Karim Abuzaid – Ramadan – A Month to Pursue Ihsan (Part 2)

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Islam is emphasized, and the use of the god (C authorization) to elevate one's spiritual state is emphasized. The importance of fasting during Islam is emphasized, as it can lead to achieving consciousness of Allah through fasting, but caution is given about praying too often and staying at night. Visitors are encouraged to stay true to Islam, avoiding touching people and not getting hit by people.
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Your brain that is how this is named after

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that Islam has three levels the religion has three domains. What is the entry level?

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Just being a Muslim.

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And you know sometimes you may find someone who prays five times but yet he can back by it he can guess it.

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He can walk around passing speech minima

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because he hasn't attained the level of

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Eman the consciousness of Allah subhana wa

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wa Rasul Allah Hadith.

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Lay yes in his journey he is near

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when a person commits adultery while he is committing adultery he is not a believer.

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Some average by the way the say the devious *

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doll attack fees or Muslim or hostile emails at

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the entry level Islam

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but he's not a believer because what is what is believe that you know, Allah is watching you.

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He's just a Muslim.

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lineal Li man lahoma talaq, welcome

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Eman faith,

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you have to engage the heart.

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Call Attila Rahman.

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adeleye, profound, very profound.

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The Bedouin scheme to the prophets of Salaam they said, We believe Poland to me No, no, you're not believers. Well, I can follow you still were

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you still at the entry level? Well, I can pull Islam

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while I'm

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yet holy man.

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And when faith enters into your hearts, then you can say that.

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But the verse explains how does faith enters into the hearts

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we're in Tokyo law how

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the obedience of Allah and His Messenger for Islam

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is the entry level. Another evidence for this year. Howdy.

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Holiday bullied

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and he's not venerated, but he is in the Hadith

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right after one of the battles

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam given certain people from the spoils of war and fair, and he did not give others. So Holly said to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, aka folarin. And while I'm at folarin, and wahoo, I mean,

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you've given this person and he did not give this one and he's a believer. The prophet SAW Selim looked at him and he said, Are you Muslim? He's a Muslim.

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is a Muslim?

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Is babble a one would imagine you have three circles on the top of one another three circles.

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That is the white circle is El Islam. And this is the majority of the Muslims a smaller circle on the top, or the believers

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and a very small one on the very top. And normally, in the

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whether they as long as you're on that level, if you fall down, what are you going to go?

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He man? And if you fall down from the second one, what are you going to go but guess the third one, when you fall down? Where are you going to go?

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should go as well.

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Whether he's at the edge or Muslim at the edge for Islam, this is the entry level at the man one level up

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in the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala and they believe in the unseen the six articles, that there are angels, there is a day of judgment will cut off the messengers, but comes in at the very top.

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And this is what we said yesterday, a loss of Hannah to either sin, the Muslim, the regular Muslim, the normal Muslim, the month of Ramadan every in order to attain the highest level of the religion.

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And Allah tells me tells you I'll make it easy on you.

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What bothers you shaitan

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what bothers you You're nuts. You will be hungry

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and when you're hungry you're neffs is not as demanding as

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and we mentioned this yesterday Mr. Shara Shara owe you

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money Stata amin komova. So

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if you want to control that sexual drive that you have, then get married. If you're able to, if you can, if you if you cannot afford it or if you cannot mentally you

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then what is the solution? faster?

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Because when you starve yourself for the sake of Allah, then Linda nerissa la la sala de correo and Shay upon a GED meenie miney mo Majora Demi Philo

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shaitan runs into the veins. And when you are fasting, the way the blood? You know, flow is not what I mean if we're going to talk about medical here, but we can incorporate that right here. But he also

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had teens in Ramadan, the devils of the human in Ramadan. Well, if you look at the people they are also

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I told you about the story. I used to have this brother who I used to hang around with what law allows my witness I'm not like he drinks alcohol when Ramadan is he he never drinks.

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He will never drink

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and he doesn't pray

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the fast but he doesn't drink.

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And by the way, he already plans on the day

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that he's gonna go and have some booze. He's gonna drink on the day of Ramadan.

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Nothing from Allah

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Subhana Allah. wa salam filipiak ability when the first night of the month is he Ned Muna demeanor summer a color from the heaven will call Yeah, well he'll hide

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why ever reassure.

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oxes Oh seeker of goodness, the one goodness come for this is your season.

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Oh seeker of evil, desist, stop, stay away. For

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what I'm trying to say is Allah subhanho wa Taala in the month of Ramadan prepares the scene for you.

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In order to elevate yourself from Islam, to Eman to SF. Very quickly here before you go. What is it?

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What is that level that you're supposed to attain a normal on?

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The Prophet defiant

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but he defined it pertaining or regarding our relationship with who

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with Allah

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Maha jabril ask Mel Yes. And what is the lesson what what was the

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what was the answer?

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And duck fell off. And I like this or is it my Muslim who was the famous wording and taboo there. But if you lost an duck Shama

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that you feel a lot as if you see a law

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and dosha law hacker and neck Katara

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added to some Angela Lee. We'll call him Somali elimu Shahada

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that you watch full of Allah with your

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heart because we know that we can with our eyes. That is why the professor Sallam said what? care care care follow up some way the Schmidt mosqueda as if not, you're gonna see him there, as if

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because he can see a lot nobody can see a lot in this world.

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If you cannot get to that level, then you downgrade to another man Zilla to another station which is called men Zilla to Morocco.

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala sees you for ylim tapinto then you always believe that Allah looks at you.

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Allah sees. So this is an asset.

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And so Panama if we're in Ramadan,

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once it comes to fasting in particular, you achieve this when you're fasting.

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You could be alone in the house, by yourself and you

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thirsty, you're hungry.

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With the ledger, good demo, the refrigerator is right there in front of you, and no one is in the house.

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You could go and open and

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fasting is difficult.

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You could do that, but you never do it.

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So Pamela is is an act of worship,

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that you achieve, you attain that consciousness of Allah

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without any effort, that is why it's apparent Allah, Allah says foolhardy to delay kulula mllib near them Allahu Illa. So

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for in a hoodie

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I'm sorry, I was downtown today, down to the lawyer, Sheikh Mohammed.

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You know, downtown, you see these.

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I call them cougars. You know, I don't know if you know, that means, I don't know, they dress differently downtown was it was eerie the ladies and I mean, there's an attraction, especially if you haven't been there for a while. Or just go to California and you will see what I'm talking about. So Pamela, I mean, in Ramadan, you're very mindful of this, like, you're walking down the street and you may look at the lady or who's not dressed, especially now in the summer. Right away, you wake up.

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Your desire is being tickled, right? There is a ticklish year. But first

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I'm not going to entertain what

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it happens in many fronts that you're afraid that you will lose your fasting.

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It happens and how that will maraca but this is what you want to have in the month of Ramadan. femen Zilla to Morocco with Allah subhana wa Taala but before you go, and I normally say this three times, so expect one more time. inshallah, before you actually go

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there is sn one six, it comes to acts of worship.

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What does it mean?

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That you do more than what you're commanded to do?

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By the way, Allah wants you to pray five times and go home and sleep.

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Just stick to that.

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But this doesn't make you

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a Muslim

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should be salted various Allah subhanaw taala says well enough to feed Anakin

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while you

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indeed the righteous will be in Jeanette in gardens paradisus and springs,

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Idina boo, they will rejoice

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by taking what Allah has provided by what the Lord has provided for them look, it now whom can publish ellika in the dunya they used to be what masini what they used to do five times only law can khaleel Amina Lima Joe

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they hardly sleep at night.

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We're bill s hairy homie istockphoto Look at this one. We're fi am wyrley him and in their wealth what Hakuna don't say my aluminum is weird for the marriage.

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There will

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it belongs to the poor and the needy. They don't only stick to the 2.5%

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he sort of talked about the Muslim the entry level

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but sort of a very ad spoke about the machine.

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Lesson now in Ramadan look at this

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man karma Rama Ivana Eamon

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salatu salam,

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Salam ala Tara We, of course, all of these are names in Ramadan, we call it a Torah.

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You're supposed to pray taraweeh

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you get your sins forgiven.

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The last night of the month there is a decaf so you're supposed to do more What?

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Then what?

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Look once it comes to charity, and they tell you 75%

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of the money needed by the oma are reasonable.

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People like to give him a mama

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because they are spiritually lifted.

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Omar attune fee Ramadan omura performed in Ramadan is like what

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hedger in one word in mind is like the reward of performing a hijab with me

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was a casual filter comes at the end, in Ramadan, you can just stick to the five if you want to be a Muslim.

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You can stick to the five daily prayers only you have to do more than that. inshallah tomorrow, we're gonna talk about the level of action once it comes to interacting with one another.

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And this is really where the test is. Because you're supposed to be maxing

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This is the last thing I'm going to say before I let you go. But this is the real one.

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You see in Islam By the way,

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if somebody does this to you

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you're not supposed to slap on the face, right? That's haram but if somebody hits you, by the way, as a Muslim, if you want to, you can go ahead and work.

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But be careful.

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Don't transgress? We're in public.

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That it will be mythically now or give it to me.

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But that makes you a Muslim you can break even

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but that makes you up

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a Muslim only

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for a while and then toss

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it hydrogen Hammad while Eminem tazara min baudeloo me?

00:16:32 --> 00:16:35

me see if I mean sorry. Sure.

00:16:36 --> 00:16:40

Whoever breaks even after he was wrong,

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there is nothing wrong with him. But be careful. If you are hit, make sure what that you hit back what

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equally, has to be what? But that makes you a Muslim. But to be a moccasin like the Christian say.

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What do you do?

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Give me another one.

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Where do we find this in the Quran? Well, Kelvin Nina lava. Well I Athena and in se one law you have seen

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and those who control their anger and forgive people, those are amongst inshallah will shed more light on that interaction.

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between you and the people when you're fasting tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah

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shadow Allah

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