I Travel For Work, How Do I Keep A Strong Relationship With My Children

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A lot of parents nowadays have a job in which it requires them to travel constantly. Our children are an important aspect of our lives. How can one maintain a strong relationship with their children even though they might not see them often due to working?
Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim explains

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I travel a lot for work, how do I keep a strong relationship with my children?

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Really, it's not about just what you need to do, but it's also what your wife or husband needs to do. And usually it's the husband who sometimes is a little bit of a distance. In that regard. See your wife, her, one of her main jobs is to make you a superhero, to your children, especially to your young children, that she needs to let them know when you're away, that you're away for a reason. It's not just a holiday or something, you're there because you need to earn for them an income that's halaal, that gives them the life that they enjoy. And that becomes a very important thing, you know, a huge duty on your shoulders, my dear sister, to make your husband You know, this,

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Clark Kent by day when he's at home, but he's Superman when he's gone to your children. Second, it's important as well to consider that you as a father that when you come home, you shouldn't be the one who now is going to execute all of the things that your wife may not have been able to execute. She might tell you, kids didn't do their homework, they didn't bathe in this, this, this and this. So when you come home, everything is command based do this, do this, do this. Why haven't you done this? Why did you miss your prayer? Rather, it should be something that you value, the time that you now have, which is scarce anyway, by practicing with them the things that you would have demanded of

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them. So instead of saying, Why didn't you do your homework, you say, hey, let's do your homework together, and actually sitting down and getting their books out and and participating with it, taking time between you and them in enjoyment in structured environments of learning, and making time for you and then that diffuses their fear of you not being there. And the last thing that I say to you is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, never his kindness added into anything except it makes it better. So let's bring kindness into our home as a stepping stone for a healthy relationship.