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The importance of admitting to deeds and understanding past experiences is emphasized, as deeds like diseases and sickness lead to negative consequences. The success of believers in Islam is also highlighted, including issues like diseases and sickness. The success of believers in Islam is also discussed, including problems with people hanging around peaceful Muslims and losing their faith in Islam. Visiting the source of one's past is crucial to achieving their goals.

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comes in number two, we're talking about the reasons why you have that sickness, that disease, that disease, the sickness. Number two, you're admiring your deeds.

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And this is a problem that happens to a lot of Muslims after Ramadan, Masha Allah, every single night I was in the masjid behind the Imam

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and I was holding the Quran

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I did not leave it, you are admiring the deeds.

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Because of you admire the deeds. What are you gonna do? You're gonna stop.

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Masekela a problem. And this is not a trait of a believer.

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A believer By the way, always doubt his deeds.

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Not because of the sake of doubting.

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Yes, he had a statement. You know what he said?

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Lower Allah. And Allah Javi limini says it's time to go. If I know that Allah subhanaw taala accepted from me one such day one such the

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one such

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a look at the Muslims now.

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Will upon law he as he and appointees didn't am very good to my heart is very clean. But the only thing I don't pray five times.

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That's it. I don't pray.

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llll this verse in unsalted we know when Latina tuna aku Mattila Illa be him Roger.

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Those who they do what they do. While their hearts are fearful that they will their hearts are trembling because they will return to our last panel thought I shall the law.

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And the tirmidhi the the Senate is spoken upon and the Senate is Hasson I shall they allow on IRS rule of law is this verse is talking about those who commit adultery, those who steal those who kill and they are afraid that they will come back to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will punish them for that. No, no, no, no, no, you haven't so de la Ayesha. This verse is talking about those who pray those who first those who perform Hajj those who gives the care and they're afraid that their deeds will not accept it.

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And this is by the way, the attitude of a believer you need to understand this that when you complete a deed be concerned if it was accepted or not. Because you know what?

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There are some deeds that we were promised Jenna

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man Haji hajima brutalize Allahu Allah.

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If you go perform hajj and the Rasul Salam tells you that if you perform Hajj you will go to gentlemen that imagine somebody who went to Hutch

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he performed height and now he came back with the understanding that had his hatches accepted that means he's going with

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going where is he gonna work anymore?

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mahalo Sana Rajan

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now you need to you need to understand this that it actually gonna cause you to belittle deeds.

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belittle the deeds the good deeds, and maybe Salam can have a Muslim have been a viola Viola one lead to hachimura nominal.

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If you have done all these things in Ramadan, and now you're thinking that they were accepted, and you were passing by somebody who need some help

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and you You know what, I've done enough deeds in Ramadan no need for this one.

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You will end up delivering

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the deeds and the current

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one and tell

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that you meet you brother with a smile.

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Well, I am with Abby del wicker.

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Fidel, we are here fi and Wi Fi that you give your brother some water. So if you admire your work

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for Allah, rest assured that you will stop working or Europe you will belittle the deeds.

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Or I've been doing all of this in Ramadan.

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These little deeds.

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And remember my brothers that there was a woman who went to Geneva because of giving a drink to a dog.

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A dog

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and another one who went to the Hellfire because she Jill the cat

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and Lisa lahmacun. One word, one word will take you away

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in Nebraska

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Later column will kelemen

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mingara de la a word that pleases Allah. It will take him to gentleman and a word that displeases Allah will take him to the Hellfire for this is admiring yourself admiring your deeds number three is admiring yourself

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you're thinking that you have done this deed because of you.

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Whatever you have achieved and accomplished in Ramadan was because of Allah subhanaw taala

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was because of Allah and we almost married this to you. La Hola, wala quwata illa Billah that heart that you have is in the hands of Allah subhana wa and has it been for Allah you would not have been doing with the people of Jenna in the way to Jenna walk on hamdulillah Allah he hadn't only had one Hakuna Lena De La Jolla, unhidden Allah and they say, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Tena

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koe Rama in Naka, Antigua Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every night. He used to every day he used to say Yahoo colleyville Kuru sabich Colombia Allah de

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Subhan Allah is one of the amazing things about about the whole thing.

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What is the king of your body?

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was the king of your body

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will tell

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the king of your body is not in your hand.

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The engine that moves you is not in your hand.

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And the handful

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in Abu Bhavani Adam, they he knows why even

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Allah rotates it

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rotates them

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whether Allah

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one of the problems that you have that you thought because of your neffs you've done all of this. Allah helped you a lot in Ramadan. The sharpener are chained and all of this and he he helped you out now you're thinking he did it because of what because of you.

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If you believe that you did it because of you our lives when they leave you to the to you. Okay, handle it on your own.

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And in Ibiza, salami used to make the da de la FC. Do not allow my enough's to be in control of me.

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Number four, and this is an issue, belittling the sin after Ramadan. You've been doing all this listen. It's okay. Let's just do that little thing.

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And then do that little thing.

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yaku Carlos de la Solomon Harrison Muslim, he said Saudi Saudi Arabia, Oman iya Kumar Maha

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Maha karate Do not

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be aware of belittling your sins.

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And they're also Salaam given a parable that is out of this world.

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For innama method, Omaha karate group, the likeness of belittling the sins cannot tell you how a woman

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is like a group of people who will be docked anywhere.

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Imagine some people are traveling 1015 brothers are traveling and they went to the desert and they want to cook a meal.

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They don't have fire they want to put fire so what they do they end up doing what

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they can Astro from here. A little stroll from here they go around the desert and they end up with bacon pieces of work. This one goes and picks this one this one and then they put it what Magnus

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nazzer who will

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be Odin alpha j udon each one of them brought us through whether the Odin Gemma

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until they made what a huge file for ambatovy hooba home

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and they cook the food. We're in Omaha karate.

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If you build the little sin here, and they'll sit here and the little sin here will do the same thing to you

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had ligna

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and don't forget the problem with these little since you belittling them watching this or hearing that it affects the heart. It affects the heart.

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motto says Holly Lulu vasavi raha kaviraj haha Touka

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wassenaar kamesh info

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out of the shower Kenya Humira Wallah to have Khurana Savi rotten for ineligible Amina

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Hassan. This huge mountain is made of small

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small rocks, small stones, little stones, little stone, little stone, little small little sword.

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Number five.

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I have I have three, eight more three, I had 12 of them quickly inshallah

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Taku la maladie de la

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Allahu Akbar Masekela

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The biggest problem that you stopped working for Allah

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we always forget

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that when you reform yourself

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when you make yourself a better Muslim

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you are reforming one body of the oma

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what is the oma is made of

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what the oma did speak to me Come on what the oma is made of me, you you you know, you you you you this is what the oma

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and the problem that we're having in this oma is

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we're not reforming ourselves we're not doing jihad illness.

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We're not waging jihad against our knifes to learn the deen we're not waging jihad against our neffs in order to implement the deen we're not waging jihad against our knifes in order to do that, what

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do thou one of the main reasons behind that state of downfall the post Ramadan downfall is you stop working for Allah used to volunteer in Ramadan, you don't come to the machine anymore to volunteer.

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You don't and and Subhanallah something about working for Allah.

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And really, people like ourselves value this. It helps you to be steadfast

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and you don't have to be in that capacity.

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You know, think about maybe publishing a little article that has authentic Quran and authentic so now on the internet uploading a nice video to this

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world for Allah he do that.

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Go and talk to your neighbor about Islam.

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Huh? This this for tourists because you don't want to work for Allah anymore. coming tonight, even so you're not enjoying the lecture. You're not maybe it's not boring for you, but you know what you took through sawada muslimeen is the right thing to do?

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The same exact thing. So if you stop working for Allah Subhana Allah is the reason for the downfall. And ask yourself, what did you do for Islam? so far? as a Muslim? What did you do for Islam? In fertile land of the hour, like this part of the world? What did you do?

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If you actually engage in working for Allah subhanaw taala giving Dawa

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you will find out that Allah Subhana Allah will bless you to be steadfast in your obedience to Allah

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and tried.

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Because you're trying to guide the people you're trying to help the keyboard while Jessa Omen Jin's a llama you get from the same type and Allah will guide you and Allah will give you what you want.

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Number seven,

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six eurolines making sure hamdulillah somebody was following up by

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Yeah, I thought I'm just talking to myself.

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Yeah, a softer side.

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Well, ah, this is a problem. A lot of the brothers they come here in Ramadan. And they end up hanging around these peaceful Muslims. I mean, let's

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Daydream, peaceful Muslims smiling after another. He goes on. He hangs around somebody who does not pray.

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Could be a Muslim too, but he does not pray.

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Then it's time to pray. He has a sudden demand and

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I don't pray at all We pray here. You are much better than me.

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sadaqa just keep your money. Why would you do that? Safa

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Masekela a problem that we all face after Ramadan is we go back to the people that we left for Ramadan. And we abandon the people who were with us in Ramadan.

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We don't come to the masjid to meet with them to mingle with them hadron hadron.