a small lesson gathering to

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allow us all to gather in a huge and larger gathering agenda insha Allah He know who will either call them Allah subhanaw taala protect all of you who have joined us and until I see you next time in sha Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.