Kamil Ahmad – Utilise Your Resources To Give Dawah

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning the basics of Islam to give dower a chance to worship Jesus. They emphasize the need to develop these skills and call on individuals to bring their own expertise to convey the message. The speaker suggests that individuals can take small amounts of money and share the reward for those carrying out the task of giving Dawa.
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My dear brothers and sisters, although

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giving dower is a responsibility on each and every single Muslim,

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some of us will excel more than others.

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And so some of us may have more knowledge than others.

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But others among us may have skills that others don't have. And so everyone is different.

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But what we each and every single one of us what we need to do and put an effort into doing

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is to learn the very basics that will help us to give dower

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to learn the very basics, starting with the very basics of our deen

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so what are we calling to? We are calling to nothing other than that oh hate of Allah subhanahu wa Tada

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we're calling the people to learn this very basic, fundamental concept in our deen

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the only Allah subhanahu wa Tada deserves our worship.

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We're calling the people to the fact that we are here for a purpose. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent us into this dunya for one and only one purpose, and that is to recognize Him, and to worship him

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upon the way that he wants us to worship him.

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This is the very basic that each and every single Muslim must have knowledge of. And then we need to call to these basics. And we need to develop those skills that will help us to convey this basic concept of Islam.

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We need to develop those skills. And so it's one thing to have knowledge. And then it's another thing to be able to convey that knowledge in a way that is convincing. And so ALLAH SubhanA who went to and says, Oh, do sob Rebekah call to the way of your Lord, give Dawa will shake Mati while mo he will have sanity. What do I tell him bill that he has done? With what? What should you give dower with, with wisdom with the beautiful preaching and debate when necessary, in a way that is good in a good manner. So these are skills that are required by the one giving dower and so my dear brothers and sisters, some of us we may say that we don't have any of these skills.

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We may have knowledge of the deen. But we may not be able to speak, we may not have

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those skills that are required to convey the message. And so the least that we can do is that

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we can take a book, we can take a brochure and pass it on without even seeing the single word at least this we can do. Who has the excuse not to be able to do that.

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And if we're not able to do that, then the least we can do is to support

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with our money financially those who are carrying out this task of giving Dawa.

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And so if you were to give

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whatever small it may be. If that money is used for one person to embrace Islam, you will share the reward

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