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Brothers and Sisters in Islam today are hookah is about a Seraph, what tab zero, which is excessiveness and wastefulness. And there are two reasons behind this Hotbot title or topic. The first is that it is something that as a Muslim community, we greatly misunderstand this topic, what is excessive and what is wasteful? And the second because what is happening and follow Steen or whenever there is a calamity somewhere in the world, every dollar you spend become scrutinized by other people. Why are you spending this on that? Well people are experiencing such and such. So, for that reason, we chose this topic. And we'll begin with the definition of a tub there which we said

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the scholars by the way, some scholars said there is no difference between an a Seraph with tub there they're both the exact same thing they mean one in the same thing, while other scholars said there's a difference they said to veer your corn off in Haram when you're spending and to veer here is when you're spending in the Haram sort of full man fee Maha Ramallah when you're spending your wealth in whatever Allah subhanaw taala made haram. So they said the any amount here small or large, would be prohibited and then they cite the verse where Allah azza wa jal says, in Al mobile, the Rena Kano is one a Shayateen indeed those who perform or do to veer they are the brothers of the

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shayateen the brothers of devils. So they saying Why would Allah make that claim unless they were actually spending in the Haram?

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Then they said it's rough. Who are you? And you can say because our mojo was a tool HUD is when you go beyond the boundaries or beyond your limit, or Xia the two min a che l MOBA focus on Hajah will be Mala do LA when you go beyond your needs beyond what you consume, in food, in clothing, in living standards. And Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Al Aarav work who was trouble 1234 and eat and drink, but not in excess in Hola, yo hibel Most riffin Indeed, Allah does not love those who go in excess. So the explanation of this verse they and then the scholars give the example they said, It's like someone who buys three or four of an item knowing that only one is enough for him. Or someone

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who buys dinner for three, knowing who wouldn't possibly eat more than one or a box of fruit and just eats a little bit knowing that the rest is going to be trashed or thrown away. But we're not talking in this example, we're not talking about someone who loves has a large family. So therefore they bought a box of fruit. We're not talking about someone who will give and distribute to their neighbors, or when they cannot eat it, they'll give it to the poor, but we're talking about someone who buys for himself well beyond what he knows, he is able to consume. The other explanation also the scholar said it also refers to overeating, over eating. So Allah subhanaw taala says Welcome to

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measurable 1234, meaning eat and drink, but don't overdo it, don't over eat. And over eating is another big problem that we have. It's part of this, this idea of being wasteful and being excessive, that when we go to what is known as the open buffet, and the people go to the buffet to have to plans in mind, break even or profit.

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So they say we don't want to waste our money. And, and I want to get my money's worth and so they will eat and they will overeat. By so then when is spending considered wasteful, and the scholars say it depends on the financial situation of the individual. Because if someone is poor, or all the way up to middle income from poor to middle income, and they spend a fortune on dinner, is just concerned that it's rough excessiveness and the scholars said yes. But if someone is very wealthy and rich, with the same amount of expenditure or with the same dinner be considered a Seraph. And the scholar said no, for who among you had the do B has to be handled fine. It is someone that's

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determined based on the financial situation or the condition of the one that is doing it. Because remember earlier we said one of the definitions is

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mudra was a total HUD going beyond your limits for the poor person spending on that extravagant dinner was beyond his limits. If someone is extremely wealthy, it's not beyond his limit. Then they cited Ibrahim alayhis salam when the angels came to visit him, there were two or three of them. And he didn't know there were angels so he prepared food in sorted Daria Allah Allah says forever either li Fajr or Berejiklian. Semin so he quickly slipped away and came back with a fat calf and sort of hood from Ibiza and ger Berejiklian Hanif so we know that it was a calf and it was fat and it was roasted for two people or three people because that is within his means. And he was known for his

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generosity and he would definitely distribute the rest to the poor. It wasn't that for everyone to take a bite and then they will throw the rest away. There's a story they say of a man who invited another man to come to his home for a meal. So the man said I will come with certain conditions he said learn to draw water to hone Walter Calif learn to draw water to hone Walter Calif. So the man said, What does that mean? Explain that? He said. Let her Jor el and Isla toto amny Bama hola dick. He said, Don't give me the food that is supposed to go to your children to try to honor me as a guest and your children go to bed hungry? He said what about the horn? Yeah, honey and Holic? Karima

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aneema You don't give me bread and cheese and you have meat and chicken and hidden? He said Be generous also. And then he says what uh, what can left Yanni Don't give me that which is beyond your means. And you go to extreme measures to try to get me some fancy food. So he's saying, Just give me from what you already have. Don't make it difficult. The scholars also cited how the prophets of Allah wa sallam with Abu Bakr and with Amara they went to Abuja, you will and sorry, are the Allahu Anhu. And what did he do to honor them? He slaughtered an animal for them, even though they will be there three guests, but he slaughtered an animal for them.

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Remember, we said it's based on the person and the income? Yeah,

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there are people and I know someone who in a community, he purchased a fancy car and an expensive car. He said, I never go to the masjid with that car. Because what will happen if he brings his expensive car to the masjid? The first thing is, we're gonna get on his case, people are dying, and you're driving a fancy, expensive car. So the scholars said, if this type of person actively gives the poor, there is not an issue here. Yeah. And if he is giving to the poor already, why can't he buy an expensive car.

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And what is better is to stay out of people's affairs. Yeah, and this person doesn't have to open their books and show us how much they give the poor. So that 100 Now we can approve of his expensive car or disapprove of it. So the first thing is, if you give to the poor, there is no harm if you Allah bestowed you with a lot of wealth to buy a nice car, buy a fancy car. The other thing is that people will say, Why do you have to drive a nice car? And why can't you just get a simple car to take you from A to B? Question did the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by the best horse and the best camel or one that can just barely walk to get from A to B. And we know how they

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regarded horses, and we know how they regarded camels, and they went for the best of the best. And the other thing is, do we really do that? Yeah. And in our lives, we always want to hold the rich to a standard that we don't hold ourselves to. Yeah, Annie, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, one time when during his hilife, or during his reign, he desired a certain type of sweet, that was expensive and also hard to find. So his wife then started to save a little tiny amount from his salary for a long period of time, she would just take a little bit out of his salary, until after a while she accumulated enough to buy him that sweet, and she bought it for him as a surprise. So he asked her,

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where did you get this from? She said, I save just a little bit from every salary until we could afford it. He says that means that little bit is extra, who could survive without it? And he decreased his salary that much. But this is double booking. And this is an example of a book or a villa on Jonnie, do we behave that way? Do do you buy the oldest car and rent or buy the smallest home and eat the worst foods so that the extra can go to the poor? So why do we make these unrealistic demands?

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From the wealthy, look at these numbers. And if someone is rich or a doctor, and they make 800,000 a year, and they buy a car for $200,000, that's 25% of their yearly income at least. But if you make $80,000, and you just buy a car for 40, which is not fancy, that's 50% of your income. So why don't you hold yourself to these standards that we hold the rich and others in the community? The scholars also mentioned other points, they said, if someone is spending and the spending is good for business, any if having a fancy car and you know, there's some areas where if you pick up a client in a fancy car, they're more convinced that you know what you're doing and that you're successful.

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They said, That's not there's nothing wrong with that if it helps you in your income and in your business. If you even have to rent a fancy car to impress your clients, they said that is not from his roof that is not from wastefulness, or excessiveness, if someone buys has to buy an expensive versus a cheap suit, based on their business, the the expensive suit will benefit them better in front of the clients than that is not wastefulness. It's not as rough. What's interesting is in sewable era, Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, Benny Adam called the end Zelina la alaykum, libera say you worry so article where Isha Allah subhanaw taala saying, Oh sons of Adam, We have sent down to

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you clothing to cover your private so that's very basic and if it performs his basic function, but then Allah Subhana Allah says what Isha what is a rich in Arabic, grayish feathers. So what are feathers do to in a bird or anything colorful and their adornment? So the scholar said, We're rich here is extra adornment. So you can wear something nice fancy and it doesn't have to have a purpose. Yeah, honey, if you see someone with a pocket square is wearing a suit to have a pocket square. Don't tell him to what is this for and what's the function and now what's the benefit of it? interlocutor he, yeah, it's decoration. It's decoration. My muscular ish. What's the problem?

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How about an expensive watch is rough. Some scholars make a very nice distinction as well. They said, there's a difference between buying something expensive for the purpose of showing off versus for the purpose of using it or it benefits you in business. That's another distinction. Some scholars put some of the things that we misunderstand, like hobbies, hobbies cost money. If someone likes hunting, that's gonna cost him money, the equipment and the preparation and the permits. If someone likes fishing, it costs money, rods and reels, and kayaks and permits and bait and they might have to switch their car to get a truck to put the kayak on. That's it. It's rough then it's

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again goes back to the individual. Is it at the expense of feeding your family? Or is this extra money after you feed your family you give to the poor you can afford to get your fishing equipment, your hunting equipment and you want to go hunting or fishing scholars say there is no problem here whatsoever. A good guideline generally brothers and sisters is that we stay out of people's affairs. Mas colada was tough for a lot of the money welcome Gina. Nope. First off row Fairphone Mr. Green, we ask Allah azza wa jal

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we to forgive our sins, surely those who asked forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean while he was so happy Jemaine about another good guideline for us to remember to remember this verse, Allah subhanaw. Taala says, Through mulatos, Aluna yo man even on in in and on that day, meaning the Day of Resurrection, you're going to be asked about all the blessings that you have. You keep that in mind, and you know your situation better. And you know better if it's wastefulness or if it's excessive or not. But in general, we generally we need to work harder on not being wasteful. We're very wasteful in this Masjid. We're very wasteful with the water bottles for example, like after any even after a

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small event, we'll find 17 bottles, each one just a simple SIP was taken out of just sitting there a complete bottle wasted in Ramadan throughout the month will throw away hundreds of bottles of water. And oh children be

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because we don't speak to them will take a bottle, take a sip, leave it somewhere and then take another one or they'll take them go outside, just pour them out spill them out. But someone paid money someone donated these bottles, someone gave money that they otherwise would have spent on their family or on the poor. And they used it for that and then it's just being wasted. With everything we need to be aware with paper towels, someone who wash their hand and take four or five rolls and then crumple them up. So all the surface area is wasted. Now, crumple them up, and then just basically dump their hands and throw it away. If you open them up, they'll be completely dry

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inside. But and food in Ramadan, we throw away tons of food, and someone will grab an adult size serving or box of food for their children knowing full well they're not going to eat it. And then the child takes one bite leaves it and then we'll have to throw it at the end of the night.

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Even though claimed Rahim Allah about the verse of eating, he says, I need the verse where Allah subhanaw taala says walk will wash caribou. 1234 eat and drink and do not go in excess. He comments on this verse about 800 years ago, he said, half of good health is in this verse, and eat and drink but not an excess. How many illnesses can you think of right now that are just due to people over eating and something that Allah subhanaw taala in is designed to give you nutrition and give you energy is now causing you to fall ill that means there's something wrong with the amount of what we eat or something wrong with the ingredients of what we're eating.

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In conclusion, be aware of how wasteful you are. Make sure you talk to your children about it. Recognize your level of income and be aware of what constitutes is strong enough for you. Be aware of what constitutes excessiveness for you not for anyone else. And spend within your means. Do that do what you can financially bear and stay out of people's affairs. And if you're going to offer someone advice about their spending, make sure you're close to them and you know their financial situation well, and a lot of times we make judgments about people, but they do their part. They take care of their family they give a lot to the poor, and they have some money left over for a hobby or

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for a new car or for a fancy car. It's not our job to go and scrutinize and go through their books. With that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who hear the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Allah who might and they'll have Gohan was nativa Well, I didn't allow till about Dylan was bookmatched Inaba Allahu Allah data data dunya Kabara Homina while I'm a blogger, Illumina whether Elena Remo Sirona Allahumma, Fatima hadleigh b1 Anand mustafina Fear Allah homearama huddly b1 and mustafina Allahumma footcare Hazara home or forage hammer home when a

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fiskardo home wi fi movie tele home, Wi Fi mobile home wedgeport kestra home whether with your home work but with a cupboard shahada a home Allah Hama Kamala Kamala cola home I wanna wanna Sera, Allah Houma con la home I wanna wanna Sera, Allah Houma Brimley. ommatidia Islami I'm Ron Rashida us up here with Arctic we have Duffy Hema Hello Marcia tick wait Murphy Hibben maruf while you're in Hawaii Hanuman Karim Yasumi dua, also Allahumma robotic and Ambrose Rama Daniel Alameen wa ala early he was a big man