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smilla han Rahim and 100 layerable alameen wa salatu salam O Allah, Allah, Allah He was so happy

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So the title of the lecture is transcending modern myths or Islam beyond modern myths. And this sense, the entire theme of this conference is misconceptions and myths related to Islam, I thought it would be best to look into four misconceptions that the West had with Islam when they first encountered with the snap. And you can actually trace a lot of the problems that we have today, or the problem between Islam and the west to these four, early misconceptions they had with Islam. This is basically

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I'm taking this from a lecture that I gave, you know, some years ago, and but because it fits so well with this, the theme of this conference, because when you compare Buddhism, the way the way the West views Buddhism, is it

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isn't it very generally better than the way they view Islam? Because generally, and in the West, there's a rejection of Islam. But if you say something about Buddhism, there's a lot of positive talk about that a lot of celebrities they go you know, to the far east and they shave their head and they come back enlightened. Yeah. And you know, Taoism also is it looked at as Islam is not always mentioned positively and you know, almost as if encouraging people to accept it. concepts like you know, karma and things of that sort meditation always spoken about, in a positive sense. So Islam is generally not as accepted in the West, and we do not see a fair representation of Islam in the media

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nor a fair portrayal of Islam.

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So, if I were to ask you, what do you think what is the reason that Islam is not portrayed fairly in the media? Or they don't tell people clearly about what Islam is all about? What do you think the reason would be?

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Don't tell me just hatred? Yes.

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They're misguided anyways, okay. as possible. Anything else? Yes, sir.

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All this hatred because of the behavior of some of the Muslims, okay, we're really misbehaving. But what about why would they say that Islam was spread by the sword? Why do you think now you don't have to put your hand up, but just think about it? Why did they say Islam was spread by the sword? Yeah, Muslim spread, but, you know, so that the Buddhists so that the Hindus, why don't they say that about about the Hindu Hinduism and Buddhism? What does it say about Islam that was spread by the sword? Why is it that the in the especially in the 80s, and 70s these to portray the Arabs in movies always as very sexually charged? Why is it so all these things inshallah, in answers to other

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questions, why is it they care so much about women removing their hijab? Why do they want to ban niqab? Why are they so obsessed with the issue of polygamy? Why do you care? How many wives I have? Why are you so concerned? So all of these questions, inshallah we'll find the answer to them during this lecture, when we discuss these four misconceptions that the West had when he first encountered Islam. So we're going to go back early back in history, when Islam was first introduced to the west, or when the Westerners actually first came into contact with Islam.

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We'd like to begin by mentioning the verse and sort of tell Baccarat where Allah says the dean cut away in a rush to mean, a larger deal says there is no compulsion in religion, the truth has become distinct from falsehood. Allah is really saying the truth has become distinct from falsehood, truth is clear, and falsehood is clear. So this is the first thing about truth that it's clear from the falsehood is very discernible from what is false. Likewise, a larger deal says, We're Kolja and huffpo is a cold bottle in Alberta, Canada, and say that the truth has come and false and has vanished. Surely false hood is bound to to vanish or to perish. So then again, we see truth being

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strong, and falsehood being very weak. And truth resonates with people. Truth has quality in a characteristic that people can catch on to immediately. It resonates with people. And it's distinguished clearly from falsehood. And that's why you know, the atheist the person that believes in Trinity is not a challenge to the Muslim. Because the truth is clear and falsehood is clear. And the proofs are there, you can easily prove to someone the existence of Allah azza wa jal.

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I'll take you to a very nice statement of the shuffle the standard container anahola is to talk about water and how water is essential to human existence. Your body

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needs water in order to survive. So therefore Allah subhanaw taala put water in on all corners of the globe, because you need it to survive. So everywhere Allah subhanaw taala put water,

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just about every locality has a way a source of water. Why? Because we need it to survive your bodies need water. So then he continues on Allah, because it gives life to the body. And it's if and so then what about something that is essential for the soul? So the body has been taken care of with water, and a lot placed everywhere? What about the soul? And the soul needs to believe in Allah subhanaw taala and to worship Allah azza wa jal, so shouldn't the evidence is to the existence of Allah to be more abundant than water? And yes, the answer is yes. And they are the evidences to the existence of Allah azzawajal the signs to his existence are everywhere, they're in the creation

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there in what surrounds us and there in ourselves as well, even more so than water, because our souls need that. That's what allows for, fulfill or the idea to live in, and on the earth or science for those,

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excuse me, who have faith with certainty.

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And then, again, it says in the next verse, Wolfie unphysical, alpha to zero, so not just are the signs everywhere, and the creation and in yourselves as well Will you not then see, so that if they're everywhere, and they're in you, as well, you yourself, are proof to the existence of a law, that you're a creation of Allah subhanaw taala so then that means the signs are many to the existence of a law. So the signs are many to point to that Islam is the truth from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So that means so then when the Westerners came across Islam, they immediately recognize the truth of this now to answer the question of why don't they tell people clearly in the media and honestly what what Islam is and how good Islam is, and how Islam has solutions for the world's problems. Because when the Westerners first came across the snom, they immediately recognized it was the truth, it was very clear to them if it was a false religion, it will be very clear and very easy to prove that and to refute this religion. But when they came across a snob, it was very clear to them that it was the truth. So they had to offer an explanation. The first explanation they came up with, they said that

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Islam was taken from Judaism and Christianity that it was taken from our scripture.

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But of course, the reality is that the puranic truth is greater than the the truth that it remained in the Jewish and Christian scripture because their books have been mixed with falsehood. And Islam also confirmed the truth that they had and added to it a larger decision or an

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Kuhlman canon. I do Pullman, Canada, one legendary for in hoonah Zilla who is Neela most of the time in a day allows you to sing whoever is an enemy to jabril. Indeed, he has brought it down to her and brought it down to your heart by Allah's permission. And then what about this one, confirming what came before it, meaning the Torah and the energy. So it confirms what's in the Christian texts and in the Jewish texts as well. So

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because they couldn't explain what Islam is, they began to explain a way

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they couldn't explain away the fact that it was the truth. So this was basically the source behind their hatred of Islam. This religion is a truth, but we can't give any refutation. We can't explain it away. So they started to hate it. And that's why they don't want people to know the truth about Islam. That's why it's not fairly represented in the media. And they never, you know, give you the true, the truth about what Islam is, the other gives you a distorted version, or they give you a distorted image. And when you go to the bookstores today, if you go to the section on Islam, you'll find a few books written by non Muslims, and most of the time it's written by Muslims or deviant and

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crooked books.

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So then, so what happened was then the West considered Islam to be a heresy. Something like a heresy basically. The second thing and the second misconception that had that any that caused them problems

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was that if Islam so now the first one they in the end, they concluded that it was a heresy. First they said they stole it from you know, Judaism and Christianity from our text from our scripture. Then they said in the end, it's a it's a heresy this religion. So now this cause the second problem with Islam for the worst is that Islam spread to all corners of the globe. And it's spread quickly. So why would the heresy spread so well? They have

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Explain that as well. Why would the heresy spread so much? So they said that Islam was spread by the sword. I explained this yesterday. What they mean by that is that they force people to enter into Islam or we cut your head off. That's what it means by the sword. It doesn't mean they're not talking about jihad. They're not saying Islam was spread by the foot to heart by jihad. They mean Islam was spread by, you know, they would go into a place and then they bring people one by one put the sword at their neck, you become Muslim, or we kill you. And that's what they mean when they say Islam was spread by the sword. But of course, we mentioned the first verse we mentioned that there

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is no compulsion in religion, you can't force anyone to become it or to enter into Islam.

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But this was what they said, in order to explain why this heresy spread so quickly all over the place. And so now, and even today, perhaps you might meet people who will tell you Islam was spread by the sword, but they don't even know what this really means. And they might think it means jihad. No, they actually mean that people were coerced and forced into coming into Islam. So where did this come from? It came from the fact that they said it's a heresy. Then they had to explain how this heresy spread all over the world. So then they became confused. Specifically, I'm talking about the Christians they became confused, because when they looked at the cedar of their Prophet, he came

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with the message of peace only. Yes, he said, Sam, he came with the message of peace only. And the statements such as turning the other cheek, you know, if someone hits you on one cheek, you turn the other cheek for him. Now, realistically, the statements of peace from a Saudi salam, they came to counter the original Sharia of Moosa or a Salah because even in the Bible, a salad Salaam says, Okay, now with a tribute to him, I have not come to change the law, but to fulfill it. So he, because the Sri Masada Salam was was a harsh Sharia. He came and spoke a lot about peace, because Musa alayhis salaam in Syria had it was very harsh, and very strict. Because without Islam, he came

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to a people that were in bondage, and there were people who were oppressed and enslaved, and they had developed a very rough character, and their hearts were hardened. So this led to them getting a very cumbersome Sharia. It's basically the comparison is like when you have a garment that is very stained, very dirty, you have to wash it harder to get the stain out. So this was the same thing that people were hard and harsh. So they got a hard and harsh ceria. So musasa, he came to these people, and they said it was also hard. And that's where the dietary laws were so strict in the city of musasa. And by that we mean the law of musasa, that our laws were very strict as bahara law rules

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were very strict.

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And so a Sally ceram makes all mixed the more peaceful statements as if, in response to the hypocrisy of bunnies, right. So as Alison now comes, and he gives them another level, as if to counter or to, to read into any to be the opposite of the the harshness and their hypocrisy of unnecessary. So then the Christians now they were not able to reconcile between the two, they were never able to apply the message of eSATA his Salam of peace. Why? Because logically, no society is able to live without the use of the sword. What do I mean by without the use of the sword, the sword here we mean, by law, by punishments, whether it's capital punishment, whatever it is, no society

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can just live on this message of peace. You can have a society in which all the laws are just based on peace, somebody hits you turn the other cheek, you know, someone, you know, wants to rob you. What do you do? In that case? someone commits murder, what do you do in that case? So how do you do deal with criminals? How do you deal at times of war? If your message is just peace? How do you deal with criminals? How do you deal with times of war?

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And how do you deal if a group attacks you, you just turn the other cheek. So it's not a realistic message for society to live on, to say, just turn the other cheek. So they were unable to reconcile this because it didn't have any realistic guidelines on how to deal with issues of war and issues of aggression.

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And we don't have guidelines, you do as you please, you have no boundaries. To try to give an example here. You don't have guidelines, you have no boundaries you do as you please. So someone, let's say a non Muslim, they might collect all the Hadith where the Prophet Selim is talking about battles, and, and they are conduct in battle. So take the Hadith the Prophet Selim says, you know, don't cut trees don't attack women. Don't kill women or children. babies don't hit an old man. Don't hit someone who is just, you know, a slave who is carrying this or that and not engaged in battle. So now and you might think

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After all the Hadith concerning battle, and say, you see, there's so much talk about battle, so much to talk about bloodshed by a prophet. But our Prophet spoke about peace doesn't have a hadith about that Hadith about how to kill people. So

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they'll say something like you have a warrior Prophet, you see, but now let's look at it now. We the Muslims, we have guidelines on how to engage in combat. And if you focus with me, the point isn't about combat, specifically, it's about the fact that there are guidelines for how to act in instances of aggression. While this other group, they have no guidelines whatsoever. So now, just without knowing anything, which group would you expect to be more brutal in battle? Which group would you expect to be more brutal? The one who has guidelines are the ones that have no guidelines whatsoever, no doubt, the ones that have no guidelines whatsoever, if they weren't told where the

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boundary is. And so historically, Christian armies were more brutal in war than For example, when the Christian armies entered into Spain, the Muslims, many Muslim families remained, because for 800 years, Christians were living peacefully under the Muslims. So they felt Okay, we lost the battle. But when they enter, they're going to let us live as well. But they started to slaughter them even after the battle is over. Now. These people, they would slaughter them, even eyewitness accounts would be in a huge, like any room like a court. And they would start to slaughter people one by one and eyewitnesses, the blood reach your ankle, and we're talking a huge room, so much blood that the

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blood reaches your ankle.

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And then they will tell you about how they're the Christian child soldiers would go and take little babies and just throw them onto rooftops, or they would put them on spheres, or they would bash these infants bash their heads against woes, killing 1000s, and 1000s and 1000s. Now, same thing with the Mongols, for example, they didn't have any boundaries, any guidelines on how to go to war. So they would also kill and when they entered, but that one soldier, he came upon a little alley, where all the babies that the mothers were killed, the baby was just thrown there. 40 infants were in this little alleyway. They're still alive. He just came and started killing them one by one. What

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kind of human being goes in Spears, babies, infants, because they had no guidelines. But was there ever in the history of Muslim armies of the early Muslim armies? Was it ever an incident of rape, one incident of rape? Was there ever? Never, not once? But rape and war today they go together? Why? Because there are no boundaries, people have no boundaries. And this will end it's always shocking to me, when people are shocked that, you know, the American army rape the family did this. What What did you expect them to do? Do you know what they're told in basic training? Do you know the kind of language the drill sergeant teaches them? Or, or uses with them? Are they trained in handing out

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flowers and planting? Roses? They're trained, they're told they're killing machines. They're made to hate the enemy. And they're in their need. And they use you know, there's all this talk of sexual issues. And they also the way they train them in the talk, they combine, you know, the dimension. Anyway, so let's just keep going.

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The point is that,

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that we never have any incidents of Muslims, soldiers, burning farms, or cutting down trees, or just killing cattle for no reason, or killing women or killing children. Why? Because we have guidelines set by the prophet SAW Selim. And the ones without guidelines are more dangerous, and there's nothing to stop them from behaving. And if our analogous analogy is slightly different here. But if I were to tell you, would you rather be attacked by an immoral criminal or an amoral criminal, someone who's immoral, he knows what morality is, but he has a sense of morality, but he doesn't act upon it. Someone who is amoral has no sense of morality. And we're not I don't think the conversion

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singer, Muslim armies were criminals. But the comparison is, which is better for you, someone with some kind of boundary where he might start or someone without any boundary, and they might not stop? So historically, is well, you know, the, the the followers of the prophet of peace, ironically, were the ones who have killed more people on earth than any other group in human history, true or false. And this is a historical fact that the followers of the prophet of peace have killed more people in human history than any other group of people. So what does this tell you that they could not reconcile with the message of peace, peace, peace, turn the other cheek, and

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With with that, and what to and how to deal at times of aggression, because there were no guidelines. And that's why you don't accept ever someone trying to tell you and talk down to you about why Muslim violent, why are you killing people? Don't Don't tell me this, don't talk to him about that. You want to look at it historically, who has killed more people? So you explain to me first, and then I'll give you my explanation.

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So they could not reconcile between the message of peace and the need for the sword meaning for punishment, capital punishment,

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the thief how to deal with things like that. And just as an interesting note, there are a lot of people, of course, now who oppose capital punishment. And they say, how do you punish someone for killing by killing, you see, but now if you want to know where this argument actually stemmed from it stemmed from the Bible. And even if today they're secular, and they're not religious, these people who are against capital punishment, they don't even know that they actually got it from the Bible originally, because the Bible says, Thou shalt not kill. So they say, if you shouldn't kill, why did you kill the killer? Don't kill will, of course, look and see how problems happen. This is

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actually an incorrect translation. The Hebrew doesn't say, Thou shalt not kill, it actually says Thou shall not commit murder. And murder is an unjustifiable homicide. But sometimes the killing can be justified. So when they made the translation incorrectly, Thou shalt not kill these people looked at and said, okay, and don't kill people. Even if they kill, you don't kill, you're not allowed to. Now you don't commit murder, but they committed murder, they should be killed because it's justified now. And obviously, we're talking about by the ruling authority, and so on and so on, so forth. So the truth is, you need both guidelines, you need the sword, and you need also the law, and how to

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act and how to respond to aggression. That is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said about himself described himself as Nabeel Rama, when I be you, men hammer. He said, He's the prophet of mercy, Rama and the profit of Metal Hammer, as well as the mother hen were battles. So why did the process sell him describing himself as a prophet of battles and the prophet of Rama? Because the problem is that he said that not out of love of battle, not out of love of killing, but because it is the reality that society cannot function on just peace. Just tell people, everybody BP peaceful, turn the other cheek.

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But each has its own place. But to tell people just peace is our guideline, the society cannot function like that. Each one has its own place. And that's why you find historically, St. Augustine and others, they made up their own laws on how to deal with criminals, because they didn't have a Sherry after that. They didn't have laws on how to deal with people. So they made up their own laws. And that's part of why you find such vulgar methods of torture and in Europe, because they had no guidelines. They would torture people at the extreme machines that they would stop someone to torture people in ways to get them to admit to this or to see if they're guilty or not. They were

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extremely unfair. Why? Because they didn't have a Sharia explained to them how to deal with these issues. And because they may, they had no system they have to they had to make up their own in the end.

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So then, when they saw that Islam was spreading, they said they tried to say that they must have forced people to enter into Islam. But the reality as you all well know that Islam spread to many parts of the world, just through the merchants, through trade, through good behavior through good conduct through the honesty of the Muslims.

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It is also reported that when the Christians of a sham first saw the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet of send them for the first time, they said, This is what the Christians in a sham said they said they are these people, meaning the Sahaba are better than what was related to us about the companions of a Satish Salah, just from looking at the Sahaba. They said these people are better than what we heard about the disciples of Isa Allah His setup. And so they started to enter into the religion, it was very clear to them. Likewise, you see that a silent Salam when he returns, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam describes that Isa Salaam will will have a sword in his hand, contrary to

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the image that they portray, of eSATA his setup, and also for what it's worth, if you look carefully through the throughout the Bible, you will find that there was a time when a solid solid before being arrested. And this is in the Bible, he began to and his disciples, we started to gather swords and weapons and sticks and things to defend themselves, but then they abandoned that plan. But most people when they read these passages, they don't notice it. Because it's overshadowed by that, that that or it's over. And it's overtaken by that overwhelming image of Raisa Alyssa being the prophet of peace. So now we move on to the third misconception. So the first one was about Islam, the Indian

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concluded to heresy and then they had to explain how this heresy spread so much. So they said it was spread by the sword. A third thing. It's another issue that caused misconceptions and problems for with Islam for the West is the issue of robinia Ravana is celibacy. And he makes basically when they abstain from from marriage and things of that sort, they misunderstood rissalah his Salam because he didn't get married. And he warned of the dunya of the love of this dunya and being too engrossed in the dunya because you see, he came to a Jewish people that were really into the dunya. So that's why he always warned against the dunya so they felt that they had to be like a silent Salam and not get

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married because he didn't get married. And this became a bitter the celibacy became a bitter as Jim says.

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And celibacy that is a bit that they came with a largely described it as a bid that they came with. So why are we discussing this issue of celibacy? We're going to understand that a lot of the misconceptions and and the misrepresentations of Islam stem from this actually. So we're going to now progress in this thought.

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So because of celibacy hrs, I'm not being married, and he warned them of the dunya, they began to believe, and in their, in their dogma and their religiously, they began to believe that sex is evil in itself. And if you look at their early writings, they became very obsessed with this idea to the point where they saw it as an evil thing. And it's only for procreation, and nothing to enjoy. So a man would only approach his wife only if they wanted children, and it's not something that they should enjoy. Unlike in Islam, it is spoken about naturally, and it is not taken as something that's dirty, or something that's filthy, but they began to see it as something that is evil, in and of

00:26:58--> 00:27:18

itself, and only for procreation. And so, when they saw that, in Islam, Allah azza wa jal will mention in the Quran that the women are Libous, like a garment for you. And this mentioned, this verse is mentioned in the verse of Africa for the verses talking about Ramadan. So it's very, like very natural thing. And

00:27:20--> 00:28:06

because of that, it seemed very strange to them. That mention of the man and woman and the relations that is so natural, it became very strange to them, because they saw that something evil, Something Wicked, so because of how they regarded sex, they saw that women were evil by extension. They saw women were evil by extension. And this explains the treatment of women in western history and the place of women in western history. They saw them as nothing but Satan's trap. And when you look at the story of Adam and Eve, Adam and Hawa in the Bible, they shifted the blame to how they shifted all of the blame to Eve. Well, in the Quran, Allah says, we're also demo Robbo, and Adam disobeyed

00:28:06--> 00:28:52

his Lord, it didn't say, it didn't put the blame on Hawa. Because I said I'm did it. And then it says, Milan and fusina, Allah, our Lord, we transgressed against ourselves. So both of them had blamed plural, because the blame in the Quran was not put on the woman and they were not made to be evil, contrary to in Christianity, so. So you see how it progressed from a silence to them being not married, that means that says, you know, marriage and, and sex must be something bad. And then that means the woman by extension of that thought became something evil. So it keeps progressing like that. So if we follow that train of thought, when it comes to paradise, then it didn't make sense

00:28:52--> 00:29:29

for them, that something evil will become something you enjoy in paradise. How can something evil like sex be something that you enjoy in paradise? So they began to say that Paradise is spiritual, only see how things progress here? This began to say the Paradise is only spiritual. And so when you look, but it's interesting when you look at how they portray paradise, in their movies, in their books, and their writings, they portray it as physical. And they believe it's spiritual, or they said, it's spiritual, then they believe that it's in they show you that it's physical, in their movies and in their ideas in their books. Because the spiritual paradise doesn't make sense to

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people doesn't make sense to them. And if it's spiritual, how are you going to enjoy it? How can you enjoy if it's spiritual, and so they shied away from the physical because of how these ideas developed over time. So when they saw that in Islam, there is eating and drinking and companionship and husbands and wives in Paradise, and that a man in this life can marry up to four that the brothers lm had up to nine wives at one point versus the best of them, meaning a Sally salon.

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doesn't marry at all, they came to the conclusion that these Muslim people, they are just sexual beings. And they're just after the sexual desire. So now you start to see, you know, you start to understand why the Muslim were always portrayed in the movies as just six sexually charged people constantly running and chasing after a woman.

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So what happens then when they started to break away from the religion, and they went into the period called the Enlightenment, they started to get into secularism, Darwinism, and in this period, they also had what what became known as the sexual revolution, in which they

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got or they went to another extreme during this period, the first extreme when they were seeing it as something evil and dirty and filthy. They saw Muslims as sexually over over hype, hype, sexually, hype, people. And now when they became this way, after the sexual revolution, Xena became rampant. And you know, all the not nothing, not nothing reprehensible homosexuality started to surface bestiality, all kinds of other sexual deviance. Now, they started to look at the Muslims, and the Muslim woman in the hijab, and know the love between the men and women, no intermingling. And now they started to tell us what you need to liberate yourself. You see how all these things is stemming

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from these original misconceptions. Now they're telling us you need to liberate you. So even until the recent 80s and 90s, they're portrayed, the Muslim is sexually crazed. And now they're saying you need to liberate yourselves. So first, we were at one extreme and now because they moved we we shift to the other extreme in their side. And now you can understand that objection to a lot of things objection to hijaab objection to an hora lane. When they heard of this, it was a big issue in the States after 911 to 71 virgins in private 70 virgins. It was such an issue to them. It was in magazines, it was in television, talk shows they're talking about 71 what Why do you bother? When

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shall I get 84? What? What's your issue? I'm okay with it.

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So, so then they begin now to call to women's rights, and women's liberation. So now you see the women's rights, all these things have their origins in these thoughts that we were discussing. And it is actually said that when they first saw hijab, the they said that the Muslim women have to wear hijab, because their men are so hyper, that the woman must cover themselves or they're going to be attacked. Anyway, that wild Yeah, that they have to guard themselves, or they're going to be attacked if they don't cover themselves. And that's why then they would have the they have the images of the harem, the belly dancers, even though these are generated by Hollywood, they were the

00:32:45--> 00:32:59

Sultan would enter you will be 100 women, and then he for some reason, they're all uncovered, but they cover the face for some reason. You're in a pub, Mashallah. And he will walk into you, you, you come here, you come here. And this image is from Hollywood.

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So, so like I was saying, when you look at all the problems that they have today, with Islam, and all the issues and misconceptions, you can trace them back to these early sources. The fourth thing I wanted to mention, this is the last thing because we were mentioning four misconceptions that lead to that are the root of most of the issues they have with Islam today. The fourth thing is that they initially claimed that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was the Antichrist, will it ever be now, this was their initial accusation. But they had a problem with this historically, because they couldn't explain if the profits are the lowest lm is the Antichrist, why his message was so successful.

00:33:41--> 00:34:18

Because you can't be successful if you're the Antichrist, it's not supposed to be a successful message. Because the Antichrist message it has to come to an end. This is even according to their understanding the Antichrist, his message, it comes to an end. But the message of the prophets of Salaam keeps growing and it keeps strengthening. And the message of the problem also calls to the things that they're calling to, that you do not. It doesn't make sense that the Antichrist calls to toe hate calls to the 10 commandments, the same things, or the other general good things that mentioned in the in the Bible, or any new and old Testament are mentioned in Islam. So it didn't

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

make sense that this could be the message of the Antichrist, not to mention that even by the way, even until today. There are some that still say that the Muslims are the Antichrist, and they claim that the tenemos antichrist, and just on television the other day, they brought this man and he had an entire huge set of videos, where he attempts to prove historically that the Muslims and are the Antichrist, you know, so And it's interesting even even though the 1.2 billion Muslims must believe in acsm to being Muslims, they're the anti christ. This doesn't make any sense. But they're free to make to do all these things and say all these things and sell all these videos, but when we

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

I mentioned our version of the truth. They said that we're promoting hatred and we're doing all these things. So they claim that this antichrist that the President was the Antichrist, but the problem was that this antichrist, according to them, the Antichrist was successful. And he

00:35:19--> 00:36:00

he called to the good that they call for, for the most part, that doesn't make any sense. That's why Rahim Allah He one time he had, he wants spoke to a rabbi. And he tells him, this rabbi, he tells him by disobeying the Prophet, so this is November him Allah telling this rabbi, by disobeying the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you have cursed Allah, the greatest of curses. For the rabbi said, How? He says, Did Allah know that this was going on? that this man Muhammad SAW, Selim came with this religion, and he was speaking and spreading it and it was growing in becoming stronger? Did Allah know that that he came with this message becoming stronger? So the rabbi said, Yes. So then he asked

00:36:00--> 00:36:43

him was Allah capable of stopping him if he wanted to? So the man said, Yes. So he said, then so Allah was knowing, knowing, knowledgeable and capable of stopping him, yet he aided him. And this is saying this, and this is what you're saying. Now, if he's the Antichrist, Allah knew what he was doing. And he aided him, he let him become strong, he let him become powerful. So then the rabbi had to come up with an excuse now. So he said, and so that's why according to them, because according to them, the Antichrist will be defeated. So now has to give an excuse. Why is it for 1400 years? This antichrist is still continuing. So he said, Yes, he was actually a prophet. But this is this is what

00:36:43--> 00:37:25

happened. He said, but only to the Arab people. Because logically, he couldn't say this is the Antichrist, it doesn't add up. So he said, Yes, he was a prophet, but to the Arab people. So the question is, how do they explain this phenomenon? How is it the 1 billion people on earth? They follow this man, so aloha is alum. And they tried to emulate him in the smallest of matters, how he combed his hair, how he gets out of bed, have you have you? Can you mention anyone in history that billions of people follow in this way? Or have it has been followed to this degree to this detail which shoe he puts on? First? All the things and even other prophets that don't have any the follows

00:37:25--> 00:38:02

don't follow them in the same way. So how can how do you explain something like this? And besides his good message, and the fact that you need to believe in a salad salon, how can you enter Christ insist upon this, that you have to believe in a Sally Sarah, and so that at the time, the response that they were giving was they said, Allah gave the message success, so as to be a stronger fitness, like stronger fitness for us. He gave this message of the Antichrist success he made it spread and made many people convert to it. And many people enter into it to make it a difficult fitna for us, for people. So

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the point is, of course, that the Antichrist has an end, and this has been going on for over 1400 years. And that's why today, anyone who stands in the role of the prophets, Allah said them is considered by the West to be the embodiment of evil. Okay, this is the question I want to ask you earlier. Why did they use the word evil related to the Muslims especially, and they'll say Saddam's evil regime, the axis of evil, though, but other enemies of theirs, they don't really necessarily refer to them as evil. Yeah, they're the US government, for example, hates a lot of people in a lot of governments and Central America, but they don't use the term evil very much. But the term evil is

00:38:45--> 00:39:28

used very much concerning Muslims. Why, and we're learning today, or we're learning right now. Why? Because if you know if you're a follower of the Antichrist, who came with this evil, and your any Muslim leader, or scholar is immediately referred to or looked at as evil. That's why they say they mentioned evil acts of evil. It goes back to understanding this understanding that it's an evil Fe, it's the Antichrist, and it's a fitna and a test for their people. That's why anyone who makes excuse me, anyone who makes a stand for Muslims is regarded as evil by the West, and the embodiment of evil. And any Muslim figure of strong character is immediately referred to as evil. And Muslim

00:39:28--> 00:40:00

scholars and leaders lot of times are referred to as evil as well. So this is, this is part of the history behind the animosity towards the Muslims. This is part of the history behind the problems that we have today. They're rooted somewhere, they didn't just suddenly hate muslims for no reason. And it begins with that history. You might encounter now we're not saying we remember what we're talking about the history of these problems. So we're not saying that everyone you meet in the street now hates Islam because of these issues. They're not aware of this, but they have the residue of these early problems.

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

And if you and you want to read more you'll find about the orientalist and how they started to study the seat of the settler, just in order to try to find holes and prove that it's not the truth. And they spent years and they spent a lot of time studying in detail and trying to prove that Islam was not the truth. And so then that's why then the only time they'll praise someone, and whether or not it's a leader, it's an author or a speaker, the only time they will praise someone would be if he's a deviant. But they'll really if you really refined praise of someone who's upon the sooner the process of them or upon the famous scholar upon the heart is rarely in, praised in by the

00:40:41--> 00:41:14

Westerners, the only if someone's a deviant friend of mine was telling me one time I read about someone in Newsweek is a Muslim author. And he said Newsweek was praising him, he said, they were saying that he's, you know, he has a very good understanding the religion, very moderate man, you know, it's something an example for all Muslims should follow in his way, and it should be like him. He said, while I was reading that I knew, without knowing any details of the person, that I knew there's something wrong with this guy. There's no way they're going to praise someone like this, who's upon the truth, unless he's deep in you. So sure enough, one of the one of these days I got a

00:41:14--> 00:41:28

my hand on the book that they were writing about, just leave it there barely Islam, well, Islam. So as long as someone remains upon the truth, they will look at it more so closer to being evil than to being something else.

00:41:29--> 00:42:11

And being concluded what I said in the beginning of the conference that you know, we live here we've chosen to live here. And it behooves us to know the history of the West, it behooves us to know the underlying philosophies and the writings that affect and govern the way that we are treated and the way that we're dealt with as Muslims living in the west of Ireland for attentive listening. I know it was a slightly dry lecture and I didn't give you any of my good jokes or anything like that. So it definitely hadn't really for for being an a very attentive audience, very being very patient. And just to prove to you that become a torontonian you know, I would like a medium medium Double, double

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finale crafter, love