Ramadan Motivations 15 – The People of the Sabbath

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The Sabbath is a day where work is prohibited, and fish are not allowed to come into the market. The Sabbath is a day where work is prohibited, and the healer is used to fix mistakes. The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the use of "has" in the title of Islam and the importance of understanding the meaning of "has" in the context of one's life. They emphasize the need to be gentle and allow others to make their own mistakes, and emphasize the importance of practicing Islam and staying ahead of events.

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Siva cintamani Kumar haematoma here

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smilla with handily Lau Salatu was Salam ala Sudhi now he was on he was so happy he was sending them cinema eco Mohammed from LA he or what I came to SL ask I'm wiser do a lot harder I mean that you've been having a good day. A good evening, good morning.

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May Allah bless it may Allah subhanho wa Taala make this a blessing day and night of Ramadan for everyone, you know, like sub from us and give us the energy and the appetite to continue to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. As you know, right, the kind of the first half of Ramadan had passed. And may Allah as have just said that from all of us and what has remained is the second half

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and the second half is better than the first half. So consider in sha Allah the first half to be a, an exercise in sha Allah, so that we could ascend and develop and acquire more a bad or more patience, more wisdom so that we live in India with Allah's help, we can do even more in the second half, especially in the last 10 years Allah has lived in enable us to do so

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have the law of galantamine so today

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we have a story.

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And that story Subhan Allah though it's a simple story, you know, it doesn't take it's just kind of like few areas in the Quran, which is the story of the people of the Sabbath.

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It does answer a couple of common questions that we have, they always come up.

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So let's go through the story first in sha Allah and then as we go through the benefits and the lessons from the story, we will note some of these lessons that will help us in sha Allah and help other people when they ask us, or we encountered them in similar situations.

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So the people of the Sabbath now as we know for Ben Oh, he saw he the children of Israel, he the Sabbath, which is something that we don't have in Islam, the Sabbath is a day which is a Saturday, except is a day where it is prohibited for them to work.

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Other types of you know, actions are prohibited. But work is prohibited on the Sabbath. Every day, yes, but not on the Sabbath. Muslims don't have this and we will understand also why that is the case. So Allah as it says, and this is in Surah, Allah Roth,

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what he speaks to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam as he introducing the store, and he says was allume annual Korea unless he cannot tell the little boy, he says ask them, and the O Mohammed asked them, because this is something that they know about. It's well documented, will report it and circulated among them was a no manual courier ask them about the village or the city that was on the see.

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If you do enough, except one day, transgress on the Sabbath,

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so they now we understand that they transgressed they break Allah's commands on the Sabbath. If the T him he turned who hate and homeo Missa tee him Shura, when your Mullah is between another t him. So Allah says that on the day that they are prohibited to hunger to fish and to hunt and to work,

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the fish come to them sure are visible on the shore, they come to them, they come all the way to the shore, visible. It says to the extent that if they were to grab them below Allah, if they were to just extend their hand and grab them, maybe they'll be able to catch them. But they only do this on that particular day, the Sabbath.

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way on the nice video on other days, letter team, it doesn't come to them. The fish doesn't come as a Subhan. Allah has an analyze of the fish node. Those people are not supposed to get us on the Sabbath so they come or rather Allah as origin. That is Allah

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So the fish on the Sabbath when they are not supposed to it comes so close, it is so tempting that they get so out so many of them. But then on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, the fish runs deep into the ocean, it's hard for them to catch the fish. So they really have to go after them. And that is the pattern.

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So you ask yourself, why is that the case? Why was this happening to them? A lot as a Justice Kennedy can bloom be McCann we have so cool. So do we test them? So do we have flecked afflict them because of their sins?

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And so we are told in the Tafseer, that when they started to see this,

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rather than reflecting the fact that why is this happening to us? And what is the message behind all of this? Isn't it odd and peculiar that on the day, when Allah asks us not to fish, all the fish comes to us, whereas on all other days, they don't? Isn't there something here that we should learn from this, rather than they do this? They played a trick. And they played that trick on home on themselves on a laza widget so that it is said that on a Friday, they would dig holes,

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and they would put on, you know, barriers or nets, so that when the tide comes in with the fish comes, it will fill these holes.

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And then when the tide when it's apps back, when the water goes back, all the fish will be collected in these walls or in those nets. So technically, they didn't do anything on a Saturday. Technically, they didn't do anything on a Saturday, the work they've done is on a Friday, and on Sunday when they collect the fish, but in reality, when did this fishing take place?

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When did it take place on a Saturday. So this is what is called the hater, a trick in Islam.

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It's called the healer. And it is absolutely prohibited. That if Allah says something, you find a way around it, so that he can find a way to do what you want despite what a lot one by playing a trick on the letter of the Sharia and the spirit and the intent of the Sharia you just work around it.

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So it was a sin. And it was a clear sin and so Allah zildjian says what you've caught it Allah continues wave caught at Alma, two min home, limiter, everyone at home any level Monica and Omar as everyone other than shalida, it says, then a group of them spoke to another group. So we know we know that this group, this village, this city was divided into three, the one that fished on a Saturday,

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and the one that is going to speak to the other one that speaks out against this, so three groups. So the second group says says to the third group, limiter everyone a coma, meaning Why are you traveling yourself and advising people that Allah is going to destroy or punish them severely? So the second group thought to itself, those people have sinned, we're not going to say anything to them, because we've seen how sinful they are. And we do not believe that they're going to listen to us. So we're not going to say anything. So when the third group starting to advise the sinners, the second went to the third group, and they said, Why are you advising them for what?

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And a lot already is going to destroy them or punish them severely? So the third group and me Runa Bella, if you wanna hoonah and among those who had commanded what is good and prohibited, what is evil, they said, How do my zero 10 either have become, we said, we're doing this so that it will be an excuse before a loss of the meaning that we've done it. When we face Allah. And Allah will say to us, you've seen this evil Why didn't you not do anything? They say, Allah we spoke against it, we advise them. So my dear attorney in our have become an excuse before Allah when we meet and well allow me at the home perhaps they will listen and have Taqwa.

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Perhaps they will listen and have Taqwa that Allah has of access for them. So medical ob and Jane and Athena and when I saw the lady novela movie, embracing him I can we have so when he says, when they forgot about us about our commands, meaning ignored them, it's not that they actually forgot. So in the Quran, when the Quran uses it when they forgot about us when they forgot about other arguments.

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It didn't mean that they actually forgot, but they treated this thing as this as if there's something that they forgot.

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So it says when they forgot about it, Nick neglected it and ignored it. we punish those who have transgressed severely and saved those who

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won jayna Latina and how to save those who

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had forbidden then from our from those sins.

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And so here in the Quran, Allah xootr specifically

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details the fate of those who had sent mean they were destroyed and the fate of those who spoke out against that sin meaning they are saved and leaves the fate of the middle group in the Quran unclear

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unclear, ambiguous. Okay.

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We'll come back and Charla to to visit this. Then Alesis philomath on men who Hakuna on Kunal kurata. Has he says one day rebelled when they have when they were too proud to follow what do we ask them to what to follow our commands, we told them cool note become monkeys, humiliated monkeys. So Allah as we understand then from this eye, and from other eyes in the Quran that those who have transgressed on the Sabbath what happened to them, they were turned Allah turned them into monkeys, like actual monkeys, right? Animals he turned them into animals. But those animals they didn't have a progeny they didn't have children, they turned into monkeys and then that's it is said hello,

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Adam, few days after they died. But no human being that Allah surgeon had transformed into an animal as punishment has children and lineage right? They don't procreate.

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So this is this is the story about people who had obey disobeyed Allah tried to play a trick with Allah's rules, and Allah azzawajal turned them into monkeys. Now, let's go to the beginning of this story. And try to extract some of the lessons that we said will benefit us typically day in sha Allah, one of these lessons is that can that he can abou him, so do we test them because of their sins? That is, why is it that Allah zildjian had made that difficult on them like that?

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What rod in that test? He says it is there since.

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So when they sinned against Allah as certain other sins, and they had this appetite for sin and appetite to displease Allah as the didn't play tricks with the Sharia, this sinful nature of theirs and behavior of theirs, complicated their lives, and invited further tests and further afflictions. So we understand from this and one of the major benefits and Shall I want us all to remember from all of this is that when you send it's like a magnet when you send, it invites greater tests from Allah and greater complications in life.

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So what we see as humanity in general,

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as Muslims living in a particular in a Muslim country, or a non Muslim country, or in a city, or even as an individual, if I find that there are greater and greater complications in my life, and I am not a pious person, I'm not a person who's asking Allah for forgiveness, and not trying to cleanse my life of sin of greed on this and that.

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And I find that getting more and more complicated, and I'm visiting a visited by more and more tests, I should understand that it is these 10 these sins of minds that are inviting these tests of Allah and more afflictions of Allah and more complications in my life. And this is something that we as humans have to ponder. We find if we find that our life is getting more and more complicated, more and more grim, a lot more tests coming our ways. biological, chemical, social sapan Allah psychological is getting hotter and hotter. And we don't change our ways and we don't stop sinning and upsetting Allah azza wa jal, then rest assured that this formula continues to work till today in

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a blue we McHenry of suffering greater sense, greater bandwidth, greater tests and greater afflictions and things are progressively becomes harder and harder.

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So those people if they have seen this, the medicine shouldn't have been to play a trick with Allah's rules. And this is another thing that we should extract from that. That when Allah as dogen says to something it is how am I shouldn't try to play tricks on myself, and play tricks with the Sharia and tried to secure this in another roundabout way. If this is how long it is, how long

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if it is Hello, or if it's an obligation, it's an obligation, and lazada knows your heart and mind. If you're trying to play tricks with Allah and you're deceiving someone, a human being, you can deceive Allah as Odin and so Subhana Allah what happened to them being turned into monkeys and becoming a lesson to humanity of how not to do

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And not how to how not to live. They have became that because they taught they can trick Allah zildjian and trick his Shinya and you cannot do this. So if Allah xojo says no to something, he says no to it, adhere to that, and know that your benefit lies in leaving it. And if he says that you have to do something, know that your benefit is in that and do it. And don't try to deceive Allah xojo. Because if you try to deceive Allah and if you treat Allah like that, you had your own Allah haha to whom you're trying to deceive Allah, you will be deceiving yourself, you will be deceived, you will be tricked. You think that you got what you want. And when you think you got it, you will

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lose everything. This is how the hypocrites used to act. And so those people thought, oh, we're getting more fish, Allah so to destroy them.

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So you don't win. If you're trying to trick Allah zodion. The last lesson we want to take in sha Allah from this is commanding good and forbidding evil.

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The third group which spoke out against that sin is the group that Allah says they were saved, that Allah saved them. What happened to the second group, the group that didn't say anything, they did not sin, but they did not say anything.

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Some scholars have said early on, you know, from all the time from the Sahaba, some of the Sahaba thought they were also destroyed. Because they didn't speak out against evil.

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They kept quiet. And some others have harbor some other scholars have said no, they were also saved, because they were not sinners. They were not seen as they did not go and fish on the prohibited date. But we can say in sha Allah is the most likely

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outcome or the most likely interpretation is that, yes, they were saved.

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But they were saved will love them because of the third group, the one who said no, publicly

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to add to that first group.

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And that is another lesson. The other lesson is that if there is no group among us, it doesn't have to be every single one among us. And our will ma foreigner here in Hong Kong is not an obligation on every single Muslim. No. But there has to be a group among us, who speaks out against evil and commands people to do what is good It has to be. So if this group does its job, then all of us have done our job. If this group does not do its job, it's absent, that every able person who is able to do this task and does not since and becomes responsible and culpable before Allah so do and that is why we have to and this is an oma and Mohammed sallallahu wasallam is an almost an hour window for

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nyoka. That is we have to speak out when we see something that is wrong and say that this is wrong.

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This is how it shouldn't be done or this is an obligation and it's not performed. Otherwise there is no good left in us and otherwise we subject ourselves to the punishment of Allah zildjian. And so another lesson also that comes from this. When they ask them, why do you advise them and they already are sinful and they're not going to listen to you? They said as a as an excuse before Allah

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so that we clear ourselves of any blame. Yeah, Allah we did what we can. So this is one of the benefits of an unproven model one and in Mongkok command, in good forbidding evil that is, I did what I can at least I did something. And also maybe they'll change because and this is something that we, you know, you often hear, I have a relative, I have a friend, I have a son, they have a daughter, and they don't listen, should they keep giving them advice.

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We say what, yes, keep giving them advice. Why?

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Because you don't know a lot could change their hearts Exactly. As they said here, let alone yet upon maybe they will listen. Maybe you decided that they will never listen, maybe they told you that they will never listen. But maybe they will listen, maybe Allah will change their mind. Of course, you have to be careful of how and how many times you remind, you have to be gentle, you have to.

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But at the same time, don't give up on the fact that Allah can change someone.

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And that is another benefit of an ergonomic model for NIH and the allies, the gel makers of those who practice this obligation and this sooner and may allies it and makers of those who change themselves and other people through that practice mean so insha Allah a couple of questions, let's try to answer as many as possible but in the law. It says How should I advise someone who holds grudges and has a very hard time to forgive people?

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So Pamela mean

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You just asked them I mean if you are a person who is at fault if it is your fault would you not like someone to forgive you?

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And if you had committed something to upset Allah as a surgeon, would you not allow one Allah to forgive you? Would you want a lawsuit to delay forgiveness and hold that against you till your death until you meet him? Or would you like the forgiveness of Allah to be very close to. So as you would like to treat, to be treated, treat others as you would like to be treated, treat others if you want a lot to forgive you forgive

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if you want to be forgiven by other people forgive, if you hold grudges, then you're further away from Allah forgiveness. And if you hold grudges, you are further away from people's forgiveness. So ask Allah for it. Meaning ask Allah to make you a forgiving person. And forgive for the sake of Allah, I don't say forgive for the sake of so and so. Forgive for the sake of Allah zoji. So this is what I think you can advise them, allow them and let them make do if they still don't have that heart of forgiveness, a forgiving heart, ask them keep making the other Allah grants you this heart and maybe in time in sha Allah, Allah could we believe Allah cat, just keep asking and be in Illa

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Allah will give that to you, inshallah.

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It says, If you cannot do what you normally do in one day, will it be written as if you didn't say I can treat as much on this day because I had work, I had to work more.

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Well, low on I mean, it's not the same as being sick or traveling. So I mean, all of us have this, all of us have this meaning on one day, I can do more and another day I can do less less, this is life. And if that turns into a pattern that becomes a pattern in our life, so on Fridays, or on weekends, I can do a lot more. But when it comes to other days of the week, I cannot do so it's not exactly the same as being sick when B Oh, you're being sick, you can immobilized

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right, you can do this, or when you're traveling a travel is again, there was just so much demands on your time and it there's so much hardship with it, that it's just not possible to do what you do when you are resident. It's not exactly the same as when you're studying or working and you just can't do the same as you do. You can do on other days, it's not exactly the same. What you can do in sha Allah is just maintain a minimum and that minimum would be become your regular habit.

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That regular habit of yours is what Allah as the devil can for you as yours if you become sick or if you travel

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but just work or studies or house work it just doesn't count because this is something regular and all of us do. Right? All of us have kekana are tasked with this right now. And if I cannot memorize as much Koran and Ramadan because I want to read the whole Quran will it be written as a five memorize the normal amount they usually memorize? No, it's not the it's not the same.

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But I mean but but you're exchanging something for another right? And what you're exchanging a certain sha Allah is also good that if you decided I cannot memorize in the interim hold on because I want to read finish the haoran what you're doing is also a blessing from Allah xeljanz so it's not going to count as if you've done the first will count as if you've done the second but the second is plenty good inshallah.

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So no worries inshallah, about that Allah as if it's not going to give you what you're doing is also plenty good. And

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also, how do you price straight when you cannot? When you come across an area, mentioning prostrating? Do you praise Allah and go down into sujood? Or do you just go down into sujood? Also, how do you do if you are leading? If you're leading in the sila? Nam Allahu Akbar, Allah commanded you go into your suit.

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So I mean, if you are reading, let's say, if you're reading in the Quran, and you come into an area, okay, you just can go directly into your suit. Right? So like, imagine to do so dude in the haoran. You go directly into your suit, and then you rise from it. And you go into the reading of

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the hora. If you're leading in the Sadat, right, you have an option, you can say Allahu Akbar, and you go into this route, and people follow you, Allahu Akbar, and you write, or people are behind, you are aware of what you're saying and that it is a St. Jude, it's possible also just to go into sudo and then rise back and continue reading the Quran without Allah course. So you can also do that as well. Right? So you can move with Allahu Akbar. Meaning because with every interCall in the sada with every movement in the Salah, there is Allahu Akbar, and there's also a possibility that you move directly into it and then move back

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Because it's part of or it's involved. It's part of reading of the Koran and it's a reaction to the reading of, okay?

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How to know that you have the right answer from so that istikhara when you press a little istikhara, don't wait for a dream. Don't even necessarily wait for what you feel like or what is closest to your heart, wait for what Allah brings closer to you, or further away from you. So you've prayed that you want a or b, or you choose a and there's also the possibility or B and you're saying, Yeah, let's choose the best for me. If you prayed seeking a and you find out that a is getting more and more complicated,

00:25:47--> 00:25:54

and further and further distance away from you, whereas B is getting closer and closer to you, that's your answer.

00:25:55--> 00:26:01

So that is the best way for you to know. Right? The best way for you to know

00:26:02--> 00:26:16

So pray and what gets easier and closer is the thing that Allah is going to is destined for you. And what is getting more complicated and more distant is a thing that Allah removing from your path. Because this is the

00:26:18--> 00:26:21

what you're asking it's a lot harder and that

00:26:22--> 00:26:53

is that it brings a closer or further away This is how you will know praise the Lord or Mr. hora once if you feel that you didn't get your answer or things are still unclear you can do with the second you can do it a third times but don't keep doing it you know countless number of times you don't need to do this either one time couple of times maybe three times you know that is enough insha Allah and just then wait and see what our whatever our last digit is sending your way and then as far as diet is concerned, you can do as much as you want in shop

00:26:55--> 00:26:57

How can we pay our car?

00:26:58--> 00:27:41

Can we pay our soccer to Indian COVID crisis fund which might be used by non Muslims let's say cash first should go to Muslims you can give your son a two nanosystems Okay, so if you have a cat, the cat first has to go to Muslims. If it satisfies all Muslims, then the leftover can go to non Muslims but because you have to take care of the Muslims first if you don't take care of the Muslims for who's going to take care of them you just like your brother and sister if you're not going to come and assist your brother and sister who's going to come and assist them. So first of all right take care of Muslims because the non Muslims are not going to be the first people to take care of Muslims

00:27:41--> 00:28:09

to take care of Muslims First there's a lot of new people Muslims will need your help once that is taken care of then then you can take care of non Muslims when it comes to your Zika setup on the other hand, okay they say that door of Seneca is wide open you want to give it to non Muslims of hamdulillah to Muslims and hamdulillah whoever okay. So is the cat is more particular but if from your sadaqa if you want to give a gift to the COVID fund inshallah

00:28:11--> 00:28:12

you mean where it could be an

00:28:13--> 00:28:44

assisting non Muslims or go into non Muslims. I tried to do that Allah with my Christian friend but was told to stop, they respect others in their faith and expect the same for her. Meaning that they told you not to discuss religion with them, that's fine inshallah, at least you try. It's just sometimes you have to be patient and really tactful, know exactly who to talk to, and when to talk to them. So maybe you've done it right, with a person who's not ready to listen.

00:28:46--> 00:29:27

Or maybe it was a bit Bri premature to talk to them about it and inshallah you're going to acquire more I mean and hamdulillah May Allah bless you for trying, may Allah reward you abundantly for your trial, and know that it doesn't matter whether that person responded or not. Allah, we ask Allah to write that reward for you and to keep giving you the strength and wisdom to continue doing this work. So don't stop but sometimes you need to do what you can again in sha Allah more experience and wisdom as you try to know when the door is open for you to speak. So sometimes you need to be patient a little bit just showcase more of your own manners, more of your Islam share Islam

00:29:27--> 00:29:39

indirectly, this is our food. This is our Salah, Ramadan is started, Ramadan is gonna be over. This is eight, when eight comes he gives a gift. It works in hamdulillah what

00:29:40--> 00:29:41

it looks

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social in nature, gracious in nature. And even if they don't end up accepting Islam still you know you're being kind towards another person but you just softening a person's heart and maybe in time insha Allah with a shrine or with CO mingling with them, with them getting to know you're getting to

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Like you insha Allah, they will open this up or you will start Oh in Ramadan we pray, we fast. This is how some people start Subhana Allah

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practicing fasting, because you tell them all in Ramadan because they start loving other Muslims getting close to them, you told them now the Medina started with we're going to fasting so I want to fast like you well how you do it, I'm curious. So sometimes you need to pave the way.

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So you'll you'll get you'll get it insha Allah you just sometimes you have to be a little bit more patient and sometimes introduce it in a social way in a cultural way until they open it up until they ask for more information and then you can get in and give them more information. Right.

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So I answered this one, the COVID fund, okay.

00:30:50--> 00:30:56

would you advise someone who is looking to attain knowledge but it's not sure where to start and what to look for?

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To look for. So we do not follow the people of innovation, what to advise them if they want to seek knowledge, but they don't know where to start, and they don't want to follow people of innovation, how do they let a lot put in your heart the desire to seek knowledge, we say inshallah, if that's the case, if you know and if you can trust some people, ask them directly, what books to read, what lessons to follow, what checks to follow.

00:31:21--> 00:32:06

And then follow these fees. These scholars are those speakers, so follow their lessons, online and locally, follow the books that they have. So start reading these books, start following them and start attending these lessons This is inshallah how you do it. So you just if you know if you can trust some people, and hopefully I believe in sha Allah, you can always find people that you can say I trust those then you go and you say, Who can I listen to? What books should I read? What classes Should I take and then follow those people and then have the lead this is the way that you can do if Allah enables you to travel or you know, sometimes you can join institutions online. Right? So if

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you can follow them you know if you can join them physically meaning travel to seek knowledge or join those institutions or universities online and seek knowledge to have the lead that will give you a regular,

00:32:19--> 00:32:35

structured way of seeking knowledge which could you know, be be more beneficial, but it's not the only way you can also do it on your own inshallah, depending on circumstances just so ask those people to recommend scholars and recommend books and just follow those and read both and show

00:32:40--> 00:32:41


00:32:42--> 00:33:01

okay, what is the idea? Okay, what is the idea about sujood is at the end of the surah like in sort of luck, I have trouble memorizing Quran and Ramadan had only one just memorized and they have felt like I need more memorize but at the same time I want to read the whole or on should I read the whole Quran while memorizing

00:33:02--> 00:33:21

little you can do that as long as you can finish the Quran once. Okay, as long as like as a minimum in sha Allah as long as you can finish the Quran once do that and in addition you want to memorize you can memorize but love the goal in sha Allah be at least finishing the Quran once and if you want to pause

00:33:22--> 00:33:53

in Ramadan and just simply finish the Quran more than once. That's also fine. And then you can go back to memorization right after Ramadan. You can also do this. So you can kind of like reserve Ramadan for recitation and reviewing what you've memorized. So you can do that. Right? So it's up to you. subminimum is let's finish it up, hold on once and then the extra time memorize or finish the Quran more than once, maybe two times or three times a memorization delete laughter Milan, that is totally up to you. Right.

00:33:55--> 00:34:08

So I have a question about Asia how we can calculate the time when it started. Until it when it remains like a summer when it really late and sleep. Can we offer it with the PM? offer it with Korea?

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

Okay, shall let's I'm trying to answer. So for your question, if I understand that about sujood. When you read the about sujood you go immediately into a suit. You don't wait for your record. Okay, so you're reading the I in the Quran. And this is let's say it's in the middle of your recitation, or it will be at the end of your recitation. It does not matter when you read that I and you come to the end of the I have sudo you'll have those marks in the Quran inshallah. So, you read it, you come to the end of the if you go into your sudo then you rise and they have an option. You can continue reading more of the Oran or you can say Allah come on and go into the code. Okay.

00:35:01--> 00:35:02

Okay, one lower.

00:35:03--> 00:35:06

So if you want my advice, I would say

00:35:07--> 00:35:10

read more of the Oran in

00:35:11--> 00:35:47

in Ramadan and kind of like delay memorization and charlatan after Ramadan because when you're memorizing you kind of like call me focused on through after Ramadan only focused on what you're memorizing and reviewing what you've memorized. It may not give you the option of reading more of the heart kind of like a comprehensive reading okay yeah exactly reflect on the meaning. So that's why I say leave inshallah Ramadan for kind of a comprehensive holistic reading of the Koran with a reflection on the meaning when the modern ends is over inshallah go back to memories and memorization.

00:35:48--> 00:36:09

So going back here to calculating the time of sundown in summer, when it is really late and sleep again we offer it with PM, meaning like really late, like really late. So you mean like offering your Isha before but like that, that kind is that what you mean?

00:36:12--> 00:36:53

That is a possibility. That is a possibility. Okay, so inshallah let's let's address it this way. Delaying Aisha Okay, delaying a shot way till failure. Okay. Some scholars will allow it and not really Federer but before failure one hour or two hours before fetchers, so that you would sleep wake up pre Eurasia and pre European, some scholars would allow it because they will say Eurasia goes all the way that some of vicia goes all the way to failure. Some scholars will not allow it because they will say time of Asia goes only till the middle of the night, not 12, the middle of the night, meaning method to measure divided by two, and then add that to nothing. So that could be

00:36:53--> 00:37:11

around 1230, maybe 1245, depending. So they will not allow it. So we'll say here, what is safest insha Allah, what is safest, so that you perform Asia at the right time, according to both opinions, is pretty sharp before you go to bed and then go to sleep.

00:37:12--> 00:37:35

Okay, now, I don't know where you live Exactly. And how I late Asia is. So here we live in or we live. According to some apps and some calculations, a show will go all the way till 11 1055 maybe close to 11 in summer. But according to some other calculations, a show will be at 1030.

00:37:36--> 00:37:53

Okay, and those of calculate the nation's up to till 1030. I'm just I'm making that assumption if you're living here in the surrounding area, is that efficient goes up to telephone attentively, according to that calculation, those who made that were those that calculation, they've said that we've monitored Asia.

00:37:54--> 00:38:34

And we've seen that in reality, that's really the time of Asia. So yes, mathematically or according to the formulas that some people follow. Yeah, it will take you all the way to 11. But they said that, based on our observations and method of calculation, and the observation that we have, is that a show goes not beyond 10 theory. I'm not sure really where it stops 1020 1025 I'm not really sure. So if you're living in this area, or surrounding area, there's some message to follow that. Okay, so by 1030 the creation so if you're living in this area, 1030 insha, Allah should be a reasonable time for you to pray Asia inshallah.

00:38:35--> 00:39:17

If you're living elsewhere, maybe you can check other apps, other methods of calculation, especially in northern areas, right. Where, in according to some calculations, it will take you really waiting to apply way up into the night. But other calculations are more moderate. And they don't require such a lengthy time between method M and H, especially that method to federal federal is very short. So between Madlib and Aisha does not need to be that long. So those other methods of calculations and Charlotte are more moderate and more reasonable in sha Allah and especially that they said it's based on observations and they did make these observations and they found them to be accurate. So we

00:39:17--> 00:39:27

take we take that they take we take that inshallah calculation, because there's ease in that then there's observation with it. So I hope that helps you ensure a level

00:39:30--> 00:39:35

I don't have lectures on surah Yusuf and Sha one maybe in the future.

00:39:36--> 00:39:40

They even have a lot of behind me May Allah bless you may Allah xojo.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

Increases in knowledge, increase our Eman increase our tecoma Allah azza wa jal make the second part of Ramadan even better than the first part of Ramadan for us a lot of but I mean, we ask you, your hammer Rafi mean, give us the strength and wisdom determination to worship you and what has remained of Ramadan, we asked you to

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

enhance our fasting enhance our pm enhance our reading of the Quran enhanced our thicker Have you enhanced our tempo and Eamonn we ask your attorney to make us of those who worship you on the night of other and wait for it and grant us later to pottery out of Valhalla mean, we asked you you are however, I mean, to make us of those who strengthen very badly in the last 10 of Ramadan, whereas we are hamara who need to free us and our loved ones from Hellfire, and to grant us and our loved ones haven't in the grand Lee, the highest levels of heaven was curable and mean to make us of those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan freed from Hellfire in it, who is is accepted in it. Yeah,

00:40:42--> 00:41:20

Allah grant us in the month of Ramadan, safety, physical safety and spiritual safety, safety in this life and safety in the hereafter. Where's your honorable alanine to forgive us all of our sins, the sins that we know about and the sins What do not we do not know about to protect us from the whispers of taking shape on in this month and after this month, to give us strength against our temptations and weaknesses in this month and after this month, to make us of those who are close to you in this month. And after this month. The Honorable as I mean to make us of the people of taqwa the people who love you in this month and after it. I mean you're up and I mean, just come on low

00:41:20--> 00:41:45

pay it off. Realize that and bless you and may Allah azza wa jal increase your email and and keep you close to him and save you from all harm. We shall I will see you at the same time mean orbit either mean tomorrow barakallahu FICO subhanak alumna will be handing a shadow under either hand and stuff you're required to but really, when handling that you're not being an amine was said Imani Kumar hematoma he or accardo