Kamal El-Mekki – Love For Your Neighbour

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The importance of taking care of neighbors, avoiding danger from the virus, and being patient with one's behavior is emphasized in Islam. The success of Islam in bringing people to a new level of spirituality is also highlighted. The negative impact of double parking and bringing awareness to one's own culture is also discussed, along with the use of street food as a means of socializing one's culture. The importance of not giving up on religion and staying true to one's neighbors is emphasized.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what he was talking about, the title of the talk is Love your neighbor. And this is a value that has remained since the earliest of prophets to honor your neighbor, to be good to your neighbor. And this value has remained within Islam as well. And there's so many Hadith and so many ayah that show the importance of taking care of your neighbor. This is great, right? That these people our neighbors have upon us.

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One of the if you want to say one of the most dramatic ahaadeeth this was in Sahih, Muslim jabber, Abdullah Abdullah on whom he says the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was standing inside a garden. You know, in Medina, there'll be like people who have gardens or meadows, the problem was standing at a garden with this man, this man was talking to the profits of the Law Center. And he would talk to the problem and the person kept nodding his head, and the man kept talking to him. And the person kept nodding his head in the man kept talking for so long, so long and the President is nodding, and he kept on talking and the problem is still nodding his head. The man kept on talking to nav Salalah

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silent for so long that Javelin, Abdullah said, I thought to myself to go and interrupt to go and interrupt this man and say, listen, you've been talking for too long to the processor, give him a break. And he saw this man was overdoing it talking for so long. I said, Man, before he could do that he considered doing it, but he didn't do it. After a while would happen.

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The man stopped talking and left. So then jab rodilla and who came to the prophet to send them he was surprised that this man who is talking to him for so long, and the positive and tells him that was debrief, debrief, RSM, the angel came in the form of a man, he said, mythology blew up, Bing Jr. had gone on to unknown say, you were ref, Yanni

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jabril kept giving me telling me to take care of the neighbor telling you about the importance of taking care of your neighbor, and repeating it for so long that I thought the neighbor now is going to be inherited, that Allah is going to say if you die, your neighbor gets a share of the inheritance by you notice in the Hadith, the prophet of didn't say jabril was telling me about the neighbor and about this about that this whole long talk was just about the neighbor. This whole long talk was telling him take care of the neighbor, the rights of the neighbor, how important the neighbor is, and the person just kept nodding this whole long time. Nothing but the neighbor and if

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that doesn't show the status of the neighbor in Islam, then I don't know what does.

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And and newbies are seldom in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim said well la hate now you

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will la he and he By Allah, He does not become a believer. Then he said it one more time when la he you mean by Allah He does not become a believer will law hate law? You mean by Allah? He does not become a believer. Then he tells us who the person is. May Malaya, amen. Oh, you and me. Both are correct. Malaya man. Oh, you mean Jara? Who? Baba fo? Yeah. The one who is neighbor is not safe from any shadow, Shadow, Shadow, the evil that comes out the harm that comes from them. So will law he is not a believer, the one who his neighbor is not safe from his harm. Three times the prophets are seldom is swearing By Allah, that you're not a believer in any issue and you're not a true believer.

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If your neighbor is not safe from your heart. In there's some people like that, that the neighbor is so harmful to them, that they're always trying to avoid the neighbor. Avoid seeing the neighbor, avoid upsetting the neighbor, and the prosecution will lie this type of person is not a complete believer. This is in Bukhari and Muslim.

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Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah He had a neighbor and his neighbor was a young man. And this young man would always get drunk. So this is the Imams neighbor, and he would get drunk. And when he gets drunk, he starts to sing on, say lines of poetry, although only way you fit an oboe, and he basically, they've abandoned me. And what what a young man they have abandoned, you know, once people get drunk, they always think they're important, right? I always come to you know who I am. For you just a drunk. But you know, once they get drunk, they think they're important. So this young man would get drunk, and then he would be reciting these verses out loud of our own. And they

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abandoned me. They they, they they lost such a good young man and what a good young man they lost, you forgotten about and you keep repeating that. And remember, this is the mom's neighbor.

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And you think that a man would go to him toll on her arm in front of his face. One day, he hears that this young man was arrested. He was arrested. So

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He rushes and He intercedes for him. Not not from the punishment or anything, but the man was arrested for an issue. So he went to him and he made them he got dressed and went and got him out, get him taken out of jail. And they're riding back now on our honey for him molars riding animal. And then boy, of course, he knows who it is. He knows this is the Mufti of the city, and he's ashamed in his quiet the whole time. So then he tells him, you know, behind him, he tells him, oh, young man, has a banach have we abandoned you now? And the young man, of course, he, he felt embarrassed and ashamed. He didn't know that the mom could hear him. So now he realizes, okay, the

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mom could hear me talking about you know how they abandoned me. And when I was in jail, he came personally and got me out and he has not abandoned me. And it is said that from there on, he repented and he made Toba and became a good believing map.

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So we see constantly look at the legs of the righteous before us and the weight and the place of the neighbor with them. Tomorrow gala on home, and this is narrated by Mujahid Abner Amara and Hama. He one time they had this he slaughtered the sheep and they cut the meat and everything. And then he tells his Mola his fried servant, start with our neighbor. First. We're gonna distribute this against relatives against neighbors and everything but our closest neighbor start with him before anyone else, even before their relatives of urban Omar, and who was this neighbor? This neighbor was a Jewish man. So even though he wasn't Muslim, it didn't matter. He was a neighbor, and he has

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rights upon you if he's a neighbor,

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and has an adversary. This is one of the great scholars and if you ever say if people say Allison, you know they mean and hassanal busted because he was top level scholar. He used to say

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laser firstenergy were careful. Yeah, what I can hostname gr

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gr a sobro. Allen? He said being a good neighbor doesn't mean I don't harm my neighbor. You see, some people think they're good neighbors just because I have an okay. relationship with my neighbor. I see them going to work in the morning. Good morning, sir. How are you? He says Good morning, we smile each other. This is a good neighbor that anyone can do that. So he said being a good neighbor isn't just you know, not harming the neighbor not having a problem or a fight with the neighbor. He said being a good neighbor is to be harmed by your neighbor and your patient upon that. A lot of times now, if our neighbor makes some noise or plays music out loud, or some smoke quickly rushed to

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them. Tell them to lower the music right or to you know, whatever it is the smoke is coming into our area. He's saying being a good neighbor is to be patient upon the harm that comes from the neighbor. But this isn't hustle and bustle Rahim Allah, the great scholar, let's see if he practiced what he preached, right?

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He had a neighbor that used to live above him, almost kind of like an apartment situation. his neighbor used to live above him. And the neighbor had an area where they would relieve themselves in the home. And so they would relieve themselves. This was their bathroom equivalent. But the way the place was structured, the water would seep through the liquid. Yeah, and it would seep through and come into the home of an Hasson and boiserie it would seep through there. Okay, so now, imagine that tub and what would you do right? To the minute the first drop falls. And when it falls like this, I'm knocking on the door already. And that quickly, I'm up there. So one day it hasn't been busted,

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Rahim. Allah falls ill. He's sick. So his neighbor comes to visit him. And he enters into the home and he sees this area where water is dripping. And they've got like a container to collect this water. And by water, we mean, urine. Yeah, they've got a container there to collect this water. So the neighbor was surprised to see that and he asked him, he said, How long was this section like this? And it was this water been dripping down? has an apostle who tells him for 20 years, for 20 years, or 20 seconds, he wouldn't last right? with us here. But we'll be there in a second 20 years. And he tells him for 20 years and you're patient upon this. He tells him Yes. Because our Dean, he

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was a non Muslim by the way to make things yeah, I think the I forgot to mention that point. adds more drama to the story. He was a non Muslim. And I you know, the deal now now will be there even before anything drips, you know, would just knock on the door. I just want to make sure nothing drips.

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Yeah. So he, he tells him for 20 years you've been patient with it. He says yes. Because our Deen commands that our Deen or religion commands that to be good to the neighbor. So he couldn't believe it. And he took his Shahada right then and there. Immediately eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Shannon,

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from this excellent treatment, so just we go back to his statement he said, Lisa custom jewelry cuff will ever

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Being a good neighbor isn't just to not harm your neighbor, but it's to be patient upon his harm. And that is the higher degree as you agree. And that's why they have a saying in Arabic that says, and Joe, Joe, we're in jar, * jar. jar, we're injured. Honey, the neighbor is still your neighbor. Even if he Johnny harms you here, it also means harms and grra can, yeah, so the neighbor is your neighbor, even if he harms you, he's still your neighbor, he still gets has those rights, you still have to be nice to him or her and so on and so forth. The lowest level of dealing with your neighbor is not to harm them. That's the lowest level

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and higher levels to be patient with with whatever harm they inflict upon you, or whatever harm comes from their home towards you. higher than that to any or other another high level to be close friends with them to be in good relationship with them. The lowest level is you don't harm them. I mean, basically, like we described earlier, you just said Amara canonical set up, not much talk, not much friendship, you don't do any hair towards them, but the lowest level I don't harm them in any way possible. And we see from the seriousness of this, that from for example, in just to show you the pleasure of the neighbor as well. When we're discussing for example zinno and a Agha Bella

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fornication and not all Zina is created equal There are types of Xena that are worse than others and amongst them yeah and is you know with close relatives in a place like a Masjid or like haram or in Ramadan all these time and place and things but the enemies are seldom specifically spoke about honey let and honey let Allah so Allah does a job isn't just to the wife of the neighbor but anyone that he's a mom too. So your neighbor's wife, your neighbor's daughter, your neighbors aren't your neighbor, sister any woman that he is a mom to her on for you to come near her and if you do, it is more harm than you go to someone else industry it is more harm here this is a worse and a bigger sin

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of Xena Villa the villa to show you the place of the neighbor in Islam.

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In the Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Muslim and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, Man can you know be la he will do me a favor fella, you the Java, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day he should not harm his neighbor and Taiwan today, the things and the kinds of wars and battles and animosity we've seen between people and their neighbors severe. And we're not even talking about any non Muslim countries, but in Muslim countries as well. As someone that has such an important place and we find animosity for years people fighting and doing things and or dropping things over on purpose and at night throwing trash into the neighbor's home. All these stories have happened. Even though we have

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in this era, the patience of individuals send them with his neighbors. We have this still happening in Muslim lands, and if the neighbor lives beneath you, then Allahu Akbar, you have the advantage now you can really harm them. And so you bring the children and bring them a rubber ball and a lot kids let's play and everyone wearing a wooden shoes and let's have some fun just to make noise for the neighbor downstairs.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions in Surah Nisa sort of in verse 36, right? Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah who would like to share Koba Koba Yani,

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so worship Allah and do not associate anything in worship with him. And then we'll be the corba than the close relative. Well, Jared will corba Right, so the AI continues with Jared and corba. When Jared and Jared and corba Jani, the one explanation one to see it's the neighbor who's close to his door is close to you, well jar and Juniper. And then the common journal here means this is the the neighbor further down. Okay, so this is the close one, and this is the one further down. So even if someone is a couple of doors away from you, across the street from you, it's still a neighbor, still a neighbor, it's not just the one who is immediately to your right and immediately to your left, or

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even above or below you down the road as well. That's your neighbor across the street from you and a couple of houses down that's your neighbor as well. All these people are entitled to your good behavior to not being harmed by you at least and that is the least case. So the other explanation will generally they'll Korba General corba here meaning the Muslim neighbor some of them have a sitting said the Muslim neighbor and then will jar in general and that means the non Muslim neighbor either way, we're still to honor both. We still get this meaning from the is correct. That your to honor the Muslim neighbor and you to honor the non Muslim neighbor. And the fact that he is non

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Muslim here has nothing to do with it. He still has the rights of a neighbor upon you

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and the clinic

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So we said now even the neighbor across the street from you and across the street and a couple of houses down is still a neighbor but obviously the closest ones to you are the ones that have the most rights upon you and they have the Olivier and they take precedence over the rest. Those are hidden mentioned in the Hadith mentioned so hate Buhari is Chicago Law, asked the prophet SAW Selim, she said Dr. Su de la in Le gerade. For the Yuma Nia de so she says, I have two neighbors. So to which one should I give a gift? I've got two neighbors, which one do I give a gift to in the beginning first, and the results of them tells her in a Krabi Hema minkee bourbon in a crabby Hema.

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And the closer of you by by banging on the door, whichever The door is closest to you. That's the one you start with first. So you've got gifts, you've got neighbors, you start with the ones closest to you. And then you move further out. This is this is mentioning so hey Buhari.

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The process elements of a Muslim gave advice to a Buddha the companion he tells him yet about either Tabata, Moroccan, if you cook Morocco, like something like some kind of some kind of sauce with meat or something like that, something soupy or something like that, he says.

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So make make a lot of liquids. A lot of water, meaning

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doesn't mean water down, but it means make it a lot, basically, yeah. What I had Dirac, and then give it to your neighbors, give your neighbors so the scholar said, even if your neighbor is not a need here, you would still give him even if he's not in need, you would still make sure that you give him because the least case is what happens. He would feel happiness, and there would be love and more affection between between you and the neighbor. So it doesn't have to mean that your neighbor is starving before you go and bring them some food, or you hear that they're starving before you bring some food. You can just give them food. And now you can take a cake over to a

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neighbor. You take a cake, just take it to your neighbor, What's the occasion nothing. occasions that you're my neighbor, basket of fruit, anything like that, you know, you know something? And from this, we start to feel that we need to make friends with our neighbors make up with neighbors if you have an issue with them. If you have a neighbor they haven't been talking to for years, you go back to them tonight or tomorrow and make up with them. Doesn't matter. Just make up with them for the sake of for the sake of Allah azza wa jal It doesn't matter what they think, go and apologize even if they were wrong. You know, I wanted to apologize about that incident. Two years ago, when my

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parked car ran into your moving car. I'm so sorry for that. I really should have been careful. So it was completely my fault. And I would love that we'd become friends again. Yeah, doesn't matter. Just so you can become friends. It's for the sake of Allah is legit. And Mashallah, you guys in the UK, I knew a lot of times you have very densely populated Muslim areas, you have Muslim neighbors, beware of having problems with them. You know,

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one guy was telling me about how the neighbor's children had a fight. The boy hit this boy and they started fighting and it got really bad. Each boy goes home crying complains to the mother, then the mothers met and start yelling at each other and cursing each other out. Then each husband came home and each wife pumped up her husband, then the husbands met and they start yelling at each other. And then they said it got really bad. And for years, the families were not talking to each other. But what really happened was these children that started everything. The next day, they met at the playground, and they started playing with each other again. And the families continued for years,

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not talking to each other. The children got over it, the children fought and then next day, they're friends. And then the families took it to another level. And for years, we're not talking to each other. So that means as much as we all love our children, so even if your child has an altercation with the neighbor's child, because it's the neighbor's child, let it go. Because it's the neighbor's child, you be the adult. And you go and you make peace between the two of them. You guys are neighbors, your friends, tell them about the place of the neighbor in Islam, make them hug each other, kiss each other, whatever it is, and become friends. And then you can tell tells the parents

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what happened, and how you solved it because you're our neighbors and because of the place of the neighbor in Islam, so that way, they also realize that well, I shouldn't mess with him either, either, because this is the place of the neighbor. Make peace. Even if the children fight call us children fighting, they get together and they can they become friends The next day, sometimes the same day. They fight in the morning and afternoon, their friends, adults get into it, it becomes now war that goes on for generations. It's not worth it. It is not worth it. So they say even if he's not in need, you give them and that causes the love and affection and especially if you know what

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they like give them what they like. They like cookies, they like brownies, they like this, they like that. Take some and give it to them and then they'll reciprocate and so on and so forth. Especially if they're non Muslim, especially if they're non Muslim. Yeah.

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It's amazing that

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There was a generation of Muslims that brought the world to Islam. And they didn't have official art. And they didn't have our training and didn't have missionaries, we only go out for the sake of it just through contact with people. People were amazed at their honesty and their good manners and, and droves. And many, many people became Muslim just through this content. But we've been in this country for how long, and sometimes someone would live in next to his neighbor for 13 years, 20 years, 12 years, neighbor, not forget not being given down, not once even took interest in Islam, not wants to interest in Islam. And when these people see good conduct from us, it naturally gets

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them to be interested in this religion, like the example of a national bursary. So he and he sold it and he immediately mentioned the sponsor, the sponsor is Islam right plugin the sponsor. He didn't say, well, I've just been patient, or

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that's it. He said, this is part of our Dean to be patient with you. Even though the worst thing is dripping out of your home. And I've been patient with it for 20 years. But But this is not mine. The high level right? After 20 days. Can I knock on the neighbor's door and very politely say exactly. I'm so sorry to bother you. But something is dripping from your heart. So what is dripping? And something is broken? What what exactly? Yeah. yellow liquid is dripping in the corner of

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orange juice. What liquid? Yeah. Nearpod comm I'll show you come.

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Is there anything wrong with that?

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Is that what's wrong with that very politely saying something is dripping from your heart? Is there something wrong with that? You can do that.

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politely. What's the problem? There's no problem. But I sent herbosophy ham Allah, he just took it to another level, even when a complaint is needed. But if you politely bring to their attention, any kind of issue, it's not a problem. And it's not a big deal. But never let it get to the point where now we're not on speaking terms. And every morning they come out and give me a dirty look, you give him a dirty look. Then you might have some Latin under your breath. In our neck, we hit the shallow car burns will be on the way to work. Shallow gets stuck in traffic in a big duck. double decker bus in Sharla comes and rips right through your vehicle. That was enough right? After you were thrown

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into the street crows come and eat you. Then the crows themselves get shot and poisoned. Then the worms that eat the crows are stepped on.

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Okay, I know I pushed it there. But sometimes it gets bad. Sometimes it gets quite bad.

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So if anyone has an issue with their neighbor makeup with makeup with them become friends with them. Muslim or non Muslim? Yes, they're non Muslims and they have sherkin they're at doesn't matter. They still you're not honoring their atheism. You're honoring the fact that they're your neighbors. sahana. So hey, you're honoring the fact that they're your neighbors. They as they do Shut up. They have statues for love Jesus in their home. Yes, but you're not honoring the statue, you're honoring them as your neighbors for the sake of Allah because Allah commanded you to do that in his spot on and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded you to do that as well.

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So then, living here, then comes the important issue of giving Dawa to the neighbors True or false? How many in here, people in here have given down to their neighbors before Show of hands?

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Okay, from the sister side. So we've got two brothers. Just two brothers. I think they're both 50 something. people in the room? Three brothers

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or sisters.

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Okay, one sister. All right. So now we know that we have something to do, correct? Yes, we've got something to do. We've got something that goes at the top of our to do list. And we have to at some point, do this. But maybe some of you didn't put your hands up because you have Muslim neighbors, correct?

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Yeah, maybe it could be that some of you have Muslim neighbors. And that's why you didn't give them down because they're religious people. Maybe they give you the power. So that's fine. That's possible as well. But

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the neighbor isn't just the one to your left and right or above you, or beneath you, across the street and to the left, that's a neighbor across the street, and to the right is a neighbor as well. So there's got to be some non Muslim in your area. Imagine now, all of us were very conscious of the place of the neighbor and the weight of the neighbor in a snap. And and so now in the middle of this, you know, Muslim neighborhood, there is one non Muslim family, but because everyone in that street is so aware of the place of the neighbor in Islam, everybody comes to them with gifts all the time. cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, you know, kind words, pamphlets, what do you

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How long do you think they would remain in that neighborhood and not be Muslim? How long? It's not like everyone brings just one gift, the constant next month you bring them something else after two months, you give them another gift, and they're just living in the middle of this neighborhood and all the Muslims are just so nice and so generous to them. How long do you think they'll remain upon Allah

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Could it be for 20 years I live amongst these people getting gifts and like, keep keep putting them up on the shelf. Oh, there's another gift. At some point, they're gonna see what is happening here. What is happening here? And these are the things that affect people remember what we said, the Sahaba, the Tabby, they change the world through their manners. And if we would if we just did that, and imagine if all the Muslims just improve their manners, how much Tao would be happening in Delhi through a holla that was through our manners, which is at some point of one of the most effective types of Dawa because we know from historically, it's spread so much Islam spread so much, just

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through this type of dour. Yeah, you know, and I always mentioned the story, there was an Islamic Center in America, and there's a police officer for 10 years at least I remember for at least 10 years this is the same police officer every Juma every Juma, same police officer there in the masjid. And I always look at this man and his to always look at him and say, if this man becomes a Muslim, he will be a walking miracle of Allah on earth, walking miracle of Allah on earth. Why? Because of what he sees from poor holla This is the opposite of at the time of the prophets, Allah said lamb through Mama, remember the companion he was captured and he was tied to the door of the

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masjid. This is the best place to tie him right. He was tied to the door of the masjid. And the prosecutor told the companions to be nice to him and extra kind to him. And from the treatment of the companions, plus, seeing the act of worship and the horseshoe and the world and the good behavior, he decided to become Muslim. On the third day they let him go. He took his Shahada took a bath, and announced his Islam. This guy, this police officer in America,

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I always see that if he if he becomes Muslim, he'll be a walking Miracle on Earth. Because what I've seen, he's seen of bad luck, and the things this man has seen over the years.

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And we think why would this guy become Muslim, this is an these are the Muslims, these are the best people and they're punching each other and chasing each other and fighting each other and always double parking. And that center, by the way, was in a very affluent, very rich neighborhood, very clean neighborhood. But after every Juma It looks like a tornado went through this that that neighborhood plates, cups, chicken bones everywhere. Every Juma a tornado hit that city. And, and we're ashamed as we hear this story of correct. Muslims doing all this stuff. Yeah. And people used to tell people about this guy. He used to live across the street from the masjid for 12 years, and

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he never became Muslim. One day one of the Muslim said, Maybe he was in all the Muslims double parking in front of his house all the time, parking right in front of his garage. And maybe that's why he didn't become Muslim. So this person in the audience just insinuated or made that any assumption that probably the Muslims annoyed him, why did he make that assumption? Because he knows that this kind of bad behavior is kind of prevalent, which is a very sad thing to admit. Correct. Very sad. So what's the opposite of a good athlete letting someone become Muslim? Someone who's around Muslims a lot, maybe heard this, this was a famous story in the 80s. Okay, it's very old

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story. But one of the this, you know, in the old days, yeah. So someone reverted to Islam from the west, not know exactly what country but then he went and visited the Muslim country. So when he commented he said, Alhamdulillah, who guided me to Islam before I saw the Muslims. It's very painful, isn't it? It hurts. Hungary law who guided me to Islam before I saw the Muslims, and he's saying, If I would have seen the Muslims first and then read about Islam, I'll be like, I'm not interested in this Deen. Look at the photos of this Deen. Look how unruly they are, look how disorganized they are, and that he wouldn't have become Muslim, you know. So he said at Hamdulillah,

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who guided me to Islam before I could see the Muslims. So that means we have to bring our level of knowledge and behavior and conduct to much higher levels, much higher degree and with the density of Muslims in the UK, if we up our flock a little bit, what would be the effect on the people around this?

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So with your non Muslim neighbor, you want to give them Dawa. Now, how do you do that you can do that any way you want to?

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And based on what you're comfortable with. So you might just invite them over for whatever ethnic food and everybody loves ethnic food. Everyone loves Asian food. All right.

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Everybody loves Asian food. And if you don't love Asian food, it will be stuffed down your throat and you have to love Asian food. Yeah, you have to eat spices just the chutney whether you like it or not. Yeah.

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00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

so basically now you invite them or say look, what kind of food do you like? And I just asked my neighbor what kind of food do you like? What do you like oh, anything we don't wants them food. I can cook any food but and I can by the way, cook Indian food Chinese food, Arab food Western. What do you want? I'll hook it up for you. So then over food, invite them and then why why?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

Food. This is a technique of the prophet SAW Selim, the scholars mentioned this, when the porcelain was was told when did archaeological carabin and warn your close relatives?

00:30:10 --> 00:30:44

The Prophet said lamb made a meal a feast, and then he invited all the relatives and everyone gathered and then Abuja ruined it right? And he said, Look, or I will have sorry, his uncle Abdullah have ruined it. He said, Look, if you've gathered here to tell us about your new religion, we don't want to hear it. So pasilla mean, you know, didn't say anything, everyone ate and left. Then he invited everyone again without a Buddha hub this time. The point is, the scholars say that food and that were they go together? Because when people eat what happens, then we all know I don't have to explain to you what happens when we go to a restaurant now. And we order Yes, give me some chapli

00:30:44 --> 00:31:14

kebab. Give me a couple of this kebab. Give me a couple of that give me some Angola says, Give me some gloves, German hook it up, right? And what happens now you're excited. Now now you're in a good mood. You know, you don't even know if the food's gonna taste good enough that you're in a good mood. Yeah, so joking with this brother and talking with his brother in a very relaxed in the food comes from and after you eat you're not as relaxed. But the point is, the food itself relaxes people and puts you in a good mood. And the scholars mentioned the person I'm used it to get people in a good mood, use it with your neighbor, everybody wants to eat. Everybody likes to eat. So tell the

00:31:14 --> 00:31:23

neighbor, look, what do you like to eat. And of course, if your neighbor is a white person, please borrow clothes, he comes out. Go easy on the spices, please. Okay, you know, white people can handle.

00:31:26 --> 00:31:36

White people can handle spices now. So just take it easy with the spices, you know, or if you want to keep them occupied, especially if they live over you and that place drips. Don't ever give them

00:31:37 --> 00:31:38

any spices.

00:31:40 --> 00:32:15

And for him, the point is, we don't need an excuse. And 123 This is how to deal with a neighbor, invite him over for food. And so maybe the first invitation you barely know this person. So what do you do you just establish a rapport, you build a rapport with them, and you just chitchat and talk about hobbies and talk about whatever it is that you know, you know, if it's computer games, or whatever, you know, I mean computers or politics or whatever it is you're into, just establish a rapport. We've become friends next time after a month or so you invite them again. And now this time, maybe you might bring up religion, you know, you've probably seen you know, my wife walking

00:32:15 --> 00:32:57

out with a scarf on her head. And do you know why we wear that? There you go. You're into that already, you know, and just go from there. Or maybe you are such an eye not you but maybe the person is such a coward that they can't even do that. invite someone over from a class if you're such a coward. That's okay, here's the solution. Take a pamphlet, late at night, in the morning. run like a chicken quickly. Put it in front of his door and discipline to your house and you hide under the blanket. homeless. There's always a way. Okay, maybe you even too scared to do that. Okay, you know his address, take a pamphlet, mail it to him and send it from a postcard across the country, mail it

00:32:57 --> 00:32:58

to him so he won't know it's you.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:05

Make sure you don't put your address on it as the sender's address. Because they'll just come to you like what can you just bring it to me?

00:33:10 --> 00:33:17

And when you get creative, it's your neighbor, you deal with them? What if this person on the Day of Judgment uses you understand the stop? Right?

00:33:18 --> 00:33:55

Okay, what if this person uses you as an excuse on the day of judgment? So a lot and he doesn't believe in Allah and His messenger. So what's your excuse? My excuses this guy over here. I live next to him for 17 years door to door and he never once told me about the laws have never once told me about the Quran. Never even gave me a copy of the Quran. And the way we care for our neighbors. Isn't that we here? I gave you a pamphlet now I have nothing to do with you. Yeah. So give it to him. Look here, I have to give you this book. So the Day of Judgment, you don't cling on to me. What are you talking about? cling on and you will understand later?

00:33:57 --> 00:33:57


00:34:01 --> 00:34:37

Give it to him and care people we care? Don't we supposed to care about people? So give it to them and care. Come back a little while Did you read? come back later? Didn't you know how did and how did the book go? Did you look into it? Did you get a chance to read it and so on and so forth. You know and ask them and care. You know one time this young man. He said it was interesting was a dowel workshop and he sent me a question. He said I'm 13 years old, and my neighbor is 45. And he basically saying that there's no way I can give him down. And I didn't understand why you can't give them that way. He's 45 and you're 13 Why can't you give them down? So I read the question out loud.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:52

And then there was a sister there, she put her hand up. She said my younger brother is 13. So Pamela Look, this lesson this young man got the same numbers. She said my younger brother is 13 and our neighbor is 45. And my younger brother spoke to him and he took his Shahada.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

So this was a good reminder for this young man, that he is talking to people what's going to happen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

Talk, anyone can do it, anyone can talk. So it can be over a meal, it can be in over a discussion, it can invite them a couple of times, maybe the first time we don't talk about religion, the next time we talk about religion, or maybe I just can't do that. So I mailed them a pamphlet or put it in front of their door, and you're the only Muslim living in that street so they know it's you. Or like, Ali, was you wasn't it?

00:35:26 --> 00:35:27


00:35:28 --> 00:35:56

so call us. So I'm gonna I'm gonna stop here. Because we've come to the end of our time. But we all know what we have to do. We have to go home. And if your neighbor is a Muslim, and you have a good relationship, improve the relationship. And if your neighbor is a non Muslim, Look, don't procrastinate on this issue. At some point, contact your neighbor. And you guys come on now. guys make the best food now. Asians make the best food mix and lamb chops make some kebabs and chapli some let's see, I don't know anyone in the world who want like mango loss.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:33

Okay, let's see. Unbelievable. So make some mango lassi. Invite your neighbor over, have them eat it, drink it and enjoy themselves and just chit chat and keep it like because maybe they're scared of you. Okay, he's invited me with that beard of his I know what he's going to talk to me about. So invite him and surprise him. Don't talk to him about that. Talk to him about fishing. Okay, about whatever you're into, to chat with them and all that. And that's it. Then another time invite him and this is this time I'm going to get him your infrared and then hit him next time. All right. So anyways, we'll end up here talking to law firms Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah Malik

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