Stand Up! Allah Put You Where You Are

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There's a statement to demand when our PA is secondary. And if everybody learned this one, the life would be very different. He said in Arabic, call me hi to apama Korea, or come into a coma can now stand up, where Allah wants you to stand up, or stand up or Allah made you stand up. It's a very deep statement. So when Allah put you as a mother, because it is our is woman, I'm a mother, I'm a wife, I'm a daughter, I'm a full time employee, right? And I am a woman, I want to take care of myself. And I want to please Allah, and I want to study and then the moment you start counting, you get overwhelmed. You didn't even start anything. Sorry, forget the numbers. So in this moment, this

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day, this year, where did he put you number one, for example, if you are pregnant,

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so you're pregnant, meaning you're a servant of Allah in the pregnant state. So I'm not going to expect I am going to do what I if I'm not pregnant, I'm going to do because there's a limited ability in me. But that doesn't mean I am not a servant of Allah, or I am not pleasing Him the way He wants. So apply this on everything. Because what happens is, let's say a woman, deliver a baby and she decided she doesn't want to work anymore. How do we look at her? Oh, you stayed home? Why?

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You know what I'm saying that she started feeling guilty. Now she wants to go out and work again. I'm not talking about people who need to, I'm talking about people their choices. We don't need to make, we don't need to make others feel, or we feel less in will Allah put us because I am serving Him. So if I watch me again, if I'm in the kitchen, cooking, preparing meal for dinner, that doesn't mean I am less than when I'm seeing a patient in my office could be Allah knows. I am more pleasing to Anwar, in that kitchen, preparing my the meal for my children. And especially if I don't like it, any My My joy is not in in cooking and people aren't different. But I'm doing it because that's what

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he wants me to do. Rest assured your reward from Allah is way more or I will say more, but at least not less than one. I am seeing a patient in the office because he puts me at that moment as a mother and he wants me to serve my family.