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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a backbiting incident where a woman called "backbits" was killed by her children, and the woman is later found dead. Backbiting is a common practice used by the Prophet to prevent cowboys from being involved in a gathering, and it has consequences such as injuries and fines. The use of brass nails and scratching people lead to injuries and fines, and forgiveness is a habit. Backbiting is a sinful act, and people should avoid it and focus on forgiveness.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean while he was on the edge main a my bad Brother and Sisters in Islam today are hotbar is about Ilieva it is about backbiting when you're saying things about people and specifically bad things about people behind their back while they're not present. Allah subhanaw taala mentions it in surah and her gerat in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says what to just Cecil when a young Ba ba ba or you hippo how to come a year Cora Allah He may turn for carry to MU What toquilla In the Lucha to work on Rahim. Allah Allah says in this surah he says and do not spy and do not back by to one another. Would one of you like to eat

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the flesh of his dead brother? And then Allah Subhana Allah says for caring to move money, for sure you would hate something like that. So Allah subhanaw taala likened it to eating the flesh of your brother after he dies tearing it and eating that this something that would be hated to you. So Allah subhanaw taala says for Takala so be have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal in hola Jota welcome Rahim. Indeed Allah is Most forgiving, Most Merciful. So Backbiting is from the Cabal or from the major sins and linguistically libre men elevate riba comes from the root which means the labor which is the unseen whoo hoo Aquila, via anchor, and it's whatever happens when you are not there or behind

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your back while you are not present. All of the elders things happen when you're not present. So therefore it is unseen to you. That's Riba. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave us the technical definition of it not the linguistic but the Sharia definition. And Nabi SallAllahu Sallam asked the Companions at a Drona Mareeba Do you know what a Riba is? They said, Carlos Allahu wa rasuluh. Allah, Allah and His Messenger know best kala the croaker a haka be my Accra he said when you mentioned your brother and of course this also applies to the sister with what they dislike. You mentioned something that they dislike when they're not in fact writing about you last night we were

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mentioned in good things but that's not leave them only if it's negative or if it's bad or something that they would dislike for you to talk about. So it also exemptions to that even if it's something negative but the person is okay with it. Yeah and he's someone has a defect and he always makes fun of it yeah no one wants someone has a one arm or whatever. And he calls himself when I when arm dolly nuts his nickname on his social media, he doesn't care. So here it's not the Heba but you know be my Accra what they dislike you mentioned that while they're not there, then it's considered a diva automatically. So then the Companions asked What if what you're saying is true about the person

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color in canopy Hema Taku fucka. The doctor, he's that's the essence of a laborer. If what you say is true, then you have committed labor, you said something bad about them, even if it's true behind their back. That's the essence and the exact definition of labor. We're in lemmya confy Hema taco for cut butter. And if it's not true, then you have slandered him now you have forged the lie against him. So that's exactly what the Libra is. Some people think that this is actually true and factual. So therefore it can't be backbiting it. That's the exact definition of what Backbiting is in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says wait you liquidity whom has gotten Lomasa and

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some of them who are sitting and the scholars like Tata and Mujahid mmm

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I like him. I'm Ashoka. Ania Rahim Allah. They said that an homage here is referring to those who eat the flesh of people. And it means here not literally Of course it means eat the flesh of people they back by they speak about others while they're not present and Waylon the whale as you, you know, it's either a statement of residual admonition, like Woe to you in English or it is, as some of us sitting said it is a valley the name of a valley in the hellfire. So, this valley in the Hellfire promised to those who eat the flesh of people or woe to those who eat and slander and slander and speak about other people.

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We know that there was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his name was Matt as of nomadic admirers of Noah Malik was stoned for adultery. Due to his or upon his insistence Yanni he insisted to be stoned because he wanted to be purified from the sin. So after he was stoned, and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam overheard two men talking, and they were saying, I'm Tara in ohada. And let me set her Allahu La for them to that one. So what Raja Raja mal kelp, he said, Don't you see any look at this person? Allah subhanaw taala concealed his sin, but he wouldn't leave it alone until he was stoned like a dog to the Prophet lamb did not comment and they continued and then they came upon

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a carcass of a donkey. rotting flesh of this donkey though is dead and the prostate limb said enough Mulan Mulan whereas so and so and so on. So, he said and Zillah for coolamon G Fatiha that Mr. He said this mount get off your writing animals and eat from this carcass of this donkey for kala yearner be Allah wa Mejia colada this video Rasul Allah who Oh prophet of Allah who can eat this, who eats something like this. And the president tells him that what you consumed or what you said about your brother is worse in the sight of Allah than for you to get down and eat from this rotting donkey, this dead animal right now. So the question is, how is something so serious, become so easy

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upon our tongues and so common in our gatherings? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam admonished his wife I shouted Allahu anhu, for saying something far less explicit and dangerous than the things that we say in our gatherings now, I should have the low Anna was talking about Sofia, the other wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, she said has will come in Sofia and haka Sera. She's basically said Sofia is short. That's it. So the president tells her look, quality Kalimantan, low musi jet Bhima, il Buhari, la masa, Giotto, he said, You have other the statement, if we could materialize this word, and mix it with the ocean or with the sea, it will contaminate the sea. And it's so strong, that it

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would contaminate all the waters of the sea, just the statement that you said. And all she said was, Sophia was short. And look at the things that people are saying now. So, backbiting is so serious, that the one who is sitting with people and they're backbiting, but they're staying quiet, they're not taking part in it. He's just sitting with people who are backbiting that person that's gonna say is blameworthy and sinful. He's not engaging. He's just sitting with people. Why? Because the first thing is that it was upon him or her to advise everyone to stop. And he didn't say stop. And he may be. And sometimes when someone

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is in a gathering like that, they don't take part in backbiting. But they love that they're backbiting this person because they don't like him. So the heart can be pleased with an action that someone else is doing or with a sin that someone else is doing. So they said the first thing is he should have or she should have told everyone to stop backbiting. The second, if you can't, then you leave also you're not supposed to remain in that gathering and the scholars mentioned and they compared it to how Allah subhanaw taala said, if you're if Allah's verses are being ridiculed and mocked Allah Israel says Ferla, Taka Luma, who don't sit with them, you're supposed to leave that

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gathering and the scholar said, the same ruling applies here. If other people are backbiting and you're in the group, then you either advise him to stop or you leave that group. The only excuse and the only exemption the only person without a sin in this case would be the one who is too weak or incapable of stopping them any or giving advice. Hypothetically, you're in the gathering of the Khalifa Burj Khalifa is an unfair person. He's backbiting if you tell them you're fighting for tequila, he's chopping your head off. There's nothing you can do in a situation like this. You're just you're incapable. Here there's no blame.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah and shorten Madatha told us upon the tongue of the people of the Hellfire they're asked masala comfy soccer. Why are you in the hellfire? They explained first that they weren't from those who play prayed. And then they mentioned a number of things. Then they said, Well couldn't the whole malha Ileen and we used to engage in whatever people were doing.

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It's haram, we engaged in it, this is sinful, we engaged in it. So that's why Qatada the manifester of the Quran Rahim Allah he says, coulomb Allah wa when the Wayna ma whenever someone just just immersed or indulged themselves in something, we did the same thing. Whatever someone was engaged in something we just engage ourselves in the same thing, from the punishments of backbiting. We have in the grave the famous Hadith that we know of when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed by two graves, and he was informed that they were being tormented in their grave. He said, one of them used to not shield himself from being soiled with urine. But the other person in a narration apostle him says,

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Well, I'm gonna hurt for you as Debu Beelzebub, the other one, he's punished because of backbiting he used to back white and talk about people that's in the grave in the era as well and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, Lama Oribi when I was when I ascended to the heavens, Morocco to Bill Coleman, law whom Allah Allah throw Mina Mina has

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he said, I passed by people, I saw people who had large nails made of brass, yummy, yummy Shona would you home was Fedora home, and they're scratching, aggressively scratching their faces and their chests for Call to learn how to Jabril so as to bring Who are these people? He said, How old are Alladhina coluna look humanness. Well Corona, fill out all the him. These are the people who eat the flesh of others Yanni de becque by the backbite. And they slander them. So that's the punishment in the next life is that they will have these nails, huge nails of brass, and they're scratching and tearing away their faces and tearing away at their chests.

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And one of the most dangerous things about backbiting, brothers and sisters is that it is a sin. We have in the sins, two categories sins against Allah azza wa jal, that's between you and Allah, Allah forgives everything if you're sincere. And then we have sins against the creation and against the servants of Allah. And the scholar said, the danger of those kinds of things sins is that even if ALLAH SubhanA, Allah forgives you, that does not cancel out the damage that you've done.

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And if if Allah forgives you, it also does not cancel out the rights of the person that you hurt with your speech. And so in the second hotbin, Shala, we're going to explore how do you expect the sin if you back by you say bad things about someone? How do you correct that? And when is it that you can talk about someone and it's not considered backbiting and how to stop yourself from falling into it Akula colada. Worst of Rolla and all the money will come in January 1 off through fire hose and Mr. Freeman ask Allah azza wa jal for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hit I mean, while he was so happy here, Jermaine.

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So what do you do? If you have spoken about someone you have been backbiting someone? What do you do? In all cases, you always make a Toba between you and Allah azza wa jal, you make a personal toggle between you and Allah azza wa jal, but the first category, we're looking at the situation where the individual the news didn't reach them. And you said something bad about someone and he never found out about it. So how do you expect that sin at that point? So the scholars say, number one, you seek forgiveness for them, not from them, meaning, you are backbiting about someone so you ask Allah, Allah to forgive that person. Oh Allah, forgive them and pardon their sins and excuse.

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They're just you start making asking Allah to forgive that person since that's the first thing. That's how you expiate the sin of you, backbiting them. The second thing is the Scott has mentioned that whatever gathering where you mentioned them negatively, you mentioned them positively in that same gathering. I was with five people. And I was backbiting brother. Now I make sure that when I'm with those five people, I praise that same brother that's part of

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of expanding or erasing and reversing that sin.

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But these are in the cases where the news did not reach the individual by what about the case where you are backbiting someone, and then one of the sheltering from the humans who are available went and conveyed that news and even Shelton ins he went and told them so and so said this about you in this gathering. So now he knows what you said, how do you explain it in that case? In this case, you ask them for forgiveness. And the problem explained this also in a hadith in Sahih Bukhari and there was a Salam said men cannot end the home of Malama Totally agree full yet a halal who minha failure to Halal who Mina Yanni, if you've done injustice to your brother, then you get your brothers or

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your sister in this case, get their forgiveness for it, let them pardon you from it. And then the problem goes on further to explain for in the who lays them. Do you know Ron, what are Durham? Yeah, Annie Latham, meaning on the Day of Judgment, there will be no currency, no gold dinars, no sort of silver Durham's, but they will take it from your good deeds. And if you don't have any, the problem says they will take their bad deeds and throw them upon you. So you ask for forgiveness in this world. Before the next if they have passed on. You ask Allah to forgive them and so on and so forth. Now, what's important if someone comes to you, first of all, if when you go to apologize to someone

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for backbiting, you don't have to go into details. It might just infuriate them. There was one person someone came to apologize to them for backbiting his apology and infuriated him more, and he told them the details of what he said, You don't have to say that said, I want to ask you forgiveness. I was at a gathering and I said some things I shouldn't have said about you. And I repented to Allah and I pray that you can forgive me for this mistake. But you don't have to go into the details. And if someone comes to you and asks you forgiveness for backbiting, you don't start an investigation

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and start asking questions. Why did you say these things? who also was there? Then you go to that person? Why didn't you say something on the day of such and such studded investigation? The person came asking forgiveness, forgive them if you can, and you should.

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So then when is it acceptable to talk about someone? And when is it not backbiting that you say something possibly negative about someone, some are very obvious, the scholars mentioned, if you're going to a judge, or an arbitrator, and you're coming to talk about how this person robbed you, or this person did injustice to you, you're going to mention something negative, but it's not backbiting because you're bringing it to someone who is able to do something about it. Or you're asking another category, you're asking someone's assistance with changing a monkey, I need someone who has the ability to make the change, you tell him I discovered that so and so is addicted to this

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or that or is has this specific problem. You know, I'm asking for your help in fixing this problem. As long as that person is able to help, actually, then it's not back, buddy. Come on people play games. So they'll come to someone who is not a judge or an arbitrator or come to someone who is not able to help with the situation, can you help me with this situation and it's just an excuse a green light to backbite that is counted as backbiting and it does not count here to also to warn of, of evil or to give advice. Yanni there is someone who is doing evil in the community and is trying to recruit more people to warn of him is not backbiting him. Sometimes you warn of scholars also give

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another category, a hermetic, someone who's a motor there, you won't have a motor there. And someone who's hermetic and someone tells you that's backbiting THE PERSON No. So this will fall under the same category of what is known as the science of Alger Jota deal where the scholars would talk about people and say this person is trustworthy, this person is a liar, this person is forgetful. And that was all under the under the umbrella of protecting the religion and preserving the deen it was not backbiting the individuals. But in the case of Naziha so someone comes to you I want to go into business with so and so. Do you think I should do it? By view? No, here, this is an Amana. This is a

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trust. And you have to be honest and give them your honest opinion. So I want to express to you that this person you want to go into business with is not a good person. And he's not good with money. So I give you minus see ha honestly, and you're supposed to keep it to yourself. And I might tell you a story because you're not convinced and I give you another story. And then when you're finally convinced, anything I add now is backbiting and I'm sinful for it. I know you want to go into business with it. And I told you he's very bad with money. You shouldn't go into business with him. I can't believe that he's such a good guy but I told you a story he went into business with so and

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so on it

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went belly up, I'm sure you're still not convinced. I'll give you the third example. Now you're convinced, go, don't worry, I still have fourth and fifth and sixth, the fourth and fifth and sixth. Now it's a sin for you, because he was convinced once the point is reached hulless anything and on top of that will be a sin or backbiting, considered backbiting. So and we know this because a woman by the name of faulty been to face came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And she asked him about three men that she's thinking of marrying one of them. He tells her as for this one, he has no money. As for the other one, he hits the woman, but go for it with some of news eight. So he told me

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the first one doesn't have money the other one hits woman that's not backbiting she wants to know, and she wants a sincere advice on what decision to make. So if it's no see her if it's to warn of someone's evil, and then the scholar say if it's someone who publicly commits evil and commit sins, this person has not been on someone has he drinks or what have you. And he puts pictures of himself doing the Haram on his social media page you get if you say Philander drinker will flaunt the drunkard will flaunt the thief and he's a proud fifth method. Then here, if you say that about him, it's not backbiting this one, a person who is openly wicked, and openly displaying his sins, here,

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it does not count as backbiting. And we mentioned before the one who is a heretic, and he's a deviant, and you're warning the community of them. There's a con man, you're wanting the community of this person. So it doesn't, you know, scam them. All these things are not considered backbiting. The last thing to discuss is the non Muslim. And you find people torn on this issue. Can you back up into the non Muslim mic? Why do I mic but back, bite him or call us out? But

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first of all, is this a hook? Is this a characteristic and a mannerism that you want in you as a believer? And is it about the person or is it about you? It's about you. It's not whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, label their non Muslim back by them, lie to them, curse at them, cuss at them. It's not about that. It's about you don't want to be that person doing these bad deeds. So it does count as backbiting and your co worker at work non Muslim colostrum Smilla Yeah, let's back by. It's not permissible here. And he's not like the example of the openly wicked person that you're warning the community of. None of that applies. It's a whole of that we don't want to have in us regardless

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of whether the person is Muslim or non Muslims. So it is not permissible to be backbiting people at the office and people at work, whether they be Muslim or non Muslim.

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Without We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who hear the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood, as clear falls within abstain from it for Lahoma. And in conversation Atiba Byron l bow Tila bouton Versace Nava la medalla dunya Kabara Homina. Well, I'm a blogger elemina wala Elena Ramos Ivana Allahumma

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Luma Tamra Rushden up Luca Arctic. Well, you will definitely know Marcia Murphy Hibben maruf are Yun haffi? Here animal Korea Samia dua. Also Aloha Mubarak and abroad Ramzan Allah Alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marina como

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