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AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses the importance of helping individuals achieve their goals and offers resources for those interested in the concept. They emphasize the need for individuals to be patient and not let anyone harm them, and provide advice on protecting their privacy. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of showing one's face on social media and the importance of fasting to protect one's health. The speaker suggests creating groups to encourage people to do so, and emphasizes the importance of being contented with what one has given.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Allah Azza wa sallam probably surely somebody who has silly me often a lot but that Emily Sandy of our holly. So the hi Nikolai Milena Elana Arlington, in a cantilever Hakeem, my dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam Welcome once more with our initiative lifestyle, bringing back the teachings of Islam into practical real action in our day to day activities, seizing the opportunity of the blessed month of Ramadan in sha Allah, Allah to achieve our goal in the law and to live a life that was intended by Allah intended by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam hopefully that

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whatever we have selected so far is benefiting to one all inshallah and if you have other comments perhaps a part time lifestyle inshallah in the future that will be excellent to drop it in your comments. We have four pages of candlelight caters for that and we go through all the pages to collect your questions and comments in the law while Ibrahim page Facebook and connect Institute global and connected Institute Karachi as well as live Dean, Karachi inshallah paksa Waiapu, Santa Clara cattle zipline for joining

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and also every time we finish we upload the video on youtube channel at the AWARE Academy. So please seize these opportunities all these platforms are made for you, so that we can hear you and respond Inshallah, as the good news inshallah I want to share with you in sha Allah that as we speak now, the content of lifestyle has been converted into a book inshallah that will be published very soon a villa after Ramadan lifestyle, watch out, stay tuned, Inshallah, a book will be published based on the content that we have delivered so far. Today's episode 23, Allahu Akbar. And again, a lifestyle or the concept that we want to share is part of the lifestyle of the believers. It's a trademark,

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it's the landmark of a believer, once you say I am a movement, I'm a Muslim, this should be number one, or one of the essentials that you should display as a believer and that is a laugh, laugh or Chestatee Allahu Akbar, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Tell earth that don't harp on Allah, Allah he I don't know. There are three categories of people it is an obligatory upon Allah to help such people. So there are three categories of people Allah subhanaw taala, made it compulsory upon himself, to help them who are these three three people, el Mujahid V. Sabine, Allah, the person who struggle for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala struggle and strive to achieve goodness. Now jihad as

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a concept is a complicated one, that we need a whole lecture or even a series to discuss it and I intend to unpack this subject subject that has been unfortunately, misunderstood by so many people in the West and so on. But jihad is a broad concept, one of the meaning is to struggle internally against one's self and desires. Another is combative, Jihad and so on. But the Prophet SAW Selim said that fell into these three categories of people. One of them is Al Bucha. At Sevilla, the Mujahid for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala with Danny and the second one, one nachio and Ledi. You read the last half, and the person who get married with the intention of guarding his or her

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chastity, Allahu Akbar, Allah, it made it compulsory upon himself to help such a person and the third person one while caribou or while McHattie boo. I love you read that and that is back in the days it's not applicable to today's time, a slave who made a covenant with his master to buy or to purchase his freedom. Allah subhanaw taala made it compulsory obligatory upon himself to help such people. So once you intend to get married, or to enter into a relationship, halal relationship with the intention of guarding your chastity, Allah will help you so don't look at anything as all the complications assigned. Once you desire to marry with the intention of protecting your your private

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parts your chastity, you will not now go outside and chat with the opposite gender unnecessarily whether online or offline. Why because you want the chastity you want AF F Allah

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definitely help you and find a way out of your misery out of your, you know, difficulty to get your child into a relationship. It's a rare, unfortunately in our time, it's a rare characteristic that we need to bring back into our life.

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Subhanallah a couple of years ago, there was a journalist in Egypt, Allah, he was calling for a protest against hijab were in Egypt. In Egypt suppose the Muslim countries Pallavi so that's why I said it's a rare characteristic that we should display and should wear as a brand for our faith to protect ourselves from any haram or sinful activities. Subhan Allah Avi Yeah, Johanna V. Allah surpassing the Quran Yeah, Jana V O Prophet, totally as well as you can tell your wives webinar Tika and your daughters when you say mean and all the believer were women or women among the believers, what to tell them jasola To throw upon themselves or to bring down over themselves part of their

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outer garments,

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you know, to draw upon themselves part of their outer garments. So to cover you know, that the head and the the area of the bosoms the chest area to cover it loosely, you know, respectfully, why is that so? So this is better and more suitable for them so that they are known, they are known as believers as chase people so that no one cause any harm to them. Now some people say brother, but the evil with hijab in the West, are being now subject of harm. That's my brother and sister that could be actually a means for their purification from sinful activities that they have committed in the past when you are harmed. From your perspective, if this is a harm, from Allah's perspective,

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it's an elevation in rewards. So be patient. Display your hijab Walterboro Radhanath. Double Tabata Rajan J Lee Yeti cooler, ALLAH SubhanA wa says in the Quran, do not ever display yourself

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you know put yourself on a display for people every one every time they can hear you will look at you and and admire your beauty you are not for a display my Sisters in Islam.

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And by the way, chastity is not only for women, or focusing on woman because there is a special reward for women with our health. There is a special reward we will talk about in a minute. But Allah said don't display yourself as the people back in the days in the days of ignorance used to display their beauty. So they used to use their beauty to attract attention and perhaps even make money out of it. While I do believe we are living in a time, which is you know, bombarded with over sexualized images left and right panel ality there was a lady who wrote an article called Living in a sexualized society. And her name is Anna Webster, if you want to look her up on the internet, she

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said for example, she's talking about her cousin 12 years old, regularly, regularly straightens her hair, waves, false nails and eyelashes, all of which are common rituals associated with adult behavior and are now making their way into childhood as a result of the sexualized images. The see everyday Wherever you look, you go on Instagram, you go on Snapchat, you go on any social media, they are over sexualized these images to a point that those children now have easily access internet everywhere, anytime. They get influenced and they wanted to act according

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they wanted to act according Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, but if Lucha aluminium, most certainly believers are successful, and the word God this is a linguistic sign of you know definition for you, the word come

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in Arabic, if it follows with a verb, like Africa or a past tense verb, it indicates certainty. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us most certainly, these are the successful believers. One of them is Alladhina Onfi, solidarity and caution. Do those who concentrate and focus in their solid? Well Lavina Hemani love we Marleybone and those who stay away from il talks, unnecessary conversation while Levine only Zakka te fi alone and those who pay there's a cada obligatory circa one Lavina only for Roger him half of all, and those who guard the Chestatee those who got the private parts, this is the literal meaning when Lavina home I live for, oh Jim has his own and those who got the

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private parts from any illicit sexual activities. Allah guaranteed them success not only then not only that Allah promised them and for those who Allah, Allah eco home worldwide soon, those are the people who will inherit Alinea through that for those

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Sir home fear holiday those who will inherit what alpha Dosen Allah the highest level of Jana, boom fi ha Holly Dune, they will abide in it for ever Allahu Akbar.

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Now, what is the reward that I mentioned earlier about women in particular those who display off as part of their identity, you will enter Jannah from any any gate you wanted any gates you wanted Allah There are eight gates for gentlemen. You can pick and choose whichever gate you want to enter from Allahu Akbar, Allah unlike other people who will be told where to enter into Janna. You will be guided the majority of the people will be guided as to where to enter Jannah from but women with alpha will enter from any gave the desire the prophets Allah Allah Allah yourself Epson is our Salah tell Murata formula if a woman prayed her five obligatory prayers were sama Ciara, and she falls

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during the month of Ramadan regularly Of course, yeah.

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Well half of that for Jana, and she preserves her private part her chastity and obeys her husband will be told to intergender from any gate she designed any gates you wish she would have agenda from. So my brothers and sisters it's now here are a few advice to help you protect your chastity inshallah. Number one, they get married,

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get married, and do not complicate the concept of marriage. The conditions of marriage is COBOL ie gerbil How would you accept your spouse? She accept you you accept your husband? She accept? You know?

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You accept your husband? He accept you as as a lawful wife? That's a moot? Yeah, of course, dowry and agreeable. Amount are a gift to be given from the husband to the wife. Yes, should two witnesses minimum two witnesses and Willie, Willie guardian to be involved from her five family members? These are the four conditions of marriage. Look how complicated we have made marriage. Today these days upon Allah, how much marriage cost for people to get unlawfully live together. And that's why Little wonder why Zina became super prevalent because the Haram is easy, very easily accessible and the halal is very difficult to accomplish.

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So make it easy my brothers and sisters and get married number two,

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marriage for chastity equivalent to jihad on knifes. When you marry when you be patient, when you display patience and perseverance, from haram activities and say no I will wait until I get married and enjoy the relationship with my husband with my wife. This is equivalent to jihad Neff struggling against your own evil inclination which the prophets Allah Allah said what it is accidental jihad, Assam jihad or Afghan jihad. Jihad one of the best types of jihad is to struggle against your own evil inclination. So and Jihad my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Prophet saw some said about it, not what scenario Islam is, the best thing you can do in Islam is to struggle against your evil

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Otherwise, my brothers and sisters in STEM if we don't get married, and if we don't maintain patience and perseverance from Zina, what will happen, corruption will will spread as per the prediction of the Prophet Muhammad Salah your son, and I said New Relic or the Allah Allah Allah He said, I will narrate to you honey, no one other than I can tell you about it. So at least at that time, he was the only one who heard that hadith. He said I heard Allah's Messenger Muhammad Salah Salem say that among the signs of the hour,

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or that knowledge will decrease, the knowledge of the deen will decrease ignorance will prevail bla bla, open illegal intercourse sexual intercourse will be prevalent and woman will increase a number of men will decrease the number so much so that every for every 50 women, there will be a man who is you know, looking at them and wants to marry and you don't know which one to make. So for every man, there'll be 50 woman to choose to choose from.

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And that's why it's a no decrease and that's why haram activities will increase the layer below. So my brothers and sisters in Islam once again, bring back the eyes of the beam back into our time bring this lifestyle back to us. Marriage is the lifestyle. Protecting our chastity is the lifestyle, not the boyfriend girlfriend concept, not the love that is being displayed in movies and in cinemas. This is not our lifestyle. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that Allah has written for the children of Adam the share of Zina which they inevitably commit every Zina

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every sinner that the children of Adam had committed Allah had written it before you were born. But then the people were looking at the Prophet SAW Selim those who did not commit the actual Zina. They looked at him confused but we didn't commit any Zina. Then he clarified he said ally you know, Destiny is commit Zina and the Zener of the eyes or the stare. What are you watching on the internet on TV or in movies? What are you watching? This is your share of Zina, and I noticed he was in another

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and Tom commit Zina and the Zener of the tongue is the dirty talk well as a biller, the hands commit Zina, the the Zener of the hands is the is the illegal firearm touch the you legs to commit Zina and Zina of the legs is walking towards harm activities. And then at the end of all these introductory introductory method of Zina the private part confirm or deny.

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So we don't want our children to fall into these haram activities. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not bless a person who commit Zina as follow. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Let's design Hanaa as

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a person at the time of Zina is not a believer. Well, I have a beloved male Allah protect us all May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the right understanding of protect us from falling into these haram activities. Amina bland. And remember if you did not watch the previous episode about Taqwa about this the karma all these concepts that we've been discussing since day one and Ramadan contribute to offer contribute to living a life of purity and chastity May Allah protect us all. So go back to these

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you know episodes and inshallah reflect over. So number one get married make marriage easy number to protect your gaze and we spoke about lowering the gaze so you will not in sha Allah any elaborate lower the gaze so the more you look at Halal like the Quran, like the nature like your Halal spouse, halal wife Halal husband, the less you will be bombarded by over sexualized image but images but the more you look at haram, your brain will be overstimulated by these images. And again your private part will react you will react to those images. So Lord again is calling me Nina who Duma number sorry him Minetti I don't know enough sorry him. Allah gave the commands to men and to women to

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lower the gaze. Why? So that their private parts become protected in sha Allah Who to Allah, protect your gaze by fasting?

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Make fasting this Ramadan, a starting point for you to fasting regularly, Monday and Thursday, create a group of fasting on WhatsApp instead of all these groups that sometimes waste our time how many of us are now members of hundreds of groups? Most of them are useless to be honest, any let us be very frank. Most of them are useless, you know, and they send many many flowers and cards and photos here photos there. Yeah, there are many are beneficial and why can't we create a group to encourage each other to fast on Monday and Thursday?

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You know, why can't we create a group for the beauty of southern let's give sadaqa every day $1 A day and let's remind each other and let's you know automate the summer cassava why can't we think this way so that we can encourage each other to maintain chastity why fasting is important because it curb our desire. When you don't have too much food in your system, then your your body becomes a little bit weak so you will not think of haram activity by naturals power

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by natural that's why the prophets are awesome Cynthia Marshall Chevelle all young people, many stata Amin common failure to zellwood whosoever is capable of getting married financially, physically and so on, let him get married. For indeed it is more appropriate, more appropriate for your gaze to be lower and for your private part to be protected Allahu Akbar. And finally my brothers and sisters Sam remember the following don't remember the following da the DA of the prophets Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah made me as a local who the word Toka will offer will Rena repeat after me inshallah Allah Houma in the SLO can Huda what to call well alfalfa well Lena, your

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Allah Oh Allah, I asked you have true guidance, I asked you of true piety, Buddha guidance, piety, you know, total Taqwa well of Earth and chastity Allahu Akbar chastity to protect my private parts. When Hina and self sufficiency like you know, to be content with whatever you have given that's That in itself when your content in your heart with what Allah has given you. That's already richness, and Lena means richness, but it doesn't mean

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Money it means to be contented with whatever you have in your hand. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all chastity and protect us from falling into any illegal shameful sexual activities Amenia herbal alanine and we'll see you tomorrow once again my brothers and sisters in Islam before you leave, please share the video so that you may share the reward. May Allah protect you all desert la vida es Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh