Prophet Muhammad Goes To Meet His Grandson

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The segment discusses the importance of respecting one's own family members and not the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

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I said I want to tell you about a category just attending recording for the daily reminder.

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When Rasulullah Selim one day after praying salah, he takes his hobby with him

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and he tells him let's go for a walk. This heavy he goes with Rasul Allah says, 11. They go out all the way to the village, or the community, the suburbs of the Jewish tribes, past those Jewish tribes of suburbs you're talking about by the mountain of

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Rasulullah. Selim comes to a door, he knocks at that door,

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and he stays outside. And he says the following words you say, some look, FM Maluka Osama Luqiao, whereas my loved one where is my loved one where is my loved one look at actually means a piece of your heart. And then Rasulullah Selim sits with Abu Huraira outside of the house now Buddha is seeing all of this and it's quite strange that a solos walk this far, knocks at the house didn't even enter and just ask for something. Then what happens is moments later

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has entered the hola Juan. He jumps out of the house and he sees his grandfather in front and he starts running towards rasool Allah so Allah says, at that point, our solar system recognizes that you know, his height is a little bit higher than the child's coming so he lowers his body down onto the floor so that he could be at the level of Hassane and he opens his arms and has to know the Allah one he jumps into a hug of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam and sort of Lhasa send me hugs him, and he starts kissing him, smelling him smelling his hair. Overall the Allahu and he's watching and the Rasul Allah says, and yeah, Allah and love, I love him. So you love Him and love the one whoever

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loves him meaning love the person who loves has entered your life. Now, this is a very small story, short story. Most of you probably heard of this story, but what are some of the lessons for us in this story? First and foremost, think about the obedience that have or whatever shows towards the salah Salem, and this the obedience of Sahaba or the Allah one that an extremely hot day Rasul Allah tells Abu Huraira, let's go. And he doesn't even tell him where we're going. And he doesn't tell us in terms of Rasul Allah Salah Salem, and he says, jasola, can you tell me? Where are we going? What are we? Like? What's the what's the plan? Have you ever been in a car when you're lost, and you

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know, both of you are lost, and you're driving, and you have absolutely no idea where you're going, you're looking for a restaurant, and then one of you eventually says stop, let's make a decision on where we have to eat first. So that you know, saying it kind of gets to your nerves. But then you see, if we would ever go along, he kind of walked almost seven to eight kilometers from mustard inevitably all the way to the area we're talking about, that's a good seven, eight kilometer walk on an extremely hot day, right at the zenith like it right when the sun is on your head. And they didn't have air conditioned cars. They didn't have umbrellas, total obedience to Rasul Allah. So the

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question I want you to ask ourselves is, you know, how many times do we come across a hadith that kind of sits in wrong with what we believe or what were the society is doing? And how many times do we have that courage to say, this is the hadith of salatu salam, and I know this Hadees to be true, I'm going to submit to Him, it's difficult thing to do. Secondly, we find this Rasulullah sallam, he knocked on the door. And he made it very clear to Fatima, the Allah Juana that I'm not here to visit you. I'm here to visit my grandson. I met with my grandson now. In fact, what is he saying? If the grandfather shows reappearance love towards a grandchild, you automatically are giving a symbol to

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your children to your to the mother and father of that child that I really care about your children I II, I also care about you very much. And that's why potty mouth your loved one. She didn't have any objections here. I want to ask a question. Grandparents, grandfathers, were going to be listening to these videos, or soon to be grandparents or grandfathers. When was the last time you know you took our time from your retired life or you took our time on the weekend, you just you know went up to your husband or your son or daughter and you told them listen, send my child out. I'm just going to take him for an ice cream. See, these bonds are very important in the Muslim

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community, and we need to really work on that. Third point I want you to look at is frosty Bunnicula. Juana it's mentioned in one of the other nations that as soon as you heard that, Ursula, she heard that Rasulullah Selim has come to take us under the Allah one. She held her she washed him changed his clothes, and even in one another since he said that she she made hacer algo Allahu and when were a necklace of Quran full clothes, you know, they're like in Arabic, they call them smart clove and what do they call it long? That small thing. So even till this day, Arabs wear this because it has that fragrance and it has other benefits that they believe that it has. So

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that faulty Motorola one huh? She took the time to prepare the child. What is she What is the message that the child gets away? Saying that listen, I'm about to beat my grandfather and their mothers like wait, wait, wait you

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You got to get ready for him. It's your grandfather, you got to show respect to him. See, oftentimes we think, oh our child is not respecting us. Respect is not something you can feed into the child. You need to be that role model as parents that you are respecting your parents, ie your children will also learn that respect from you. But if you're not doing that, don't expect that your child is going to respect you. Next lesson. But that's all Allah Selim. He looks up and he makes that dua that I you know, I love has another law one. And at that point of whatever he says, By Allah from that day on, there has been no one that is more beloved to me in my eyes after us who wants to sell

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and then has an appeal. And that should be the case for us there all this the fitna that is around Hudson and Hussein and stuff like that we need to realize that they were granted and they were granted the visa system and we really need to love them hopefully all benefited with this this axoneme signing off Subhanak hola como become DECA a sugar Allah in

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our to be like