What are your Ramadan goals

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah you better care to Ramadan. Now I know we all in Ramadan are focusing on fasting and not eating and not drinking, right. But it's very important just as you focus on the physical fasting, you have to focus on the first thing of your heart from things that displease Allah Spano tab.

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And the best way you can do this is set a goal for yourself, think to yourself, What is one thing that I know I am really weak at, that I have a weakness in my heart towards and write that down, frame it or put it somewhere where it's, you know, visible to you, and practice and work on that one thing, right? This year, me and my kids decided to do this. And I asked each one of them to write one thing they know that they really are struggling with. And you know, so one of them said, you know, I always get angry my brother and sister when they you know, touch myself, the other ones like I always argue with them. So I'm going to try not to argue, and so on so forth. And we wrote it down

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on paper, as you see. And we just put them in very simple frames. And we put each one of them and each one of us signed their name, somewhere where we could see them. So we can always remind ourselves of what is this goal that we're going to work on, and how we're going to really try to help our, like our hearts fast from things that we know that we have a weakness towards right. Now, my goal this year was actually based from the conference that I went to. And when the Sheikh said this, it really hit me very hard. He said what he said, My reaction is a reflection of my heart. Right? When we react towards people, when they do something, and sometimes people do things that

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will totally drive you insane, whether it's at work, or it's your spouse, or a friend or family member, or your kids, of course, especially the kids, they'll do things and you're like, Okay, how do I how do I you don't even have time to react, you just react, that reaction is not a result of their doing. But the way you react, tells you what your heart looks like. So when you just somebody does something and you just are fully angry, or you're upset, or, you know, you just kind of snap. It just shows how your heart is. And that's very scary and very intense. And that's what I decided to kind of put down for myself and remind myself and I wrote at the bottom, what more patience

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especially with my kids, because kids are kids, you know, their job is to kind of drive us crazy. 100 ALEMI Allah guide them all. And I signed my name down mom. So I'm going to ask you to do something practical. Think of one thing and be honest with yourself. Nobody knows you, as you know yourself. See what this one thing is that you're struggling with. Even if you have 100 Things start with one thing you know that you're really struggling with. It's a weakness in you and write it down on a piece of paper doesn't have to be fancy just a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you can see it. And try try to kind of like you know, push yourself to really refrain from doing this

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action. Try to push your heart too fast from this action that displeases Allah subhanaw taala and remember that saved the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what? In nama wise to live with a mimic animal.

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I was truly sent what to kind of like perfect good manners and behavior. The most important thing it doesn't matter how much you pray, it doesn't matter how covered you are and how big your beard or how big you're in a club is. If your manners are not the way that you know would please Alon His Messenger than our salon and all these other things do they really count? Ask yourself, try to fix this here and try to fast fully with everything in you. So you can watch achieved the full purpose of song and that is what Lana Comdata coin. So you can have the taqwa in everything that you say and do your pick your goal, write it down. And remember the way that you react as a reflection of your

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own heart. salamati alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh