Karim Abuzaid – Symptoms of Jinn possession & Magic II

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various symptoms associated with a condition called ginormous fatigue, which is caused by a gene that can be caused by a culture. The symptoms include headaches, headaches that are not caused by work, snacks, and other factors that can cause fatigue. The speaker also mentions a condition called syphilisia, which is caused by a condition that can be fueled by a culture.
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What are the symptoms that you're possessed by gin? Now all of you are going to

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reflect on this one.

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They came up with two conditions when you're awake and when you're asleep. Let's begin when you're asleep. They say number one, when you have a lot of work, that you try to sleep, but you're not able to sleep.

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Like you're spending hours to sleep. But again, I'm not talking about one time, two times three times I'm talking about a range of among two, that you're trying to sleep but you're unable to sleep.

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That's number one. Or you sleep and then you wake up right away.

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You don't that duration of time when you sleep is what is not long

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that you see nightmares in your dreams.

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You see animals

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like dogs, lions, you know animals that want to

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like you see an animal that wants what to bite you.

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But again, yeah, what not one time two times don't come and say we all see that. The other night I saw a black cat trying to bite me while I let go let go. But it was one time.

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We're talking about what ranges

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that you see this for a while. Snakes, dogs, ghosts.

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while you're asleep at night, you're doing what grinding.

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you're grinding your teeth.

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You're biting

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or you're laughing

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while you're asleep

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or crying

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yelling loud or or you're making that all sound.

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Some people do like this. But again, in regular basis, we're not one time two times

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that you see yourself always in a high place about to fall down.

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That you see human in a very abnormal form, like a very tall man like a skyscraper.

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A man whose work

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Again, like I said, a condition that you see this often more than one time in

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any regular basis for you. What are the symptoms when you're awake? They say having headaches. But again, headaches that are not caused by work.

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By a medical reason you went to the doctor you did the scan you did the X rays, the doctor tells you okay, I don't know why you're having headache.

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You're good. I don't see anything wrong with your body. And you still having headaches that means this is caused by a gene.

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You don't want to hear about Allah.

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A huge symptom. Yah hoo, hoo ha Salah is the genie is inside because sometimes the genie can be a Muslim.

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The genie inside who is not Muslim, that you don't want to hear about Allah. Whenever somebody tells Carl, Allah says, Brother, please. Can we talk this about this later? Okay.

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Some people do like this.

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Or when you're you know, when you when you go in into the television and you come across the closet, change the channel, we're not gonna listen to it.

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What are you gonna watch it in a movie? You will not gonna listen to the changes.

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And will you play a tape for him in the car while in the car? You know? Come on, give us an FM Salaam way. You know, so he doesn't want to hear the remembrance of Allah subhana wa lazyness

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he had like a

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like you're

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daydreaming? Like, you're you would be sitting but you're not dealio

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like that people would be doing something and you're on another planet.

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Hey, salovaara go. I'm here. You know that that type of thing.

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a disease in a limb. And again, there is no

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medical reason for it.

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So they say if you have one symptom while you're asleep and two why

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You're awake. That means high potential for

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and you need to do something about it.

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Now, like I said the red one, here is the big issue.

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This is a disease, but a spiritual disease

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that can be fueled and healed.

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