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Allah Raises Those Who Humble Themselves

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Zahir Mahmood

Channel: Zahir Mahmood

Episode Notes

Aspire For Hilm

Episode Transcript

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forbearance of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even a need to be forbearing this is the definition of his definition of being forbearing is the fact that you let go, when you can take revenge.

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You forgive when you can take four bit range,

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somewhere often is that way you can't do anything and you do someone, but hills. And forbearing is a greater degree many ways, then server because you could take revenge.

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But you are forbearing because of the fact because of the fact that you fail on

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this, this is brothers, these are life lessons. These are not just stories, they are life lessons, sometimes you and I engage it happens all the time, we end up engaging with foods later on with him, why did I bother? Why did I stoop to that level? Why did I reply to that text message? Why did I reply to this guy? Why did I push him back there was no need for me to push him back.

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But this is the reward for a person who is of a forbearing nature man came to the police Allah Sana, he said O Messenger of Allah, I have family, I have family.

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He said this family, the more good I do to them,

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the more bad and evil they do to me.

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The more good I do to them, the more evil and bad they do to me.

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The more I show them, the more that I show them forbearance. The more Jehan and ignorance they do to me, with me. So he says that OBC of Allah, the more good I do, the more evil they do to me. The more I reconciled with the more I move forward for them, the further away they go. So he says, Everything I do, if I'm good to them that bad to me, if I reconcile, they go, they turn their backs upon me. If I show them, I'm forbearing, I'm forgiving, I'm overlooking. They take undue advantage.

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put ourselves in this scenario now seriously, for ourselves in this scenario, what will we do? Man? No way we'd go forward.

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The message of ALLAH said is what you are saying is the truth. And this is what happens.

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There. Let me tell you, that as long as you are in this state, the help of Allah will remain with you.

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You can't see the help of Allah, but the unseen help of Allah. If you are belittling yourself for the sake of Allah, Allah will make sure that Allah raises your state