Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #138 – Stop The DRAMA & Do Something Real

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of social media on people's views and feelings, and how it can lead to a "shayale revolution" where everyone is the same way. The speaker suggests that people need to build relationships and focus on what benefits them, rather than just focusing on negative comments. The speaker also suggests that people need to realize that the shayale revolution is not just a pan-eye revolution, but rather a real revolution that benefits everyone.
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One of the biggest problems of social media, including YouTube as that most people are not looking to change their minds. Most people only look at you, they look at me, they look at whoever else you subscribe to as just ways of confirming what they already believe. They don't want to be pushed to think about things differently. And that's a huge problem. Because first of all, everybody has to be humble, everybody can be wrong. I'm wrong all the time. I'm wrong every day, right? Everybody you follow is wrong every day. And so are you, you yourself, the viewer are wrong every day, right? If we're just going to follow the people who are telling us what we want to hear, and telling us what

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we already thought and confirming what we already believed. How are we supposed to grow? How are we supposed to grow? Right? Do you have access to enough information that you don't need to grow that you don't need another perspective? This is how silos happen. This is how echo chambers happen. You just surround yourself with a whole group of people who just not alone. Yeah, yeah, the same thing. If you really want to grow, you do the opposite. You go out of your way to interact with and hear perspectives from people that you don't agree with. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with everything that they say, but at least you know that you're not just surrounding yourself with Yes,

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men, yes, women, right people who are just going to tell you the same thing you've been listening to for the last five years. And the the sad part, the sad part is that some people would be more happy and more pleased seeing scholars or do art or mache, or students of knowledge at each other's throats. They love the drama, and they would watch the drama all day. And they would tell themselves and the shaytaan would whisper to them that they were doing something praiseworthy that they were defending this Deen that they were standing up for the truth. In reality, it's just a circus and reality. It's just a soap opera. And you've turned all these characters into just your own personal

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sofa, you got to be boots on the ground, you got to be working in your community, you've got to be surrounding yourself with a multitude of opinions. And you've got to learn when you can benefit from other people that you don't entirely agree with. And when you can work with other people that you don't entirely agree with. If not, then you're going to be on the same road, in the same rut stuck doing the same thing for the rest of your life. May Allah protect us. If you want somebody to hear your criticism, you need a relationship. Okay? Now, not everybody's going to take criticism from some random person, especially some random person on the internet, right? So you have all these

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people who are just shouting into the wind, right? You're you're talking to a brick wall, you're expressing your rage, you're sharing this, you're refuting this, the other person isn't even gonna listen, you don't have a relationship? Why would they listen? Right? Sheikh Abdullah and Katie and Medina, he used to tell us all the time, don't leave alone, the innovator to his innovation. And that's a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow. Let's know that, again. Don't leave the innovator alone to his innovation. If you do, how else? Is he going to get guided? How else is he going to find the way the city prioritizes? Redemption over? Punishment? Okay. And there's a place for hazard

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like a lot of people bring up you know, you know, well, many people, okay, from among the stuff used to abandon a certain person or a certain person if they express certain views, right. But is that just something that's done in and of itself, with no reason behind it? Now it's done in order to that you're hoping that the pressure is going to guide the person to redeem themselves? Well, what if that technique doesn't work anymore? To redeem other people, you need to build relationships? Okay? If you just leave alone, certain people, how are they ever going to think differently, and then some people criticize certain individuals for building those relationships in the first place,

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so they can give feedback. So they can give advice or you not, people need to focus on what benefits them. And people need to realize that the shaytaan is always busy. shaitana is always busy. If he cannot get you to sin, then he will get you to waste your time. And if you're shouting on the internet, at a certain person, or this person or this person, and they're not even you don't have any relationship with them, you're not going to affect them in any sort of way. You're not going to affect anybody, then are you really, really defending the Omar, you're really defending the truth? Or are you really just wasting your time? Give me a counter example. If we really want to stop some

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of the crazy activism and agendas that are going on today. Look at what the fathers in Dearborn did. They showed up to the school board meeting and they made their voice heard and they defended the truth and they stopped it and they got something done. That's real work. Getting out there real life, real people, real relationships face to face. This is just the internet. Sometimes you have to click the off button, shut down, get out there and do something real

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