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Ramadan Week – Qur’an, its meaning and Virtues.

Building Jannah Everyday with primary school children during the lock-down!

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while and he was such a big marine Salam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone

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from myself and Khadija and Abdullah Ahmed, we welcome you all to episode number 13 of the young learners hub. This is week three, a one week and another chance for us to build gender together. It's always fun building Jenga, and inshallah when we go to gentlemen, and we see how amazing our agenda is because of our lessons together in Sharla. In general, we can have a young learners have as well, we can sit down together and sing so Pamela, remember when we used to be alive in the world, and we used to study together about Allah about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about how to worship online I always used to tell you all that we build in general we build in general we

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build in Jana. Pamela, this is the agenda that we have insha Allah, Allah will give us that date and Allah will give us this conversation inshallah. inshallah. All right, we also have a special welcome to our main channel viewers, and a special welcome to Mohamed, who is eight years old, Masha, Allah has memorized eight Jews of the Quran, and Marie Mo, who's five years old, and she's almost memorized, Usama Masha Allah from London, and I think it's happening. I think it's happening in London. We also kind of want to animate you both for five of the for an MLS panel Italeri would you both for the wonderful messages you sent me yesterday? We also have Maria who's seven years old, and

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Amina who's six and is married who's five from Coventry in the UK so special welcome to you all. Also especially Welcome to era It was 11 A you because nine Miriam who's six How was five they from India but they living in America, Masha Allah and then we have suffer from Switzerland welcome sofa Matthew Patel, who's six from Blackburn in the UK. Welcome Ah, here. We have azeem who's 11 from Saudi Arabia welcome as him and Auntie Zubaydah chef Masha Allah our oldest student I think she's 72 years old. So Auntie, we Allah bless you, and especially Welcome to you. We have avida Shiva who is 10 years old from Sri Lanka. And finally a special welcome to Ibrahim from Bhutan. And remember

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about your homework inshallah. The call outs will be at the end of today's program. Now we in Ramadan week, and

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on Monday, it was Monday, right when we had the first episode of Ramadan week we discussed the virtues of one, and he said one of the virtues of Ramadan was that we fast. So we dedicated an episode yesterday to fasting right?

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Yes, and it was a good question that came in. And that question yesterday was Shaq Sajid with regards to fasting? Do we need to have an intention? And if we need to have an intention, then when should we make the intention? And the answer to that question is lack of love here for your good question is yes, you have to have an intention. Any worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala needs to have an intention, meaning you need to know what you're doing. Right? It can't be that you're not eating from morning till night. But that's because you're trying to lose weight to get a six pack. Right?

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Isn't it if someone doesn't eat from fudger until McRib, so that they can get a six pack?

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Right? Will they be rewarded? Will it be counted as it won't be counted as fasting? Because the intention wasn't there. So you need to have the intention. You need to have the intention. And that intention is in the heart, that your heart at least knows what you're doing. Your heart at least knows what you're doing. And the safest way to go about having an intention is to have it at night before you wake up for supper. Now normally when we wake up was rude, we know why waking up, right? We know that we're waking up too fast. So you don't have to say anything. There's nothing that you have to say with your tongue. There's nothing you have to speak as long as in your heart you know

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that I'm waking up to her or at night before you went to sleep you knew that tomorrow I want to fast the fast of Ramadan, the faster Rama one then your intention is done. Okay. So you do need any protection. And the safest way is to have that intention before you go to sleep. I just in case you forget to wake up for support. Sometimes it happens. We don't wake up right. So you can still fast cars at hamdulillah your intention was there. Good question. Does that come back here. Now also from the benefits of Ramadan of the virtues of Ramadan, we decided or we said I said decided because of the

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I said so decided to be friends right? I found her message and it distracted me a bit Mashallah. We also discussed it from the virtues of Ramadan is the Quran it's the month of

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Ramadan and levy de la ville hora. So yesterday we dedicated a show to fasting today Joe is dedicated to the Quran. But yesterday we we had a quiz that we ran and the answer to it or the question to the quiz was related to the Quran. And that was when did Allah review the Quran and hamdulillah and we had that discussion and we said that Allah revealed the Quran, firstly, from the low hammer fourth, which is the preserved tablet which is like a book that has everything that will happen to the deal of a hammer it's made

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right now who knows everything that will happen to

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Allah knows, Allah knows, right? Allah knows. So he also knows the Quran that was going to be revealed the Torah was going to be revealed the engine was going to be revealed and everything isn't on the novel my fourth, Allah revealed it from the low helmet fools, the preserved tablet which is like a book to the first heaven to the house of Israel, the house of Israel when on the night of Layla Toluca, remember we said that and when is later to Qatar, in Ramallah, the night of power The Night of Decree and the night of which and how did it come from the local food to the first Devon didn't come slowly or in one chunk in one chunk. Now it came in one chunk all together from

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim to oneness Okay, in one chunk, it came down from the Logan Matthews to the beta is in the first half. That was when on that night off, NATO power and decree and virtue which in Arabic is called.

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How do we know this? What does the Quran

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read for us the first verse or first I have sooner to come in, now feel a little under Allah says we revealed the Quran on the night of power and decree and virtue later to cuddle. And and if an ambassador of your love and humor if an ambassador of the Allahu anhu met, right, because he was to habba from the Sahaba and his father also was from the Sahaba. So we asked a lot to be pleased with even our best and the father of our best. So we say, you know, the Allah who I knew

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the son of even at best what Allah best, right? I mean, even a bass means the son of a bass. And the son of a best his name was Abdullah. So Abdullah was a Muslim and his father best was a Muslim. And they were both from the Sahaba. And whenever we mentioned anyone from the Sahaba, we make dua for them. So if he's one person, we say, Ravi, Allahu Allahu, and if it's two people, we say Ravi Allahu and Houma right so Abdullah was so heavy and his father was a habit. So how many people do we have? Two people so we say you're up to Lahore and Houma. Exactly. So I've done like a burst of the Allahu and Houma he taught us that on later to further the Quran came down from the lower my food to that

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first heaven which is conveyed to the desert and then from Bay to laryssa to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it came down slowly, over how many years 23 years or 23 and a half years no problem 23 or 23 and a half but when did it start when it comes up in the month of Ramadan? We don't know exactly when some scholars say the 21st of Ramadan that's when it came down to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam we don't know when but we do know it was in Ramadan because Allah told the shadow Ramadan a lady on the left.

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So sudo to Qatar in Angela who affiliated to the Qatar is talking about the Quran coming down from the low end my food festival. Right, then Shama Ramallah De La Villa Quran is talking about the Quran coming from the first heaven to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I hope that's clear everyone if it wasn't, don't worry, you can revise the lesson after just hit the play button after we finish the live session and you can watch it again. Alright, so that was one lesson pertaining to the Quran and today's lesson is all about the Quran. The Quran has virtues, just like Ramadan has virtues just like fasting has virtues. The Quran has virtues let's go to the factories Firstly,

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whoever reads the Quran Allah will reward you 10 rewards for every letter you recite not word but let

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that if you say, and if let

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me and if it's one letter, lamb is one letter, meme is one letter 10 times three,

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that He rewards just for saying, I mean 13 he was generous, that's growing in a massive way.

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Of course, you have to have the right intention, as Matt is reminding us.

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And Khadija is also reminding us Khadija Ahmed is reminding us that you have to read for the sake of Allah. That's true. any act of worship has to be for the sake of Allah. You can't say I'm going to read one Jews of the Quran every day in Ramadan, or one page of the Quran every day Ramadan, so that I get a bicycle because my daddy told me if I do it, buy me a bicycle. What do you think?

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Any rewards? No, no rewards. Because you're not doing it for law. You're not doing it for generating for the bicycle.

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Ah, hi, DJ, well done, DJ. DJ said, if you do a lot of good deeds, but you don't do it for Allah, then you won't get a big gender you can attain each and well done as a DJ, that's true. We want a big gender, right? We want a big gender. So people are saying show us your children show us Abdullah will love bless you will be a bit shy. They prefer to be behind the camera. And they prefer for you to hear their voice or hamdulillah. Right. And that's really important that you hear any benefit. And I also read your benefit of hamdulillah I can't see you, but I benefit from you. All right.

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But I can promise you that I have the last idea and they love you all as well. And they also want to meet you all one day in sha Allah, Allah bring us all together and All right, so that's the first virtue of the Quran, we have another virtue. whoever reads the plan every day, the Quran will support you on the day of the day of the AMA is a scary day.

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Why? Because a lie is going to be looking at all our deeds. Gonna be seeing who has a good boy, and who is a good girl and who has a bad boy and who is a good boy. So everyone is going to be scammed on the ATM. obviously going to be wasn't good. Was that bad? I think I was good. But I also did some bad things. Some days. I got angry. I was naughty, right?

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I was crazy. Allah, you have to praise Allah, that's true. But on the day of gamma, the books are closed, when you die when you go back to allow the books up. Close, right? So even if you praise Allah, you're not gonna get more deeds. Right? So on the day of pm because the books are closed, the law says you have to do good deeds before you go back to home. After you go back to Allah, it's finished. The books are closed. Allah is only going to read the books, okay? But remember, we said if you pass away as a Muslim, then you will go to two gentlemen, right? Either Allah will punish you a little bit. Or Allah will give you good news and say I forgiven you go straight to gender. May

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Allah take a straight two gentlemen, forgive us. Me. All right. So the day of gamma is a scary day.

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And on that scary day, we'll be looking for help. Who's going to help us?

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law will help us in travela right? In sha Allah, but

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we look at we look for our money and our daddy. But Allah says on the DFT Emma, your mommy and daddy are not going to help. Because your mommy and daddy are going to be scared about what they did when they were living, how good they were.

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You're going to look for your friends. Your friends are not going to help. Your friends are going to worry about themselves. Because they're also scared. It's a very scary day.

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Everyone is going to be scared but if you used to read the Quran every day, then the Quran will come and help. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the hadith of Abu mamarazzi Allah. He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said read the Quran for indeed the Quran will come and help you and defend you. On the day of the Quran, we'll go to a lion see Allah. This boy, this girl they used to. They used to read me every day. They used to be friends with me every day. They always used to read some is from me.

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So help me Allah. Imagine that the Quran will come and help you have a friend who you afraid

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Be the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said fasting and the Quran will come and support you on the day of pm. If you fast the fast will come to a lion z Yeah. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my note. I prevented him from food and drink.

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He could have eaten. He could have had some drink some milk, some water, but to make you happy Allah, he or she didn't do it. So you're out then the Quran and the Quran will see Allah this person used to wake up at night to read me in Salah to hit the fan at night. You wake up and you pray Quran and even better before you wake up and you read another Salah known as the 100 Salah when the heck Jude Salah is when you go to sleep and then you wake up to praise Allah that's called the Hydra.

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the Quran will come and say Allah, this person used to pray me to read the Quran is to wake up from the sleep she used to wake up from her sleep. Please help me Allah, put them straight to Jenna, how amazing is that?

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Can you see how important the Quran is to us? All right, that's version number two, version number three, whoever reads the poor and you will become from the people of Allah. Wow. Imagine that you've been a last team.

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You won't be in a finance team. Well done. How do you want to be in a last team? The people of law. Imagine if I told you that you you know imagine if if a king came to you and said, You are from my people. Will you be sad or happy? You will know I'm safe. I'm protected. I'm going to get everything that I want because the king has money. The king has power. Now imagine if the King of Kings tells you Allah the ultimate King says Khadija you from my people don't love you from my people. I met you from my people. Amar share Emma habima Mashallah, you from my people? How amazing is that? Amazing. What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell us in the hadith of NSE Malik of your level

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and another companion, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Verily, Allah has his own deeper.

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So the person

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who has a we want to be from those people are prophet of Allah. Allah people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said they are the people of the Quran, and they everyday recite the Quran. They never miss reciting the Quran. They try to memorize the Quran. They read as much as they can from the Quran. They follow what the Quran says. They are from the people of Allah. And this is an important point boys and girls, it's not enough just to read, you have to follow, right? Because the non Muslim can read the Quran every day. But will they be from the people of Allah? They won't. Let's say a non Muslim is listening to young learners and says, I'm gonna get the Quran. Read it

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every day. We tell good read it, but does that make you from the people of Allah? No, it doesn't make you from the people of Allah. Right? It doesn't make you from the people of Allah. Yes. So you have to follow up the Quran says to be from the people of Allah. Okay, so we must read the Quran. We must try and memorize the Quran we must listen to the Quran. But what's most important that we follow the Quran that's what makes us from the people of Allah. Okay, another virtue virtue number four.

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You need the best of the best. The best of people who wants to be the best put up your hand.

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You want to be the best Khadija the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best of people are those who learn the Quran and teach it to other people.

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teach it to poor people teach it to rich people, right?

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was telling me that I was a fan another Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reported this Hadith, my

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mentor LML Khurana Allah.

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Allah Quran Allah Allah the best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches the Quran Khadija thinks she heard about was magnified when she entered

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love on you all right. He's mentioned in the history of oma it will pop up because after owner passed away and went to Allah who became the leader of the Muslims was mad if a fan of your loved one okay. Also the fifth virtue of being friends

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With the Quran and reading the Quran, who wants to have angels as friends?

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Don't have angels as friends or usual. Angels are good, right? You want them to be your friends. It just says yes I want angels as friends I shall be Allah who and has said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed the one who recites the Quran beautifully, smoothly with a nice voice and precisely pronouncing all the letters properly, pulling the mud, pulling the vagina making the side clear, etc. They tried very hard to learn the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam pronouncing the heart properly and the hair properly and Assad properly and raw properly trying your best. Okay? What will happen? Allah will put you in the company of the noble angels, you will be

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with the special angels. Angels are noble, meaning they're special.

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Like jabril salaam is an angel. He's a noble angel is a special Angel. Allah has angels that sorry.

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All the angels are good. You are right. Right? We can't see the angels sorry. I think can we see the angels we can see them now. But when we go back to Allah, we will see them okay. So if you're good with the Quran, meaning you are trying and you are learning and you are practicing, making sure your highs correct your UI is correct kept on trying. Right you are you are taking care of trying to read the Quran how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam read the Quran, Allah will put you with the angels. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever finds it hard to learn the Quran. It's a bit hard for you. Right? It's difficult on your tongue. It's difficult with you to

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recite some of the letters but you don't give up. You keep on trying even though it's hard, right? You keep on trying even though it's hard of lower give you double the rewards. I'll give you two rewards allow will give you the reward that he gives the people who recite the Quran and whoever recites it gets 10 rewards for every letter and Allah will give you another reward for trying. Not that he would vote for trying Okay, number six, another version of the Quran. Whoever recites the Quran and learns the Quran will be guided.

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Guided means you will be on the right path. What's the right path?

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Well, I didn't know you know, you knew that. the right path is the agenda. the right path is the road to agenda. When we when we go out in our cars we have many roads one road takes us to Mecca one road takes us to Medina one road takes us to the agenda right where we live. the right path is the road that takes you to China. Now what is Allah

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Allah sees Abdullah has an idea to decide for us and he's going to decide to clearly inshallah so my microphone here can pick it up inshallah, go ahead Abdullah.

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This means

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Masha Allah, Allah Surah Surah, which is the 17th surah of the Quran. In the ninth verse, Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah says that this Quran, it guides us to vet which is the best most beloved to Allah, and this whole and gives glad tidings to the believers and with the believers, right, gives glad tidings to the believers who will do good deeds that they will have great rewards. So Pamela, so this Quran guides us and it helps us both, gentlemen. All right. We have so many virtues to go through. I'll give you one more. Number seven, virtue number seven.

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The people of the Quran, they will be at the same level in gender. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on the day of piano, it will be said to the person who memorize the Quran or who used to protect the Quran by reading it every day or protect the Quran by practicing everything they could from it. Allah will say to them, read the Quran and for every verse, you read crime. So you read early

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or beginning, right Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah

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In Europe, believe me, you climb a rock man, your team you climbed till you read the whole Quran and where you finish that will be your decision. Imagine how you will be.

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But there's a special agenda for the people

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already saying but if you don't become a habit, can you still get to Alfredo Stein's genda? Yes, you can. And we understand from this habit that there's a special place in Ghana for the people of the Koran, write it Now remember, some of somebody will say what if I can't memorize it? Don't be sad. If you can't memorize it. Then our scholars say you read it every day. Some of the scholars say that this hadith also is for the one who reads the Quran every day and tries to practice everything they can. Because reading the Quran every day helps you become a beholder of the Quran. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it will be said to the beholder of the Quran, the one who protects

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the Quran. Right? And the best way to protect the Quran is by following what the Quran says. If you're a half of the Quran, right? And at the time usually

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are you protecting the Quran? You know Allah says the masala to Zakah established the salah and give this occur. And then when Vader comes usually are you establishing sada so are you looking after the Quran? Then when it's time to play soccer, you say no, I like my money in my pocket.

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Right? I like my money not in my pocket, but deep in my pocket. I don't like it to come out. Right and I like to put it in a plastic so no one can even smell it.

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No one smells good.

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Sometimes when the money is new people can I mean there's money in your pocket. So you try and keep it in a plastic so they can't even smell it. Right? But a lot Don't you give us a cat. But you memorize the if you don't give it a second, are you protecting the Quran? You're not protecting the Quran? Right? You got to protect the Quran. So protecting the Quran, the best way is to follow the Quran what he tells you, right? So inshallah, if you can't memorize it, that's okay, memorize what you can, but make sure the most important thing is done. And the most important thing is that you find out what the lie is telling me and you put it into practice because that's the best way to

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protect the Quran. Now our time has come to an end and we have some call outs to do Mashallah. But one thing I just wanted to say before we go is this Ramadan, make sure you try and do different things with the Quran. This Ramadan, I want you to read the Quran. I also want you to listen to the Quran. So find your favorite resizer Okay, and tell your parents to download the recitation. Okay, and make sure you so in one day you read some of the Quran in the same day you listen to the Quran being recited also number three, in the same day try and memorize this one I have the Quran even if it's called who Allah who ahead memorize it. Okay, number four, I want you to ponder over the Quran.

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What ponder funny just a good question What does pondering over the Quran mean? pondering over the Quran means that whenever you learn if you learn what the ayah is telling you to do, or what the ayah is teaching you then you ponder you think you think Allah is telling me in this ayah to respect my parents? Am I respecting my parents? How much do I respect my parents? What mistakes do I do in respect to my parents? How can I stop those mistakes? That's what point is. You see, you think why did the law tell me this I write and then you ask yourself if what am i is telling you you do a lot of things. You must have good friends. Yeah, you will Latina Allah tala Hakuna Masada have good

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friends say Allah is teaching me to have good friends. What is pondering? Ask yourself, do I have good friends with some of my friends? Good. Some of my friends are not good. Okay, so what must I do? I should only hang out with the good friends do I hang out with the bad friend sometimes? Yes, I do. Okay, I need to stop doing that. That is pondering. Okay, so this Ramadan, I want you to do four things everyday with the Quran for things everyday with the Quran number one, read it even if it's one line read it, right any but the more you read the more rewards you get, the bigger your agenda will be. Also everyday Ramadan, listen to someone reciting the Quran. Also everyday Ramadan,

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memorize something from the Quran even if it's one ayah in the Athena Coco, no problem memorized. Okay. And every day ponder, right so let's say you reading the Quran.

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You read one page you reading quarter juice, you reading one juice, take one idea from it and ask your parents to help you pick that idea and open an English for it and see what the AI is telling you. Okay? And if you're not sure, then you can write to me in Sharla. Or you can ask you a local email. Okay? Ask your local chef that I read this is what does it mean? Okay? And find out the meaning. And then ponder, ask yourself this ayah is it in my life or is it in my life? Do I live this ayah or don't I live live? This is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to live the Quran, whatever you read in the Quran, you could see it in how he speaks in how he walks in how he

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talks in how he eats in how he handles money in how he deals with people. You see it and that's why I shadowed the lover and the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mashallah, someone said I'm six years I'm 10 years old and I remember I six years Masha Allah, Allah bless you. I shall have the level and I used to say, they asked Asia tell us about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam How is his character?

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She said his character was the Quran

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What does that mean? Everything you read in the Quran, that's who he was. May Allah make our character the Quran say I mean? I mean, all right, people. So today's lesson is dedicated to the Quran. May Allah make us from the family of the Quran. I mean, may Allah make us from Allah people. I mean, may Allah raised us on the DFA ama with family of me and put us in gentlemen with the people of the Quran. me all right. Before we go some call outs. I have Safa. Five years old from London. I really love the way you drew your worksheets. You didn't have a printer at home, but you didn't give up. You copied the whole worksheet on a paper that's phenomenal. So far, well done. And I know many

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people who are doing that I know under lockdown, you don't have printed but you're still writing everything. Well, then people that's amazing. It really makes me so happy. Also, Sarah Hussein, who is six years old from Qatar, what a great word such Sarah we have her SNA as well. Was 11 years old and her Mira who's nine and Haytham, who's eight from rugby in England. So we have more people from rugby. Thank you for completing your homework. I have shalina Hussain and fakuma Hussain, who are the parents This is the first time I'm doing a parents call out. Okay, call out to the parents of Deadwood per se Mashallah Dawood wrote to me and said chef, can you call out my parents names?

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Because they helped me every day with the quizzes with the quiz already. They helped me with the worksheets and they helped me with the quizzes so can you call them out? Well then that is very nice of you. That is very thoughtful of you. And may Allah make you a dutiful child to your parents. I mean, and we are loving everyone watching dutiful to their parents. I mean, also we have Waseem Becker who is six from London your crops are no honey Salam no sorry we're seeing your crops are new Elisa lamb was amazing for a six year old well done so much talent we have in the Houma, Masha Allah I'll show you Abdullah was amazing. Remind me to show you what we're seeing did also we have Hooda

00:33:16--> 00:34:00

who's nine and Ayesha who's fired from reading in the UK. We have Khalid Sherif Ali, who is 12 years old from East London, Baraka Lau Vicodin for your lessons and who then Asia as well. Thank you for all completing your homework and, and trying your best to consolidate your lessons. I also have Mohammed Rafi, who is six years old, your homework was done really well. Mohammed well done. And last but not least I have Halima Ahmed, who is 11 years old from Blackman and Khadija another Khadija Khadija. And she's nine years old. And she's also from Blackburn and De La Salle for attending all the episodes and doing all the homework and I hope you can share these episodes with

00:34:00--> 00:34:44

many other people in Blackman. I told you the other day that my wife is from Blackman. So I come to Blackburn, a lot. And hopefully in a future trip. I will see you as well. All right, people. This brings us to the end of today's episode. I love building gender with you all and I'll see you tomorrow at 11am UK time and 1pm mcca time right because when it's 11am in the UK, it's 1pm for our second last episode, Fridays our last episode sadly, and tomorrow's episode also related to Ramadan. I'll see you tomorrow inshallah. I love building gender with you all and I love you all for the sake of Allah until next time, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh