Ammar Alshukry – Allah’s Promises

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The promise of Islam to avoid conflict and expand beyond the moment of confusion is discussed, including a boulder incident where a woman was seen walking towards her. The COVID-19 tests are designed to test individual success and position in various situations, and are scalable and designed to make people feel strong and secure. The importance of acknowledging the power of others is emphasized, including the use of "has" in English to describe actions and the rainbow's physical existence for achieving the throne. The importance of the rainbow for achieving good things is also emphasized.
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Hamdulillah silvassa also de la vida it was like this and him seemed to feel it should lay their head Allah who would actually could or should or not Hamid Abdullah pseudo Sumatra be CERAM Heidi and my bad pleasure to be with you all for this Friday Night Lights.

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And I want to let you know from the get go that the promise was six promises of Allah

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and there's a difference between the promises of Allah and the promises of people because we're probably not going to get through six today.

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And the reason why we're not going to get through six is because it would just take too long. And so we might do two or three h Allah data I want to knock this out within a limited amount of time in sha Allah so that we can open the floor for open mic without everybody being too drained for being here for too long. Inshallah. Donna, we want to we want to hear from everybody, as opposed to just me and Charlotte that but

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we are all together having this experience over the past 11 days just watching

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genocide happen.

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massacres happen, oppression happen.

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And we're seeing it in HD. And this is unique to any experience that I've had in my life. And I think that it's it's unique for a lot of people. And so when you have that that's and you see such slowmode at the same time you see such courage and you see such perseverance and you see such bravery from the people that was you see such Eman from the people. That was

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one of the things that we wanted to do tonight is just to look at

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what is giving them that

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and when people have a conflict in the deen and they feel so confused as to why does Allah Subhana Allah allow for this to happen? It comes from a lack of understanding ALLAH SubhanA dadas promises. So we wanted to just go through some of these promises because these experiences happen to the province that Elijah said to them in some form. Well, solar will last a little while they send them stood with the companions with an enemy outside of their borders. And it was an overwhelming, irresistible army. It was a heads up 10,000 soldiers and army that had never been gathered before in the Arabian Peninsula gathered with the sole purpose of wiping out exterminating the Muslim

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community in Medina. And so the province the whole idea is setting them when an army was gathered that had never been gathered before he had to resort to a tactic that was never seen before in the Arabian Peninsula. And that tactic was imported through the brilliance of a Persian said man fighter scene that was the digging of a trench. And so the province of the lightest and then resorted to the digging of a trench to protect that Muslim community from this army. And they spent days and nights not having any food not having any access. And so then when I 14, they said mouawad and Allah Allah rasool Allah hoorah. They said, The only thing that Allah and His Messenger promised us is delusion.

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Because if you remember, at the beginning of the digging of the trench, there was a stone that was impenetrable, almost as if it was symbolic of the situation that the Muslims were in. There was a stone there was a boulder that no matter how much they dug, they could not penetrate it. They couldn't break it, until the province of Allah descended himself descended into the ditch. And he took a spade and he struck it. And when he struck it, he said, Allah Akbar, Yemen is mine.

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I see the gates of sunnah. And then he struck it again and he said, Allah agua, Hashem is mine.

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And he said, Allah Akbar.

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Persia is mine. I see the palace of Medea. So the prophets of Allah Islam is

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hitting this boulder and it's falling apart in his Hansel alias and, but he's painting for the Sahaba a prophecy, a vision that this ummah is going to expand much beyond the moment that we're in. And so the manava theme, they said Massoud will last them a lot and sending them is talking about Persia and talking about his shop. And one of us is it doesn't even feel safe going to the bathroom.

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We're in such fear in this siege.

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But Allah subhana data says that when the believers saw in a heads up, they said, had wild Allah wa pseudo

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wa Sadat Allahu Allah su one Isaiah Divoom Illa. Eman and with this Lima. They said this is what Allah and His Messenger promised. And Allah and His Messenger

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have spoken the truth and it didn't increase them except in Iman and submission to Allah subhana data.

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And so then the question becomes what was the Promise of Allah and His messenger? That was the Hobbit or the Aladdin we're seeing in that moment when they see the Zap. And they say this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us what was the Promise of Allah so we'll go over a few of them in sha Allah Tala.

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When the when the when the believers say hi them, why hadn't Allahu Allah Surah This is what Allah and His Messenger prophesy as well so that Allah Allah Soto, and Allah and His Messenger has spoken the truth.

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It will get through to comments on this verse and he says that the believers were referring back to the promise that ALLAH SubhanA Diabate is filled with and abakada and so this is our first promise and the promise that ALLAH SubhanA data makes us sort of that bucket as he says, has given her symptom and that full agenda. Do you think that you will enter Jannah? Well, um, I took a methadone Lavina fellowmen copula come until you experience what was experienced by those who came before you. What was their experience, Miss settlement, sir? Well, thought law was zero. They were afflicted by hardship and pain in their selves and in their wealth was zero and they were shaking hedaya or sudo

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in the denominator, until the messenger himself and those who believed with him said Montana sort of what is the help of Allah going to come? And Allah says, Allah in Allah, so Allah Karim Verily the help of ALLAH SubhanA that is near. And so that's the first Promise of Allah. The first Promise of Allah that comes a lot in the Quran, is that this life is a test. Allah Subhana Allah says hessie But NASA UTRA ko yaku Amma no Kamala afternoon. The first the first verses with an ankle would Allah says do the people think that they will be left alone, saying they believe and they will not be tested, we submit and we recognize that in many realms of human endeavor, you have to take a test to

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accomplish anything. You have to take a test to be accredited, you have to take a test to acquire a certain level or a certain position or what have you. And this dunya is like that to Allah subhanaw taala is going to test and Allah says He says Tabata can lead the bat in medical condition. And at the Huracan Moto and Hyatts enable local biomass and Muhammad Allah, Allah says, The One who created life and death, to see which one of you is going to be best in beats. And so what a person realizes that this dunya is not the Promise of Allah subhana data. This dunya is not meant to be the place of happiness and Perfect Living and, and and a lack of pain, that dunya is not meant to be that at all.

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This dunya was meant to be an examination room. It is meant to be a place of pressure. Allah says look at halacha in Santa Fe Cabot, we've created man to be in a state of turmoil Imam says about this verse, he says that the first difficulty you experience is the cutting of your umbilical cord.

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Like even as a baby, you don't get out of this mokaba This difficulty and in fact, no scholars comment on the statement of Alberto via and they say you know what, even before the cutting of the umbilical cord, some kids don't come out easy, they go through labor and it is a difficult process, even their arrival into the dunya is difficult. And then you just go from one difficulty to another life is all just one difficulty to another, some is more and some is less but everybody goes through problems. And so when a person is expecting their existence to be problem free then they're not understanding why they're here. Allah subhana data brought you here to test you and then in Jenna is

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where a person lives problem free otherwise afford to be says you go through the difficulty of school even back then he's talking about the demanding way but the the all and the fear of being in front of a teacher and then he talks about the the you graduate school finally and then you go through the problems of trying to get married and he talks about that too. And then after that it's I gotta buy a house would be an episode I gotta I gotta build a house for myself, I have to make a house for him. So I have to buy a house for myself. And then when a person finally gets to a point in their life where they're married and settled and they have their finances in order and all of

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that, then their health starts to feel them and he says, and then after that it goes to the the pain of your teeth and the pain of your knees. And then he says someone motiva daddy Gokula and then he says after all of that is death and the questioning of the angels in the darkness of the grave hat that is still going to be cut off in Matthew Jen now in my feed not and then there's the Day of Judgment, until finally a person enters into their eternal destination either in paradise or the hellfire.

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But the point here is that we are tested. The good news is, is that the test is scalable, is scaled up or scaled down depending on a person's ima. Allah says Allah you can live long enough and it allows Aha. Allah does not burden a person

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With more than they can bear and Rasulullah sallallahu sent him says in the Hadith that I should do NASCI Bella and an MBR that the people who are tested the most are the prophets, filament I'm sayin. And then the ones who are most likely up and then the ones who are most like them. And that also lost the lighting system said that a person will be tested according to their Deen. And so if a person has fortified faith, then the test is increased. The heat is turned up

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until that person walks on this earth without a sin. But it took our tests that hamdulillah not like the Tesla that Ebola was.

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And we don't want them to be sold or lost the Levada Center says lots of them and no recoil, I do a sort of law half here, he says, Don't don't ever see confrontation, don't seek conflict, don't look for that. And ask Allah to protect you. And so we ask Allah Zoda to protect us. But the idea here is that if a person realizes that this nature of this dunya was meant to be one of tests, if you're going through problems, if you're going through pressure, don't think that you are the exception. This is what Allah Subhana Allah created us for here. But the beautiful thing is that Allah subhanho data gives still feel as well. And that brings us to our second promise Allah subhanho data says it

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dumps a little lie on circle with a bit of a dam. Allah says in Surah Mohammed Yeah, you will live in Amman, Oh you who believe if you support the cause of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah data will support you and he will make your feet firm. And what we are witnessing Live in HD are a people and entire people whose feet are being made for Allah Subhana Allah that is giving them of iman, ALLAH SubhanA data is giving them a shot at Allah Subhana Allah that is giving them of science. I'm sure many of you heard that voice note of that amazing woman who says, I wish that the world could reach the stage that we are in right now. I wish that y'all could feel the honor that we feel right now,

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even though in the voice know you're hearing missiles and bombs going off. She says I wish that you could see what we are witnessing. And she gives the example of her own child who said

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he told her that I feel like I'm going to die.

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And she said, Don't say that. And he said, but

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I don't. He said no, no, that's not what I mean. But I see myself not dying but authentic.

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And she said, that made me cry. Because I felt like that is not something that a child would say I feel like the angels are speaking on their behalf or the angels are making them speak just like that boy, or that baby who the martial arts are on the the stylist of the daughter of Frauen, the hairstylist of the daughter of Quran, when said on found out that she worshipped Allah and He commanded for her children to be thrown in a cauldron of boiling oil. And the woman hesitated even though she was she was steadfast as she saw one child of hers after the other be throwing and burning oil. She hesitated when her last baby, the youngest of them was about to be thrown in the

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baby spoke and said, My mother be patient because you are upon that truth. Right that don't fit from ALLAH SubhanA data and Allah Subhana Allah he says in terms of why on silicon with a bit of a dynamical, what is that? What is this steadfast that we're talking about? The greatest steadfastness is that a person lasts in this lifetime until they die upon a tsunami.

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That's the greatest miracle. That's the greatest steadfastness. That's the greatest victory is that a person meets ALLAH SubhanA data having died upon laid ahead, Allah.

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Allah subhana, Allah says,

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in Surah, Al borouge Surah Al Bucha, which is a slaughter that talks about a massacre. It talks about a genocide, it talks about a stain on human history, and that is when a group of Christians they believed in Allah subhana Dada, they were true followers of Jesus. They worshipped ALLAH SubhanA data, the king commanded for them to worship and they refused. He built a trench, he filled with fire, and then they were all thrown into it, and they died. They were massacred. Allah subhana diatas says in the Lavina Armineh, and Allah speaks about that episode of solitary Bush. And he says in the Lavina, Amina Hamlet slide it had nothing to do with tequila now that he can falls in Korea.

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He says that is the great victory that they entered its agenda that is the Greek victory. Even though if you're looking from the outside, they all were massacred. The king lives Allah Subhana Allah Allah never mentioned what happens to the king. He doesn't say that he destroyed the king. He's not drowned in the Red Sea like Quran. We don't know anything. There's nothing in the Quran and Sunnah that tells us what happened to that gang. But Allah Subhana Allah tells us that those people who were massacred they won not only did they win, but it's the only place in the Quran where Allah Subhana Allah says those who can beat

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the grave Victor

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it because oh and I'll tell you something else about that swap photo than Buddha which ALLAH SubhanA data says wama Nakano, meno inlet au middleby la isla Aziz in Hammett, Allah says the only reason why those people were hated

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was because they believed in Allah. And Allah mentions two names. He mentioned the disease and he mentioned that Hemet. Allah disease means what?

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It means the mighty and that Hamid means the Praiseworthy. So then why does Allah mentioned these two names? Imam Arrazi said, Allah Subhana Allah Allah matches Allah disease to indicate to us that even though this massacre happened, he had the power to stop it

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was the mighty.

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Allah allowed for that massacre to happen?

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And he is ill Hemet he is praiseworthy and doing solid, he's praiseworthy and doing so. When someone else might look and say where is God and all of this? Allah Subhana Allah says He is it as he is in Hemet, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah Allah could stop.

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He could have stopped that hospital from being hit. Allah subhana data could have stopped that church from being it Allah Subhana Allah could prevent protect the people of Eliza from from all of those shahada but Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says He is a disease and he needs it, Hamid, he is praiseworthy in doing so. But then why is he praiseworthy in doing so? Because the consequences are praiseworthy.

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The consequences are praiseworthy, what's praiseworthy about those consequences? Those people are martyrs, their shahada that's Praiseworthy, the edge that is experienced by the people that was that is praiseworthy, the sin that is incurred by the mu gdb. And by the criminals, and that they are going to meet Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with all of that blood on their hands, that is praiseworthy, because Allah subhanaw taala is going to deal with them. And so the consequences of

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that episode is full to the Buddha which are praiseworthy, and so Allah subhanaw taala wants you to know that, that he says that he is that as he is and he is inhabit.

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The The question then becomes is how do I secure ALLAH SubhanA diatas support in some sort of lie on soracom with a bit Akadama calm, there's, there's lots of ways there's lots of ways of them is that you'll be in the support of your brother, well sort of lost the light is and it says in the live Yeah, I wanted to kind of navigate that Allah is in the service of his servant, as long as his servant is in the service of his brother. And so if anyone wants Allah to be in their service, the formula is very easy. Go be in the service of somebody else.

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Allah subhanho data brings relief into your life when you bring relief to your brother and sister also loss of aliveness and it says manifests I'm not meaning Corbett I mean Cora with dunya and for Salah and we'll go to better Minnkota Bo mill piano, amen Yes sir. I'm gonna say yes that Allah I didn't even do it after the province de la vida. Sanam says Whoever makes something gives a believer that feasts manifests as if you're giving that person the ability to exhale, you're giving them the ability to breathe, they were able to breathe before you came and help them was a little lost a little idea send him says whoever Neff facade movement removes from a believer that difficulty,

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ALLAH SubhanA data will move from them a difficulty on the Day of Judgment.

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So helping others being in the service of others, supporting others, and there are a few people more in need of support and aid than your brothers and sisters in Gaza know how do you support them? No, that brings us to our fourth promise.

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And that is Allah Subhana. Allah says, what you guys said I gotta give it I knew for me, it would would you without a die either that.

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Allah says when My servants asked you about me than I am near, I respond to the call of the caller when they call upon me. Funniest, edgy, bully, will you b2b, let me also let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided. Allah subhana data has opened up the door for

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Allah has promised that he will respond to that. And so rather than have a top of the line, who teaches us the lesson, I'm gonna I'm gonna speak to react to listen because your own mind is not speaking theoretically. He's not just one of the greatest scholars amongst the companions. But Omar Abdullah and who is he's not just he's not just that, but he is literally the person who brought down empires, he brought down superpowers.

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Role model the law and who he says he Neela, middle humbly Java like me, I mean, Muhammad, he says, I do not. I am not concerned with the response to my drop, because I know the response of my drought is automatic. Allah has promised that I'm not worried about that. But I simply am concerned with whether I make dua

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and the question becomes what's changed in my drought over the past 11 days.

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Today was drummer. We know the last hour of Friday is an hour in which dua was accepted. Did I sit down for a little bit

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before sunset after Oslo and make him do specifically for Leza? Have I added prayers in the night for Alyssa have I have I

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fasted a day

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and made if thought broke my fast four of us like, what have I changed my behavior? Well, Sue last Friday Sam says I just went nuts man, I designed a dua that the most enable of people is the one who was not able to make dua.

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There was today by he was the Emir of Hora Assad

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and he was dealing with

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he was on the eve of battles with a Turkic people.

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As he said,

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to one of his assistants, he said, Go and check the masjid and see who's there.

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And he wanted he said, there's nobody in the masjid except for one person. Mohammed bin Wasa, the great scholar and worshiper Muhammad ibn wasa is in the masjid by himself. He's an old man.

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And he's making dua. That's what he's doing. He's in the masjid by himself, and he's making drought. And so he said, that finger Muhammad even wasn't making dua is more beloved to me than 1000 young men with swords and shields. That one finger Muhammad devinwatson How many different ways that he's able to assist the army physically, he's not. He's past that stage. But when somebody's been wiser is doing going with the Army is I'm going to camp out in this masjid, and I'm going to be raising my finger into out to Allah Subhana Allah. And the leader of the Muslims is saying that you're I'm going to be in was it is more beloved to me than 1000 young soldiers.

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Don't belittle drought. Imam Shafi says it dies it will be dry with his daddy, he What did he be my son I do. I'll see how many lately loud to

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me. And he says View political do and discounted. And you don't know what the prayer accomplishes the arrows of the night because he compares that to an arrow. When I'm making the app from my room. I'm shooting arrows out in the darkness. But he says those arrows, they don't miss their target. But they have a span and the span soon finishes there's a delay Maybe Allah does everything on his time. He doesn't do it on your time. But you never miss when you make throughout the kdss Omaka to be the icon of bisha T I never lose when I make dua to you. And that brings us to the last the last prompts that I mentioned Charlotte that and then we'll open up for the for the open mic.

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The last

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is ALLAH SubhanA data says in the Lydian Amen, I'm gonna slide your hat down Jonathan to determine Tatiana. Now.

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The last promise of Allah that I want to share with you is Jana.

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At the end of the day, we have to believe what the Prophet sallallahu send them says. And he says, He tells us that this entire dunya

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is not worth to Allah subhanaw taala the wingle A mosquito

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what is a wing of a mosquito worth to

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whatever that is, this entire dunya is less significant to Allah Subhana Allah than that.

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And if a person after everything that they went through of pain and strife and sadness and loss, if that person at the end of their life is told, enter into Jannah then everything that they've offered is worth it. Allah Subhana Allah he says

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well Ladino pootie roofie sebelah he further you will de la Hamato sia de he moistened Roberto will you feel when will Jana Rafa Allah, Allah says in surah Muhammad and those who are killed in the path of Allah

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there their their actions are not going to be lost. Allah subhanaw taala will guide them

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and enter them into paradise, that paradise that they knew from before or that paradise that ALLAH SubhanA data will introduce to them

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Allah subhanho diocese without the hassle and then at the end I'll put you roofie CBD light on what but Jana interrupting me record fairy Theobroma on the LogMeIn foreplay ALLAH SubhanA Dias says do not even let so when he doesn't say don't believe he says last event don't even think that those were killed in the path of Allah that they're dead. They're not that you're not even allowed to think that he says, but yet when they are alive,

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are they alive in their graves?

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In these dark places, that's kind of scary. Allah subhana data says no but Helen and that have been there with their Lord.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:43

You don't have to worry about people who are winning their award. And Allah subhana data says, but hey, don't end up being yours upon Allah subhana data gives you the sense well, what kind of existence are they having with Allah Subhana Allah. Allah says they're being provided for providing for indicates to you that this is a it's almost like a physical existence. They're being provided for again, not only are they physically taken care of, but spiritually they're taking care of psychologically they're taking care of ALLAH SubhanA diocese, Fetti Ina, they are happy.

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They're being taken care of, they're being provided for their with Allah, that's their company, and they are happy. And what are they happy with? Fetty theta be my attire while I'm in public. They are happy not with their actions, but they are happy with what Allah subhanho data has given them of their bounty because yeah, there's a great bounty from Allah. It's not an accomplishment that a person does. But it is benevolence from ALLAH SubhanA data fed up and down below him in full glyph This is the existence of those who passed away Abu Bakr, the ALLAH and he says,

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law fail if you're failing by the Hoonah wala Chable official name by the hujan

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he says there is no good and any good that leads to the hellfire. Any good of a person lives the most lavish, peaceful, tranquil, happy, hedonistic life. wealthy, they never suffer anything. And that person that enters into the hellfire, there was no good in any good that they experienced. And he says when I should live, he shouted him badly enough. Well, I shall do it for you tell me about the agenda. There is no evil and any evil that leads to paradise. You take a person who has the most horrible human experience.

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But if they enter into paradise, then there was no evil there was no harm in what they experienced. That's the perspective of the sahaba. And the prophets, little white isn't and tells us that in the Hadith and Muslim he says that there will be a person me now I'm not an odd, a person who had the most blissful human experience. I want you to imagine somebody who was born with this not a silver spoon in their mouth, a bold spoon. They were never rejected by anybody. They had power. They had respect. They have love. They had beauty they had everything that a person could possibly want in this dunya they never suffered a headache. They never had the flu. They had a beautiful, perfect

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life. Whoever had that life from Helena but they're from the people of the fire when they are dipped into the Hellfire for just a moment they are asked did you ever experience anything good in your life ever? They will say no yado

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that moment of experience, the Hellfire will make them forget and deny any good that they ever experienced. But then I want you to exit I want you to imagine the opposite that the province level it is and that tells us a person who is from the least who had the least in this life in this dunya from the people of paradise. I want you to imagine a person who never knew being healthy ID in their life. A person who never knew family, a person who never knew love a person who never knew

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who never knew security. They never knew safety, emotional safety, physical safety, they never knew any of that. That person is dipped into paradise for a moment. The province of allied s&m says and then that person will be asked, Did you ever experiencing anything? Did you ever experience anything that that person will say no Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah

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Rasulullah sallallahu SNM says, we'll ask the people of paradise and He will say to them, is there anything more that you want?

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Anything more that I could do for you?

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And the people will say, Oh, Allah, didn't you write in our faces? They didn't you enter into us into paradise. There is nothing. There's nothing that that we could possibly ask for more. And sotto sotto la cellulitis and it tells us that Allah Subhana Allah will remove the barrier that is between him and that and they will see Allah subhana diatas face Allah says the Lydian asanas personnel was the other that for those who do well they will have a Husna they will have goodness paradise was Jada and more Imam Mashallah. And he said that Xia is seeing the face of Allah subhanho data. And Allah subhana data says would you when you're either not allowed or behind NASA, that people's faces

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in Jannah will be blissful, gazing at their Lord gazing at their word.

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And you shouldn't be

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the challenge though, to bring this all full circle is that Jana, this Jana, that we are seeking is surrounded by hardships. It's surrounded by pain. It's surrounded by difficulty

00:30:03 --> 00:30:11

Rasulullah sallallahu ala send them says Allah in Nusselt Allah his idea, the commodity of Allah what Allah is offering is very, very expensive.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:20

And as in Allah in nasarawa, Allah He Jana, the commodity of Allah is Jana. And so to get to Jana,

00:30:21 --> 00:30:36

a person has to detach themselves from the dunya. They have to see the dunya for what it is. And then they have to recognize that to acquire Jana, they may have to go through incredible difficulty. And so we ask Allah azza wa jal to

00:30:38 --> 00:31:15

gratis ease in our seeking of Jana, and that ALLAH SubhanA data make us a source of ease for His servants. And that all this kind of data brings ease to our brothers and sisters and vice versa, that he watches over them, that Allah Subhana Allah makes the ground firm underneath their feet that ALLAH SubhanA data heals their brokenness that Allah heals they're sick that Allah Subhana Allah Allah protects them with his whatever, watchful eye that ALLAH SubhanA data reunite the brokenness of their families that ALLAH SubhanA dot accepts their martyrs that ALLAH SubhanA data grant some security after their fear, and that ALLAH SubhanA data protect their blood along Miami satellites.

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