Alaa Elsayed – The Life Of The Messenger Episode 07

Alaa Elsayed
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers Islam, and welcome to the eighth episode of the Sierra inshallah, last time we left that Prophet Mohammed Salah went on the mountain of Safa, and he started calling everyone and he said, I am an idiot, I am a warner, for my families specifically, and everyone in general inshallah, and he gave him the example that he said, If I tell you that there's an army coming behind from this mountain, will you believe me? And they mentioned? Of course, yes, we will believe you because you are truthful one we have not tried any falsehood, or you haven't lied with us before. So, we talked

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about the experience and the reputation and then we talked about also what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said to his family and according to the warning, after that, he talked to everyone and he started calling every tribe by itself it says yeah, martial crush is still emphasis on when Allah old tribe of Quraysh fish, remember that says buy your sauce from Allah and equivalent physical marinara, save yourself from the Hellfire for in the in the local minima.

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I cannot help you I cannot benefit you or harm you. It only allows us to Allah worship Him as you will see later.

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I cannot help you. So this same formula, Prophet Muhammad's is seldom repeated with everyone. He says every candidate he is talking to every tribe now. Does he have any one Rodney club all these different tribes? Yeah, I'm not sure but to say all these people he's going down yeah, I'm not sure bunny abdomen If you have any objections, Banu Hashim Yeah, I've been Abdulmutallab. Yeah, bass is knocking out his own uncle Adelanto Of course he became a Muslim after again, z repeating everything. Yes, Sophia is and what you learn, because we can all Muslim? Yeah, Fatima. Here's what I'm gonna stay here for a bit because it's important. Since y'all fall, Tina. Yeah, I've been to

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Mohammed ofertas Ultima, the border of Mohammed Ali sort of salon. He says study my team in Mali asked me anything you wish from my wealth in this dunya you can take I won't help you. But by the hereafter this Eleni, man, she even Mali, anything I own you can have and this dunya doesn't mean much. He says is good enough sigma now. But he said, help yourself. Protect yourself from Hellfire, save yourself from welfare, learn liquids. I can't help you. And he says one of the young criminal law he she

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and he says I cannot help you in the front of olanzapine ouidad let us

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know what you carry the burden of another. My brothers and sisters even in another innovation Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim says well, low E. Low Fatima Vinton Mohammed serikat laka

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Allahu Akbar he actually he says, My Allah, if my daughter Fatima stole he didn't see I will ask someone or I give an order to someone else to cut your hand he says, Look our cloud to Anna. I would personally cut her hand commitment to uphold the Sharia the uphold what is justice? What is up what olanzapine Allah to Allah ordained in the Quran and what Prophet Mohammed Salim held in the sinner himself nuts This is what it is. So we have a few priorities my brothers and sisters, we don't see if he because he's my family. It's okay I can you know, turn a blind eye. This is what the prophet ones that have says helicon lithium in public Home Nations before we were destroyed because of that.

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So do we have anything it's called favoritism in Islam as you know, like no one is above the law requirements under what shall we have this is what our what our legal whatever call you but yourself even your parents, even your whole tribe, you testify with the truth. So from here on in my brothers and sisters don't give the job just because he's your cause.

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And we'll give him a daughter again just because he's your nephew. It is not buy and sold. We deal with Allah Subhana Allah feola so please understand that even Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said that his own daughter and you know how much he loved Fatima it is narrated that every time Fatima came at home, used to stand up and kiss her on her forehead. And that's one of the reasons the faulty nada de la noir you will see at the end of the series in sha Allah, Allah dunya were among the living that that she cried Why do you think she cried will remind you then I won't answer it yet but at least there's something hopefully it will hook you to give you as you know the soap

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opera is will have the will to keep you and the important if something happens to go will continue next week is that we shall I will continue I like an email let me get someone to sell. But after this

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you know I will look at some of the credit law

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He saw the azima the willpower. And he started to ask people to come in the fold of Islam.

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And amazing the strength of Abu Bakar Eman is another beautiful story. And yet he used to say

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to Prophet Mohammed Salim when he saw him being persecuted he used to go and leave now because I was there as you will see, Subhan Allah Allah but Allah was known for his strength. And he said, Well, law he no one else moved except over christelijke when he saw Professor used to push away people from him, he says, Raja Kula biella what is what is it saying what is this crime is crime is to see my Lord is Allah. Is that a crime in your book? Subhana Allah, if you look at history that repeats itself if you look at what's happening right now, what's your crime? My brother and sisters? Apparently your crime because you say that either. Hey, Lola, apparently nowadays that is a crime.

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I'm not talking about people that are enemies of Islam. I'm talking about Muslims will lie. I've been to Muslim countries, if you actually uphold the teachings of Islam, and if you practice Islam, exactly what it's supposed to be or as much as possibly can you call this and you call that and you call this as you will see how Allah subhanaw taala is giving you a beautiful reward. If you hold on to it. You will see the same thing. So I will work with Sadiq, he says at Dr. Lu Raja Jacobi Allah, you're killing this man because he's crying. He says Robbie, Allah My Lord is Allah and you yourself believe that your Lord is Allah Subhana Allah. So he started to be a casa de la de la noir wa. So at

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no is the blood came in in some narration says that his face sward gets swollen and he can he can see Malin the characteristics in his eyes were shut. And his mother came and he started warning people and now I will leave when he came about.

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You know what that is? First thing. His first words were

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most of us would probably call 911. Is that what he said? No, no, he didn't say that. He's how his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That's what how much he loved it. I love what

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he said he his mother said don't worry about him. Just look after yourself. Now eat and drink slow and light. I will not eat eating and drinking. Make sure he is he's a safe and sound first. So he was you know, holding on, I'm not gonna go into at the time before the

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women and women at least us in a state that he needed help. And he when he saw a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in a good state. He says now I am alone.

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Among that strength insha Allah was also underlined and even though I'm delighted Mr. Wood was not a big in in the body, but big. In fact, you're big in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah Allah but he was known among the in a in a physically small even though you will see a little bit later in the ceiling. So Allah that when he used to climb the palm tree, his legs, you know, they'll be building this habit of the language being used to actually make a mockery or make fun of it. And the problem is to say you're making fun of his legs, voila, he that leg would be heavier than the mountain in general and shallow on the scale. Allahu Akbar. imaginary Actually, this is the greatest Hava

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Nagila. mudvayne and now he used to say he was like the sort of man in the middle right now cabin in front of everyone, he didn't care. And these two meet him again, and used to insist by finishing the sort of man and he come back to profit mom sell them in that state is you don't have to you don't have to. There's no if you want me I'll go back again tomorrow. Look at the commitment Effie Allah. Anyway, Abu lahab Allah even alignments the hook will give him what he deserves.

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Now, he said in the second time, after we said he says, and he has a jam antenna, is this the reason that you gathered this here today? Remember, he was not actually in the second meeting, because he started to say, Don't even bother talking about anything if that's what you're after. So now he was invited, obviously invited with everyone else. So he says Ellie has a job at Santa. Monica. This is the reason that you gathered us here today. tympanic What do you is that there's the rest of the day. So Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in defense of Prophet Mohammed Salah, you see, in the law, whatever annalena Allah, Indeed, Allah defends those who believe. So May Allah make you among those

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who make us all among those who believe in sha Allah. So Allah will protect the session, you know why? Because when you hear the five times what do you see? What do you hear? And ot here the first words a lot.

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The meaning, the immediate of the, when you hear it, you actually say yes, Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater than then than anything than anything. That's when we started the Salah. Again, it's not our topic, but just a quick reminder, this is what happens a lot.

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upon Allah to Allah will defend you. Allah subhana wa tada defended Prophet Muhammad wa sallam says that Jada Vila have been the one that is saying to you, he says water and temperature Davina have been whatever,

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nothing will help him, nothing will help him.

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And by the way, this is another miracle of the crap. I will have in you about this verse. Allah subhanaw taala says this man will never become a Muslim and he will go to the Hellfire you will not be called Jenna. This is him. This is the uncle of Prophet Muhammad Salah again Subhana Allah Imagine that. And now, I wouldn't have could have easily said you know what? I want to become Muslim.

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What do you think they could have put the Quran in trouble. But did that happen? No. I wouldn't have never said it. It's a miracle right there in front of you could have easily put this one. Absolutely. That's it allows one says that you will never become Muslim. And he's gone to the Hellfire and when you knew it, but he didn't say he didn't because it's a miracle in itself. That's an a prophecy in itself a living, living testimony to Allah subhanaw taala says, not to mention about the rest of the prophecies and what allows why this isn't what we know and see and work with somebody whom

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we know for sure, we will show them our signs all these scientific miracles, and in my selves, do you not ponder, reflect what the unphysical apollodorus are one in yourself? There was miracles. So Allah subhanaw taala says that, and even his wife used to make fun of problems sometimes. Who is where's your friend? As a matter of fact, his story was a one time that because of the dilemma that was sitting right there, and Prophet Mohammed Salim were next his best friend of course. Next overconsumption

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or, or or is this to his best friend, Prophet Monson. However, they spend a lot of time together. That's what he used to say, I love three things. What was it? If I asked you, what three things you love, and you'll probably say, Swiss bank account, a large automobile and rajkummar maybe private yacht or a private jet or whatever, listen to what oh, because this is another like, what did you lose by the way, in fact, O'Malley

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is I love looking at you, and sitting before you in front of you, me, and spending my money for the sake of Allah upon you.

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And then he asked her why because this is this was agenda. Romo. rajala is one thing, because he entered his team that had the phone and they were sitting together. What are you talking about? He says, we were talking about the three we love the most. So why is it what

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was Apple bottle? It's aroma rhodiola

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law is the criterion between the falsehood and the truth is I love truth enjoin good and forbid evil. That's the law of man. He says if shows seldom worth our time, we'll select to be late one s&m Masha Allah He says if she said I'm reading everyone and reading one with peace and tranquility among these rather reconciling and he says and sharing the food and staying up at night while people are asleep. So how you doing? How's the family member or the change pm will relate to me Emily I hope you know what I'm talking about. The Emily you know staying up your prey Nia was spending the night sleeping Allah help us how you don't snoring all the time. Give your wife a break Effie, Allah

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help us just get up give her a break from your snoring and hopefully inshallah pray to a cat so you can your neighbor would be Prophet Mohammed says Allah, the best thing acquitted up in the honor of a true woman to rock out in the midst of the night where no one else sees you except Allah an honor of a true believer actually, let us go back and at least 20 minutes before veggie get up and preach work I see. Nothing but inshallah from the extent of right except this is now for the rest of it. Is that the emulator? So he says that we'll enter it is what about you earlier the alarm was made. He says economic belief was some of the safe luckily it will be safe is being hospitable and generous

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to my guest and fasting during the summer because he's seeking more reward. We're not asking you to lunch Allah. But then he says I'm killing the enemy with a sword. And then he went with a fiery Raji lanova.

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He says, Hey, boo, I'll do it. Tomorrow, the one note so panela is hunger, illness and death? Is he says it wife imagine Could you imagine somebody says What do you like and you say that he says he that dirt rock I'll be will have for them be either mit laffite or be if I get hungry, my heart is softened. You know, like Ramadan, you become more spiritual. When I get sick, my sins fall off. And when I die, I need Allah. So how do you feel about it? Are you ready to meet Allah when he's pleased with you? So you're gonna run roughly like that. He says, as

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sleeve that was bought and he runs from his master and you know you won't be hearing bad boys but you won't like you won't hear this bad boys thing and as long as the cops are running after you, but will you be running to Allah subhanaw taala running away from Allah. Allah says, Allah Allah, not fulfill Roman Allah flee to Allah not from away from a life eternity. So that's what happened. Even his wife

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his wife said that so I said, What? One brother who had melted happen, Fiji had Lumumba said not Hellfire, what had to be let her bladder mean his wife so when abubaker cervical jolanda was sitting next to Prophet Mohammed says Allah is where's your friend? He says he's right here and yesterday he wasn't lying. He was right there is Are you making fun of me? You make a mockery of me there's no he's right here and he was telling the truth. But what happened? Allah subhanho wa Taala took her vision away

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she couldn't see like what happened as you will see in our in our migration with Walker select the heading for sorry you couldn't see him it wasn't this you know the weapon pigeon and all that stuff. It's good for movies. As you all know it makes it good for for that nice, but inshallah what happened is a last minute revision away. She couldn't see him he was right there. What do we learn from that actually, we learn your key and your key How come listen to this beautiful example. What is the I usually do under normal circumstances the eyes can see.

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But what makes it see and let's see. It is by the permission and the will of Allah first and foremost. That's why we say La La La quwata illa Billah nothing will change from one status to another except with the power of a loss of Hannah Angela Viola nothing. So we know that the eyesight is supposed to see but who by the border and the command and the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So for lots of panel tactics that we have seen that characteristics away from it, you will not be able to see what about the knife? The knife is supposed to cut. But did the knife cut the nick of his marine Elisa? when when when Abdullahi Maliki service father was trying to get to fulfill the

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commandment of Allah subhanaw taala No, my because he fulfilled the promise they believe they pass the test so Alonso panatela took the characteristics away from the knife as it cut. What about the fire if the fire is supposed to burn?

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Did it burn? Ibraheem alehissalaam when he was thrown in the fire, Allahu Akbar, he said this was the best days because Allah Subhana Allah does his will. nanocone Baba massaman Allah Ibrahim, we said to the fire be safe and pleasant. On Ibrahim, otherwise, it would have been another situation but you can understand it even water if you look at water, what's the component of water h2o, and that's oxygen hydrogen. If you put high oxygen hydrogen together in a lab, what happens? Don't right

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you're gonna have to have a disclaimer here. You've met my lawyer and said a long time Do not try this at home. But in the lab, what happens explodes but look at this. The content of water that we drink that we use to us in a way merchandise we take away that we travel and we use it for our food, we use it for pearls merge everything, Allah subhanaw taala took the characteristics away from that, for us to benefit. Have you not pondered or affected effete, beautiful science? So she's the one that was called by Allah subhanaw taala. She she's the one that will have that because she used to throw what sharp objects in the path of Prophet Mohammed Salim, or even the fornes in the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Now, when he heard the Prophet Mohammed Salaam says first babymouse

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machine, he says, establish what you're told to do a command

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and whatever, then the machine will reverse and stay away from that idle leaders, those who are scribe partners unto Allah, another one, the ignorant ones, so we say piece on to them like another person shall. But one Prophet Mohammed Salim said that he says for karma for Jehovah Dawa. It's a command now. It's a general, he started to tell people about it. And who came into the fold of Islam, usually this leaves the week and so on the poor. And this is the summer This is a characteristics of those who follow the prophets and messengers, even when you see a little bit later

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on when he was not a Muslim, when

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he asked him about it, he says, who follows them, he says, the poor, the weak, and and this leaves he says as such profits and message followers is supposed to be a testimony from an enemy you can understand and that's the criteria of those and you will see what Allah subhanaw taala how we are them as this and then allows upon our data. He's telling a prophet mom's on and on your comb. It's the same message every prophet and messenger before we give him what vote for me so I can make some money and all that it's all a lie. It says yakko Malika Manila Hello all my people.

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My tribe worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you have none of deities worthy or deserving to be worshipped except him. He's the one that have the keys controls that heavens in the * the keys is up to him if he so bank on the white one in sha Allah, and this is now he says, and then he would see them going away or come into the fold of Islam about my own home and sort of dabbled Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give them the reward till the year after inshallah. And after this, call another Museum, a couple of people starting to come in to the fold of Islam, people started to hear him, and he started to become famous. And now, the bad news is Quraysh started to get worried.

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I said, Wait a second, we can't afford to let him go through this. If we're given a free range like this, these words are going to reach the people's heart, and we're going to lose control. And if you find out as a control about what you find about power, money, arrogance, conceit, and stubbornness, and so on, didn't want to eat the message. Some of them knew it was the truth. But you will see later on shala, the true reason behind it. And now they had a meeting.

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Place got together, and they said, you know what it is the season for Hajj, the pilgrimage, and the tribes among the Arabs will be coming here in abundance. So we cannot afford for all the tribes of the Arabs to listen to what he has to say. So we have to get together as leaders of this community and come up with a solution. What do we tell these people who this man is? So who did he look for? And mahira alboreto mahira Allahu Akbar.

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And when he did the new era, was this close to become a Muslim Subhan Allah, when he was voted or delegated to look after that, what did he say? When he went by the way he went with an angry look. And when he went to tell Prophet Mohammed salam to have to stop this, he heard the Quran. So what did he do in one narration says he was hiding to listen to the rest of the Quran.

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And when he came back, he came back with a different look.

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The people were actually angry with him because he came back with a different look what happened to you? I said, What do you become upset about? Meaning?

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Do you not believe with what you do? So he gave him assurance. So it says What do you want to call him?

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The first says is we'll call him Kevin.

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Can you know the the fortune tellers his I know that Ghana I know these guys that

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that what they do when their trades is not a captain, there's not that so what did you say call them at noon is a crazy man hasha best of creation in sha Allah, but that's what the call is. I know that you doing I know crazy people I know what they do. He's not much known and you know what to is very much known is not a crazy man. So he called him he called him a shadow. Let's call him a shout out. He called him a poet. But you know, a shout out.

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You know who who was the chef, the one that

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tells people to follow Allah subhanaw taala one message or one that lady you love this and you love that and people come in as beautiful and he goes into make some money is not a shot. She said I know she is not a shad. And then he started to give them a law he in that the beautiful words that he says it's the top of it is beautiful. And there's nothing like I've heard before the beneath there is beauty, everything around is beautiful, but you will not tell them anything else that they will understand. So they gathered what was the opinion of us have you found the tribe is now being divided? This is his, his magic is that divides people and that's what he does. But you will know

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what Allah Subhana Allah to Allah had in mind for what he did. Because he says,

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He says now he started to think and ponder and reflect what he will do with that reward for what he did and Maria will have to wait till the second episode coming up in sha Allah, I ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us among those who speak and follow the rest of it. Around Hamdi Langer, blindman or solimar eloquence audio terrain is akmola heydon. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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