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Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The host of the Andersons' Union talks about the "fit and the family" of the Andersons' who went astray during the Battle of taboo. The host discusses the "fit" of the Andersons' who went astray and the "fit" of the Andersons' who went astray to bring their children back to their religion. The host also talks about the "fit" of the Andersons' who went astray to bring their children back to their religion.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah ilaha illallah wa sallahu luxury Allah wa shadow Mohammedan are the two who were sued by the respective brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi Tada Donna wabarakatuh and I welcome you once again to Colorado Muslims Council.

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We will get to your questions Mashallah our email is so busy, we have all over 30 questions and inshallah we will get through them one at a time in the light Allah.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam allow me to visit that question which was asked by to me personally, and I presented it to Brother Lucia Evans.

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Regarding It was really asked by Robert, I've been in for a Maui

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in Virginia. And he asked regarding having a family member This is the detail of that question. The details of this question, who went astray? Are they are on the verge of going astray? Should the family boy cut that individual

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brothers and sisters in Islam? Boy, cutting

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coffee in Islam is a means is a sealer. Not a wire, not an objective, not terrible.

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So cutting in Islam, I really disagree. Remember that line is a means to achieve an objective, but not an objective in itself. Meaning

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your boy cut someone because there is a benefit behind it. That benefit can be individual. But anytime that you're around that person, you're around this person, they expose you to fitness, they take us through, they affect

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your religion, they cause you to, you know to go straight to

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then it's good to stay away from those few you shouldn't be around them. They mess up your heart, your Eman, your faith, your deal, then there is a benefit right here. The other benefit that

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they can bring that person would lead them to come back to the deal to come back to the religion. And this is what we understood from Heidi's probably gonna be Alon and

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Maura if nobody our Hillel,

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three companions who missed the Battle of taboo. The reason why the whole community even the whites boycotted them because for them to make Toba. So, if very caring the person will lead them to come back to you, then certainly you can do it, meaning to come back to the religion. Yeah. So coming back to you because they learn for your companionship. And that is they want to be part of the community again. And as a result of this, they end up making up and reforming or rectifying their own religion. But no, here is that scenario, which is really being presented by our ideal and to all of us that you break up a family member who went astray

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will do no benefit from the person for that person. Actually, the chances for this person to find their way back to the religion to the dean becomes very real. Why because we live in a non Muslim community to begin with, meaning we are a minority group, meaning the chances for this individual to come across another Muslim who possibly may bring them back to the deen is not as you know, hi, as

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provided that you're living in a Muslim country. When you live in a Muslim country, maybe in school, maybe in college, but you hardly find another Muslim in your life after the person leaves the environment of faith, the environment of religion, to bring them back to the deen as a result of this brothers and sisters in Islam. I call upon the family

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To keep the channel of communication open with their children who went astray, provided that this does not affect their own religion, provided that they own was talked to them about coming back to the dean in a different fashion in a different way, but boy carrying them would become then a purpose and objective and this is what is. This is not what is meant by boycotting in Islam. Brothers and sisters in Islam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide our children and protect them from his guidance. And I will tell the parents the reason why your children went this way, or decided to adopt that way of life because there must have been a defect in their upbringing and

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guess who put them up? You know, we can just punish them when we fall in short, initially in bringing them up, to understand the religion better. I hope my point is clear. I love living for the sake of Allah Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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