Muhammad Hoblos – How to give Dawah to a Sinner that doesn’t listen to you

Muhammad Hoblos
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance and avoiding impression is emphasized in the conversation. A fellow Muslim advises against giving advice on actions without being in their face and emphasizes accepting the Dawa of action. The speakers stress the need to be aware of one's weight and be aware of one's weight to avoid tarnishing relationships. They also discuss their approach to dressing up as a Muslim woman and hesitantly doing so because of a woman who thinks she is a threat.
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Okay, we have a question from the brother.

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Salam Alaikum. Welcome Salah. That's a beautiful smile. And

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I have a question regarding fellow Muslim. A fellow Muslim. Fellow Muslim. Yeah. Okay. But he needs some serious advice. Yeah. All right, and how to give some serious Dawa without being in their face, like all the time?

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Can you give me a scenario? Just Just so I understand what it's like, seeing that it's being committed a sin that's being committed? Yeah, continuously. And I have a very close relation to his brother, and you want them to stop this in here?

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Alright, really, I can only give you advice on the matter. Number one is you have you and I have to accept that. We don't have the answers to everything.

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Right? We have to accept that. Sometimes you can give the best dow in the world, anyone enter the brothers heart, or the sisters heart. This is normal. You have to be accepting of this. There are profits on the day of judgment that will stand before a law with no followers.

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Does that mean that they failed? No way. So you do your part, if the brother or the sister except hamdulillah. Except if they don't? Well, then I've done my part. And really, I can only carry on with Dawa. And sorry, you know, I can only carry on with what God was pantalla into us.

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In general, and I'm saying in general, whether you so for anyone else, one of the biggest problems that we face as again, I hate using this term there is

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is and I'm not saying that you're doing this, what I'm saying in general, is sometimes we want to impress the person with how much we know about them.

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And I want to impress you with the league and how accurate the Hadith is that I'm giving you that you are doomed for destruction.

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This isn't our man.

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I believe anyway.

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Thou is when my heart is sincerely burning

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for your safety.

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That when I talk to you, I don't talk to you to impress you with my knowledge

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will lie on calling you sincerely because I want you to be in for the docile.

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And I feel that thou is more effective than anything else. So yes, Dawa. You do the Dawa of the action. Of course, we know that the three levels the best is to stop with your hand. If you feel that stopping it with my hand is gonna cause then try to stop it with your tongue. If you feel like I'm trying with my tongue and it's not working, right then definitely whenever you do Dawa, it has to be coupled with the

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I can't be someone who walks the streets or you know walks the streets in the day, calling people to Allah but can't hide your time.

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That's not the Tao of Rasulullah sallallahu

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wasallam walked the streets in the day. And stay that the nights crying before Allah azza wa jal. So really, these are the things and sometimes I'm speaking to you but Allah, I'm speaking to everyone. We need to accept. I have keys for Soren hearts

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and sometimes your key one, open my heart. That's just the bottom line. You just have to accept that that's just how it is men. So if you feel like look, I'm trying with this brother. I'm trying with the sister I don't seem to be getting through. Then Personally, I say stop and don't tarnish that relationship.

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Stop. Send someone more qualified off or find someone that you feel they respect or they like or they honor or they have a liking towards. Sometimes maybe you can direct someone else to them.

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You know, but these are the things and definitely definitely under no circumstance should elda ever ever stop. Always crying before a loss and silly begging Allah subhana wa Taala you know, and, and if you feel like you're trying something with this brother and it's not working, then try something else. Take him out for lunch, take him out to dinner. You know, one thing that I personally find that I find helps with me and I'm going to share this with you and Allahu Allah maybe sometimes I see a situation.

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Now I can very, very easily come in there and do these ones. Please Everyone sit down and embrace yourselves I'm about to send everyone to Hellfire in sha Allah, placing them con Allah azza wa jal and colossal Lhasa, Solomon his ma Hadith, and this is the area and who can say I'm wrong.

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That's not how it works, man.

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that's not how it works. Rather, sometimes what I like to do is, if I feel the brother or this, you know, look, he's a bit on edge. He's already intimidated with the fact that I have a long beard and I'm wearing a Daya and I you know, he comes to religious scrutiny to talk my brains out right? Sometimes I like using this approach whereas I would say to the brother, look

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Am I you know, I was in a dark place. There was a time I wasn't praying I wasn't fasting. I was indulging in haram

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and I felt lost and I felt this and I felt that and when ye the only happiness I've ever had is when I came to Allah azza wa jal and well I you know I'm not better than anyone. Sometimes humbling yourself like that can really affect people. And this person feels like when you know what this person's real is not here to impress me with his talk is really real you know this and Allahu Allah you know i Yani personally I believe that people need to see the side in dour

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that real yearning

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that my brother and sister if we don't change

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where do you think we're going?

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Because sometimes what what what happens is

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brother I've told him 100 times May Allah destroy him inshallah

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what's what's what's this

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arrogance, Bro, I told him I gave him the Hadith. I gave him the lien. And he still doesn't want to do

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you know, I

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I used to work for a clothing company with the wholesale clothes, right? So we still have a lot of pretty girls that used to come in and buy very, very bad environment. Anyway, so mixing with people and so I used to have this girl she's to come in regular regular. And every Monday Tuesday, she's to come in and yeah, Allah half an hour. She's going to tell me all about her weekend, where she went clubbing and who she sat with and what she drank and

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so one day,

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one day, she asked me You know what, Mohamad. She's the guardian of this one particular club, right that everyone knew. She asked me now what I said was just I was thinking over the weekend

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that if Hellfire

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is like this club that I go to, except the air conditioning isn't on. I don't want to get a paradise. I want to go there.

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She thought maybe health wise, you know, it's very hot and humid. Maybe things are a bit cramped

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for a while.

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Sister It's not like that at all when

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you know, Holly denorfia about the day away for eternity. Burning and torture and so you know why nobody wants to be there. Nobody wants to be that we don't want to be there and why we don't want anyone to be there Muslim and non Muslim.

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Why he I don't wish any human being any human being. He could be my worst enemy. He could be someone who on a daily basis plans to kill me and my family. Will ma he shall fire for him.

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Because I'm not talking about in a couple of years and you're out.

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Talking the genuine punishment.

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We asked them to save us so sorry, man. I had that sort of someone answers your article, Africa.

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