Ramadan Motivations 25 – If you are in need, ask Allah

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This myth

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smuggler cinematic moment will live in Monaco. It's time to

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stay right mannerheim

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hamdulillah helping aalameen salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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Begin by praising Allah as origin or 100 Rahimi noble Allah mean asking him to pan over to Allah to help us and to assist us.

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And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to continue to grow amen in our hearts and for it to manifest on our tongues and bodies. No essential panel what Allah to help us despite our weaknesses and whispers of the shade lon despite what kind of whatever could be discouraging us around us that he would assist us Japan on what data for us to continue to get closer and closer to Him and to help us overcome our own weaknesses and struggles so that we eventually triumph and we enter into the eternal bliss of Jenna closest to Allah subhana wa tada and are saved from Hellfire in the next life and also are saved from deviation and the troubles of this life to ask him to pan over to Allah to

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help us and to assist us and we asked him to panel what data to send. So that's number one is messenger. So the law Allah He will and he will sell them to make us among his followers in this dunya and his companions with the hereafter. mean your burrata mean?

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So the Hadith for today in sha Allah is reported by autonomy the

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and in the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mendoza that de Falco

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whomever is visited by a hardship, specifically financial hardship,

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that unzila happiness and he relies on people to fix it.

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To rescue him. Love to set the falfa to his hardship will not go away.

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His poverty will not go away.

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Woman there's gonna be far far but the one who is visited with this poverty or financial hardship for unzila habila and relies on Allah to take care of it. Oh Sheikh Allahu Allahu Benin, I didn't know urging Allah azzawajal is about to send to him a thinner or riches to enrich him, sooner or later.

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Sooner or later.

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So this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is beautiful in the sense that it redirects all of us. And all of us have needs but direct redirects all of us away from people.

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And exclusively to Allah hiser. God in whatever needs befalls us. So the beginning of the head, he said, money isn't a thief, aka, FERPA is more specifically financial hardship, this financial need.

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But we can also expand it to mean any kind of need also, I mean, though, the head is talking about a financial need, which to a lot of us is the most alarming of needs that if you think about it, what is the thing that keeps you up at night, a lot of the times it's financial need, I lost my job where I'm going to get the next job. There was a pay cut,

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I may get sacked all of these things more than a lot of other needs. So this highlights it, but it's not really only about it, there are other needs that we have also, I want to get married, I want to get into college, what will happen to my kids, all of these things, all of these are needs so as human beings, there's always a need, we always need something. And sometimes even with all of that sometimes there is this sudden need sudden loss.

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Sudden sense of where is this gonna come from who is going to take care of this Manasa t Falco? So this one is going to happen. It just comes to you.

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And sometimes it's visits you at night when you're wondering what's what's going to happen next. Who will take care of this? What if I lose that? Okay, when you cannot sleep, you may be aware of what I'm talking about at night when you can't sleep and something hits you and this this that sense of anxiety of what's going to happen and who's going to take care of this and that or sometimes it just wakes you up. Or sometimes this need really is an actual need that you're in debt. All of a sudden there's an accident.

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family says somewhere, a family member needs you. And there's a lot of money involved and you don't know where that is gonna come from.

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Somebody in the family gets sick, and they need hospitalization, and you need a lot of money.

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So when there's a bad behavior, that is that sense of panic that the Hadeeth is talking about fansler happiness, you take this farka hardship of yours, and you rely on people. So you think to yourself, who will help me who will assist me who will save me, so and so I'll ask so and so I'll go to so and so, it also takes other forms form of complaining. So whenever you see people, whenever you meet people, you're complaining about your love in life, or I don't have a lot, or my job is not good, or the prices are this, in a sense, not only complaining, but you're also hoping that people will assist you. So through complaining, you also are hoping that somebody will save you. So in both

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cases, whatever it takes, essentially the heart that that time relies on people.

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That's what that's what you think is going to help and is going to save for unzila happiness, you know that this is like, and we're going to give you an image in sha Allah for both of them so that we understand it best. So a guest comes to your house, you have nothing to serve Him, that's like the need that has visited you, and you don't have enough money, you don't have enough resources and savings to be able to take care of that need. So you think to yourself, like you think you fall within this guest who will host Him and who will feed him. Maybe my neighbor, maybe that other neighbor, maybe I can call this maybe I can call that. Okay. So that's the neat, a visitor, a

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visitor like a guest would have come to you. And you're thinking who can take care of that guest and feed him and the only one that comes to mind, and you're most reliant on other people I can talk to so and so he's rich, and he can help me. So we have in our hearts need. But we also have reliance on people and greed into our or for what they have into their, what they have in their hands. He's rich, he's a doctor, he's a businessman, he knows she knows they can assist him. That's what comes to you. So the profit is all up to them set them to set default, this is what happens with that person is is the need will kind of not going to be fulfilled, his financial need is not going to be

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Okay, so if you ask,

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but we know of circumstances, we have examples of people who are in need.

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And they go and ask other people, and they assist them. And then their financial need goes away.

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How do we reconcile that with this, Heidi?

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We say in Sharla, we reconcile it in both two ways.

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The first way is that initially, if you are reliant on Allah azzawajal This does not really stop you afterwards from seeking people's help and counsel,

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borrowing money, seeing a doctor who could help you physically, not financially, physically take care of your illness. A businessman who can give you consult consultation unnecessarily money but consultation so advice or physical assistance or borrowing money or asking people to simply assist you with your hardship. But if you initially write and mostly I'll rely on Allah as though did seeing other people as what, as secondary to Allah, as vehicle for Allah's help, not the help itself, but be it vehicles for Allah's help,

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then he has Allah azza wa jal could satisfy your need through them.

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So you're fine with that.

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So you really at that moment, you're not reliant on them, you're reliant on Allah zildjian. Or the second scenario is that yes, you may not be reliant on Allah at all, and you can ask so and so and so and so and they'll give you money and you can borrow and they can give you even financial gifts that they will take care of that specific financial need. But there is two types of FERPA, there's a third of that is physical meaning a need that is physical and there's a need that is fine, emotional, spiritual, the hearts need

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and the person who relies on people will forever be poor on the inside. Even though financially on the outside, you can look like you are rich, internally or forever are in need. So you have this internal poverty, you always feel I need him and I need her. And I'm reliant on him and her and what will happen to me without them. What will happen to my life if I lose them, so you will always be in a sense of perpetual need perpetual poverty.

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Because you did not ask Allah zildjian you asked so and so and so and so. So the one who relies on people will ever forever be poor.

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And that is also part of the meaning of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is if you take your need, and you give it to people he will ever be poor, you will never be rich.

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The second part of the Hadeeth is the solution. Vanessa de Falco is this like this guests that come to your house, you don't have nothing to serve them. And you don't think first of all, first and foremost about people you think first and foremost about Allah, Allah guide me to a way that I'll be able to host this person before you ask anybody, guide me and give me something for by which I'll be able to help that person host that person, this is exactly the financial need, the thing that comes to your mind first is not so and so my acquaintance, my friend, my family, my saving something that have invested that can assist me, it'll be a lawsuit.

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It's like Allah is your closest companion, your when he and when he Allah when he Allah is your wedding. And we translate this sometime as as a friend, but it means a lot more than a friend, he's your protector, your guide, you know how you can have some times a son will really don't have that infection habit, where you would have a, someone who find finances you and takes care of you. And he's a rich person who Whatever you need, you can call him and he will help you

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a lot. So Jude is better than that he is you're already your protector and your guide. So if there is something that happens in your life, and you need help, whatever it is small or big, the first thing that the one that comes to your mind is Allah zildjian. So something that happens, God forbid you're in an accident, how I'm going to be for this accident, I don't have insurance, or the premium is going to go up or an accident at home. How we're going to fix this an appliance that goes bad, how will I pay for this? or God forbid, a family member that gets sick? How will I treat this one?

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How will I save them? I don't have the money, I don't have the doctor, the doctors I don't have this I don't have the first one that should come to our mind is Allah xeljanz. So if this hardship befalls us, and you give it to Allah azza wa jal, the prophets a lot he was sitting on promises ocean, Allah, Allah is about to send to him, or enrich him sooner or later.

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And that enrichment takes two forms, just like that poverty in the beginning of the Hadees. The it takes two forms, that enrichment takes first form is financial enrichment, meaning allies often will satisfy your financial need, Allah will give you now how will this happen? It couldn't be through something that allows the just sends you a way that you did not expect somebody had owed you money. And this has happened with a lot of the sentiments that have happened with a lot of the people to date, somebody had owed you money. And for a long time, you've been asking him to repay it, and then you've given up on it. And then you fall into hardship, that person out of nowhere, comes to you and

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says, Here's the money your money back.

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Or as they've said, in the interpretation of the headache, you have around had a relative or a friend, right. And they die all of a sudden,

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and in their Aasiya in their will, you are included. And they send you money.

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Or somebody should penalize somebody as again for it, I get a lot of the setup. They had this, somebody would be in need. And they would spend the night asking Allah zildjian and I'm not promising that this is exactly what's going to happen to you. I'm telling you that these are examples and your and my situation could be different or similar. Allah knows,

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praise the whole night or for few night and he doesn't know asks people around, he doesn't know where that his problem is going to be solved. All of a sudden again, somebody knocks on his door, and he comes in he says this is a gift from so and so.

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He asks, Why do you send me this gift? He says because so and so had a dream. And in his dream, he saw somebody telling him either a relative or sometimes even the prophets a lot he was selling depending on one's level of taqwa.

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He saw the prophet or somebody else telling him take such and such money, send it to so and so.

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So somebody came and knocked on his door and he gave him money enough to remove his hardship. how this is going to happen. Allah knows you apply to a job, you've given up on it.

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And then they call you back and they say we need you for a second interview. We were impressed and they give you this job. Hello Adam, how it No, it's gonna happen. But it is promised in the Hadeeth that you shikou level if you rely on Allah azzawajal that Allah will satisfy your need your financial need.

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Now, immediately or later, but it's promised.

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And so what also you want to take from this hadith is that there is that internal enrichment. As long as you're relying on Allah azza wa jal, you will always be rich, because you don't need anybody else

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you feel alone will take care of it somehow. I'll try, I'll ask, I'll seek before asking so and so and seeking from so and so I'll ask and I'll seek a lawsuit.

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So you're always rich on the inside, because your main support is a law that never goes away.

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Whether I'm in need financially, whether I am in need, emotionally, psychologically, I'm just, I'm not in a good mood, I'm not in a good place in my life, I having

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family problems, spousal issues, issues of my children, before I seek anybody else. I seek Allah as I did, and as long as Allah is the main pillar of support in our life, then we are not poor. And then Allah azza wa jal will guide us the evening that to the best of actions and deeds, the best of words to say, so that our problem will be solved. So later on, if I'm going to go and ask a doctor for medical help a businessman for counsel or for financial loans, whatever it is, our who's going to sue even even counselors and therapists, I'm going to ask them for some help and advice. Allah xuejun will guide me to the best of support and to the best of people and the best of advice

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different than if I seek them, before Allah and instead of Allah zildjian I will always be reliant on them, I'll be and under their mercy and also I will not be guided as I will be guided in the first instance. This another final benefit in sha Allah of this Hadeeth is that one of the best ways of attaining this in this dunya is trusting Allah zodion, unreliable relying on him.

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Now, if somebody asks you and me, what are the best ways for you to get a good job, a good salary, hey, you know, and typically would say, good education, having good up to date skills.

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interviewing for a good job, we know we know these things, or we do these things. Being on time,

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being attentive, being a hard worker, all of these things. But one thing that we neglect to mention and to think about is to work on Allah zewde

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like to call on Allah is one of the best and in fact should be on the list that I've mentioned. One of the best things in fact, the word though, first thing to mention when we say

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what are the best things to bring the risks into our lives? Because in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, though in the context of Karuna, Allah, Allah Gato Cooley, if you rely on Allah, as he truly deserves, as you do, as as you should truly rely on him, he will provide for you like he provides for the birds. They fly out in the morning hungry, and they fly back in the afternoon full.

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Now you think about those birds, they did not go to any college or university in the morning, you they don't really know when they fly out where they're going to go and fight their risks. They just simply leave. They just simply leave. But Allah has though done guides, and that tells you how to like connect this to what we said yesterday, a bird relies on Allah zildjian more than we do. That bird that we look at, and we think, oh, what a stupid animal that is. Right? relies on a lot more than we do. And that's why Allah provides for them the way that he provides for them. They leave out without any promise with they don't know it did not go into a particular job. They just simply fly

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trying to find their risk. Allah gives it to them.

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And they come back and hamdulillah satisfied. He says if you're like them, Allah will give it to you. You still will need to leave your house you will still need to go to your job, you will still need to earn a living. But it's not these things on their own by themselves that provide for you it is a Lazo Adel is the greatest key, all the rest are secondary keys to the risk of Allah zodion. So if you rely on Allah, He will give you this. If you rely on Allah, He will satisfy you on the inside and it will satisfy you on the outside. And this is what the prophet sallallahu cendana saying that Hadith so if you are visited by hardship, give it to Allah first. Allah said it will take care of it

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and it will guide you to ways of how you can take care of it. But if you give this hardship to people, and in your heart, you're reliant on people, Allah xojo not gonna say

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satisfy this hardship, even if it's solved, if it is solved on the outside, it will not be solved on the inside, on the inside, our poverty will only increase and our need for people will only increase and then our misery then consequently will only increase. So you ask Allah has to teach this lesson of that Hadith and make us reliant on Allah zoji. Not on people, though, we can seek people's counsel and advice and help, but it's only after we seek it from Allah.

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So how did that happen? I mean,

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so a question here does this is also mean that we should not discuss our hardship with anyone, meaning we just keep silent, and ask Allah Hello, this not, it's not necessary, you need that this is not necessarily the consequence or the understanding of that high D, there are some types of hardship that you can decide, I'll leave this between me and Allah azzawajal as long as you're able to take care of it.

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There are other types of hardship where if you only

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if you don't seek somebody, counsel, it gets worse.

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So for instance, a kind of hardship that will get worse that you have an issue with your son's learning, or daughter's learning, you don't know the best way to teach them. So that is a difficulty. They're not learning, they're having a learning difficulty.

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If you don't seek somebody advice, you may be actually doing or following the wrong course of action. And it could get worse and worse with them. So for that case, for instance, we say no, rely on Allah zodat. So first and foremost, ask Allah, Allah helped me guide me directly to how I can help them fix if they have an issue, fix it, read on them, and make data for them. So you're doing this. And after you do it, you go and seek educators about missing after you do it. I don't mean like, a year after doing this know, after a few days, a few days or a week of doing this where you have, you know, relied on Allah soda entirely here inside, and you've sought your his help, and you

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made your and all of this, then you go and ask educators, therapists read on this topic, and then seek their advice. So here we have combined both things. You relied on a lot as though did and then you've asked the experts. And we said previously, I think that we said it, I don't know in what constant context, maybe yesterday or a few days before, when we said that the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam would also seek counsel.

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And he had Abu Bakr and Omar as advisors. He had his wives as advisors. So even though he had Allah as though just to ask, but Allah xojo also wanted to show his prophet sallallahu wasallam and show us that there is no contradiction between the two. And the Battle of better right in the Battle of the ditch the prophets a lot he said and accepted counsel from the Sahaba on how and where to be stationed, what to do to protect the Muslims, even though he was the Prophet of Allah Zoda. So that does not mean that if you seek people's help, seek their guidance seek their advice is that you are not reliant on Allah Zoda but you seek it after you seek Allah xuejun and we don't panic when

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something bad happens, especially financial. We don't panic. We remind ourself Yeah, initially we will. Initially in the first moments before we remember Allah so didn't that calms our nerves, we will panic what will happen, it is that time when we need to remind, remind ourselves allies, they're, Allah will take care of it. Allah is the one who brought this and Allah is the one who can take care of it. Allah is greater than any hardship. Say that to yourself. Allahu Akbar, Allah wa ekonomi, including you will see but Allah is greater than any hardship, that any hardship pales in comparison to Allah's power. So why do you think that anything that comes your way cannot be taken

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care of by Allah zoji. So whenever you remember Allah next to any hardship, that hardship diminishes, until it is gone, or almost gone. So Allah zodion is the remedy to any hardship, the remedy to any panic, the essential ingredient in patience and in gratitude, because as soon as you remember that Allah as it is there, it takes that hardship away, it goes away, it becomes very small. And as soon as you remember that every hardship has an end has an expiration date, then you will know that it is small. So yes, you can have some personal hardship, right? Some medical issue, and before that we say why stay and it depends on your patients, but we say why stay patient with

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it. If you know that you can go to the doctor and maybe a lawsuit can take care of it. Right. So for that we say insha Allah there is no contradiction between talking to people about it. not complaining.

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stuck into people about it. And if you complain, you complain to Allah Ya Allah, this is hard. I can't take it, I can't handle it. assist me.

00:25:11--> 00:25:18

Take care of it. If you want to complain, complain to Allah. But when you talk to people just talk to convince, you can talk to people, and you can say

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I'm sick. And it's really hard, but Alhamdulillah I mean, you just want to share this with someone so that they could you could feel better just by sharing it with other people. And maybe they can comfort you with words. In other words, they can say, Oh, yes, I had a similar thing. And it comes down to that it's not as difficult. Or Yes, I also have something in my life. And once you know that, misery loves company in the sense that not everybody is going through something that alleviates your own pain. That makes it easier to endure because everybody's going through something.

00:25:53--> 00:26:17

So seeking counsel, seeking comfort from other people does not contradict insha. Allah relying on other people what contradicts that is to forget about a lot. And you feel that your need is with those people and it is those people who will save you, whereas the person who relies on Allah and he goes to someone and he says, Can you assist? He knows that the response that is going to come from that person

00:26:18--> 00:26:40

is actually from Allah. If Allah wants it, this person will help. If Allah does not want it, Allah, this person will not help. So if they say no, it doesn't matter, you can turn to somebody else. Or if nobody wants to help you say Allah I tried them. After asking you I tried them nobody wants to help me. I have no one but you Yeah, Allah Zoo didn't help me.

00:26:42--> 00:26:54

And when that happens, by the way, if Allah does that, it is a moment what Allah wants to purify our our Nia, our intention, our heart, where we have no reliance except on us.

00:26:55--> 00:27:39

No reliance on except on Allah zildjian. And that is actually a critical moment in our Eman where we if we continue, and if we ask Allah xojo Allah elevates our amen and our our core to a station, it could not have reached without this problem. And some of these problems happen for that exact reason. You are too attached. And I was to attach this is common. We were too attached to people, I thought that this doctor and this wife and this husband, and this kids, these kids, and these parents, these are the ones who will take care of me. And a lot of wants to show us that I'm the one who takes care of you, I'm gonna put you in a situation where you could see no one can take care of

00:27:39--> 00:27:52

you except me. I want you to know this, I want you to experience this, I want you to ask me when no one else can help you, and then I will help you. And that is the benefit of hardship when it comes our weight loss.

00:27:54--> 00:28:18

The question here I know that we can make do is to do it. And before to sleep. I was told when leaving prayer that the man is not supposed to make the art for himself. Specifically during those times he can make a comment does that apply to everyone? Is that authentic? Some scholars said this right? I don't think that that is in the Hadith. Or if that is in the Hadith, the Hadith is not authentic. But

00:28:19--> 00:28:26

I know that some scholars have said that why do they say this? Because they said you are praying for you and them.

00:28:27--> 00:28:30

Okay, you are praying for you and them.

00:28:31--> 00:28:38

And so they were saying that when you are making do up you are leading them in the sun out. So make the earth for everybody, you and them.

00:28:40--> 00:29:08

And it's a beautiful thing, I'm not going to say that it is a must on you will love Adam, this is the limit of my knowledge at this moment. It's not a must on you that it You must make your heart for you. And for them. They're making the art for themselves. They're in the back there may into alpha themselves yet Allah forgive me, Allah this they each one is making job for himself and herself. But it's a good thing, right? without it being a must on you. Or as what have you put it here

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that the man is not supposed to write? I think it's a good thing because you are their leader inside out. Right? you're leading them in this request in the recitation and then they're sujood in the record in the salon. You are the front man who is leading their requests from Allah zodion and they are behind you. So if you're asking to ask for them as well, I think it's a beautiful thing, but that this is a must on you allow them I do not know what that it's a must on you. I will lower them and if I'm wrong, I'll correct myself insha Allah tomorrow, right. But the limit of my knowledge at this moment as far as I remember from

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visiting this issue before that it is not a must on you that you must ask for them as you asked for yourself and say it's a beautiful thing if you do it, but it's not a must on you he can just make

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Go out for yourself. And without that being any a sin on you or a deficiency in the Salah Allah Allah handed out of it. I mean, I don't see any more questions. So come to the I think everybody is satisfied and it gives this time in sha Allah to conclude early this day. So as a lot of but I mean a hammer I mean out of balance, I mean your Allah will ask you to accept from us in this from Allah will ask you a lot, but either need to accept our fasting and he will make it for your sake. And give us the intention while fasting that we are fasting to be forgiven from sin. You are fasting because you love this fast and we are fasting because we want you to love us your hammer, I mean,

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and give us the same intention. When we are praying that we are praying for your forgiveness at night in Korea, that we are praying to attain your forgiveness and we are praying to be loved by you and to love you, your hammer rahimian allow us to open the door of your heart for us. Open the door of the acceptance of DO HAVE FOR US Open the door of the dhikr of Allah for us make that equal of Allah a common thing on our tongue. And a common thing in our hearts make us of those who rely on you more than they rely on people or rely on themselves and make us feel better. And I mean of those when something bad happens that they immediately give that neat to you and remember you and ask you

00:31:18--> 00:31:49

for your support, make us help or make you Allah we ask you that you be the only who who asked for assistance and we ask for help. And we ask you your banana mean, that to make as a one that we trust the most. Now I see a question that have just come and it's about to work kosala just interrupted as I answered them come back to you and shall they're continuing to do how do we stay in tawakkol when we know our salary is confirmed at the end of this month when we know we already have certain savings and feel safe because of it.

00:31:51--> 00:31:56

Now, does this feeling mean that our token on Allah is decreasing?

00:31:59--> 00:32:10

Just say to yourself right when you know that there is a car confirm salary as you said and we have constant save our savings, just say to yourself that none of these things are certain

00:32:11--> 00:32:18

the salary is not a certain it just take COVID-19 as an example the salary is not certain

00:32:19--> 00:32:24

the savings are not certain. And on top of that health is not a certain

00:32:25--> 00:32:27

continued life is not a certain

00:32:28--> 00:32:57

tragedies in life are not a guaranteed not to happen. So if you think about it, nothing that you have in life is a guarantee that it's gonna continue it's going to continue to be the salary that we have not to frighten any one of us the salary that we have, could vote could evaporate. The salary can we can we have that could be spent in a period or month on to on illnesses. Somebody could come and see like steal from us and everything that we have could go away. We could be fired, we could be sued

00:32:58--> 00:33:16

and be entangled in legal troubles that could exhaust our finances. The possibilities right are endless work this all of this could go away. So if you really think about it, nothing is guaranteed. If you think about it, that could frighten you. What if this happens?

00:33:18--> 00:33:26

Now So ask yourself what if this happens, let it happen. We ask Allah that it doesn't happen but if Allah destiny, let it happens, wait, what is Allah?

00:33:27--> 00:33:51

Can Allah take care of it? The one who gave me in the past Can he give me in the future? The one whom I asked, Allah helped me You think he will not help when I asked him from all my heart? That is that the workload and that's why we say that hardship at times comes to shake our sense of full certainty and tell us that you have been reliant on false things

00:33:53--> 00:34:34

false false idols in your life. Allah as the dude wants to show you that none of these things are actually true. And only Allah asserted is true. So these things sometimes you they ask they can take away from our talk, could you treat it by remembering that you can only trust Allah Zoda you can only rely on on lies, that these things are not real things. They're real, but not real lasting things. Could luminary if and everything on the face of this earth is going to expire? It's gonna die it's gonna go away. remind yourself of that so that you don't trust the salary trusting Allah who gives the salary, you're not trusting the job you trusting Allah gives this job, you're not

00:34:34--> 00:34:48

trusting the saving is trusting Allah who gave these savings and keeps keeps them in place and keeps them in place by not making you need them so much in terms of illness or an accident or a swindle that takes all of that away.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

So renew your Tillakaratne Allah xeljanz so that you know that nothing really is real except him Subhana who were to add, meaning that nothing lasts it

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

attempts of Hana with the other. So May Allah We ask Allah zona the Allah renew our sense of to call on you. And we ask you are open Allah need to make us trust you more than we trust our money, our health, our talents, our family, our houses, trusting you utilize it and more than we trust anything that is created where as here but I mean to protect us from the hardship of this life in the hereafter. And we ask you for the best of this life and be out here after and give us the alfia the safety of this life and in the Hereafter. We ask Allah to give us forgiveness and Dakota and risk and alfia we ask you to give us amen and sincerity we asked you to give us the elevations of this

00:35:41--> 00:36:21

life and in the Hereafter forgive us and guide us to the best and protect us from the worst barakallahu li Can we ask Allah to accept from all of us a lie on but I mean continued to supply us with energy, enthusiasm, the ability to worship you in the remainder of Ramadan. And if we're experiencing fatigue, tiredness, we're not in the mood. Help us with this yahama rahimian and renew our email and commitment to commitment to Ramadan. If later to powder is yet to come. Help us you're better than me to make us of those who worship you and that night and except for my car camera me. We'll see you tomorrow at the same time. barakallahu fuchal subhanak alumna will be handing a shadow

00:36:21--> 00:36:29

in that era in that as the funeral go to LA and hamdulillah Hello Bill and I mean as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh