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Number three,

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you're taken down from the rank of the righteous.

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Especially if you abandon Salatu.

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Salam at night. We know that the prophets Allah, Allah spoke highly about Salatu

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was one day he was asked about one person who prays at night and in one of the wording and he still committed sins during the day. He know the professor told him told that the person he asked his Salah will stop him from committing that sin one day

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shadowfall movement, the dignity of the believer is pmla

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam canopy sunon wandell hockey, hockey. He says la can be pm La Nina who that goes solid 11

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keep up with brain Korea the hydrate at night because it is the practice of the righteous before you

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if you stop breathing the heck joke or pmla and we know in Ramadan and this is something that maybe you're not aware of. in Ramadan, Korea will lay the sooner that you breathe in the masjid in congregation.

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And you could pray at home and congregation as well. But outside Ramadan, it is prayed at home by yourself.

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And sometimes we hear some brothers in different massage.

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Grouping tonight to break in this must have had

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to lay at home by yourself. You're only allowed to show your family, wife and children if you want. But you're not supposed to have Gemma either.

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For example, if you're at home and you stood up to Britney, you want to pray to her that night. There is no sooner in Jamal but if you're praying and your guest joins you fellas, that's fine.

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He said one night I was sleeping at the house of my and my moon and I joined the prophets Allah Allah when he was praying the hydro Salam did not tell him that but also Salah did not wake him up to breathe I did with him. But the sooner that you wake your wife and your children up for that good Rahim Allahu.

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Allah will have a mercy on a man, Camila Lee, who stood up at night and raised the Hedren.

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fasula to my

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field Sierra via Jetta and he would wake or she would wake her or his spouse. And if they don't know the Harley helmet,

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he would sprinkle water on her to make her wake up with her. So a shine is you you you're taken out of the rank of the righteous

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lamb chef mo most instances are hibou solina Wallace two men whom

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I love the righteous and I'm not of them.

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Why lolly and Adobe him shefa what is here is referring to here.

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You know when when when you are in the rank of the righteous ill moment in the resurrection will intercede for the believer.

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Shuffle ambia

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in America and there is also shafa for the believers.

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When you cross over the Surat

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beside Philip ohare

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imagine this congregation here.

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Some people would fall down.

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The righteous will go to one of our brothers. They used to pray with us they used to fast with us. They used to do all these good deeds with us shaffir unathi him.

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Give us shefa Velasco Allah subhanho wa Taala will say go and take them out of the Hellfire for a hippo sada Hina well, as well as to whom la Li Ana Lucia. Wa Acura humann deja vu ma si when goodness Raka Philippines Baba.

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And I hate those who trade in sins, even if we are partners

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in movement before the you heat the person who sins even if you're sinning.

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That's why even if you're a sinner, hate sins and the sinners, even if you aren't a sinner.

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I love the righteous.

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Love the righteous

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hang around the righteous

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So panela kill

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a dog that was mentioned in the crowd. Why?

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What happened is that he was behind

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the companions of the caves a kill, walk hell boom.

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Because they were What?

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Imagine all the dogs in the town where are those dogs? But this guy you know the rest of them are machines but this is what

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he earned this status because of the fact that those are wages. And so

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there are angels who cruise Earth and they look for what

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they look for this gal

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Muslim has a

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beautiful honey in it what they are saying they are asking for Jelena have they seen Jenna what would they say if they say beautiful honey but at the end? Bushido Komiyama ekati Neha for too long I have forgiven all of them. And then one of the angels will say what Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala was with Yara but there was somebody who was sitting there, he did not come for the lecture.

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He was coming because some other person there he wanted some dunya stuff from him. He said what he's forgiven to Why?

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Because he sat With who? With the righteous so when I tell you that you're gonna be taken down from the rank of the righteous that is not something simple.

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There is something tremendous

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add to this.

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You tell me why Ramadan was prescribed for the oma?

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Yeah, you are Latina Amman. cookiebot ecomuseum kamakoti ballerina in public comm in order to Allah Allah Kumar,

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what is what is the what? What is the definition of taqwa?

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And Tejon vena cava? Vina Sakina

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the word quite an Arabic means what it takes to protect you protect yourself, you protect yourself from the anger of Allah by doing what?

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How do you protect yourself from the anger? When does Allah get angry at you, gets angry at you, when you sin.

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So by obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and staying away from the sins you have achieved what that was after Ramadan, you abandon the obedience and you got engaged in the disobedience so that you achieve the purpose of fasting gun gun, the fasting this month Subhan Allah was supposed to bring the almanac

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back that you get used to wake up in the morning, so who and then go to fetch it? And then did you recycle? Today? Did you do the asker brief lecture and then go back to work? And then you have to answer and then you pretty much come back for data as you get home.

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Getting used to a factory factory. Now after Ramadan, you stopped. That means it was what?

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It didn't work.

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It's like you're going to training for a job,

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training camp for a job and then after the camp.

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I never learned that

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a split. So the purpose behind Ramadan the objective of Ramadan is to bring the oma back and bring individuals back. So right here, it is not happening.

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Actually a person

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could fall into the rank of hypocrites

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in the Viva La Jolla center.

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Well how do you feel Bukhari Muslim and how are the 11 that if you do not pray,

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and Asia,

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in the masjid, in JAMA

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that means you're a hypocrite.

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Here's the text. f Carlos Allah.

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Allah Luna

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salatu wa salam ala

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the heavier Salah the heaviest Salah on a hypocrite. esta la sala de la why Elijah comes when you're doing what? sitting at home, he just had dinner and babysitting with the family socializing and having a little fun.

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The call to prayer.

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Let me think about failure comes when when you will

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sleep hypocrisy right here as solid truth. But as you know that he worked in them that you would earn if you perform it while Are you mad at him a middle aged adult

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Houma hub where you would come truly, truly and and fabulous Allah that Carlos Allah wa sallam is Muslim.

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If you bring him on Sunday Elijah FGM Africa NEMA comments from a woman sandal photography Gemma *a NEMA Carmen Layla Kula. So if you're not paying at least federal and Asia in general, that means you're falling into that angle.

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So you probably mentioned this throbbing, you're not following the sun. Hmm. You're not righteous anymore. And you're going into a

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hypocrisy. You're supposed to be going up. No, you're going

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down, down. That's why we call it walk down, walk down for your fault. Instead of going you're supposed to elevate

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you're supposed to elevate yourself and your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

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comes in after that, specially if you're not, if you're not following the Quran or reciting the Quran, hydro Quran

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had an Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam complained about the

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Quran wirkkala Rasulullah be in la comida who had an enema Dora? Oh Allah, my people abandon the Quran. My followers abandon the Quran. Will hedge a den in the Quran five levels.

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five levels.

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had to say now

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that you don't listen to it.

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You listen to it anymore. hydrophila you don't recite it anymore. hydro llaman you don't act upon it anymore.

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hydro, hydro, you do not reflect upon it anymore. And then hydro that you do not feel the remedy. You do not seek remedy in the Quran. The Quran can cure the diseases that you have, specially the ones that are in the heart. You're abandoning the Quran. Do you know the Quran is the words of Allah the speech of Allah.

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Allah Quran Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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You're not listening. Once you you recite the Quran, you speak in the words of Allah. You don't want to do this anymore. You don't want to reflect upon it anymore. You don't want to act upon it anymore. That's what you do if you abandon what used to do in Ramadan.