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The Quranic Analogy of The Value of This Dunya


AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the origin of the Middle East and the Prophet system's decision to send the throne. The use of "naive" in Islam is discussed, with various examples and examples of its significance. The Prophet system is portability, with the only person responsible for distribution being the Prophet. The importance of the Prophet system in shaping Islam's culture is emphasized, with the Prophet system being the only one responsible for wealth distribution.
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Today's brief hotter inshallah wanted to do it I've seen a small section of the Quran five ayat of surah Zakharov. And it's a section that deals with the reality of this world. Verse 31 onwards, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran this is the famous Surah Surah of the passage everybody recited very often in the setup. We hear the Imams recited that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, What Callooh Lola new Zilla ha the Quran Allah Raju demon Acharya Tanea Alvim. The Quraysh said, why wasn't this Quran revealed to one of the two great men of the cities, the two cities are the origin of middle Korea Tanea Alvim, one of the two major cities Mecca and thought if Why wasn't the Quran revealed to

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one of the major people in these two cities? In other words, they're saying, if Allah is going to send our soon, why would he choose somebody like our Prophet system? Who is not wealthy? Who is not from the elite? Why didn't he choose a movie era?

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The famous chieftain of the tribe of the Panama zoom, why didn't he choose our Masuda coffee? Why does he choose even at the earliest, the one who mocked the process and thought about at the end, so a number of seniors have the courage said, if Allah were going to send a messenger from amongst mankind, then he should have sent somebody with wealth, and somebody who has a high status as for the prophets of Allah, who are they, he was salam, He is an orphan, and he doesn't have the wealth, and he doesn't have the minister ships that the rest of these people do. And by the way, this was one of the many electoral votes one of the many objections and one after the other the Quran

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response, the first objection, why would Allah send a human will call to Lola and said, Allah, human like you should have sent an angel. Why did Allah send a human being, and Allah refuted this in half a dozen verses? will not send them a copy. Take a look at John and we've only sent men before you. Is that something new that a man has come? Or is there something you have to deny from the previous prophets were all messengers from amongst yourselves? So then they said, if he's gonna be a man, who should be a man of wealth, a man of status, so then they said, he should Allah should have chosen and Mahira or Allah should have chosen Abba Masood, or Allah should have chosen one of these people.

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So Allah revealed Surah Zohar of, we'll call you Lola newsy Raha the Quran, Allah Raju, the middle of Korea 20 of them. Why wasn't this Quran sent down upon Roger Alvine a magnificent man from one of the two Koreas one of the two Koreas is Makkah and thought if then Allah says, A whom Jaco see mudra amateur a big are they in charge of dividing Allah's mercy? Are they in charge of deciding who gets to have the biggest share of Allah Rama? Are they in charge of dividing the treasures of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah says in the Quran, Allah who you're stuffy, Minetta, Malacca surah Allah chooses the melodica the Russell and the humans are also Allah chooses them. You don't choose them.

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Allah who hate or your child will decide that Allah knows where his rissalah is going to come. Allah has chosen the right Rasul not you. A home Jaco Simona Rama Tara big are they in charge of FISMA of Allah has Rama then Allah gives an example and it is this example we're going to spend the next few minutes on no custom painter whom Marisha To whom will hire to dunya to show you an example Allah is saying your man Isha your sustenance your jobs, who gave them to you? Who made one family wealthy and another family poor? Who made one family merchants and another family farmers? Nah, no cuz some Boehner home money shutdown for either dunya we have chosen for them how much it is each of them

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has. In other words, you see with your own eyes, that some people get wealthy, and everybody wants wealth, but only a few get wealthy. Some people have this track. Others have that track, you might want a certain track, you don't get it. Others are born into wealth. They didn't even aspire for it. They're given it automatically. So Allah says, you see with your own eyes that this dunya it's not of your own choice, some people have it, others don't. So then what do you think of the arciero? What do you think of the Rama of Allah, when you see that this dunya you do not have control over it. You cannot decide how much wealth you have. You cannot just will I want to be wealthy and you

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have that wealth. You see for yourselves, Allah is in charge and some people have this talent, others have that talent, some are intelligent, others are not that intelligent, some are born kings and princes and others are born slaves. No, some Nirbhay know whom my Isha turned out the dunya marvel at this diversity and understand like you have no power over the diversity of those around you. So then do you think you will have power over Allah's Rama in choosing messenger

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is no custom Nirbhay no my shirt. I don't Yeah, we're Rafa and bow the home phone club, I then bought a jacket and we raised some of them over others by many degrees. Some people are raised over others, everyone is raised over others in some manner, but every single person has those that are higher than him and those that are lower than him in particular fields, in terms of wealth, whatever wealth you have, somebody will have more somebody will have less in terms of handsomeness or beauty, the same things in terms of intelligence, the same things in terms of skills, the same things, everyone has a Daraja and some have hired the Rajat and others and so Allah says, what a fat and bow

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the home folk about Linda Rajat and we have raised the each of them over others by many degrees. What is the wisdom? Allah is saying, I intended this diversity, social economic diversity, I intended it why Lia Takeda battledome? bound on so hurry. Yeah, this is a deep verse of sociology and economics. And maybe those that are inclined towards these fields should extract more benefits than I can extract because it's not my field. Allah has given a divine wisdom. By the way, Quran is definitely not communist at all completely anti communist, right? Does he mean his capitalist, but he's totally not communist. Not everybody should have the same wealth, it would destroy the fabric

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of society. No society can function if everybody is exactly the same. That's what Karl Marx wanted. That's what those communists wanted. They thought everybody should be exactly the same. And Allah is telling him the Quran doesn't work that way. Leah Takeda battledome Bowden sahaja. Yeah, we have raised some people over others in certain things in monetary wealth, in power and status in all of the things of this dunya we have given privileged to others why so that one category can take benefit from another category, Leah Turkey, the bow go home bow gun, so for the year, every group is going to find benefit from another group. So those that have wealth need to get benefit from those

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that are manual laborers, those that are manual laborers, they need the wealth from the rich so they do what the rich do not do. Every group of people benefits from the other group and they need each other to benefit no society can function without that diversity. Every entire civic community needs this diversity of talent, diversity of strength, diversity of skills, diversity of even economic levels. And Allah is saying this is my wisdom. Leah Takeda battledome. Bhagwan, so hurry? Yeah, so hurry up. By the way, for those who speak Arabic, somebody might say doesn't Sophia mean to make a mockery of? And yes, it is true. The original word Sahara is to make fun of right? That's a few

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women who they made fun of him right? And Allah mentions that they Yes, hello. And I meant that it was such that Allah whom in whom that they're making fun of the process, I mean, Allah azza wa jal will make so many of them. So yes, the original meaning of Sahara is to mock however, there is a secondary meaning because when you mock somebody, then you are making this person lesser than you. So you're kind of sort of subjugating that person. So there's a secondary meaning of Sahara and that is what Sahara coma for Salah, what are the Jamia men, right? Allah has subjugated that which is in the heavens and earth to you. So Sahara from the same Sahara means to subjugate it means to take

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advantage of and the or to, even though there's the original meaning of mocking, but the second term is disconnected from the first So Leah Duffy the bow the Wimbledon, so Korea has nothing to do with mocking if you speak Arabic, you say So Korea means to mock Well, yes, one route of it, but the other route means to subjugate to get benefit from so each group will take financial benefit and skills benefit from the other. And this is the beauty of the diversity of Allah's creation. No matter how talented you are, and how rich you are, and how powerful you are. Without the rest of society, you will be nothing. Think about that. Think about that. If you had all the wealth in the

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world, but no society to spend it on of what uses your wealth, you couldn't even wash your own car or build your own palace. Now you could do nothing. You need other people and those people they need what you have as well. This is what Allah is saying. We have done this for a wisdom Leah Takeda, battledome Bowden, Surya. Then Allah says whare Mortara Becca Jairo me my edge my own, but I want to tell you one thing Allah is saying, Allah is Rama, which is Allah's guidance, and Allah has the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal and the knowledge of the shedding of Allah and the mercy of being forgiven, because what is the beginning of the verse, A homeotic, Simona, Rama Tara, then Allah

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mentions, if this world is not being divided by you, but by Allah than that which is more important than this world, which is Rama is being divided by Allah Wa Rahmatullah Becca Hiram in my age, my own and Allah's Rama is more important than all

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All that they have gathered. Then Allah says it's a very beautiful verse. Walla Walla and your colonists will own birth and Wahida. Were it not for the fact that mankind would have adopted one theology, one ideology, which is the ideology of COFRA. Now pay attention is a bit of a difficult verse even to translate and even in the Arabic Walla Walla and yeah, Konosuba Tanwar Hayden, Ledger, Elena Lehman, yuck phobia Rahmani luteum, Superfund midfield button one, my idea are they have or they have? Or they have Hold on? Or they have y'all Hold on, right? What? What do you think of Wabun was sued on either head, take your nose. Now this verse even to translate is difficult, I'll

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translate my meaning.

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If Allah subhana wa Taala had wanted to, he would have easily given those who rejected him. Houses of gold, roofs of silver, and ladders to climb upon those roofs of silver, and doors and furniture made out of silver was rufa and made out of gold. If Allah had wanted to, Allah would have given lemon yuck for Uber, Rama and those who do Cofer, Allah would have given them so much golden silver, they could make entire palaces, even the staircase to get to the roof and the beds they sleep on, is going to be made from gold and silver. But if Allah had done this, then those of weak heart would have been so enticed by this, they would have left the Rama of Allah and joined the middle of Cofer,

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do you understand this point here? In other words, what is Allah saying, this dunya means nothing to me. And if Allah had wanted to, I would have given so much gold and wealth to the kafir in Ramadan, that he could have built houses and houses and his entire furniture and everything in it with gold and silver. But if I had done this, then all of mankind or most of mankind, would willingly give up seeking Allah's Rama and instead joined the mill of Cofer, thinking that the gold is more important than Allah's Rahima. You understand this point, it's a bit technical here. So in order to make sure that mankind is not enticed, out of Rama to Allah servants, Allah has not given the kafir, this much

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In other words, the wholeness or the summary. Allah is saying, oh, people of the Quran, and frankly, all of us who are so eager for the wealth of this world, do not realize it means nothing to me. It means so little, that I would willingly give the coffee that much golden silver, but the problem is not in the coffee or the problem is in the week of Eman, Walla Walla, and you're calling us on button Wahida. If I were to give the conference so much golden silver, people would assume that this is better than Allah Rama. So they would divert their attention from Allah Rama from the message of the Prophet system, and they would willingly embrace gopher in order to get the golden silver so to

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not be a fitna to mankind to not make it difficult for those weakened faith. I have divided this world amongst the golfer and the Muslim, this world everybody gets this world is not a sign of Allah is that a Hema? That's what Allah is trying to say, Do not judge my Rama based upon your wealth. My Rama is distinct from wealth, the kaffir can have wealth and the movement can have wealth, the coffee can be poor and the movement can be poor. So what are haematological Hinomoto Walla Walla and your Cornerstone matawa Hayden, Ledger alna lemon jackfruit Rahmani WooThemes superfun min men feel a whole roof out of fear, which is silver. When the adage and ladder is going up to the roof. What

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did you tell a woman was who run and for their houses, they would be doors by the way, the Arabs did not have doors, the Arabs the in Makkah and in Medina, they were too poor to have doors, they would have just a curtain. So the have to have a door was a sign of wealth. To have a physical door was a sign of wealth. So Allah is saying, I will give them doors of gold. Doors of gold was autofab Zakuro fear by the way Zakharova. Again, interesting tangent here completely tangent related. The word Zakharova is one of the unique words again the origin is disputed. But the one of the prominent theories is that Zarafa which is a four letter root is rare in Arabic. As you know Arabic original

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Arabic has three letters. Generally, those that have four or five letters or loan words from other civilizations or what you're aware of what loan words Alright, every language gives words and takes words every language breeds, you give some words you take some words, we have many Arabic words in English.

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We have many Latin and Greek words in Arabic as well. This is the way language works. And when they become Arabic, they become Arabic letters. They have Arabic connotations. One theory which is seems to make sense. Zarafa is actually from the ancient Greek through the ancient Latin, through the Arabic and the original is xerography Zurg raffia zu graphes is a graph is a graph of geography, and the ancient Greeks would call ornate paintings of animals zoo graphy. So the drawings of animals right so like geography zoo, zoo, like from animals and graph is to draw, so Zog Zog raffia became the ornate decorations that were drawn in Roman houses in Greek houses. And the Arabs took this word

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and made Zara off the graph is a graph and the graph means to decorate immensely. And it then became used for gold. This is interesting, I love etymology. I love linguistics. So, although this is just a bit of a tangent, so Zarafa here means gold was a Hoofer. zakra Allah is saying was a holdover what in Kulu, that Iike la Mamata had to dunya all of this is just a temporary pleasure of this world. Well, you know, to interrupt the Khalil moutain. It is the Ark era that Allah has prepared for them with Turkey in the end of our selection here. What is the summary of all of this very powerfully, Allah is saying, the Rama of Allah is mostly manifested, primarily manifested in the

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result of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you owe Qureshi are not in charge of Allah's Rama. We decide who shall distribute Allah as Rama and I have chosen the Prophet system to be Rahmatullahi Alameen he is the one I have chosen to be Rama telling me you have no choice in this. And if you want me to to make you clear how you have no choice, even this dunya which means nothing to me, you don't have a choice. And so that which is precious to me, do you think you will have a choice and even this dunya which means nothing if I want to to Allah is saying I would give every calf her so much gold and so much silver, they would build palaces and houses, their whole roof

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would be golden and silver, their furniture will be gold and silver. And they would be deluded into thinking this is the real world so much so that maybe even the Muslim will leave Islam and convert to Cofer out of a love of this world because of that Muslim. Allah said I don't want to cause him temptation. Allah does not want to cause too much temptation. Allah is not the only causing fitna for us. So to make it easier, I made this dunya neutral my real right now is in the hara, while accurate 200 Kilometer pin the one who is going to get that is done with talking a hadith to conclude summarizes all to this point. Beautiful Hadith and Sunnah Timothy our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, Locanda to dunya dunya and Allah Hey, Jana, how about rutin if this world were worth the wings of a mosquito in the eyes of Allah, meaning, if this world were worth anything insignificant, if this world had any value, the bit wings of a mosquito, how much value do they have? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

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The prophets of saying Allah, if Allah azza wa jal valued this world, even as much as the wings of a mosquito, which means the world is less significant in the eyes of Allah than the wings of a mosquito. If Allah valued this world, infinitesimally small amount, he would not have given a Kaffir even one sip of water.

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If Allah valued this world, as much as the wings of a mosquito, the kafir would get nothing, not even the sip of water, but because this world means nothing to Allah. The Kaffir gets plenty and sometimes the Muslim gets plenty. It's not the mark of Allah is Rama. In fact, Allah might have given the kafir fortunes of gold and it would not have demonstrated Allah subhanaw taala him on the carpet, this is not Allah Subhana Allah Rama is in the Ophira so these are some powerful verses for us. The symbolism and the analogy and the parables of this world versus the Africa May Allah subhana wa Tada make our hearts desire the era May Allah subhana wa Tada not cause us to be blinded by the

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zine of this world and the Zoho of this world. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us pure hearts whose primary focus is always His pleasure, may Allah subhanaw taala make our journey through life easy for us and grant us a pious and righteous death. Well afterwards I wanted to hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salam O Allah who was selling them about a quarter of them habit and while he was so happy

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