Eight at Eight #004 How to fulfill the rights of the Quran

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh people How are you guys doing?

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Sorry for all of these technical delays every single time we're trying to figure something, something out. Hopefully I get this don't worry about it. It will have we'll have it done in sha Allah.

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I'm going to wait until I get the first person to log in. Hopefully inshallah soon. Soon as I get the first person to come in, then we can start beginning. In the meanwhile, I'm just going to do a few settings be vanilla, I hope that you guys don't mind that.

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Recently, you know,

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this computer has been

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not the best of the computers I've had so far. But anyhow, I'm the law. I'm asking hoping that inshallah everything would be good. All right, Smilla Rahmanir Rahim will be Hina stain will be able to live with Delphine Valera, one a lot of women. Just like Kamala here for everybody that joined. If you are here, just put some comments. This is a new setup that we are using. And hopefully I'm able to actually benefit better. It's going live with three platforms at the same time. It's going live on Facebook, it's going to live on YouTube, and it's going live on Twitter. Anyhow, what I wanted to do is something very interesting and different.

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So I wanted to start covering this book is gonna put it in front of my face,

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which basically is principles of pondering upon the Quran. And I'm just going to do eight minutes every single day as promised, and it's not going to be more than eight minutes so you guys can rest assured that

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the first two minutes I was just talking so we'll begin now.

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So this book, introduction of this book is something really interesting in the introduction that start talks about that Quran upon us like unbelievers, it is one of the biggest blessings right Allah subhanaw taala has given us Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, so um, I want to ask NL theta and letting you know sloughing I mean, are you bad Dina? Allah subhanaw taala says that when we granted then we granted the book to those we have chosen from our servants, the fact that you have Quran in your hand today, the fact that you are a Muslim, the fact that you're able to listen to this right now is an indication that Allah has chosen you imagine, just think about

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like mind blowing, right? Allah is saying some rational Kitab a levy in Slovenia, I mean, everybody knows, you became the inheritors of Quran, not because you filled an application form and you went there and you said check, check check, like this is my application, Oh Allah, please fill this. I want to be a Muslim. I want to be this No, you didn't do that. Right. Allah says, some of our personnel Kitab our rationale Kitab we granted the book, who who were they? I love the NA is for fine. Those whom ALLAH chose. Who are these people that Allah chose? Are they from any other creations of Allah subhanaw taala na na na, these are people that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada selected,

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Min Eva Deena, they are from our servants, Allah Who upvote the fact that you and I are sitting and talking about Quran is not just a mere coincidence. It is because Allah chose you. And Allah Subhana Allah in his infinite mercy, believed

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and knew that you are from His servants. Just Just let that sink in for a second, that Allah is saying, We granted the book to those from our servants. And who are these people, the ones we have chosen? Is the final minute a bad Deena they are from our servants, Allahu Akbar, nothing more powerful than that, right now, Allah has chosen you hence you have the Kitab so what are some of the rights of this book? Right, it automatically the next question that is, you know, what are some of the rights there are now they have mentioned five rights of the Quran.

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And the idea is that I want to be able to go through this whole book and 510 minutes every single day. So the book starts off and it says, there are five rights that the Muslims have and I'm going to read them and I've written them down for you so you can take notes Inshallah, today, we're only going to cover two because of the time number one, Allah subhanaw taala has the element they say that will watch you better let me tell you why. Lena deja, how do you Kitab and Karima from Southern five rights that you need to know about the Quran. First one, Allah subhanaw taala says listening well

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either voting for an office damiere Ola who

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mostly to learn come talk to him on when Quran is being recited. Listen first me or or listen to it while I'm asleep too and be zipped up. Don't talk

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and listen to the Quran. So the first write that the Quran has upon you and me is that when Quran is being recited when Quran is being played, when Quran is being heard when Quran is being taught, whenever you hear a law whom, for example, Hola Hola. Hola.

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Quite listen to it. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala says what is the output here what is our Korea over here means when ever like in whatever time and space and where ever you are, if an is being recited what either orally, you're not reciting Cody is like when a third person what it is being recited audio Quran first I mean Allah who listen to it, listen to the Quran first ammirato What an slave to and be zipped up. Don't talk, do not talk when Quran has been recited. What's the benefit? Allah Subhana Allah is saying if you were to do that, there is a whole lot I like them, there is hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will have mercy on you. Right there is hope that Allah subhanaw

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taala has had will have mercy upon you. Now this this particular verse, it comes in sorted out off, and I wanted to actually go through quickly the verse Let me just do this right now while we are here. For those of you that are online Zack malarkey for being here. Please do share, comment, whatever you guys do, do your thing you do you I do me. That's how we do this. That's the formula. All right, let me try to do this

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last panel data. All right, this is a new setup. Please be patient with me.

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Okay, all right. I am going to share hopefully I'm able to share screen

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okay, next time. I guess. I'm not able to share screen. Oh man, I had something prepared for you guys. Okay, whatever, next time in sha Allah. Just just just don't leave, I'll figure this out. This is very new to me. And yet Allah, it's as Rhys is gonna get.

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Anyhow, Alhamdulillah Allah is manifest saying that the first rate that we have is we should be listening to the Quran. The second rate, who wants to know, anybody wants to comment on the second rate?

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Anybody wants to comment on the second? Second, second, second, second? Second, anybody wants to comment? Oh, look at this. A lot. Somebody just mentioned this amazing joke Allahu Allah for mentioning this

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beautiful comment she says that, and I still am still some are chosen who studied the whole Quran and spread it Subhanallah so powerful, right? So so powerful that she's saying that it's like, Allah chooses some people And subhanAllah for the rest of their life, the only businesses that they study the Quran

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you know, this is even more powerful. She says, People become really excited, really, really excited when they are chosen by someone renowned top university like Oxford center. Imagine Allah chose you for this for his book. Yeah. Hola. Hola. This is amazing.

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Like, imagine this for a second? Like she's, she's got a point, right? Like, think about it. Allah subhanho wa taala. We're way past our eight minutes. Allah subhanaw taala has chosen you, like the creator of all this universe, that everything that you see around you, he chose you for

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Allahu Akbar. I don't think I can say anything beyond this. This is you're just way too powerful. Thank you so much Allah for actually sharing this with us. Because that really made me feel like you know, that's the purpose of these lives. If you're going to join these inshallah. I've invested in a software. So I want to have a conversation. Just want to talk about it. Like I this is not a lecture. I'm not giving a lecture. I want to go through this book myself. And I want all of you to go through this book. Please do spread the word. It's going to be every morning. You got to be patient with me.

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89 I have kids, you know, teach them finish them all of that send them to school with my wife obviously, mashallah she does 80% of the job I've just I'm just like 20% there. But anyhow, may Allah Subhana Allah grant all of you success. I will join you tomorrow over here. We will be going through this book together. And we're going to talk about the second second

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verse, we're going to talk about the second topic

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from the five, five rights that the Quran has on Muslims. We talked about the first one, which is what, which is listening. And then we're going to talk about the second one, which is recitation. So we're going to talk a lot more about recitation. Please do join me tomorrow at eight o'clock. I'm going to try my best to be here at eight. It's going to be anywhere between eight, like eight ish, I would actually say eight ish. It's going to be eight ish. Okay, just like a look out for everyone. Acetyl Alikum Rahmatullah if anybody has any other comments? Nope, that's good. We're good. Just like Hola. Hola for those beautiful comment as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and I will

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see you tomorrow.