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Al-Imran 23-32 Translation


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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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amader windows Salli ala rasulillah Hill Karim and I borrowed Pharaoh's Villa him in a Shetland rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbish rightly so that you were Sidley on the way up let me lissoni yokocho Holy probenecid in

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Lesson number 42 pseudo earlier man I am number 23 to 32.

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Allah did not tell, you see Illa two words and Medina those who, who too, they were given Nestle been a portion when from El kitabi the book, you the owner, they are invited, they are called either to kitabi book, Allah He of Allah Leah coma so that it judges by in a home between them so much then the other one there turns away for you can agree group of men home from them were home and they Marylebone one suitor in a way

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they're Lika that be under home because indeed they are Lou they said, learn whenever the must center it touches us and now to the fire in there except a Yemen days. Mara do that, once numbered, what and for whom it deceived them fee in concerning Vini him their religion ma that which can do they were you have the rune they fabricate for kafer. So how either when Jamal now whom we gather than the omen for ad, law, not rubber, any doubt. fee in it. What and will fear it was paid in full color, every nafcillin soul man that which or whatever? Guess I bet it earned What? And home de la not youth lagoon they shall be wronged.

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Say Allah Houma, Oh Allah, Malika King owner, a monkey of the kingdom to the you give al Mancha the kingdom, man, whomever, the shadow, you will work and then zero, you take away and work the kingdom or the sovereignty mean money from home. The Shadow you will work and tourism. You exalt you honor, man whom the shadow you will work and to the loo. you humiliate you or base man whom the shadow you will be a deca in your hand. Ohio the good in NACA indeed you Allah upon Cooney, every shame thing pudieron always are able

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to lead you, you cause to enter, you insert a neighbor, the night fee in and hurry the day. What

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do you do you cause to enter you insert a new house for the day fee in a lady the night What

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do you bring out you produce a hairdryer, the living main from an immediate the dead work and the region you bring out you produce and make Gita the dead men from and hate the living well, and those who who you provide money who the shirt you will be lady without her serving any account.

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law should not yet

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He make he adopt and not me noona the believers, el kaffee Lena, the disbelievers earlier as close friends, men from dooney. Besides, I mean the believers, woman, and whoever you have, he does the leka that Felisa, so he is not men from Allah He Allah, Fie in Shay in anything Illa except on that, that the who you all safeguard or you all take precaution, men home from them to call a definite safeguarding. What and you have zero comb, he warns you, he cautions you. Allahu Allah nappsa who himself what and Illa towards Allah He Allah, Allah mislead the destination.

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All say, in if to fool you all hide you all conceal, Ma, whatever. fee in sudo recon your chests Oh or double Do you all disclose it? You all reveal it? You're alone who he knows it. Allahu Allah. Wa and yeah, he knows Ma, whatever fee is in a semi well at the skies, warmer and whatever fee is in

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the earth. Allah who and Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che in thing pudieron always all Abel

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Yama de Vegito it will find kolu every natcen Sol, ma whatever army let it did, men from hiding any good must borrow one presented

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warmer and whatever army let it did men from Sue in any evil that will do it will wish low if only and that indeed baina her between it webinar who and between it. Am I then distance? Very than one five?

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What and you have zero calm? He cautions you? Allahu Allah nafsa who himself well Allahu and Allah are often most affectionate, most kind, very bad with the servants to say in if quantum you were to have boon, you Allah, Allah, Allah, factor v Rooney, then you all follow me. You may become he will love you, Allahu Allah, wa and your faith, he will forgive. Luckily for you all, the Nova comb your sins, will Allahu and Allah as a foreign, all forgiving for a human, of resolve, merciful,

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all say, up to you, you all obey Allah, Allah will assume and the messenger for in so if the one low day turned away, for in then Indeed, Allah Allah lair not your head boo. He loves caffeine. Those who disbelieve

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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And a lady No, do not see them.

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You can. Tasha

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Tasha, big

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coalition. Connie.

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Watteau, Rachel hi Nina.

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me know

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law hidden mostly all

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of the one

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on the Bondi

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buena de la

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De La Hoya

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so panicle Lohan will be Ambika shadow Illa Illa Illa. anta lista de Luca wanted to be a Santa Monica.