Reciting Quran in Sujood

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Hello Zicree

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to la

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llamada Kumara de la vaca

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Yes, name state and question please.

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My name is Dana and I'm also calling from

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Mashallah sisters. I was there in your town nearby What do you guys? What do you guys want in the conference?

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Yes I enjoyed I enjoyed I enjoyed the brothers and the sisters did Mashallah was fun sisters if you have a question for me,

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You know,

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we should not decide who I'm doing.

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How about

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that I'm

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sure I will answer your questions. Is that all you have for me tonight Susanna?

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mean, thank you. I mean,

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I'll answer your questions inshallah. Our sister sign up.

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I believe she is also from Minnesota. May Allah subhanaw taala reward sister Gina for calling and I enjoyed my

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time in Minneapolis. The last weekend I was there for a convention. She's asking regarding the recitation of the Quran while you're making sujood and Alhamdulillah. She's aware that we cannot recite the Quran while we are making rakura and while we are making sujood but then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us accountable my akuna labdanum Robbie, he will who was the closest a servant of Allah can be to Allah is when he or she are in a state of servitude when they are prostrating. But now the question here comes in that the best that a person can make is that which comes from the Quran and the DA which comes from the sooner you see mmmmm building up here.

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Now when you make the ayah while you are in a state of sujood and that is taken from the Quran, you're not reciting Quran, you are not reciting Quran as simple as that. What you're doing is you are making dua to Allah Tina if it dunia has Allah wa fill out the Hasina joaquina but not your intention is not the recitation of the Quran. Rather, your intention is making Doha which was mentioned in the Quran SR Zeynep. I hope my answer is clear to you.