Karim Abuzaid – Acts are judged by their intention #1

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of intentions in Islam is discussed, including the concept of intentions for actions and the meaning behind them. The speakers explain that intentions are not just for actions but also for actions related to the heart and body. The use of "naught" and "naughty," to describe intentions and actions is emphasized, along with the importance of setting goals and milestones for one's life. The use of "monster" and "untangelfated intentions" is also discussed, along with not letting people know about "monster" during the act.
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Allah within

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inshallah we will spend this weekend with the fifth

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Maxim's who power disappear

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the subject which we started and we normally

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present on Mondays and Tuesdays because I traveled last week during the week so inshallah we'll try to make it up

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this weekend inshallah.

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By the grace of Allah, we completed Jani the first card

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the first fifth Maxim

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which was eliakim laryea Zulu bisha

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certainty is not to be overruled by doubt.

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And we spoke about this rule and the sub rules

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that branch out from it.

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Today, inshallah will begin the second one, which is an extremely important one.

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La Jolla,

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Lu Bhima. Casa de her

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actions are judged by the intention behind them.

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That's a legal

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Maxim in Islam, which derive a lot of rules from it.

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Normally, the first thing that we do

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is to establish the evidence for that legal Maxim, what is the evidence? The first evidence we have the verse law you are federal law who beloved Wi Fi manickam Wallach in US Hebrew combi ma cassava kulu. Allah subhana wa tada will not hold you accountable for the oath which you make without intention without

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lower lower lower without having a thought out. But Allah subhana wa tada will only hold you accountable for what your hearts count. And of course, the other evidence is the Hadith which we shared with you a few photos of Juma today, Hades omorovicza, top rhodiola one well, Hadith Raja holy mammal,

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Matata Sahih and in a Muslim forgettable, Mr. Holden nadie, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam enamel Malou Binya indeed whatever you do, is in accordance to the intention behind it.

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The subject therefore, is intention is an extremely important subject in Islam.

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What is the significance and the importance of intention?

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You need to understand something that the scholars have aqidah they look at an at the intention from one side and the Judas they address it from one side

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the tourists are the

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the people whom you ask

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whether this acts which I just did is valid or not.

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So the intention for them, number one, it distinguishes what you do out of habit from that which you do for wash.

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Right now, somebody goes into the shower and he takes a bath.

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What is the intention behind it? Is he making wish? Or is he cleaning himself?

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So the intention will identify that so are you cleaning up? Or are you expecting reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala you're expecting the world from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Consequently, you need to initiate an intention that you're making. You're not just cleaning up

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and that should be the intention.

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Cleaning up we'll come on the site

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somebody walks to the machines, you know, are you working out? Or are you wanting to get the reward for going to the machine

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is the intention right here. So the intention distinguishes what you do out of worship from that which you do out of habit. The second thing which the intention does is it

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identifies the nature of the act of performing.

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fasting for example, you are fasting what fasting are you doing? Is it mandatory fast? Is it a makeup fast which is mandatory? Still, it is so Yamanaka far are you fasting because it's a cafaro expansion, or are you fasting because it's voluntary? Because it's Mondays and Wednesdays? Thursdays? Because it's the three days out of them? What is the intention behind it?

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So you bring to rock as in dentistry, what are you playing Sinatra do the hair salon Christopher

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shouldn't natalija

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you're making up for God, you didn't pray fudger and you're making it up, what will identify that is what?

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So the intent, the intention that you have will identify the act you're doing, you're not just praying.

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And this is why the intention have to occur before you initiate the Act.

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The other thing that the intention does is

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fill Mohammed at once it comes to dealings, especially the issues of tala. Imagine you tell your wife, go to your father's house, go to your parents house.

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What that means,

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when you tell her that what that means.

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You could have the intention of what divorcing her that means I'm divorcing, you will walk or go visit your father. So what we'll add, because there are some metaphorical kind of terms,

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or language. Now the intention, you can tell your wife I divorce you

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that that's clear. You don't need an intention behind that, by the way.

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So when you tell a divorce you, you do not need an intention, they're not gonna come to that there is a whole section on this that

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certain things that intention is not a condition for the validity of the Act, one of them is debt. But when you tell your wife, you know, get out of here, all right, that means get out of the house, or what or are you divorcing her? So the intention identifies that the last thing was the intention does Yes, who is the Who are you doing this act for? And this is what the scholars call sincerity, to whom you're performing this act. is being sincere in your intention in performing

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the act. Now Subhan Allah something about the intention which we mentioned today? Oh, Heather, this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned because the intention is in the heart like we mentioned today, but this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that indeed in your body, there is a limb Addison nominee, membership of the Ummah one fee, Buhari indeed in your body, there is a limb if it is sound, the rest of the body will be sound. Why? Because if you do an act with the physical limbs, lack in the heart, lack in the intention, lack and sincerity, will it be accepted?

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I'm asking you will it be accepted?

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So the heart and the intention and sincerity must be a component of the outward act. Meanwhile, he can do acts with your hearts and get rewards without

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confirming this with the physical. As long as you had a reason not to do it what I'm referring to. I'm referring to Hadith Abdullah Hernandez Ravi Allahu anhu. Manuel Hadith will go to Muslim coluna v sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Menachem

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Mehdi Hassan

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al hamdu lillahi wa salam ala

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amiracle whoever intends to do a good deed.

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Guess what? It's written. One good deed.

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So just the heart without what

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Without the limbs involved engaged in this. Now, what if you do

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multiply 10 and move based on your sincerity, but the least we know is 10 is

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10 times imagine this. So here you are, with the heart, you're able to work to get a hustler without the engagement of the limbs without calling upon the limbs. But of course, I can be intending to do things and not to do them.

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Like you can be sitting in the machine and say, Okay, you know what, I'm not gonna go play tonight but let me intend to go and you have a plan

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that doesn't go this way. You know, you're getting the point like, Well, you know, if I'm not gonna go and get the full reward of wearing a shirt in JAMA and let me just make an intention and meanwhile, you're planning already in your heart that you're going to watch what whatever you're watching or you're gonna continue spending good time with your family. Likewise, we'll we will do we take this and whoever intends to do something bad and Heather Bellamy woman hammer bisaya

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bad deed is it written?

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No, it is not

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the angel will not ride unless what

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unless you do the what if you do not do

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a good deed is written but again look at the restriction here. Why didn't you do it?

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Fie Sevilla fearing Allah

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not because you're afraid that people are gonna see you doing it. Not because you're afraid that you're going to be disgraced you know being spotted doing it or you're afraid of the capsule, the police know you fair enough who look at the Hadith, the whirling fabinho the inner who taraka how fermina law he left it because of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala also the second thing which is the intention doesn't we'll stop here today insha Allah and will continue after he beat me later Allah is the intention can turn

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the things that you do out of habit, the permissible things into her Senate

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in bed

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having a relationship with your spouse

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providing for your family. So Pamela just

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you provide the intention. You're doing it for the sake of Allah. These things which are really duties are things that you have to do you have to sleep You have to eat, you have to drink, you make a salad outfit.

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Well, what is the evidence couple of them? That the famous one feasts on the conversation between Abu Salah sorry about your loved one, and

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they were discussing how do you pray to hydrate at night.

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So as I said, after I try to fulfill that task,

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more I didn't have a lot of the alarm on and said what I do differently. After a shower, I sleep and then I wake up the last third of the night. But here is what he said, What are testable nomatic tassimo komati. And when I go to sleep, I have an intention or a law, I'm going to sleep so I strengthen my body so that I can be fresh when I wake up for the hundreds. Imagine you're gonna be asleep and getting

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imagine this. Add to this. What if you don't wake up?

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You'll be rewarded for what you intended. But again, provided that you have no work. No side plans here that you really intended to play the head

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shifted that was

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the power of intention. The power of this heart intention in Islam.

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Well Howdy.

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Howdy Sadiq. Naboo ACOs are the

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elementary Buhari, female of South Saudi at one stage he got very sick to the extent that he thought that he's about to die.

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And this is the time when he asked the Prophet I only have one girl. You know one daughter sat by the way later on had a big family he actually lived survived that and he said What should I do Rasul Allah for her.

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Should I I take Jani third out to give for the sake of theory Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised him and he said in mechelen tuneful nessa cotton feast. Tabitha de hawala, whatever

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Use been shaken the pleasure of Allah had Tada, OCC marotti

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even what you place in the mouth of your wife, feeding your family providing for your family and kids, imagine this you get rewarded for that. But this must come with what with an intention inshallah so be delayed Allah will we'll discuss this more. And we're going to go over after fetcher tomorrow the controversial subject, which a lot of people unfortunately because it's really these lists that people who pronouns the intention, and we're gonna discuss the evidence, because they use the statements of Imam Shafi and others, but they misunderstood them totally inshallah, but we will carry on with this fifth Maxim, this weekend in sha Allah,

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Allah moviemax Mufasa even though a lot of the scholars briefing, the teller minobu the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they Bri field another way to express that Maxim they said, Allah mailloux miniata Manhattan TV, but the famous one and who is Omu Bhima Casa de but Jani schooler said, why not use alamelu binita why, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said what enamel?

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Binya, this is much better because of the color manabu Jaramillo Pharaoh subhanak Aloma the harmonica Chateau La ilaha illa Anta estafa? Luca tulika?

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Yeah, that's a very good question. And we're gonna come to this the time of the intention, the condition for the intention, all of this is coming up. If you keep up with us, inshallah, we're going to talk about the conditions for a valid intention, the timing for an intention.

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He's asking, Can you initiate an intention in the middle of the Act? The answer is no. Because the intention is a condition was shown to yet the problem.

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And the condition comes before the act. You see in any acts of Islam, in the acts that we do, it has conditions has pillars, duties, recommended, disliked, and nullifiers. Look at these six, any act that you do in Islam, there are conditions this is number one, conditions, pillars, pillars is FEMA, he Attila Ahmed is part of the act like Al Fatiha in fact it is a condition or a pillar is what a pillar white settler because it is within what the act What about the Qibla? It is a conditional repeller Why? Because you're supposed to look for the triple A before what about about covering your hour? Is it a condition or a pillar? Is it what a condition why because you should cover your hour

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before you enter into the Salah show a shot comes before the Salah comes before the act. Here is the only time we had a min

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Yani I'm bringing this min, the famous book for kosuna

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sets. Look, the only time that you can initiate an intention is if you if you bring unrestricted nephila

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and you want to turn it into restricted Navid nephila, do you know what that means? You come into the masjid Alhamdulillah you braid your fork you're now if you're

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with me, ready to rock us?

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A lot of work to rock as unrestrictedly schoolwork you're praying it without what you're just playing with. What is the intention here you want to be closer to Allah Salah. But there is no intention for this is called unrestricted nephila. And this is by the way what were banned from breathing during the forbidden times what are the two forbidden times

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the forbidden times

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after acid until what sunset and what is the other time after Fagor until and the third time

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yeah zone yes is that well, when the sun that there are three forbidden times you're right there are three so when the sun is what

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in the senate there. So this is actually what we're we cannot pray. Lower the tenor full Muslim. But let's say that you didn't pray

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It is though, and the sun is the zenith right there. Should you pray or should you wait?

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right away because you have a reason you came to the machine and you went to the hair to the machine. You can do it as long as you have a reason for the Salah. We go back to the question that brother was here to ask. Now, during the Salah, with the intention of unrestricted nephila, you can switch that nephila to a restricted one. nephila let's say that our man an embrace this morning,

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you can turn it into something that refreshes during the act, you can do that.

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Law, it has to be identical.

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It has to be from an identical type of Salah. Oh, this is the view of Christianity. If you get Africa soon. That's the only time other than this No, the intention have to come before the act.

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That's another one. Yes. But

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you haven't really initiated the fast Did you?

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that that's that's another scenario, which is very interesting that let's say that during the day, we're not talking about mandatory fats, we're talking about what voluntary fats you have not eating, you have not drink anything, you have not drunk anything. And you have not basically

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done any newly fire fasting, any element which will nullify your fasting basically, as if you were fasting but you did not fast. Let's say that 10 o'clock in the morning, man, it's in the winter and Maverick comes around for you know, why not carry on with that and fast and you initiate an intention there. But still, the scholars brother the wood, they said that they reward you get is for the amount you initiated the intention, even though you're fasting is valid, but from the time you initiated the intention, that's where you get the reward for that, but that's another scenario is very interesting. I'm glad you you hinted to it. That's another scenario but you see, we're talking

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about starting an act. And then

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you know, in the middle, you changing it or you initiating an intention for it. What is the evidence here? if What if he Allah Hi, Danny, just for you to know how do you do Lavanya?

00:22:38 --> 00:22:46

Harris Huff's I believe not Arusha hafsa Huff's alright so one of the to the prophets, I shall write

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that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came one day and he asked they have something to eat. She said no, he said in need and then I will fast today that's during the day but we're talking about what

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voluntary fast because we have the other Hadith which is Hadith hafsa if it is one of the two narrated this Hadith, the Hadith mela movie The Sierra Madre, whoever does not intend before his fasting is invalid. This applies to the mandatory fast Ramadan, making up days. So yarmulke fara. suyama net all of this is mandatory fast. You must have the intention before for this to be valid, but we're talking about suyama naskila

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Yes, that's another

00:23:44 --> 00:23:47

Hadith that's another issue.

00:23:51 --> 00:23:52

I hope

00:23:53 --> 00:23:55

MANOVA kalamunda is

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no No, I'm good. I'm good. So brother, the wood is referring to the same howdy that actually another day in the same Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually asked, Do you have something to eat? She said yes. He said, I was planning to fast today but you know, I will break my fast. So and and this is the evidence for the permissibility of this is proper English to break a voluntary fast during the day, even though the jurist they said what this person should do, quite frankly, according to the Saudis, nothing.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:39

Nothing but enough for you to know.

00:24:40 --> 00:24:53

If your honor, they say that this person has to make up that day. And yes, he can break the fast he's free. But he has to make up this day. Jani. That's the opinion of him. No evidence.

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Well, it's the intention is

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To fast one day

00:25:02 --> 00:25:22

when you intend when you initiated the intention and that's their opinion, when you initiate an intention, what was the intention to you see, there are all sorts of conditions for the intention if what is Yeah, it has to be a determined intention. It can be

00:25:23 --> 00:25:36

wishy washy intention he can say inshallah I'm gonna fast today but if my wife has food it can be you know the intention has to be what lol just miniature Sardinia just that it cannot be hesitant intention

00:25:38 --> 00:26:04

that's another issue they have doubt is another issue. Yeah you could say if tomorrow is the Ramadan I'm fasting if it is not am breaking my fast like the moon has not been cited and you want to go to sleep and you want to have an intention for fasting tomorrow. You can actually tatara that we have Yes. Jackman O'Hara that that subject of intention fo is very interesting inshallah we'll we'll address it under this

00:26:05 --> 00:26:13

fifth Maxim insha Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed shadow Allah Allah halen stuff legato a while hamdulillah I mean Baraka Luffy

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