Danger of Backbiting and Gossiping in Ramadhaan

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Next question, what are the dangers of backbiting and gossip mongering during the month of Ramadan? One of the major sin in Islam is slandering and backbiting. And Allah says in the Quran in surah, Hamza, Chapter 104 was number one, why low liquidity who must vote to every kind of backbiting and slander that you have to vote to everyone who back bites and Sanders? And unless it's the Quran in surah hoogenraad, chapter number 49, verse number 12, that avoid suspicion, because sometimes suspicion is a sin to not be ill about anyone behind the back.

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Are you ready to eat the meat of a dead brother and a law contingency that may be awarded your ally give the example that a person who bagged bites. It is as though he's eating his own brother. Now eating the meat of her own brother Haram. And further it says eating dead meat. Eating dead meat is also Haram. So if you back by documenting a double sin, not only eating the meat of whether eating the flesh of your dead brother, so it is a very grave sin. And a beloved prophet Muslim said it's mentioned in say Muslim, why number four, how did number six to six, five were provenance Allah Salaam, asked the Sabbath, that do know what is backbiting they say that the Messenger of Allah

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knows the best supernaturalism says that if a person speaks about somebody else, behind his back, which he would not have liked, that is called as backbiting speaking about somebody behind his back with the person who not like is called as backbiting. So one of the Saba Yes, that Prophet, what if the thing is spoken is the truth of the fall, which I mentioned, does the use of the person. So the Prophet said, that if what you have spoken is the truth and the fall does exist, it is called as backbiting. Otherwise it's called as slandering. So backbiting is a grave sin. There's another say a deed mentioned in sunon. Without Rome number three, in the book of manners, or the number 4857 we

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have Sharmila be the wife of the Prophet, she speaks about Sophia, and say that she is such a such thing, many short stature. The Prophet immediately says that what you have said, if your words were mixed,

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in the fee, it would spoil the fallacy. Further, it's mentioned in sunon. Without one number three, in the book of manners, how did number 4860 where it's much announcement Oh, pizza, Tim, he says that Papa masala, Sam said, when you're sticking up to him, that he saw some people whose nails are made of copper, and they were scratching the faces and the breast. And when he asks that causes people to reply was, these are the people who backbite it

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indicating that backbiting is a grave sin. And it is one of the major sins which people should abstain from. And many of us, they do it unknowingly not realizing that it's grave sin, we should abstain from it. And the Prophet also said it's mentioned in the book it was number eight, in the book of commandments, added number 6056 a rumor monger, he shall not enter Paradise. So these are these three come to know that we have to be careful we should get our tongue especially from backbiting and gossip bonding