When you are given a choice between something better and something lesser

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The real version of this life is Africa is the hereafter.

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But we don't see it. Even when we read it in the end. It's like, you know, we just read it with our tongues. We just, we just have this like theoretical concepts. Oh, yeah, I know Jenna exists. I know there's a hereafter. But is it really real to you? Is it really something you actually think about? And pray about? And ask for and hope for and look forward to? Realistically? No, we're looking forward to the party we're going to next week. That's what we look forward to. It's just dunya that's all we see. We haven't been able to see farther. That's why it's so hard to let go. But believe me, when you are given a choice between something better and something lesser, it's not I

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mean, it's a non choice. It's, it's obvious, we're going to choose what is better. And Allah tells us in the code N better, soon and higher tell dunya when efinor to heighten, what

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do you prefer the life of this world? When the hereafter is greater and more lasting? Why do you call