Mufti Menk – Challenges of Youth at University

Nile University of Nigeria, 27/11/2019

The concerned  Sheikh Mufti Menk faces a room full of eager young adults, all gathered to hear him, wondering what advice he has for them.

So what does he tell them then in order for them to manoeuver the sharp corners and curve balls that university life will shell at them?

How does he guide them in dealing with shayateens latest subterfuge against the ummah, specially it’s future leaders? Think about it, if Iblis succeeds in corrupting one young man or woman at uni level, that’s one less morally correct leader for the ummah and one more inhabitant for the flames of Hereafter right?

Are you curious about the pearls that our beloved Sheikh gifts to the youth? That he keeps giving and giving to his listeners?

If you’re keen on avoiding Hell, if you wish fervently for even the tiniest dwelling in Paradise, please make time to listen to this talk. Not tomorrow but today. After all there is no guarantee either you or I will be alive tomorrow.