Purification from Impurities

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In this segment of a transcript, various speakers discuss various ways to deal with dogs in the bathroom, including removing shoes, washing garments, and washing one's clothing. They also mention the use of a leash and a wig to prevent the dog from touching them. The speakers provide examples of scenarios where they may use these methods, including in the bathroom, at work, or at home.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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barakato. Starting from Denver, Colorado,

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Masha Allah, Roger Kerry in Denver, Colorado again, I love you all Denver, Colorado. How are you getting used to so much here in sha Allah, I'll be back. I'll be back online in sha Allah and on the 20th of September we're coming back to start working again about inshallah we'll be back with Kareem, do you have a question for each other? Yeah, the question of course. Like for example, when an America and you want to be in the bathroom, or you know, usually most people go to the bathroom. Okay, you sit in the bathroom or mostly because we know that you don't call okay. I got to have the carry brother Abdul Karim from Denver. May Allah reward them. I miss him so much. He's asking.

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Yeah, he's asking he's asking. Okay, go ahead.

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What's the ruling on dogs is anything dissolving or Muslim?

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your pants you cannot spray got you got you got you got you got you. The Jackalope. Kareem from Denver, Georgia Hello halen for his kindness, Brother abdelkarim.

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bead malaita Allah he's asking the first question, uttering Bismillah when you begin you will do and when you conclude you are supposed to say I shall do Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah

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Azza wa Vina Gianni Minamoto pahari

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Now can you do this in the bathroom? There are two scenarios here Scenario number one if there you can place a curtain between the place where we sit and relieve ourselves and you separate the washing room from the bathroom then you can go ahead and and and deal with it like you you know that it's not a bathroom,

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provided that there is no urine and stuff around in the facade because what makes a bathroom a bathroom is a place where we sit and we relieve ourselves and also, you know, you're in maybe the the doubt or the suspicion that there is urine in that facility.

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If this is not achievable, Brother abdelkarim then saying Bismillah at the very beginning of the booboo can be said before entering the bathroom.

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But of course if you're inside the bathroom, then you need to step out and say it before you approach the faucet and faucet is called right faucet is that English? Yeah before you approach the faucet and you begin to actually make a new rule or the third solution say it in your heart. Say it in your heart this pillar in your heart you don't pronounce it now after you leave the bathroom say that that comes after words beaten later. Brother abdelkarim is asking regarding dogs and sniffing and licking and of course living in the United States you end up with these you know situations all the time

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you know what dogs just come jumping on you and you're supposed to be doggy guy I'm not a dog person you're supposed to Oh little doggy and stuff like that. I mean we we shouldn't do that. But

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if what is impure from the dog is the saliva

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not the body of the doc okay is the saliva. Now, what is also a sample does that if the saliva contacts or utensil

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or utensil is things that which

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which we use to eat off or eat from or eat by utensil any attends then we have to wash that utensil seven times one of them was sent. But if their saliva contact any other parts of your body including your cloth, hmm. Then you remove it with water one time End of story. Cliff so you remove it with water you know with with you you sprinkle water and remove it one time only. The seven times the viewers brothers and sisters in Islam applies only two utensils.

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Now if the dog touches you with his skin and all of that, we end up with two scenarios.

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If this dog is known to be licking himself all the time, then simply the skin of the dog may contain saliva, maybe it's dry. So just to come out of the gray area. Just make sure that you sprinkle water on the garments

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And we'll go from there bit later.