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So a lot of things get you angry look my way trying to make me look like

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but but I can you sound like the voice of reason in American dough from our perspective yeah but others might argue like he's not even in the scene you know, on you or me want me to be in the scene now is like you you're on down now some unknown Daya is someone who's got hundreds of 1000s of followers on Snapchat and Twitter and don't know Facebook and all that stuff and i'm i've disappeared of that I tried I swear I tried man I tried hard and I just couldn't do it I could not just some honesty man like I just tried to get followers but nobody likes me. No, I I tried to be on those platforms or whatever you have to post regularly and stuff. I can't do that. Like I first of

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all, I really really love my private life. And my, my i don't i don't like being recognized like I love to. And I fool around a lot. You know, when I'm at the mall, for example, with the kids. I'm doing silly things. I'm putting hats on one time I'm putting on this big cowboy hat and said then I hear a voice. You look good brother. Come ahead and I turned around his sister and

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one time I was at the Apple Store. And this Muslim Judas let's Yeah, exactly, exactly. Mm hmm. First one, the mean the first option not the first wife. The kettlebell we're gonna fix that.

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Yeah, I was at the Apple Store Apple Store. And this family saw me there and they just kept saying we caught you. We caught you. Samsung. Like what do you mean caught me exactly. Do I have a contract with Samsung or who they become at the Apple store? Do you think this was some other places?

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Anyways, so I tried man, so I this is me for when it comes to breakfast. I sit down. I take a break. Obviously if I get out of there, take a picture first, right? No, but that would be me if I had to Snapchat will be like Salaam Alaikum. Now look. Okay, so let me show you. See, I don't do it. But I know how the game is played. Tell me if this sounds right. Okay, here's this is me as a chef who has a snapchat following. Okay, I'm having breakfast. But I need to create a teachable moment. out of me stuffing my face with eggs.

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Salaam Alaikum. Brothers. This is just I'm here in hamdulillah for a conference and having breakfast and there's a beautiful view out there. And just another reminder to see now I have to make it Islamic. Another reminder to thank Allah subhanaw taala for his blessings and always be thankful for what you have and I hope you have a good day. salonica

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See, I've never done it but I think that is not how it goes. If you could get it. Yeah, you see, but the truth is I like from deep down hate it cannot stand it easily in the buffet though the other day taking taking a video the nice looking food. Yes. And remember a masala ha I have a rule. Yeah. So so like, you know, as a human being, you can't just just mean as a human being, you will follow the crowd anyways. But you have to always every now and then stop and question. Any fashion. For example, fashion has no brains in it whatsoever. One day, the fashion is yellow. So everyone starts buying yellow. Nobody questions Why? What's the rationale or the logic, but as you start buying

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yellow because everyone's doing it. And then for no reason whatsoever. Next month is orange. So everyone starts buying orange and I started season four.

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And that doesn't mean anything. Yeah. So I tell people don't just take pictures of your food because that's the thing to do when the waiter puts your plate down.

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I don't care if you do as long as just in you have an explanation for it. So the only one of the few times I'll take a picture of my food is if it's a meal that my wife likes and she's not there and I want to make her jealous. You might disagree with my reasoning, but at least I have a reason to take a picture. I had somebody saying you know like they were they were going through some pictures in their grandmother's album or something. They're like look at these every picture has a story behind it. This was like oh you know this is when my brother was taken off to the war. And we didn't see him for 10 years after that and this is the day he came back and like world's really powerful

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stories behind his pictures. Imagine our phone someone our grand great grandchildren seen little grandpa was this in our pictures and this is this is when I put natella

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chips exactly what it's gonna be like. This is lunch later on that same day. Another picture another angle. This is the plate after I was done.