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illallah wa Hu, luxury Kala

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wash a na Mohammedan Abu who rasuluh

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we continue in sha Allah with the same

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fifth Maxim. That's how they like to call it or the fifth row. Sometimes they call it universal normative

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Because again, it's a rule that can contain or comprise a lot of sub rules. A lot of sub rules in different fields of the religion can fall under it. And the rule says, and we, we selected yesterday, the prophetic wording of the rule. We know that the jurist the the scholars, if you read the books, the majority of them, they use an omorovicza Casa de

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matters are to be judged based on the intention behind them. But we agreed yesterday that yonni the prophetic words, and men will be nice to her is much better, because it's taken from Kellerman, who were the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And today inshallah we want to address sub rules, some of the sub rules that come under this.

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The first one here is for

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a near to set the bar, as

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we mentioned yesterday that once it comes to intention, there are two components

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in the act,

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the intention behind the act, you're performing with a Mohini to llanelly.

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Are you being a share of bringing us

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or bring us that's more similar? They are alike, you're praying for us?

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For our cause you praying for us? Which salario praying you bring to rock as witches is a treasure, is it? So natural?

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So the intention behind the act, what are you performing? So that component number one, component number two, to whom? are you performing the act? Is it for Allah?

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Or because you're doing it for the people for the name for the reputation Hello, Officer, may we call it

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airfloss Liana axelent philosophia. The opposite of airfloss, is what you said earlier is showing up. Now,

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the rule says regarding the first component of the Nia, just you knowing what you're about to do is enough.

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You got in the car and you're coming to the machine. Obviously, you're here to brainwash

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Russia. So that's enough, you don't have and that's why it's such an easy act. But the challenge is with

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is in the second one that you're trying to do this act for who for the sake of Allah subhana wa.

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To pay attention to this. I'll move on to 10 kalibo ella 14. Binya t Well, hi.

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This is another sub rule, beautiful,

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permissible things, which if you do, you don't get rewarded. If you do not do, you don't get punished.

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It can turn into acts of obedience, but with two restrictions with two conditions, that you formulate a good intention behind it. And the way that you do it.

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You're getting that

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shall I say this, again?

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permissible things. What does it mean permissible to begin with the meaning of permissible nouba nimueh. You don't have to do it.

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Different to

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mobile. It's permissible. Like sleeping, like drinking, like eating like silly like buying the

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Like getting married, it's all permissible.

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Now, you can turn this into Hashanah

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Bill 81 yet

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that you formulate a good intention behind doing it, and the way that you do it.

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By let's take for example,

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someone who goes to sleep

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but now formulating a good intention behind how you do this. Can you be strong and healthy? To stand in the Salah without sleeping?

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If you're sleepy, can you pray with for Sure you can.

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One of the wives of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, she had her robe in the masjid

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so that when she feels sleepy, she can continue pray. The Prophet said no.

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Pray as much as you can and then go to sleep.

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And the statement of my other measurable is a famous statement. When he said to Abu Salah, sorry,

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how he performs the hedge Jude, he said, I sleep the beginning of the night. And now more hour Laila and now move outward la Li y se buena Mati can, Cebu komati.

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So our Messiah is asking him, how do you play the huddle? What is your technique? How do you do it? He said, after Asia, I go to sleep, then I woke the last third of the night. And I consider my sleep.

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My sleep is a form of worship,

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that when I go to sleep, you're up. I'm trying to strengthen my body so that I have

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strength. So that's the intention table higher.

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What about the way that you should do it you make photo before you go to sleep, you sleep on your right side, you make the car.

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So if you combine those two, you turn this into what

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you're getting it. Let's take for example is our just soldier that the wife A lot of us, you know, but imagine this having a good intention. If you can combine those three intentions when you have a relationship with your wife ideal, at least one What? Oh Allah, I'm trying to protect myself from adultery. Because this is the lawful way that you permit it for me to fulfill this desire.

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Oh Allah I'm trying also to make to make my wife What? chaste as well, because she needs that too. So I'm trying to fulfill her what her desire and of course the top of all Oh Allah, I want a good offspring to come out of this.

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See that? See that? Those three, if you combine those three, with an act, where there can be some Salah when he said

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when he said to the companions were feeble, they had Sadako soda, even when you go into your wife's call your rasulillah He said, You have a satalia rasulillah he said O Messenger of Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal,

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Jani I go and fulfill my sexual desire, which is something that I really need, and I get rewarded, he said, What if you place it in Harlem

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will it be a Sin City

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for this is and of course, the way that you do. So this is the intention What about the way doing it that you do not perform, you know, illegal sexual intercourse like the double masculine and you know, in the back or stuff like that, that you do at work? You do it the right way. You don't perform it in the wrong way.

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Eating and drinking likewise, you know, eating and drinking.

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Just to show you the importance of the thing, when I share Akhmatova

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when I share an Asia come together which one should you give precedence to

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Alicia, Alicia you know what the difference between the latia dinner and Elysia

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Salah to Russia which one you should do first? Why?

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Because you want to have what you need to eat. You want to have for sure and your Salah you don't want to be thinking about food. So now if you eat with that intention that you will not

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and of course you eat with your right hand you eat what is the Bihar you say? Bismillah

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and after you're done with Al Hamdulillah

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but let's move on to something else.

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Another sub rule here that's my fitness.

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But listen to this one carefully.

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Need to show to Lisa hace la Mora worshop to Lita rock to boost our bi lol Metro cat

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can level four is beautiful

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and near to shadow The intention is an intention for the validity of the obligatory

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it is a condition for you

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to get rewarded for what

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you don't commit of her arm

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and knee are too short to Lisa.

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Maura worshop to literate to bill actually I would Furby Island met Luca Sala

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for the Salah to be valid it's a condition that you must have what you need. So it is a condition for its validity to begin with. For you to get rewarded that must be what

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for you to get through this must be what it must be valid to begin with. Will do likewise had likewise to what about the Haram things?

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Someone who does not commit adultery

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we're not supposed to commit adultery, right committing adultery is what is haram? Why are you doing it? For you to get rewarded for not committing adultery you must have the intention that you're abandoning it for Allah

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not because the people are gonna say Oh, he's committing adultery

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or not because

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you're getting that

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not stealing, you don't steal, why are you not stealing?

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Because the bad thing? No, because Allah said what

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not to steal.

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Well identical

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Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever intends to do an evil thing, nothing is deleted.

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What if he does it?

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only what

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you intend to do wrong?

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Nothing is written right? different to the hustle you intend to do has no

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one has an isolated

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one has an isolated right. You intend to do haram? Nothing is written. What if you do it?

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One sin is written down What if you do not do it?

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What is it in other words, Hashanah. But look at the Hadith. Fair enough. Who taraka how fermina law?

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Why didn't he do it?

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Okay, I'm having some lands for Wells Fargo tomorrow.

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Nothing is it?

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I did it. As soon as

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I left it.

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A good deed is written provided that you didn't do it why?

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I went to the bank and I found the cup surrounding the place I can do?

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No, I read stealing is haram.

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That's why I abandon it. You're getting that.

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Take for example, the equity quickly. And this is really the most funny thing that I read about regarding this rule

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that we know that for an Act to be accepted you must have two conditions What are those two conditions

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what is near the two components of knee, the knee of the Act and then a year for the act. What is the second component

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of a little hobby we learned about summer loss well metabo the people once it comes to those two elements can divide into four types.

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One type they have no sincerity nor adherence whatsoever.

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Zero will add will add

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for example, the people who go and offer a Qurbani to added person and they show off

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oh I went and I gave in to that this is person $100.

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So where is he left? Last? He's showing off to begin with it.

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Are you supposed to offer for Barney to added person

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so there is no

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normal toolbar that has nothing to do with this one. You don't need it we have a very funny practice which is really amazing.

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When somebody dies we have these you know every culture has its own like the Koran Hana in

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Pakistan and India. In Egypt we have the thing about you know, you go and hire

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separate disrobe.

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You have, for example, the people they go and and hire these for underwriters

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who charge a lot of money.

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Who will? Who did you bring to his funeral is janessa Oh the chief.

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And you know, he gets, he gets like 20,000 or 10,000 or whatever it is.

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So the act itself has nothing to do with the sooner they are showing off with it. And at the same time, there is no sincerity in it. The second type, you will find people sincere. And this is very similar for nosara. Pamela, the Christians, they are very sincere. Or the extreme supers let's be fair. Let's use that word extreme. So very insincere, but has nothing to do with this one.

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Any one of them would go and sit in the desert for 4050 days not eating, not drinking is trying to walk your unify his neck he sincere no question about it. But what is it? What is the adherence?

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Did the Prophet say do that? No.

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There are people who actually will starve themselves almost to death.

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They are sincere like the Christians as well the Christians they have a lot of sincerity in them but what is their issue is adherence.

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Or Eric one of them I've never sold stood by those people and they said yeah bharatmala haemoptysis when he stood by the people who who are sitting in the machine with the pebbles, they sit in belie we intend good.

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Our intention is to do good they said a lot of good a lot of intention good intentions out there. So the intention must be coupled with must be paired with what the adherence to the prophets of Allah doesn't look at the third type and that type is dangerous to people who cares very much about what

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their appearance if you look him the thau is almost down there with the beard

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as if he's showing off with that, but sincerity when you look into the car into the inner self, but this is between him and Allah subhana wa tada

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of course the fourth live We ask Allah that will have them those who keen on what sincerity and adherence to the prophets of Allah ha Do

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you want to take one more piece, one last piece and you can go

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elegant alakina to tastatur Rafi

00:17:47--> 00:17:49

rehab, Eleni yet

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when you say something

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the thing whether it's crystal clear or whether it is metaphorical.

00:18:03--> 00:18:07

Now for me to figure out what you said metaphorically I need to know what

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your intention

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but if you if it is crystal clear, somebody goes to his wife and he says you are divorced and

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what do you think about that? Do I need to know his intention?

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Come on, do I need to know his intention? No.

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The lafalot II

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sorry, but he goes to his wife and go to go to your father's house Yeah.

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That could mean what

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so this is what this is in Biggles last movement Kenai it could mean go visit your your father or it could go to your house I'm gonna go to your father's house you're done could mean that for now for you?

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And that is why you as a jurist if somebody asked you I said so and so to my wife, if the

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words are clear, sorry, her palace he told him that's what it means.

00:19:13--> 00:19:17

But what if he comes but I really didn't mean it. That's between you and Allah.

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But for me the ruling applies Like wise.

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One last one and I love this ally need to remodel Abla woman Amelie Hannah law sometimes because of your intention, the act can travel ways. ways.

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Imagine the prophets of Allah Solomon he is returning from Kabuki tells the companions there are people who are sitting in the rooms. You did not make a move, but they get a reward exactly like you

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Because of what

00:20:02--> 00:20:05

the intention have as a homeowner,

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they have an excuse

00:20:09--> 00:20:14

to be captured and Mary f will never do nearly enough are four types of people in this world.

00:20:15--> 00:20:20

Someone Allah given wills and knowledge, the knowledge of the religion

00:20:21--> 00:20:26

the knowledge helps him deal with his wealth, this is the best.

00:20:27--> 00:20:29

This is the best you can be.

00:20:30--> 00:20:38

But look at the second type someone Allah giving knowledge only no wealth. But look, look, look because of that knowledge.

00:20:39--> 00:20:47

He held himself with the intention. He says, I wish I can be like the first one. So I do like him.

00:20:48--> 00:20:48

I don't have the money.

00:20:50--> 00:21:02

But I wish I have the knowledge. But I wish I have the means to I do like him imagine for who were beneath he for whom Phil actually shower, they are both alike regarding the reward because of his intention.

00:21:07--> 00:21:17

Well, that applies as well to somebody who builds chemistry For example, He built MSG for the sake of Allah and your intention was for the sake of Allah and after you died, that people came and

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destroyed the machine.

00:21:21--> 00:21:24

Or the people of Vidak came and took over the mess.

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So you really intended this semester to teach what the sooner but after you die, the people work, things change. your intention is based on your intention. Fellas, Allah subhana wa tada and you have seen now Ana De La Salle Angela will continue more with sub rules, more sub rules more sub rules inshallah, coming up to emulate Allah.

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next session is going to be regarding the intention, the intention has to be determined it cannot be wishy washy intention, the timing for the intention when is the intention it is a condition. So it has to come before the Act will detail this in john Chow

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