Secret Graves of the Prophets

Mohammad Elshinawy


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The speaker discusses the difficulty of creating a god-like person through shelling and burial. They also mention a proposal to allow people's grave to become a shrine instead of being buried, and the use of shelling and burial as ways to protect against evil attacks. The speaker also mentions a proposal to allow people's heads to become a caskets of Prophet Danielle, but warns of the risk of damaging people.

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It is from the great blessing of Allah azza wa jal that these personalities that came to direct us to God, we don't know where they're buried, so that we are not obstructed by that shrine, that tomb from their message, which was direct your worship to God, not me, right or wrong. Because humans we have a need to have, you know, something material in front of us, right? That's why belief in the unseen is so difficult. All civilizations without prophethood have fallen into anthropomorphism meaning we want a god that's human like, if you go to the Africans, they made a God their gods had their facial features, right, their nose, their lips, you go to the Greek civilizations, you looked

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at their sculptures, they wanted a God that looked like them. Right? You want a god that's like you, it's natural. You want to connect with God, it's fitrah. But that's how shaitan deviates it right? And so when the graves of the prophets are celebrated, that actually becomes a challenge for your towhead you start over exaggerating about the profit at the expense of Allah Azza you start speaking to the one in the grave, right?

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You start asking the one in the grave, when that is only Allah. He is a Semia he's the only one that hears he is unhappy. He's the only one that's immortal. Subhana wa Tada doesn't die.

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And just and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us

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do not be like the Jews and Christians who, who turned the graves of their profits into shrines into places of worship. Don't be like that. Right? And that's why you say, Oh Allah do not allow my grave to become a shrine that is worshipped instead of you. Allah, Allah azza wa jal carbery Eden, a place that is circled back to over and over again, you know are either repeats he say no, make my grave aids, something that repeats over and over again. And I was recalling as I was seeing some of these presumed graves.

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The wisdom of aroma Rhodiola on it is said that when Omar Radi Allahu Allah and conquered basil, mark this and liberated Jerusalem, the Christians showed him the caskets of Prophet Danielle, there was a prophet that was said to be done yet, we don't know all the names, right? Perhaps this was one of them. And he said, What do you do with this casket? He said, Whenever we're short on rain, and the crops aren't really growing, we bring out this casket and seek blessing through the prophet. And that could be okay, by the way, with limitations, but we seek blessing through it and Allah gives us rain.

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So you know what I'm gonna did. Ahmed went to the near one of the nearby rivers and he built a wall to stop the river he built a dam and then he dug 16 graves as decoys to confuse people. And he buried this prophet then he added one of those graves in the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping, covered all the graves and released the river

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to protect the people from dropping the message of the prophets, which is the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal so be careful, right